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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fallen Snow Angels

first-time mnmh82 2018-06-21

I looked and saw you laughing with your hands covering your face. I wanted to get up and go inside and fuck each other feverishly but we just laid there in the snow. I took my right glove off and slid my had inside your sweats and between your legs. We couldn’t take our eyes off of each other’s as you moved gradually faster and faster. All of the sudden your hips jerked, you buried your hands in the snow and jerked your upper body upward. We started for the house when you grabbed my arm and said with a light shout, “LOOK!!” We stood there for a minute as you pointed out the difference in the snow angels.

Swing Time Ch. 03

first-time l8bloom 2018-06-21

He pointed to them in turn as he continued directing: "Hillary, look over David's shoulder. She looked at the music teacher, her sly smile about as subtle as a hand grenade, and Jake immediately looked at Stan. By the time Jake Olaffsen stepped in, the two were side by side with their eyes on the music. Allison again arrived early for practice, and this time, Craig was hoping to get a little further. Allison was nearly as guilty; her eyes were riveted to Craig's left hand. For the second time within a four-month span, David walked in on Craig and Allison. And I do not mean sexually!" His eyes flashed at Craig and Allison, who had started to look like they thought David was the only one in trouble.


first-time bradley_stoke 2018-06-21

However, the greatest cause for this was less her sluttishness—which to his credit Linus did keep a secret—but the fact that Judith didn't really enjoy spending much time with her co-believers and made the unforgivable error of befriending students who were not Jehovah's Witnesses. It was the first time that Judith had ever entered any of the clothes shops that Kulthoom took her to, but they were shops where she was sure Superslut would be comfortable. The image in the mirror was definitely that of Superslut and not of plainly-dressed Judith, Biochemistry student and Jehovah's Witness.

The Trophy Wife

first-time Rick_Love 2018-06-21

After I let loose with a deep moan, Elizabeth began licking and sucking the drops of pre-come now glistening on the tip of my purple headed monster. Just like some sort of tour guide at Yosemite, Elizabeth showed me her clit as well as the folds of her pussy. Within minutes, Elizabeth's orgasm hit soaking my hand and the couch with her love juice. Elizabeth turned her attention back to my cock me as her tongue began to circle my bulbous head. After placing soft light kisses on my upper legs, her fingers began tracing little circular patterns on my balls. Elizabeth began kissing my face and neck while my missile was vigorously pumping and thrusting into her love-tunnel.

Something New

first-time A_Nipple_Lover 2018-06-21

I hear you moan your approval as you continue to kiss Eva. Encouraged my hand starts to move up and down your leg more, my fingers tracing their way across your thighs, right to the bottom of your shorts. I look across and Eva has pulled your shirt up exposing your right breast and has latched onto your nipple with her lips. Her hand has come up and started to gently knead your breast, her fingers finding your nipples and rolling them. Forcing me to gasp as Eva is pushes her pussy down harder onto my mouth, my lips sucking on her distended clit as she moves in to kiss you.

A Day Of Many Firsts

first-time rfd_one 2018-06-21

I thought, this can't be right, if eating pussy is so good and so many people enjoy it, there has to be a problem here. I stood up and dropped my pants and she immediately buried my 5 ½ inch monster cock right down her throat and licked my nuts at the same time. I broke a nut in her mouth and as I shot that first round in her mouth, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer forcing my fuck stick all the way down her throat. I thought of her smell, that nasty cheesy piss box of hers and wondered what kind of sick demented world she grew up in, where getting fucked up her ass and sucking shit off a cock felt good.

The Early Years: My First

first-time gi_janet 2018-06-21

"I get two 15-minute breaks -- one at 8:30 and another at 11:00, and I'd love to walk with you!" I asked to meet me out back at 8:30. "I don't care about your boyfriend." He took me by the hand and led me toward the golf course. Give me your panties." I was a little shocked that he asked, but I took them off and gave them to him.
I didn't expect it, but giving him my panties was so exciting that it was all I could think about while handing back coats and waiting for the night to end. Andrew kissed me hard, took his ugly white coat off, placed it on the ground, and then positioned me on it.

It isn't always bad when it doesn't work

first-time Sir_Stephen345 2018-06-21

I am a listener, not just the words that come from someones mouth but their body language, the tones in their voice, the look in their eyes, the way they interact while they are speaking. I consider it a bad thing from time to time because I know what is being said to me without words coming from someones mouth, sometimes I just wanna laugh at the bullshit story but the truth gets in the way. I am beginning to think that she enjoys the sting of my hand against the skin of her bottom, thighs, breasts, and pussy (finally bald, took her a while to get that task completed).

