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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Rites Pt. 01

first-time joelafayette 2018-06-20

Two days later, Becky was in trouble again, but this time she planned it with a non-violent offense. Riding the emotional high reliving a great memory, Becky unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down along with her panties, presenting her bare ass to Mr. Thompson along with part of her large bush showing underneath. The first day I trained Becky, I would have laughed at anyone that said I was looking at my future wife. I said I couldn't train her more, then Becky floated the idea of me being her life coach. I paid our dinner bill to thank her for her business at the gym, then I left her alone for a few days while I read as much as I could on the life coaching industry.

Working Too Hard!

first-time unseen69 2018-06-20

I met up with a few colleagues and one particular blond lady caught my eye she was immaculately dressed very polite and spoken with a very posh voice also petite, large breast, very tight waist and an arse to die for. I met her eyes and brushed a bit of paper off her hair, she started to breathe deep and hard, but all I did was remove a tiny bit of paper. I headed towards the exotic books and she headed further in, so I started reading and the thing is the place was busy this surprised me women and men very interested in sex at 11.00pm at night! "J what's this?" Started to rub my hard cock through my jeans at this point.

Jenny and I-3

first-time stif266 2018-06-20

We normally fucked in some variation of the missionary position, but Jenny thought it would be a good idea for me to practice some of the other positions in case my customers wanted to give them a try. I didn't like the doggie position because it was impossible for me to bump my partner's clit while we were fucking, and both Jenny and Mrs. Jackson had seemed to like that little extra something. She led me into her bedroom and turned to say, "Billy, I need help from you like you provided me the other day." I stared at Mrs. Jackson uncomprehendingly, but I suddenly understood what she meant when she opened her housecoat, and dropped it on the floor.

Fantasy Fulfilled

first-time mwmwb59 2018-06-20

Finally, after watching each other for a short time, Jay reached over and began to stroke my cock with a smile on his face. Jay bent down to dry his legs and feet and on the way back up he licked off the precum running down my cock and then slid my cock into my mouth and began to suck me slowly up and down. When I had first felt Michael's cock at my ass I had stopped sucking Jay's cock so I could concentrate on what was happening behind me. As I continued sucking Jay, I used the muscles in my ass to grip Michaels cock. He began to fuck me harder than Michael and at the same time was stroking my hard cock with his hand.

Me and my Best Friend's Dad

first-time DasXyM4N 2018-06-20

After some time had passed, Jason had tilted his head back and started to moan and yell in pleasure. Only a few things had ran through my mind as I thought about Jason sexually: How big that dick was, how badly I wanted him, how badly I wanted that cock in my mouth and up my ass, and how bad I wanted him to drench me in his jizz. He looked down into my eyes that started to water with his pleasured face and moved my head back and forth quickly, even though he was stuck. Jason started to quickly taste my dick and then lick my ass and repeated that for a few minutes.

Chocolate Coffee Beans

first-time rolandofgillead 2018-06-20

Anyway, after we got done swimming we went inside, and I noticed that Eric's mom was showering. She told me to meet her in the pool, then I quickly changed and walked out onto the pool deck and saw that Eric's mom was already in the water. She stared straight into my eyes as she gently took my cock in her hands and began stroking it. I felt like I was going to collapse, but she took me by the hand and led me into the house. She laid me down on the bed and started sucking the head of my cock, occasionally stopping to wrap her breasts around it.

Granted Ch. 02

first-time jallen944 2018-06-20

What else was he supposed to say to a woman who said she liked the taste of his dick? She leaned over him with her hands on the mattress by his shoulders and pumped her hips up and down, raising her ass until just the tip of his dick was in her pussy, then plunging herself back down on it. His hands moved down to her ass and his fingers dug into her soft flesh, pulling her down on his dick as hard as he could. Will you show your thing to Bethany because she doesn't believe it's as big as I say it is," Loren said, and looked down at his crotch.

didn’t believe

first-time buckpetters 2018-06-20

Her cum is dripping off my balls as I grinded her deep and hard for a good while, in the heat of the moment she tells me to cum in her, where I ask she looks up with the look of your right, In my mouth then I pulled my dripping cock out of her pussy and it went pop it was so tight she dove and her mouth gripped on the head of my dick as it exploded, she held on and gulped as my hot cum shot down her throat.

