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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lessons Next Door

first-time Quixote 2018-06-17

His wife was pulling her clothes on slowly and as she put her second arm through her shirt and started to button it up, she looked at me again with a sly smile. It was a little cold to be wearing something like that and, since I could help looking, I saw that her nipples were sticking straight out. 'Feels like you could use a break,' she said, brushing her hands across my erection. I must have had that deer-in-the-headlights expression because she smiled up at me and said, 'relax,' just as I felt her hands squeeze my butt. I let it lie there for a second, feeling the warm softness rise and fall, the hard nipple poking into my hand.

My Business Trip

first-time desicock6 2018-06-17

As I pulled back, I created a small vacuum and let my tongue brush against the back of his cock-head. A minute after he said he was about to cum, I felt his cock stiffen. I am going to push my ass against the glory hole and I want you to fuck it." I looked at the glory hole and found a clean shaven (unlike his cock) ass pressed against it. The cock sucking and ass fucking had pushed me to an edge that I had never felt before. As soon as he felt my cock stop spurting, he pulled his ass away from my cock, grabbed my cock, wrapped his lips around it and sucked me dry whilst cleaning my cock in the process.

The Scarlet Affair Ch. 02

first-time GallopingStyx 2018-06-17

She gently kissed the tip of Tiger, and then proceeded to lick off the precum in one swift motion - one motion that caused a shiver of pleasure to race up Aiden's spine and cause him to moan. Scarlet took Tiger into her mouth, and slowly started to lick and suck on him. Moaning into his mouth, Scarlet and Aiden merely kissed for some time, enjoying the others heat and passion. Scarlet's legs felt like Jell-O, so it was a good thing that she only had to stand from the couch, and get onto her knees in front of Aiden. Aiden was so close, but he finally started to squirt his load down Scarlet's throat when she took her other hand and surprised him with a finger tickling his rosebud.

I Ended Up Wanting My Boy to Fuck Me

first-time nckboy 2018-06-17

I felt his hands pulling my denim skirt up and he sunk down on to his knees, he kissed my chubby leg from my knee up until I felt his tongue flick against my fanny. He lowered his head and started to kiss my cubby legs just below where my fanny hair ends and his hand was feeling up and down my stocking. I felt him give one mighty thrust then his teeth bit in to my neck, I pulled him in tight and came, then let out a big moan as my inside clamped around his coming cock in spasms. Tom took liberties on the drive home by cupping my tit in his hand; little did he know how much it was exciting me especially when I felt he was rock hard again in his trousers.

Show me yours Ch 1

first-time amatlover 2018-06-17

For the rest of the day, the loser would do whatever the other person ordered them to do and off we went to find our parents and resolve the dispute, which, as I knew it was going to be, went my way and I got myself a slave for the afternoon. Nothing further happens during the course of the day apart from little smiles and knowing glances over the dinner table but as I was going to bed, Judith called me from the doorway of her room and lifts up the top of her boy short and vest set to show me her (as flat as mine) chest, then, with a big grin on her face, she skipped back into her room.

I think the fire went out

first-time adel5000 2018-06-17

He twined their fingers and whispered in her ear, “I’ve wanted this since the first time we had phone sex.” He felt the goose bumps rise on her arms. When his shirt was open to the waist, she sat back and rubbed her hands through his chest hair. She arched her back to thrust more of her breast into his mouth while he pushed down to feel her hand all over his cock. He raised his head and looked slowly into her eyes as he spread her legs with his knees. As their breathing calmed and he rested his head on her shoulder, he looked at her and said, “I think the fire went out.”

When letting your wife try BBC can lead to disaste

first-time SexyTinaTV 2018-06-17

Her obsession with black men came to a head when one day I came home from work to find her on the floor on all fours, with a big black dildo in her arse, and one in her mouth, as she watched a porno with two black men fucking an older, heavily made up tart in the same way. I didn’t know what to expect from Daryl when he saw the film, but he said it was a good film and the girl looked good getting slammed by this big black cock. She looked at me intently and said “Now THAT is a cock.” Turning her head back towards him she flicked her hair like a porn star and opened her mouth, her heavily gloss painted bright red bulbous lips wide open to accept his ample dark meat.

Private show surprise at the porn store Part Three

first-time 2018-06-17

This is kind of our first date" Lydia gave her a significant look then said, "Well Peter, any good friend of Andrea is a good friend of mine." She put her hands on my shoulders, lifted up to her tippy toes and gave me a moist kiss on my smiling mouth. "You know my dear friend Andrea has never had anything more than fingers and a tongue inside of her." As she said 'fingers' she held her right hand up moving her forefinger and middle against each other while her tongue traced her lips like something was delicious. "Am I going to be able to watch openly or will I have to hide and watch?" Andrea growled and Lydia changed it to,"Has Andrea told you she wants me to watch her get fucked for the first time?" I said 'yes'.

Still "Playing Dirty" after all these ye

first-time smallfurrycreature 2018-06-17

Perhaps that's why I saw Hazel as a willing partner in my sex play - she was dirty too. I asked Hazel to come back to the chesterfield maybe inviting her to see my cock or to be felt up. I'd had a man's cock in my mouth around the same time as the Hazel soft fucks. I was m*****ed but I was intrigued the big cock in my mouth except for the chocking he did to me when I didn't want to suck. Maybe the m*****ation was before Hazel and that's why I wanted to be dirty. I hadn't yet jerked off to cumming but I had played with my hardon a lot - I enjoyed stroking while reading through my dad's collection of suggestive paperbacks.