The Lake House Lessons 05

first-time JayDavid 2018-06-21

I had no clue what to say, but I figured I needed to say something, "I'm going to tease your pussy until you beg me to fuck you," I said, trying to sound like I had a plan. I kissed the back of her head and her perfect ass and left the house, got in my car and went home, quietly going to my room so that I wouldn't have to answer questions. When I got to school, Fred said, "You look like crap—were you out drinking last night?" "I spanked the crap out of her, at her request, then went down on her until she literally got on her knees and begged me to fuck her, so I did, then she asked me for anal."

Dick on Dick

first-time grt44 2018-06-21

i stopped and glanced at them and the were pictures of his wife nude and semi nude.i was shocked but still couldn't help looking at what i could see. He then started to slowly stroke his with one hand while picking up pictures of her with the other and holding them for me to see. His hand came around both shafts and started slowly stroking. I said “ fuck, I am about to cum looking at your wife”. I looked down and saw the first spurt of cum shoot out and cover both of us. About the time I was releasing my second shot he groaned and I saw more cum shooting from him totally filling the condom.

The Appropriated Armor

first-time rckplsky 2018-06-21

She continued up the path towards Layne's homestead for a few paces before a man in shiny armor burst from the side of the road. He removed the sword from the dirt and collected the pieces of armor. He slowly moved his hands away from his crotch and she looked over his flaccid cock. He ran his tongue her abdomen and stopped at the small tuft of pubic hair above her cunt. He pushed his tongue deep into her cunt and she let out a sigh of pleasure. She looked up at him as he grabbed his cock with his right hand. "If you make another peep I'll cut out your tongue," the man yelled back as he banged on the door of the wagon, "so keep your mouth shut and you'll have a more pleasurable trip."

My first time and a little more

first-time 2018-06-21

In any case, Sean got to feel what is was like to have his dick sucked the same day that I did. We also didn’t know the technical word for the exhilaration, so we just said that we were getting “the feeling.” Whatever it was called, I remember that the tingling started at the top of my head and moved all the way to my feet. Sean and I sucked each other just about every week day after school. After a couple of weeks while I was at Michael’s house, Michael told me that he and Sean had sucked each other. I was shaking when he sucked me, and it didn’t take 5 minutes before I got “the feeling.”

A b*****rs debt (Friday)

first-time hunglo567 2018-06-21

Relaxing a little as she mechanically rubbed my meat she replied, "no, it's actually really soft, but hard at the same time." Her eyes which never left my cock as she stroked it suddenly got wide as a drop of precum oozed from the tip. She clamped her lips together and began to turn her head away but I reminded her, "You will do as I say this weekend, now open your mouth." Reluctantly and with the tears again beginning to form in her eyes she opened her mouth and allowed me to guide her finger inside where I wiped my juice onto her tongue. As I began to tease her sweet little cunt with my tongue I felt her grab a onto my hard cock and begin to stroke it slowly.

Won't Be Ignored (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

first-time tweedles 2018-06-21

"Mmm," Buffy offered in response, d***k on the sensations he was providing her with as well as the idea that it was her Watcher penetrating her; Giles, who had always been so stuffy and reserved and anything but indecorous, was making love to her with such understated passion, with such gentle care and kindness. Giles needed to make sure she came first, wanted to feel her orgasm as it took her, and so he slipped a hand down from her hips, sliding his fingers between her legs. "Ah, well, yes, I-I suppose I can say the same," Giles laughed, flattered at hearing her put it so bluntly, "you're a stunning young woman, Buffy, and while I'm, ah, still not quite sure what I've done to capture your affection so completely," he sighed, "I must say that I feel lucky to have done so.

In Praise of Roslyn

first-time Momstheboss 2018-06-21

"Mr. Crawford, have a seat at the table and I will bring in our lunch in a few short minutes." Miss Roslyn said, as she left for the kitchen. "Little Rosy is a sophisticated woman, but get her blood up and she'll ride you until the sun comes up." Henry continued, eyeing me suspiciously at the finish. She moved to the side of her husband's chair and lifted his arm, placing his hand on a breast, making his face beam with a smile. Rosy turned to me and moved in close lifting her head, placing her arms around my waist. "Rosy, You suck a cock real good too, I'm here to say!" Henry interjected.

