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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She Watched

first-time mrdexs 2018-06-22

As she reached her husband’s office door she stopped and listened as she could hear male voices, one for sure she could tell and they sounded like they were making sex sounds, she stood there in silence as she could hear a voice that she now identified as her husband’s partner Steve, “ you aint gonna shit right for a year bitch!” Carla shook her head, and laughed she had been on the phone with Steve earlier and she knew he had d***k dialed her, telling her he wanted to fuck her big round ass, she wasn’t going to tell Rick because she didn’t want to start any problems, besides with relief she knew Steve to be a whore so she believed him to be having sex with one of his hooker girlfriends, she looked cracked the door to see Steve’s muscle ass moving in a good rhythm fucking some bitch, hard, she looked down and seen her husband pants and shoes on the floor, she than looked closer and seen little balls hanging between the girls legs, than it hit her at once, Steve was fucking her husband in the ass literally and not like in all his business deals, Take it bitch Steve yelled, than to her surprise she found herself touching her large breast, rubbing them through her dress, she watched Steve fuck her husband up the ass.

Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 02

first-time alan55 2018-06-22

That weekend before the big test, Carol's fascination with the size and shape of my cock, lead to giving me a really nice blowjob. It wasn't long before Carol was teasing me about whether my cock was up to full size, like last weekend. I was about to look up again when I heard her saying "Almost, almost, almost, oh God, I'm cummmmmming." I felt Carol's hands grab my head and jamb my mouth hard into her cunt. And so it went for the next few months until graduation; Carol and I would be spending every weekend cracking the books and fucking each other into exhaustion.

Kitty Caretaker

first-time King Ink 2018-06-22

When I turned around, my eyes were looking over Missy, dressed in tight blue jeans and a light-green t-shirt, who had just come out of Emily's room. Seeing as no-one would be using any of the rooms, and remembering which room Missy came out of this morning, I took off my boxers and left them on Emily's bed in reply. After a minute or two to let her change, I nearly ran to the bedroom, where I was greeted by a very awake Missy in the same oversized t-shirt. I stuck my aching tongue between her lips, pulled her close with my left hand, and started to finger her bare snatch with my right.

My Colleague

first-time Ashson 2018-06-22

Leanne had just finished getting dressed and picked up her nightie when Frank came back into the room with a folder in his hand. I ignored that and kept rubbing her, and Leanne seemed to just sag against the rug, giving little mewing sounds, her hands no longer trying to pull mine away but just limply holding it. Then my finger gave her clitoris another couple of flicks and Leanne orgasmed, squealing and frantically pushing up against me, not even noticing that her hymen went the way of all flesh as my cock plunged into her, helped by her desperate upwards push. I didn't want Leanne exploding again too soon, so I moved slowly at first, letting her get the feel of me moving inside her.


first-time ladytrucka42 2018-06-22


The Seduction of Aisha

first-time uguff90 2018-06-22

Instead of pushing Michael away, she gently grabbed his pulsing cock and guided it to the opening of her wet slit and slowly rubbed it against her lips. Michael poured a small amount of flavored lubricant in his hand then began to rub Aisha's ass cheeks gently as she slowly turned over to offer him easier access to her bottom. Michael slowed down his pace, admiring such an erotic sight, this innocent young girl naked on the bed being fucked in the ass by a strange white man. Michael stroked his cock back and forth, going as deep as he could inside Aisha's tight hole, savoring every inch of her virgin ass.

'A Tale of Two Moms - Book Two'

first-time DizzyD427 2018-06-22

Like Richie had done with Alice, Billy had promised his mom that he would not tell anyone about the amazing things she had done to him, but he did feel it was ok to tell his best friend about what happened leading up to that point, so he said, “Well, her bikini was so small that she was practically naked.” As Alice watched Billy kneel on Richie’s bed, putting his head right above her son’s hard cock, she thought to herself, ‘Billy doesn’t know what he’s missing by not letting Richie cum in his mouth.’

Virgin Awakenings

first-time Berotica 2018-06-22

The cream dropped to the floor as he moved quickly over to take one breast in his large hands and brought his hot tongue lapping and flicking over my nipple. Stroking the trimmed downy black hair between my legs, he dragged his tongue along my slit and I lay back and gave in to the rapture of my clit being licked, it was a feeling more beautiful than I had ever imagined. My orgasm was starting building up momentum, and as I wrapped my legs around his back and ground my tight young pussy against his thick cock, a thunderous shudder jolted through me, and as my pussy walls contracted and quivered, an almighty moan ripped through David as he bucked and trembled.

