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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What a Fucking Day Gay DP

first-time 425olds 2018-06-21

I took turns sucking them into my greedy mouth, looking into their eyes as I sucked their throbbing purple helmets into my mouth like a lollipop and rubbing their hot wet cocks on my face, their groans told me I was doing an excellent job and Sam whose cock was currently filling my mouth took control, grabbing my hair and plowing deep into my throat with that huge cock of his. Stu could take no more and with my whorish mouth utterly filled with Sam's cock he shot his copious hot load deep inside me, grunting and growling as he continued to pound my cum filled asshole. The guys were well and truly lost in double teaming my hole and after ten minutes of furious fucking, Sam finally screamed, trembling as he shot a huge wad of cum all up my ass and all over his boyfriend's cock.

I am strong Egyptian man, handsome,

first-time 2018-06-21

chat on skype egyptianman1967 I am single, looking for true love and happy marriage, if you want marry good Egyptian man and we live together forever in paradis of love, I promiss you that we live in love in romantic nights with soft light, candle light and soft music, Softly spoken Pampering Massage sl**p Relaxation kiss and cuddle and make love to you 24 hours in every day and night-24/7- not stop..more and and more.


first-time baroquecock 2018-06-21

We continued to suck each others' faces and I was having the time of my life but the furthest that Robert's hands got was my waist. I then realised that it was going nowhere and so to neat things up, I launched into Robert's neck. He gently placed his lips on my neck and started to make my pussy feel as though it'd drown in its own juice. We both continued to feast on each other's necks but we both knew that we were going to take things much further. Robert then suddenly yanked down my tracksuit bottoms, revealing my sapping wet, baby pink parties. He looked nervous but I had always dreamt of having a cock to suck.

Scarlet Hood

first-time RomanCEisdead2 2018-06-21

Things were happening to her body that she couldn't understand; there was an aching in her breasts and every time she breathed she experienced delightful tickling sensations there. It wasn't exactly men's work, but Gustav was happy to spend a little time with Scarlet. She stood suddenly and said, "Oh, look what I've done now!" She pulled the material up high to display the mud that had adhered to her legs and showed Gustav what was worn beneath. She said that she hadn't been feeling very well for a few days and wondered if Scarlet could come over and do some chores for her.

I Disco

first-time jayymie 2018-06-21

twisted out the red phallic looking lipstick and felt the time by mom asked Dennis to look after me while she was Dennis shot several times then he put his hand around It felt so nice just being with Dennis and I hoped Dennis's jeans and massaged him as we kissed, and he When I returned to the living room Dennis had his pants off Dennis placed his hands on my ass and I laid I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass and Dennis told me Dennis squirted a little more baby oil down there then on my cock and started fucking my ass as he was stroking my limp just a few minutes Dennis was fucking me good and I felt

The Seducer

first-time heartbreakkid96 2018-06-21

I looked at her but my eyes wandered towards her boobs but I quickly concentrated on her face and said, She smiled and said, "No need to ask about my look. Finally we broke apart and Esther said, "Good. Esther smiled and said "The final lesson." The way her muscles gripped me I wasn't sure if Esther would climax before me. Esther suddenly looked at me and said, "I forgot to ask your name." On the final day after a mind blowing bout of sex Esther said, Esther laughed and then said, "No. It is a kind of escort to those who are in need of satisfaction, need to be seduced, need to have intimacy, dominated, to dominate. Noticing my smile Esther said,

Father Knows Best

first-time lo0p00 2018-06-21

Daddy said "Humpf!" and then, like it was the most normal thing in the world to say, he said "Skin down naked, Punkin, it's time I taught you and your b*****r about sex." Then he turned around to me and said "You too Brad ... Christy said "Oh yes, Daddy, you're doing it just right." She brought her hands up and cupped his head, pulling it toward her. Christy's eyes got big again and she went "Ohhhhhh Daddy!" Her knees sagged some more before she finally moved one foot, spreading her feet about two feet apart. Christy was making those noises again and Daddy said "You got to get her off at least once before you shoot, son. Christy liked that too, because she started making those high whining noises that Daddy said meant she was having an orgasm.


first-time drumhellian 2018-06-21

Reaching in with my fingers I prised his hole open and looked into the pink tunnel and with no hesitation I drove my tongue into the hot cavernous part of him that made him lift his head off of my throbbing cock and moan appreciatively, working my tongue deeper and deeper into him I could feel his ass opening more receptively to my tongue action. I looked up at his heaving smooth muscular pecs and then up to face eyes closed with a small smile on his face as his ass stretched and enveloped my cock as he slid down the length, finally he hit balls deep and stopped allowing himself to get accustomed to the thickness and length of my cock buried in his bowels.