Truth Prevails

first-time nancyboi 2018-06-21

She then told me that she had been having an affair with Soni and that the two of them had long ago lost the desire of their husbands penises. My wife told me that she, Soni and Paul have been planning this for months. It all came to happen after my wife got my chastity device and hid it from me. Paul was naked as well, except he had on a chastity device. He told me he had been f***ed into chastity three years prior because Soni caught him sooner than my wife caught me. Paul began to suck my dick, flick my balls, and basically edged me for an hour or so. Paul came back, said the girls have left for a couple of days and that I was there for his entertainment.


first-time Ashson 2018-06-20

My sweetly smiling jogger had used the distraction of her leaning on me to dip her hot little hand into my pocket, and I'm damn sure sex wasn't on her mind. Biting her lip lightly, ready to leap to her feet at a moment's notice, or no notice for that matter, Janet leaned over me, looking slightly puzzled. Janet looked at her breast, nipple wet and proudly standing, and I felt her hand tighten slightly on my cock. From the look on Janet's face she didn't agree one little bit, but didn't know how to say so. "Now you," I told her, moving her hand back to my erection, "are going to ease your lips apart and gently steer my cock into place.

My Hot Next Door Neighbor

first-time pastmyprime23 2018-06-20

He stared at me for what seemed like an hour before he finally broke the silence and said, "I'm sorry I let that happen, but I want you to know, it meant a lot to me." I knew I wasn't going to tell my husband, but at the same time, I didn't even know if I wanted to sleep with Mark again. Pants around his knees and a look of satisfaction on his face, I leaned up to his ear, kissed him lightly and said, "I just wanted you to know how hot you are." I stood up and left the house.

Continuing Education

first-time were11127 2018-06-20

Don't worry about class, I've never missed one before, and as a freshman, you should learn to live some." She pushed him onto his back in the bed, then climbed on top of him, grasping his penis, already hard as he again took in her naked body. Jim's free hand came up to pinch her breast, and he leaned in to kiss her lips, her throat, and her chest. Sarah grasped the sheets as he planted a kiss firmly on her pussy, and then moaned as he parted her lips and his tongue flicked inside of her. As they continued to lie in bed, Jim tracing circles around her bare breast, suddenly the lock to room popped and the door swung open.

My First Lesbian Experience

first-time 2018-06-20

I had to have more of her lips so I leaned in for a kiss, which started out soft but turned into a tongue war, and her grabbing my hair. Then I felt soft lips and tongue lick and suck on my right breast while a hand brushed up and down my thigh, never going high enough. I tried spreading my legs but she slapped my breast and told me to keep still or she'd have to spank me. She spread my bare pussy lips and sucked my clit, nibbling every few minutes. It burned so good, he then slipped his cock into my pussy and thrust hard, causing me to moan into her puss.

Gemma's Growning Pains Ch. 02

first-time krazy_karen_uk 2018-06-20

Gemma knew she was busted, somehow the thought of Mary knowing what she planned to do turned her more than ever and she even considered inviting her younger sister along. She opened her eyes and was surprised she couldn't feel his breath, as his head was so close to her. Gemma traced fingers over her breasts and down her body till she reached her pussy. She felt her legs trembling, her breath was in short gasps till she felt the toy push up against the very deepest part of her body. She continued to move her hands and fingers, sometimes adding more lotions and trying hard to make it feel like her pussy would.

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd Ch. 02

first-time ReefBeach 2018-06-20

Mwali would close her eyes and smile, or look up at me and make a half-kiss, or whisper my name. "Oh Manny, you woke me up and I thought I would just give you the pleasure, but now I want it too!" She started to rub her body more and bring we hands down to feel my dick as it went into her. I got a glimpse of Mwali herself as a mother, loving and caring and practical. And I feel the want for you, to sit with you, hear your drawling voice speak Shakespeare to me, to kiss me! Mwali laughed again, lightly this time, and I felt like I was lifted by a wave of joy.

The fraternity

first-time musclecock 2018-06-20

Pete could then see that they were in a room lit only by candles, but even in this dim light, however, he could see that everyone was naked and erect, and the older b*****rs were standing outside the ring of pledges slowly jerking their dicks. Pete had very sensitive nipples and loved having them licked and sucked on, and after maybe ten minutes of foreplay, Jim, the older boy, told Pete to lay face down on the bed so he could fuck his ass. Both boys kissed deeply letting Pete's cum fill both of their mouths and Jim told Pete that he expected to have him in his room the next morning by seven o'clock to give him a wake up blowjob.

Ritual Deflowing on Halloween

first-time ButterflyLane 2018-06-20

The ritual shedding of virgin blood on Halloween is a tradition dating back hundreds of years.” As he lectured, his fingers teased, brushing against her pouting lips softly, then with gathering strength. Knowing that soon she would be summoned to the alter by the priest, her dress removed, and her nubile young body shown to the gathered crowd in all its glory before she took her place, as had hundreds of girls before her, to willingly shed her virgin blood for the good of the tribe. Knowing her part well, she slowly spread her legs wide, allowing the priest access to her virgin- thought hardly untouched- hole. “Enough play, the time for the ritual is at hand.” He continued, but his words were lost to Bobbie.