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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Fantasy Backfired On Me

first-time pixie1954 2018-06-19

You are a good fucking girl, but now I am really going to rough you up a bit more.” Holding her head up by her hair he said “Look at me Cathie you are going to love this!” Tony was still pounding away in her moffie from behind and smiling at what Mark was doing to my wife. “But there is more, but Mark and Tony told me not to tell you but to look at the video he had put on some USB for you, so take a look at all the nice pictures that we had taken.” I told Cathie “Okay I will, but first I want to ravage my sexy wife!” So we started making out and kissing but then she asked me to stop as she was completely beat from last night and needed some time to recuperate a bit.

Interage Intimacy

first-time UncutPleasure 2018-06-19

"How old is that girl, David?" Sarah said loudly, pointing to the doorway that Ashley just walked through. "Sure, no problem." Sean walked up the stairs and into Sarah's bedroom. "Uh, r-right." Sean walked quickly past Sarah while looking down. "Alright, here we go..." Sarah came down the stairs and stood in front of Sean, a $20 bill in her extended hand. With Sarah on his mind, it didn't take long before Sean felt a warm fluid dripping down his hand. But he also badly wanted to see Sarah again, to see her long, blonde hair, her bright blue eyes, plump red lips, supple breasts, and long, smooth legs. After locking the door, Sarah turned to see Sean walking away from her.

A Mere Figment Ch. 02

first-time attics 2018-06-19

Feeling like something was squeezing her brain so tightly she couldn't think, she went to her unopened suitcase and began to unpack her clothes. His mouth moved to the sensitive spot on her neck he had remembered from last night, and kissed the skin fervently, like he somehow wanted to make her agree with him, stay because of her feeling, bring her need out. Yet again, she felt like she was in a miasmic lust-induced spell even though she knew fully well who was doing this to her, giving her the exquisite pain, making her moan with need, writhing to his touch. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't be indifferent to his touches, his soft eyes gazing into hers, searching her soul.

I can't believe I fucked my grandmother

first-time 2018-06-19

I sat at her kitchen table upon arriving at her old-fashioned three bedroom home; she let me have some lemonade to cool off, asked me about my trip and then said it was late so she would be going to bed. I listened for Grandma's breathing across the hall and fantasized a bit about seeing her naked. I fantasized some more about her, then got up and tip-toed out the door and across the hall, my heart was pounding as I tried to peak in her room in the hot dark night. I had heard that women masturbated but the sight of seeing my grandma with her big sexy body vigorously rubbing her snatch just drove me wild.

A Steeler visits Charleroi, PA

first-time BuckJones0001 2018-06-19

At the same time Victor is driving his rental car to the place he hopes to find a sexual experience that will satisfy him, at least for a while, the lead supervisor at the glass factory is finding it convenient that the new order that is being filled is a rush job with extra, flexible hours. Lonnie slides further into the booth leaving the door open, but not far enough to lose sight of Victor. Victor backs off a bit, feeling as if he has been reprimanded, but his cock in Lonnie's hand remains stiff. Then without speaking, Victor drops to his knees, takes the shaft of Lonnie's cock in his hand, and starts licking the head from every conceivable direction.

My Unusual First Time Ch. 01

first-time djeroticon 2018-06-19

Since in those days at least half of my brain concentrated on undressing women mentally and trying to guess what they'd look like, I speculated that she had medium breasts with large brown nipples (I figured that for all brunettes, and was often wrong), a reasonably trim waist, and medium hips with probably a roundish ass. Even if you managed to flush out an old nudist magazine (and who would want to, with their average-looking people and their airbrushed private parts?) you never saw anything but maybe the hint of an opening between a woman's legs, probably just by accident due to an airbrusher falling asleep on the assembly line from boredom. Then he looked at all the magazines, made for a moment like he would help to put them away, and then thought better of it and began to sidle his way around the bed.

The Beginning of Passion

first-time musicguy2003 2018-06-19

She ground her mound into my leg a few more times and started whispering desperately, "no more, no more." I quickly stopped moving my fingers as her whole body went limp. I guided my aching hardness to where I was barely touching her sweet soft treasure for the first time, I was mad with lust and just about to plunge my hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy when the room was suddenly filled with light from the driveway. J got the kids playing a board game and then came over to me, took my hand, pulled me off the sofa and led me to one of the back bedrooms.

A Must-have Exercise Machine

first-time BoobyTrapper 2018-06-19

Given his shy nature and geeky looks, Eric wouldn't have been able to sell a robe to a woman stripped naked by a hurricane, but he had a job, so his father allowed him to continue staying at home. Lexi started doing some basic stretches to warm up again as Eric pulled out an elaborate contraption from the box. Still standing, she started dabbing herself all over and Eric decided this was a good time to stop recording. He flexed his wrists so that the thick bra straps pulled a little away from her chest and could see the full semicircles of the tops of her breasts.