A Mother's Memoir Ch. 01

first-time Risktaker48 2018-06-22

Mum took the first box and took a step back down and felt Dromby's hand slid up her leg and the top of his cane catch her dress and lift it giving him a good view of her stocking tops. Mum gave a little gasp but immediately stepped down forcing his hand higher; this lifted the hem of her dress exposing her stocking clad legs for a second time. When the last box was on the top shelf Dromby had both hands on her waist as she stepped down and he pulled her back into his body and she felt him slip his hand under her camisole and touch her bare flesh making her flinch.

Mama ma iubeste

first-time pleyer24 2018-06-22

Intr-o seara cand ma mastubam imi vine in minte faptul ca trebuie neaparat sa o vad pe mama complet goala,nu cu chiloti pe ea. Mama intra in dus,iar acolo camera nu mai avea viziune,dar derulez iar pana la momendul in care iese din dus si incepe sa se stearga. Pana intr-o dimineata cand asteptam ca mama sa iasa din baie sa ma duc sa iau telefonul,insa mama imi face o surpriza. Ziua a trecut normal pana seara cand eram la dus,iar mama intra peste mine imi baie si zice: Mama imi saruta usor capul pulii si coaiele,dupa care incepe sa-mi suga serios pula. Mama intra in camera si se holba la pula mea,se aseaza langa mine in pat si o simt cum imi pune mana pe pula.

81% mama

I want coffee

first-time ouijasaidso 2018-06-22

We both know I’m there to see you; see your smile, hear your voice, and get lost in your eyes. You pull away, leaving your hand on my chest as you begin to turn. I bring one hand up to your face and brush away your long hair exposing your cheek. I slide my hand from your chin to the back of your neck and hold you closer, savouring the taste and the feeling from such an innocent kiss. Your hands slide up my back and pull me closer with a need, a hunger, which makes me bolder. Your hands caress my face as we kiss, my hand traces the shape of your thigh, the other holding your neck.

My Cousin, My First Time, and More

first-time ChiLisa 2018-06-22

My friends and I were talking about our "first time" over the weekend for some reason, and I always tell the story of my boyfriend and what it was like. I remember looking around the car, as my virginity was being taken, and thinking that this is not what it was supposed to be like at ALL. He always thinks it's odd to have beers with Paul at any family get together knowing that he is the guy who had sex with me first. What my husband does NOT what happened at a family wedding 3 years ago. The wedding was a lot of fun, and at one point Paul came over to talk to me. All of a sudden he said "do you want to see my new car?"...and gave me a look.

My first experience with a guy part 1

first-time LeedsXdresser 2018-06-22

"Ok, curious or not, you must be a bit gay to want to watch this stuff and you dress as a girl so you must be a bit more than curious" as he spoke he moved in closer to me, my heart started pounding in my chest "does this make you nervous?" "Listen, these videos are shit, I can show you some much stronger stuff at my flat if you fancy it" as he spoke he cupped my hardening cock through my trousers, he moved his face closer to mine, my breathing was heavy an laboured and my cock was making it obvious this was what I wanted.

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 03

first-time ReefBeach 2018-06-22

Sitting on the bed, Jack watched with a bemused look on his face as I sat on my stool and prepared to play, wearing nothing but his shirt. I closed my eyes and let my arms play and my body enjoy the feel of Jack underneath me. I felt every fingertip of his hand as it stroked my leg, brushing over my knee as it pressed against the cello, tracing my buttock against the stool. Jack's left hand was still holding the strings, and somehow I kept bowing, so the music played on, but now his other hand was circling my clitoris. Although Jack seemed to have knobbly, bony bits everywhere, all I wanted was to lie on him and feel his hands gently stroke my back.

Too Far Gone Ch. 00

first-time Ihave_powers 2018-06-22

He pushed in until he was all of the way inside of her and she let out a moan that would be remembered for the rest of his life. He reached around and grabbed her breast with his left hand, feeling her soft tit and massaging it for the second time in his life (and hers) as he moved in and out of her. He didn't want to pull out because it felt too good, but he also knew he couldn't come inside of her. Matt grabbed on to her tightly as he started to release his come inside of her hot pussy. Matt looked into her eyes for a moment, wild and full of love and lust she leaned forward and kissed his lips.

My wife Joan

first-time hondo1906 2018-06-22

Jim drew out the suspense a little, walking around the table and looking at the balls from different angles before settling in and dropping a shot in the center of a pocket. "Go on, Jim, fuck that bitch good," Alisha said, causing Joan to look at her in surprise. Jim picked her up and f***ed Joan to wrap her legs around his waist as he fucked her standing, his huge hands easily moving her small body back and forth on his cock. That party was in the basement of the hospital right after work, and Joan ended up getting fucked three times and giving a half dozen blow jobs before they would let her go to her car.