Marty's Blowjob Ch. 02

first-time cosmo2802 2018-06-21

The long, hard work week coupled with the fact that I have the uncanny ability to be able to fall asleep in just about any situation resulted in my doing a little head-bobbing (not the good sexy kind you're thinking of) as I tried to stay awake. Marty didn't have the same apprehension as I did apparently and not more than two minutes later (if even that) I felt cum running down his cock onto my hand. Marty and I talked about getting together and he was coming over to the house later that evening when he got off work (he had a part-time job). While getting fucked while bent over a pool table is sexy and all, I thought that maybe for Marty's first time we should have sex in a more "traditional" setting.

Meeting a Milf in Hotel

first-time 2018-06-21

A few years ago I arranged to meet up with a sexy mature milf, in town on business with some time to spare. She was around 50, short blonde hair, wearing a tight business jacket, white blouse, showing off a nice big cleavage, a knee length skirt, black nylons and high heels. I reached down and started to unzip her skirt, and slid it down to reveal she was wearing stockings and suspenders as I'd been hpong for. She said it was time for me to get naked, and I had my clothes off pretty quickly, I was getting very horny now and desperate to get my cock inside her. we kept going and I started speeding up, fucking this sexy stocking clad milf harder and harder.

Meeting a guy from X-Hamster!!

first-time 2018-06-21

When I first joined XHamster several months ago, I chatted to a sweet man who told me I was beautiful inside and out and that despite what my ex said, that I should get my confidence back up and feel sexy in myself. I felt his fingers slip under my bra strap and he pulled it down my arm, allowing him to kiss my shoulder and neck as his hand traced its way down my back and rested on my hip. I was on my back, my breasts free for him to pull at and nibble on, my legs were slightly parted and his hand found my pussy, slip his fingers down to my dripping wet hole and parted my lips to feel inside.

Cock Stare 2

first-time whatabt 2018-06-21

“What makes you think that?” I asked curiously trying hard to be surprised. My hard on created a tent and opened the sides much like I remember them when I saw him standing in front of me last summer. He explored more and then reached out his tongue in the opening where my own balls were this time. I grabbed his legs and pulled my face up to his ass. I was fucking his hole with my tongue and his moaning let me know I was doing okay. He suddenly pulled his ass off my face and reached over to the night stand for the lube. Without hesitation and with his back to me he grabbed my cock and slowly placed against the hole I had my cold spit on.

Wifes pussy being played with public

first-time Kevinsue 2018-06-21

We are seated at a table on a little bit of an elevated stage, where the people on the lower chairs are about eye level with our knees, but it has a good view of comings and goings on. I nod to sue, "got a little wet from it." at which point she give me a 'look' and slight punch. He tilts his, head and raises his eyebrows, I put my hands on Sue's arms, gently pressing them against her side, she look at me quizzically, and I nod "yes". I turn just a little so the rest of the bar cant see her, Sue looks at him in the eye and nod, and his hand reaches out and rests on Sue's knee.

Indian Dominatrix For Black Men

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-06-21

For some reason, Carl-Henry's dick always gets extremely hard when I fuck him in the ass. I've got Carl-Henry right where I want him, spread-eagled and bound, with my tits in his mouth, my dildo up his ass and his dick in my hand. I close my eyes and let go at last, experiencing a moment of sweet abandon as Carl-Henry takes over, slamming his dick into my pussy. As Carl-Henry props me on all fours and smacks my ass while ramming his dick into my pussy, I cry out in pleasure. Carl-Henry squeezes his dick out of me, and cum leaks out of my ass as I collapse on the bed, the dominant woman that I am reduced to a shuddering, moaning and panting slut.

Beth and her Avatars

first-time SierraSprite 2018-06-21

The summer we were eighteen and headed to college in the fall, my girlfriend Jeannie and I were squeezed into a bunk at the family cottage, just waking up, when Beth walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. I expect you to perform when the time comes." She poked a finger into Jeannie's thigh, which was long and sleek even with the sheet over her. Jeannie and Beth whispered in the back, and mom played with my fingers. On the way to the car, I hip checked her and said, "You are in trouble." Beth saw the smoldering look I got back and whistled, "You two are bad. Katherine and Jeannie hovered over Beth, applying kisses and caresses.