Camping with stepdaughter

first-time 2018-06-19

She came back in, slipped out of her tight little shorts and crawled into her sl**ping bag. I felt her firm breasts and hard nipples up against my back and her moist warm pussy against my leg. I turned to face her and she gave me a warm kiss and slid her hand down to my rock hard cock. I felt the patch above her pussy then slid my tongue between her bare lips. This time I slid a finger into her tight little hole. I stayed in her and we rolled on our sides and hugged and kissed till I went limp and slipped out off her satisfied pussy.

First Blowjob, Courtesy of Annie

first-time zeux201 2018-06-19

By this time she was pulling me down beside her and I was caressing her tummy up and down, working my way higher till I could rub my hands across her perfectly sized tits. With the moan that came from her mouth, if I wasn't raging hard I don't know how I wouldn't be...working up more courage I asked if she would be more comfortable with her bra off...she nodded and replied with a soft "oh yeah," the dim light making her dark eyes even darker. She began to slide my shirt off over my head and she immediately started rubbing my bare chest, her hands felt so warm.

Naked with b*****r in Yahoo Chatroom

first-time 2018-06-19

'Is he inside you' asked the viewer, I picked up the Mic and held it to my mouth, 'Yes I am fucking his cock and we are cumming', I told him, making small erotic noises as if we were, my b*****r now holding my hips as we increased the friction between out soft flesh, 'Push your nipple against the cam' he ordered and this gave me the opportunity to reach forward, slide along my b*****rs erection, feeling it brush across my anus and touch the soft flesh of my labia, this time lifting my self until I felt him at the entrance of my vaginal opening, and slid down feeling myself open up as he went in the whole way, the teasing was over, the illicit union was complete, he cupped my breasts and we fucked, watched by an animated old man, shooting semen everywhere as b*****r and s****r committed i****t, no wonder Yahoo shut these rooms down, not that we needed them after our first union, as we fucked like rabbits until we moved onto others outside the f****y.

Party Dress

first-time Rain_Lover 2018-06-19

He takes her by the shoulders and steers to her to a big wide armchair in the corner of the sitting room. Looking at her flushed face, Eric decides that a spanking is just what he needs to give this girl right now, and that the big old armchair in the corner will be just the place to do it. She thinks I'm glad I put on fresh panties, but Eric faces her away from the corner and holds her so the rest of the room can't see under her dress. But what the room can't see, is Eric, pushing her panties down a bit more under the skirt each time he slaps her.

First Time Romantic

first-time plaidscott 2018-06-18

Kelly began to speak but Jason pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Jason sat Kelly down on the edge of the tub and took her left leg into his hands. Kelly unbuttoned Jason's shirt, kissing his chest each time she removed a button. He put the loofa down and kissed Kelly, his hand brushing against her right nipple. Kelly had begun rubbing her nipples as Jason started to travel up her legs, alternating between them with kisses and licks. Suddenly, he felt Kelly's legs wrap around his head and she grabbed his head with her hands, pulling him into her. Don't worry, it will enhance the experience." Jason didn't say anything as Kelly lovingly wrapped a face mask over his head, kissing him in the process.

Footjob on the Train!

first-time sxyguy2004 2018-06-18

as the train pulled away she kept up the pressure on his cock until i seen him clasp the edge of the table and close his eyes it wasn't long at all until he shot his load inside his trousers, maybe just 2mins of Debbie with both feet she slipped her boots on again over her messy pantyhose and the train slowed into the next stop the poor guy got up dazed like he had an army of snails trail allover his trousers, silvery lines where she had pressed her thick tights soaked in my cum into his suit trousers and a damp patch appearing where the poor guy had exploded inside his trousers and underwear, he mumbled something about getting our phone number, I just shook my head and said no thanks calmly.

Sex with my dad.

first-time stuff57 2018-06-18

next thing i know he comes up behind me and says he wants to see me in his room in ten minutes! he walkes over to me and says im d***k as hell and just want to start creating a good relationship with my son before he leaves to college. i strted kissing his hairy chest, ,moving down to his belly til i got where i wanted to be. it seemed like it would never happen but he was finally completely inside of me, but it took too long for my dad to get happy so he got on his knees and laid me on my back, he told me to bite down on a pillow!

Naughty Office Girl

first-time frenchy01384 2018-06-18

anyway,i stood next to her while she was sat down and put my arm around her to comfort her which seemed to help a little then i sat down on the desk in front of her and was just chatting to calm her down some more...she put her hands and her head on my knees and slowly stopped crying.. by now my cock was straining and she noticed that cuz she then started to do undo my zip and slip her hand inside feeling how hard i was,,all the time she was looking at me as if for approval...of course i didnt stop her as she then pulled out my cock and started slowly wanking me off...

