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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Midlife experience

first-time JOMOSAT 2018-06-20

Going back home ,watching some porn I studied how the pornstars would handle a cock in their mouth, I watched and learned like a eager student. I would stick them to the wall, get down on my knees and start sucking on them,several cocks at a time, imaging getting gang bang by all of them. I would think of the boy jerking off in the shower, or the black cock on that older man. My mind went nuts as this person sucking on my cock so hard and good, like I never felt before. So I ask myself , am I straight guy who enjoys a little kinkiness in his life, suck a few cocks here and there.

My Very First Time

first-time Megan26 2018-06-20

Brandy said that there was a keg party at the gravel pit and figured we could go as long as we split if anyone started to get rowdy. Brandy told me that he liked me and I should bring something hot to wear for the party. The only good thing that happened at school, was, Chris asked me if I was going to the party tonight and I told him I would be there. I was looking at myself in Brandy's mother's full length mirror when Darren came by and poked his head in. I told her no, I don't have a pair of thigh highs and I want to look hot, not like a slut.

Becoming Bree Ch. 06

first-time BrettJ 2018-06-20

Over coffee the next morning in Tera's spacious kitchen, the two new lovers talked, about life plans, both erotic and regular. They talked over a very nice dinner - Sabrina and Tera had both wanted her first fucking to be memorable, not some trashy one-night stand. Sabrina wormed her tongue into his mouth, kissing him back, Frenching him the way Tera had taught her. Vincente gently pushed Sabrina onto the bed and began to kiss up her silky thighs. Sabrina wanted to try something with Vincente that she'd only previously done with her beloved Tera. This was something Sabrina had thought long about -- and, on advice from Tera, she knew her answer.

My Tuition Teacher

first-time reshmav 2018-06-20

He turned me and removed my bra and started kissing me from my neck to my breasts. He came on top of me and started kissing my lips again. He pushed his tongue inside and started licking my mouth, my tongue. He then came down and started licking and kissing my body. He started kissing and licking my thighs. He came down and removed my panty and started kissing and biting my ass. He slowly removed my hands and kissed my pussy. He lifted my ass by his hands and placed a pillow below and started eating my pussy. He again kissed my lips, my breasts and then inserted his finger inside me. He finished it and came up and gave a hard kiss on my lips.

Siobhan's Awakening

first-time madam_vel 2018-06-19

"Drew?" Siobhan asked, "Please, make love to me, hold me all night, and just be my everything?" Her question brought fears to the front of her mind. He ripped them away as gently as he could and licked the skin there, putting love into the kisses. She got brave, and after pumping his dick with one hand, took his nuts gently into her mouth and rimmed them like they were pieces of fruit, needing to be coated before they were allowed to give their juice. He had his eyes closed, but desperately wanted to watch her making love to him like he had done to her. "Drew, don't stop, oh please, that's so hot, what do I look like?" He responded immediately.


Wife Finds Out if True or Dare is Real

first-time 425olds 2018-06-19

Mark asked me to pick Tim up at the airport since he had to work on Friday til 4pm and the flight came in at 1pm. Tim moaned as he said " you liked sucking that big black dick didn't you"? I wanted a real man like Tim to be inside my pussy. Tim continued to play with my pussy and nipples until Mark woke up.  All I could think about was getting that large black cock in my pussy and mouth. When Mark turned away I gave Tim a nice shot of my shaved pussy. I gave him the condom as I watched him roll it down his large black cock it looked so small and only covered half but that should work.

Sophie's Choice

first-time samvimes 2018-06-19

“And I want my daddy to take his little girl to bed a fuck her til she screams out like mum does!” “Sssshhhh!” she said placing a finger on my lips and drawing my hand out from between her legs. “You dirty little fuck-bitch,” I said, standing and picking her up, throwing her over my shoulder and striding to our bedroom. She was so wet she just opened up and it slid deep into her and I was pumping as I kissed her face and neck and squeezed her tits and told her what a dirty little fucking whore she was. “Oh, You fucking little whore!” I screamed as I shot my spunk deep inside her belly.

The Hymen Theory Ch. 01

first-time seriouswriter12 2018-06-19

A man and a woman not romantically involved but living in one house, up to this day, remained to be a constant curiosity among their respective peers; the male dominated group of Chris and Sam's writer and publisher friends. Under my blouse one time while we were watching a movie but I got so nervous I actually slapped his wandering hand away," the woman interrupted, "Of course if I didn't have an unbroken hymen I would have gladly let him. "On the contrary, you are the perfect person to talk about this," Sam interrupted once again, holding both of his hands to most likely trap him into listening to her talk about her freaking hymen.