Jenny comes home, finally first fucks (#5)

first-time petdyke 2018-06-21

Jenny buckles back, meeting my meat in our randy rythm longing to come from first fuck. Instinctively Jenny presents her bums up longing for my touch, tease and taking them. I made my dear darling doddie be a good girl, my eager bald beaver sex student lovely lover. Jenny grinds her hips as se feels my bulge with her love lips. Jenny slips one hand inside to love her lips, the other around her back to grab my balls. Jenny sighs: Oh yes please, as I return the favour and use two hands to heat her laced bums. Jenny discovers continuous coming from me holding her bums while her lips kiss my strong shaft.

Angel Needs A Make-Out Buddy Ch. 01

first-time rebelchef 2018-06-21

Angel's cute face turned bright red with embarressment On the other hand Karen gave me a sly smile and said, "Why, Chef, I thought you liked to know all the ins and outs of our sex lives!" and gave me a playful wink. "I love it when you've worked hard and they have that salty sweat" Returning to my hard cock she again took me fully into her mouth, pulled her head and hand back and was rewared with a drop of precum at the tip, Karen licked the drop away and smiled, "MMMMM, that's just what i need!" At last she released me from her mouth and holding my shrunked, wet cock in her hand she rubbed it over her face smearing her cheeks and nose with a mixture of my cum and her saliva.

By The Pool

first-time Ashson 2018-06-21

Difference was, this time, after he dragged my lower lip down a little, he released it and his hand kept on moving down until his palm glided softly across my breasts. When Mike finally freed my lips it was only so he could start nibbling on my breasts again, but by that time I was so aware of what his delicate touch was doing to my pussy and internal flesh that I was struggling to form a coherent thought, let alone form any sentences. That damn cock looked every bit as huge as it had felt, and I could already feel it deep inside me and going even deeper.

My first Gang Bang organized by…

first-time 2018-06-21

I was moaning “someone fuck me” begging and suddenly I felt a hard dick enter my pussy. As my pussy, ass and mouth filled with cocks and cum, I remember stroking two cocks. A cock placed in each hand while another entered my mouth and my pussy. I remember at one point feeling 2 cocks in my pussy at same time and another moment 2 guys were forcing their cocks at same time in my ass. After three or four hard cocks took turns at me on the floor, I was led back to the table and placed on my hands and knees. Cock after cock entered me that night, in my mouth, my pussy and my ass.

cold winters night

first-time PHATBITCH 2018-06-21



first-time Inkays 2018-06-21

About a week or so after it happened out of nowhere a guy (who I knew frequently bullied my boyfriend) came up to me and introduced himself as a friend of my boyfriends, and we chatted for a couple of minutes before I had to go, he complimented me, saying I was cuter than my boyfriend had described me, and things like that, and before I had to ge he said "Hey we should get together for a chat or maybe a drink, after last time I think the two of us are pretty compatible.

Shower with daddy

first-time 2018-06-21

She ran her mouth back and forth on my growing shaft, and my cock blew up into a full-on XXX her hands to tickle my balls, Roos-anne's lips were sliding back and forth on my hard cock, her eyes looking up into my own. I began to fuck my daughter's mouth, my hips moving back and forth, and my hands pushing and pulling her head. I pulled her against me with my hands, my tongue sliding deeper into her hot, little ass, and I could feel her body begin to shudder against my ministrations. " it daddy, yes....make me your angel," she cried out, her hands pressed into the wall and pushing her body back at me.

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 03

first-time ostinatobravado 2018-06-21

Claire felt the other man's cock press into her pussy lips from behind as he grasped her hips with both hands. Claire began to moan loudly, "MMMMMMMMM." as she continued to have the other cock fucking her sweet teen mouth. This young teen pussy was about to cum all over his huge cock, and he was not going to believe the feeling it would create for him. "You will feel her pussy tighten around you and spasm when she cums real hard, you will see." said the principal, to the man behind Claire. His huge cock buried deep inside of her, fucking her, stretching her teen pussy to the max, the head of his cock pushing into her cervix.

Stranger on the Train

first-time virginblood 2018-06-21

He told me how he only wanted to suck on my titties and he would jerk off on my titties or my pussy. I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy forget about the jerking off on me. That's when he stop eating me and moved up to my titties sucking them and I felt his manhood probing my hairless pussy. I saw when he put his cock next to my pussy he pulled the condom off. He pushed his fat long thick headed cock back up inside me and I felt my titties bouncing up and down and I could hear the door open and one of the men came inside the room.