A Life-Changing Experience, Part 3

first-time cdwantsit 2018-06-18

Then Kerry stopped directly in front of me, locked on my eyes and then said, “But I think we need to also outfit you in some slutty shoes. “I think,” Kerry said as he bent down to retrieve a pair of cherry red closed toe slingbacks with a 3-inch heel, “you are the same size as me. Again, I felt a gentle but purposeful touch from Kerry’s graceful hands as he placed the second shoe on my left foot. He continued staring at them while I managed a, “You like?” My voice drew Kerry’s gaze from my feet, but very slowly, all the way up my legs, pausing at my cock, up my basque-clad chest and to my eyes.

Public Spirited

first-time Red Hugh 2018-06-18

Francis was told to roll over and Tom indicated to Jenny to help Kate and him massage her into a relaxed trance-like state. Dan wasn't a virgin and so the plan was to get him unloaded in either Francis or Kate and then go to work preparing Jenny for her first fuck. Meantime in the bedroom Jenny was lying beside Tom's big cock just touching and looking as Kate checked her pussy out hair by hair. In time Jenny's sweet tail was raised and as Tom administered a final taste check to her pussy followed by an unexpected kiss to her little rear hole Dan was put in postion. Tom and Kate made Jenny and Dan comfortable and retired to the spa with their new partner in crime Francis.

What's Your Fantasy

first-time Optimus9812 2018-06-18

She kissed her way up his shaft and swirled her tongue around his cock head before engulfing it in her mouth. She didn't particularly like the taste of semen and would rarely swallow it when he came in her mouth, opting instead to spit it into a nearby towel or hold it long enough to go to the toilet, but she could not deny how wet she got thinking about him eating it out of her. He flicked it with his tongue a couple of times before sucking it with his lips, while Jessica leaned forward and took him back into her mouth. "Put your finger in my ass while you suck on my clit." "Yes, just like that!" She said breathlessly as Stephen did what he was told.

Dreaming and Hoping my Phantasy becomes reality

first-time Use_Me_Im_Yours 2018-06-18

I have writen different sex sides looking for the woman or Couple who has the same Phantasies or some what like mine and would really enjoy meeting up with me and having a great time. -Bisexual Curious I want to know the feeling , how it is when another person with a cock starts putting his hands on my body and sucking my dick, and i would like to know the feeling of having a cock in my hand and maybe my mouth (with your help) After we got started in this orgy all the girls realized I was not a woman, so I had to satisfy all of them, afterwards, my Mistress held me tight while the ine girl fucked my ass with her strap on.

Kathryn's Question Ch. 03

first-time val wrangler 2018-06-18

Slipping out of my clothes, I had my rock hard shaft in my hand, stroking in time to her movements, but carefully keeping my own arousal well below the boiling point. Stepping between her legs, I pulled the blanket forward and as my erection touched her open lips, Kath let out a deep groan. Kath immediately started spasming, her body wracked with passion as it arched off the table until the only points of contact were her feet pushing against the edge, and the back of her head. Slathering her hands with cream she worked over my cock and balls, expertly pulling, rubbing, palming the head until my whole body was shaking, at which point, she'd back off.

Confessing My First Time

first-time livvy_uk 2018-06-18

I soon began to feel that this was planned as Stevens hand made its way to the top of my thigh; Neil was soon doing the same to my other leg. I took a deep drag on my cigarette as I tried to calm my nerves, but it wasn't working, as I soon felt his hand making its way between my legs. I bit down hard on my lip and tensed like never before, Steven suddenly moved his finger from my clit and slid it into my pussy. The pain lasted only a few seconds, as his cock went deeper; I started to pant and moan uncontrollably Steven took both of my breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard, while driving his cock into my pussy.


Neighbor Girls Get Naughty in my garage

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-06-18

Climbed down the ladder, grabbed my shorts from the work bench and before I could slip them on, they let themselves in and said "don't get dressed on our account!," laughing and smiling and pulling at the shorts in my hands that I was using to cover my cock, that had grown hard as a rock. I spread my cheeks wide open for them, they shined the light on my anus and smeared some lube on it, then then started grabbing things like a screwdriver and pushing it in my anus (the soft handle end, not the metal philips end!) My cock had fallen out of the vice's grip but I continued to allow them to have their fun with my ass.

My Unwanted Transition

first-time rushman1uk 2018-06-18

I didn’t feel like I was dying anymore, but I didn’t know how I was going to live as a girl. took a few minutes and looked over my new body, getting used to the weight and feel of it as I was like jeans and t-shirts that didn’t hug my body, my mom picked out stuff of the feminine variety. since I didn’t want to wear sneakers to a meeting and I wasn’t going to wear heels. home, I spent most of my time inside, except for the one day I went grocery shopping with my mom. The rest of my notations were just my feelings on new things I had to do as a girl, like getting