A Train Trip

first-time Ashson 2018-06-19

"I thought I'd assist one of you young ladies to get rid of your virginity and at the same time the other three can get a close up view of what will be expected of them when it's their turn, providing they find the right man, of course." The other girls gave satisfied little gasps at that point and were now all attention as my cock continued to sink into Helga. From the look on Janet's face she seemed to think that there was too much cock for where it wanted to go, looking slightly horrified at the thought that I was going to put it all in.


first-time danny213 2018-06-19

the room is filled with our scent our bodies wet with love making i have been between your legs forever i kiss your wet mouth and go deep inside taste you one more push and i come deep in your moist hole we touch with our souls i move back our sex drips from your wet pussy i move between your legs and taste our sex then we kiss and you taste your come. when will i taste your come but thats part two

a great rave story

first-time 2018-06-19

so we got some and walked back, realizing she lost her stuff i thought i would at least try and find her purse, so i left her by the door and by some fresh air, walked down and started looking, i couldn't see anything it was so dark and i was stepping on peoples shoes thinking it was it, well after a few minutes later i looked down and saw something, around where i put her down for a second to get abetter grip, stepped on it and it wasn't a shoe, i picked it up and what do you know, i found her purse, to my amazement.

Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom

first-time oddtastes 2018-06-19

She don't be Mom I understand and she said that Jamal told JaMarcus he wanted to fuck me. He said I need to get a condom I reached up with my hand pulled his face close to mine and said don't worry about it and kissed him as I reached down, took his black snake and began to rub the head against my pussy. He said damn woman you likiing this black cock I said yes I am and that I plan on enjoying it all night long. Nikki said Mom I don't know I mean you just had your first black. It was an awesome weekend of sex and it was even better now knowing that my daughter and I could share our love of black cock with each other.

First Time Glory-Hole For Wife

first-time littlegeorgie000 2018-06-19

Vonna saw this and got to her knees, forcing my legs apart, and tried to swallow my dick, stuffing her panties through the hole, into the guys face. With her right hand, she grabbed my cock again and began stroking it, and then her left hand slowly reached up and wrapped around the large cock that was sticking through the hole. Vonna never really cared for the taste of cum, but usually she got so hot that she had to have at least the first couple shots in her mouth before pulling away. Vonna didn’t let go of his cock until it began to shrink and he pulled it back through the hole.

My wife's first blow job.

first-time mikeandcindy 2018-06-19

I was as hard as a rock and from all the fooling around knew my balls were full of sperm. She pulled quickly and then next several shot of sperm hit her face, neck and breasts. As her faced dripped with my sperm I kissed her deeply and lovingly. We decided that I would walk her to her door, kiss her good night and she rush upstairs before her mother noticed her. I kept thinking any moment she was notice her 16 year old daughter was full of sperm from head to waist. From that point on she knew we would never have a problem getting pregnant, knowing from her first time getting me off produced enough sperm to get three girls pregnant.

Lust for Stepmother

first-time nobodyuknow2 2018-06-19

wanted to watch her mouth suck on my cock and hear the to feel my cock stiffen at the thought of her spreading I held her tightly and said, "I am going to fuck you I heard her whisper of "I love fuck talk, it get me hot!! My sex talk seemed to put Janice into a trance like think of you as my real son and I want you to fuck your "Open your mouth, Mom. I need to have you suck my cock. Mom slid out of bed, took me by the hand and said, they will all want to watch us fuck and talk dirty. I said, "This is it Mom. I'm going to fuck you.

Cumming of Age

first-time crazy_girl 2018-06-19

Jackie pulled away from Jeff and strolled over to the couch, sitting next to Brad. Brad took both breasts in his hands, pushed them together and ran his tongue back and forth from one hard nipple to the other. His stiffened cock stood straight out and, taking it in his hands, he looked at Jackie and told her he wanted to do more than just eat pussy. Jeff moved away as Brad sank back down on the couch and pulled Jackie on top of him. In answer, I pushed my tits together with my hands (as I had seen Brad do to Jackie) and asked him to lick them some more.

An afternoon with Mr. Donald

first-time 1120scott 2018-06-19

Him stroking my little dick, rubbing my balls and felling his cock against my butt was a great way to watch the movie that was on. I spread my legs and pulled my knees up raising my butt in the air while he rubbed."Relax your butt, I'm going to push a finger on your butt hole some" he whispered. After an hour or so Mr. Donald came out"your mom called and said she's going to pick you up then go home, so you need to get dressed before she gets here, come on hurry up". He pushed his finger in my butt and started stroking in and out till it was in all the way.I leaned back on his chest and shoulder, feeling him rubbing my balls and fingering my hole.