Lilly the First

first-time AimTwoPlease 2018-06-20

And in the end, as before, we returned to the missionary position with Lilly's knees held high by my thighs and me continuing to try to help her reach that elusive orgasm before my own shuddering, powerful climax brought an end to my erection. We made love one more time in the early morning hours, beginning with my mouth on her musky pussy and ending with yet another "I'm getting close" from me and Lilly's "Do it do it" response and the liquid pulsing of my fluids into her vagina. We fucked a couple of times in my mother's Corvair, which was even more uncomfortable than my dorm room twin bed, though far better than our previous "dry humping".

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 04

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-06-20

She continued, "I hope Lisa wants to study to be a nurse or go into pre-med, but this will give her an opportunity to see what nurses and doctors do and determine if one of these professions could entice her." Then Tracy asked Lisa to help me remove the thin white hospital gown so she could begin her examination. Being that I didn't object, Lisa held my penis between her thumb and forefinger away from my groin until Tracy said she needed to hold it firmly using her full hand as Tracy started cutting the pubic hair between my navel and my throbbing cock, and each time she turned the clippers off, Lisa vacuumed the area with a small hand-held unit, while Tracy adjusted the length of the cut.


Lana's Journey

first-time mickey23 2018-06-20

Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed my arm and pulled me into his room and threw me against the wall hard enough that my head slammed against the wall. As the door shut, he leaned in to kiss me I pulled back, and put my hands up to push him away. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head close to his and kissed me long and hard anyway. I found my hands moving from his rock hard chest to his now partially erect cock. My hand was slowly working his rock hard cock. It wasn't long before he began breathing hard, he was even beginning to moan a little.

A Cat's Tale

first-time dustybit 2018-06-20

Generally he found it hard to get to sl**p anywhere, even in his own bed, but after having walked so far the night before and not having eaten since getting off the bus at Buckfastleigh, a good deal sooner than he’d expected and even in spite of the cold he fell into an exhausted slumber. Still, someone it seemed was prepared to pay him to come here and have a look, and for want of other idleness (And perhaps subconsciously also led there by his lust if not a burgeoning love for the new woman in his life, whom he had so recently found whilst pessimistically scanning dating sites on the internet.) he had found himself searching for a feline needle over a haystack moor.

Debbie the Mature Woman

first-time shortstroker 2018-06-20

I moved my hands from her back and hips to her breasts and felt her through the bib overall top. I thought I’d cum as she told me, “that’s right baby, come to mommy.” My dick was hard enough to cut diamonds and leaking precum in a stream. My cock had been dribbling precum for some time and her hot, wet mouth was the best sensation I’d felt in a long time. I pulled out til I felt the tug of her pussy lips on my cock head and pushed slowly back in. She either discovered the pervert in me or created it but when she said, “That’s right baby boy, suck mommy’s titties” I held her hips firmly and drove her down hard on my cock.

My first time being taken dressed as a woman

first-time jimbo70xyz 2018-06-20

He moved his ass back and forward on my face and I have to admit I got into it quite quickly, thrusting my tongue up into his asshole and licking his ring like a dog would. He told me to pull my dress up above my waist, he got me to kneel on the couch in doggie position exposing my shaved ass pussy, this I did eagerly as by this stage my dick wanted to explode. I told him I'd like if he cum on my face, he pulled out of my ass took off the rubber, I got on my knees in front of him, put my mouth on his cock jerking him off.

Saving Benny

first-time valeriuscatullus 2018-06-20

I took him in my arms and kissed him again, exploring his mouth with my tongue as I explored his body with my eager hands, caressing the smooth, soft skin of his ass. I kissed his neck and licked my way down to his erect nipples, exploring his flat chest and running my fingers into the cleft between his ass cheeks while he sighed with pleasure. Our cocks touched and we started fucking into each other, slowly and sensuously, while our tongues danced together and my fingers explored his ass. Just then, I felt his ass clench and unclench on my fingers and he let out a little scream as hot semen spurted from his shaft onto my cock, balls, thighs and stomach.

My first love

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-20

But slowly started to move his hand on my body and touched my boobs that time i forgot fear and started to kiss him very strongly as he squeezed my boobs very hard and i felt very good ohh..... He was wondered to see them, he removed my shirt and bra and started to suck my right boob and squeezing my left one and i started to moun slowly ahh.... While kissing i was mouning and than he put his hand inside my clint and i started to moun louder ahhhh hmmm..... And i continued to suck it for half an hour and spreaded my leg quiet wider and started to lick my pussy and squeez my boobs i felt still sexier as i never had done before Uhhh...