The Lord of the Manor

first-time opels 2018-06-22

She picked up a sheet of paper and reading from it said, "Your new duties, effective tomorrow, are as follows: You are to wake Lord Worthington at nine o'clock every morning. Suzanna recalled how he had eyed her yesterday, and she nervously whispered, "Yes ma'am, thank you." She hesitated before asking, "How old is Lord Worthington?" She cleared her throat and continued reading the list of Suzanna's new duties, all tailored to specifically taking care of the Lord. "Lord Worthington said he liked to see a little skin, but this dress is scandalous!" "My, how prettily you beg," he said, watching her get up from the bed, and turning her back as she pulled up the neckline of her dress.

College Freshmen

first-time grannymae 2018-06-22

Rob watched with intensity, his hungry eyes dining on Anthony's wet and lathered chest. Rob felt safe enough in the dim light of the room; he slipped his hand under his waistband and lightly brushed his cock. The light from the bathroom cast out into the dark room, illuminating Rob where he stood as his eyes burned images into his brain. Anthony glanced from the corner of his eye as Rob shrugged the last of his clothes off and stepped into the shower. I just hope the Dean doesn‘t hear about it." Rob slipped his soapy hands around his crotch and the bl**d pumped through him, wanting to rush in and fill him, threatening to make him hard. “I really would do anything for you man,“ Anthony said, turning to lock Rob with his deep, dark eyes.

The Point

first-time stickivicki 2018-06-22

As the sun began to fade the cool air suddenly appeared all around us making my arm hairs stand on edge, Billy wrapped his big strong arms across my back holding me closely as I wriggled underneath them and made my way up to kiss him. ''Look babe, this will be here as a reminder forever.'' He kissed the back of my head as he ran his hand across my stomach, turning me around and pushing me against the tower. ''Billy and I had planned to get married two months ago but little bump made us postpone the ceremony until he was born.'' I told Devlin on the drive home as I rubbed my belly.

My Unwanted First Time

first-time steelfire 2018-06-22

I kept yelling at her for a while to stop, and I attempted to resist getting an erection. WHAT DID I DO!?" and finally she answered with "Because, your 'friend' here likes you. She invited us to here so we could help her with you." Then, the other redhead got on top of me. After a few minutes of footjobs and blowjobs, the redheads got off of me. The girl who invited me there got on me and said, "Are you a virgin? After a couple minutes of ****, she said "You look like you're in pain. I then got their baseball bat and hit the one who invited me in the head. I got my clothes on and left while the redheads were in shock.

Making Him an Example

first-time BigOGeek 2018-06-22

"I think I would like to try Fred out too," Kim replied as she pulled him out of Carrie's cunt and started to lick it clean. Carrie thought a minute and said, "How about we do a raid on a guys cabin in the middle of the night and instead of stealing some underwear, we demonstrate our techniques with the boys in the cabin. Carrie continued, " Since we want to sneak up on the guys, let's plan this for after midnight and we'll see how far we can go with the boys before they wake up." The rest of the day, the girls chatted amongst themselves in what they were going to try with the boy they find and how far they were willing to go during this raid.

X-Ray and the Bone

first-time Reggib 2018-06-22

I tried not to look at her as now there was no way she hadn’t noticed my semi erect cock through my tight boxers. she ran her hand slowly up my thigh, luckily for me my nearly fully erect member was being held against my leg by my boxers. As I caressed her warm covered pussy she slowly pulled my boxers down to meet me trousers, as she did this she bent over my throbbing cock. She slowly took my cock from her mouth and said; She grabbed my hands and held them against her, now her head was back and she slowly rocked back and forth on my cock as I now squeezed her voluptuous breasts.

Shy GF Turns into Slut Pt. 03

first-time shyone121 2018-06-22

She then looked at me and grabbed me around the back of my head and pulled me towards her for a tantalising kiss, then put her hand down to give my rock hard erection a rub. Instantly, Jess took her hand quickly out of my pants and moved straight over to Brett and starting kissing him passionately while she rubbed her hand all over his muscular shapes. "Now get on your knees and show daddy what you can do with your mouth." Absolutely no hesitation and Jess jumped down onto her knees and stared at Brett's bulge in anticipation of him finally revealing his cock to her.

Fantasy about my wife and the black janitor

first-time jimmielee65 2018-06-21

She heard footsteps behind her and before she could turn around she felt hands on her hips and a black man's voice and as she felt him reaching under her to unfasten her slacks she told him he couldn't do this saying I am sorry to do this Ms. Smith but I saw you bent over like that and I can't help myself. He was almost lifting her feet off the ground as he was driving it in her and he was saying he told her it wasn't going to take long as she felt his hot cum being f***ed out against the wall of her cervix and she couldn't help but orgasm over and over again, She lay there still bent over her desk exhausted as he pulled out of her and she turned around and looked at it and it hung down halfway to his knees and now almost flaccid.