Fuck My Language Teacher

first-time sidhuputt 2018-06-19

On that day She shouted on my and pointed her fingers on her boobs and said. I kept mum, but she asked me again then I said Ma'am My mind and my eyes always slips when I saw you since we have started our classes. Since that day we used to talk a lot about our personal lives and I came to know that she is divorced last year. I knocked, few minutes later on she came and she was looking very beautiful as she was wearing sleeveless red top with capri. I took my cock and inserted in her pussy and she started saying "Bastard fuck me hard ...

My Love's Brother

first-time lovelesmistie 2018-06-19

I gently grabbed his face in my hands, when he didn't pull away I softly touched my lips to his, hearing no protest, I deepened the kiss. His lips caressed the skin on my face, while his hands explored my body slowly, causing sensations to run down me like tiny rivulets of water. I was wearing a skirt, because it was a warm day, when I felt his hands reach up and pull down my panties, I panicked slightly. He gently kissed me saying, "The last thing I would want to do is cause you pain, when you are giving me so much pleasure." He slowed our pace, lifting me down from the dryer to lie on a bed of clean towels.

Young Mary Ch. 6

first-time Red Hugh 2018-06-19

Ted was happily surprised and Mary graciously stood aside masturbating as Bridgitte gave her first blowjob. Mary had been itchy for a spanking for while and so with Ted sitting on the sofa she came back from kissing Bridgitte goodbye. Ted contemplated his task for Saturday night and stroking himself spurted onto the moist little girl panties Mary had handed him earlier. Ted and Bridgitte began to kiss while Mary went to work between her lover's spread legs. Mary Took Ted's cock pulled his forskin right back and placed it at Bridgitte's hole. Ted was then deputised to suck on Bridgitte for as long as she could stand it while Mary massaged her from head to toe.

A Mother Knows Best 2

first-time 2018-06-19

Probing her tight pussy, I slipped a delicate finger inside of Mom and began finger-fucking her. When I was about halfway inside her hot, wet pussy, she pulled herself off my cock up to the swollen head. Fuck mommy's pussy with that monster cock of yours...Oooooohhh God...Right there baby!" she yelled. As Mom came down from her orgasm, I leaned forward, scooping her up in my arms, and stood up with my cock still in her tight fuckhole. As I pounded Mom's love canal, I realized she was tightening and loosening the soft inner walls of her vagina around my cock with her muscles. Mom pushed me closer and closer to orgasm when she talked dirty, "Fuck me harder, Jake.

I allowed my b*****r to enjoy me

first-time 2018-06-19

It did not take long for me to au natural, like my b*****r, even though my chest was flat I did have protruding nipples, a flat tummy, and a smooth curvature with tight lips, the classic little girl pussy, which was thrust in front of my b*****rs hard cock. I lay on my side and raised my leg high, opening my crotch in a crude manner, my thin vaginal line, my little girls pussy look had now parted, my labia swollen, like my b*****r's cock my vagina ready for penetration had opened up to accommodate it.


first-time mib14 2018-06-19

Before Rhonda could stop her, Alice dropped to her knees on the thin carpet and buried her face in Mrs. Mayor’s hairy cunt. Alice’s cunt was dripping wet and Rhonda’s face was quickly completely covered in love juices. Candy showed her satisfaction by accepting Rhonda’s open-mouth tongue kiss and grabbing the older woman’s fleshy buttocks with both her hands. Now Alice was naked on her back and watched as a naked and sweating Erica fell on her small body without holding back, ready to mix cunt juices with the librarian. She felt her orgasm coming on for what seemed to be hours, Erica sliding back and forth over her small body, clits touching every few seconds and Alice screaming each time.

Max's Cherry

first-time Talynnda 2018-06-19

The remaining chili sauce in his mouth made the cut burn, but his tongue on my thumb made me incredibly hot. "Would you like to retire to the living room for coffee, dessert and your birthday present?" Then I started to move, giving him a slow mouth fucking, and he moaned again, guiding my head on his cock, obviously enjoying what I was doing. Finally he turned me over the arm of the couch and fucked me doggy style, and he went long and hard, hips thrusting like a machine, and I was so incredibly turned on by this man who had such incredible staying power, even as a virgin!