Empowered Ch. 01

first-time failedlove 2018-06-20

You know you are going to pass," April said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Nick wrinkled his eyes and nose, a quizzical look if ever she saw one but she flashed a smile and whispered a thank you and it was replaced with a huge grin and a set of perfect white teeth. Nick gave them a nervous smile, April held his hand in hers and they started walking towards the display board, although for most of it she was dragging him with her. As expected, April was the top of the class, putting Nick into second place, Steve just about managed to pass the class.

Gal-company Part-I

first-time hotrod140870 2018-06-20

Every time I look up from my table, I get a clear view of her fabulous breasts, almost bursting out of her brassier and the thin, tight blouse! She turned and looked into my eyes and said “I would love you to lose your inhibitions and fondle my boobs!” The next instant she let out a squeal as my hard and erect cock was poking her tight ass, through her thin red saree. The view of her big boobs up in my face only made me harder and I was soon sucking her large and erect nipples alternating between the right and the left one.

My Friend Jessie

first-time Skipper_Malone 2018-06-20

"I'm back Adam," Jessie said, placing two brown bags of groceries onto the kitchen. I had first met Jessie Slayton in our freshman year of high school. That can't be too bad Adam." Jessie said with a smile of her own. A soft moan escapes Jessie's mouth as I continue to knead her breasts through her bra and tank top. "Oh Adam...please...I can't wait any more..." Jessie moaned as I ran my fingers around her lips. After Jessie's breathing had returned to normal I felt her hands start to explore inside my sweatpants. This time, not a scream but a moan escaped Jessie's lips. "Like we haven't been already all these years Adam." Jessie said, playfully slapping me on the arm.

Baby Sitter

first-time JaxsonCurry 2018-06-20

his strong fingers wrapped round her waist and massaging her soft skin and wrapped his arms round her body, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and door flew open and Mrs.Crumberly stood there, a warm glow in her face as Stepping in to the warm comforting kitchen, she dropped her bag and knelt innocent with me, I know u want me, I can smell it on your body, feel it bad it hurt, give in" he stopped and stepped away as Mrs. Cumberly entered the softness of his lips on hers, the taste of his tongue, the feeling of cold, she used her fingers to rub the spread all over his sexy naked body.

My First Anal Sex

first-time lauren003 2018-06-20

Out came his finger and laid on top of me looking me in the eyes as he places his cock by the entrance to my ass, my hands on his waist looking him in the eyes as well, I slowly pulled him, and I could feel his cock entering my tight bum. I think the head of his cock had jus barely entered my bum and I was about to ask him to stop as it was hurting, when he laid down and started kissing me passionately while he slowly continued to enter. As he entered the hole of cock into my bum, I then pulled away from kissing him and told him to stop, as it really felt weird and uncomfortable, he stopped moving and asked, if I was ok and if he must exit me.

Cock Tease

first-time smittyspecial18 2018-06-20

She then pulled those little tight pants off exposing some very wet see thought panties; they were like they weren't even there. I got braver and finally worked those wet sexy panties. After a few minutes of feeling her ass she got up without warning and pulled her panties down to reveal her bald pussy. I worked her now naked ass, I went on for a few more mins and then said it was my turn. We have had several more little get togethers just like this but never sex, she wanted to save herself for marriage but I want complaining I got blown by the biggest cock tease in the school and I loved it....

80% oral

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 12

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-20

Jason did the drive-in at the Wendy's since Sheila had mentioned not wanting to be seen dressed as she was even though he thought she looked great. "Would you like to?" Sheila asked; her seatbelt was off and now she shifted to face him even more, her tiny shorts riding high again to expose more of her beautiful shapely legs. Breaking the kiss, Sheila said, "Jason, I have to tell you I've not been with many guys." Sheila stroked his cock and the fact it was only her third time touching a dick added an extra element of excitement to the whole experience for Jason. Sheila was using two hands back on his shaft now and despite her inexperience, the feeling to Jason's cock was exquisite and he felt his desire building.

Straight Persuaded

first-time 2018-06-20

I did everything I could not to grab his hand and place it right on my first I clenched my fist. I unzipped my pants, grabbed the other man's hand and placed it right on my junk. The man behind me took off his shorts and is standing next to me, his thick, meaty, very clean shaven dick, right in my face. Well, I want to take top and I f***e this man on his back, grabbing his long dick, and make a shake-weight out of it as I go deep in his ass. That same firm hand now grabs my shoulder, I hear him spit, then I feel a dick go into my ass.