First time with my s****r in-law

first-time won_on 2018-06-17

The driver appeared after 10 minutes, and we headed out to the parking lot to collect the phone, as he leave the parking lot Steph turns round to thank me, she gave me a peck on the checked, she looks into my eyes and she starts to kiss me, like a s****r in-law, our tongues darting in and out of each other mouths, I pulled Steph towards me, I was more than semi erect and Steph knew it. She rubs me harder and harder, I am about to cum, she stops and drops to her knees, as quick as a flash she has my fly of my pants open, and pulls out my average length penis, it bobs around in the cold night are, I feel her warm mouth envelope my cock, her head starts moving up and down at slow steady pace.

Not knowing (the wife side of the story)

first-time alcapoony 2018-06-17

I lost control early on in that story and I jumped up on Jack's lap, took his cock in my hand and guided it to my dripping, soaked pussy. And I hope you know just how much I love you." He moved me a little faster, eventually letting go of my hips, hands gliding up to my breasts. Oh, I know he watched the videos and read the stories but to actually want to turn the fantasy into a reality? I know I want you to do this and like I said, I would be there and I would pull the plug on the whole thing at the first sign of any trouble. Jack let go of my hand, pushing it down the bed until it reached another hard cock.

A Little Job

first-time Ashson 2018-06-17

It appeared that I was going to be giving Natalie a hand no matter what I said. So at two o'clock on a Saturday afternoon I was knocking on Muriel's door so I could advise Natalie about computers. I drove home smoothly, giving her time to adjust to the feeling of me inside her, accompanied by a running commentary the whole way as she talked herself into believing what was happening. "Tell me, Natalie," I said, "now that we've gone this far do you know how to continue?" I was having a fine time and from the way Natalie was carrying on she wasn't doing too badly either.

Because You Said So

first-time naughtynicki 2018-06-17

" Oh yeah sweet little cunt liked watching you from her garden, yeah your going to bring her to me make my prick hard and teach her not to tease me from her garden." He was turned on. "Yeah feel me, you want me to fil you up make it stop huh" he curled into my ear " but im goig to cum you cannot, you need to bring me my new pussy then i will make you feel godd. "My little kitten being punished for my bad day" he stroked and my pussy twitched. "Marinated pussy beautiful baby good girl wet smooth all around my prick going to make poppa coat it with my cum fill you up make it all better"

In the Beginning was the Word

first-time kathyd 2018-06-17

Becky had one week of summer vacation remaining before she returned to college to begin her sophomore year, and she wanted her skin to have the deep tan of too many lazy hours on the beach. Anthony glanced at the book that Becky held in her right hand, her forefinger marking her place. For me, the sex scenes are much more believable and erotic if I feel like I can relate to the characters," Becky explained. Becky liked the way that her skin went from the dark tan, to the pale color of her breasts, and then back to the dark areolas of her nipples. Anthony continued to read until he finished the story, and he looked up at Becky with new admiration.

A BIG night out

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-17

slip inside me, I let out a quiet moan, and then another finger eased I was dying to get my fingers back inside my warm, wet pussy. In and out my fingers went, as I imagined a handsome man licking his way I reached a hand up from my breast and stuck a finger in my mouth, a massive cock in my mouth right now, and still fingering my now I took the tip of his dick in my mouth slowly, looking up at his I started moving my hands to pleasure his shaft gently, while teasing He let his hand slip inside my black lace panties and slowly make its As a finger slowly slipped inside me, I was writhing and moaning,

Leah: Part 1

first-time 2018-06-17

We had started off making out, and then things amazingly -- for me, for the first time ever -- turned horizontal. She immediately took off her sweatshirt and pulled up her bra. She pulled my hands to her and I started rubbing her bare breasts. These were the first breasts I'd ever seen in person, and I immediately came in my pants. "Go clean up and you can help me a bit," she said. My cock started to get hard again, but she pulled her fingers from my mouth. They were wet, and she immediately shoved them down her pants and into her vagina. She laid down and got herself off, using her hand to manipulate my fingers. "Gotta go," she said, and pulled up her panties and pants.

The Power of Cock Compels Me

first-time BJcumcraver 2018-06-17

That you're my cock sucking faggit slave who lives to have dick in his mouth?" He said even louder, smiling while I squirmed. I firmly held unto the other black dick in my hand and slowly stroked the entire length of it's shaft as I furiously sucked the one in my mouth. I had both black cocks in my hand as my Master walked toward me with an erection that already had precum on it's head. I sucked his cock and then one of the black guys said, "Hey, our dicks are feeling deprived here, faggit." The black guys left while telling my Master how good his little cocksucking bitch is and that they want to come back sometime for more.

Just a Kiss

first-time SigHungry 2018-06-17

Our eyes closed we kissed only half on the bed. The sole of her foot was now facing the ceiling and as her leg magnetized my body towards it so did kisses flow through my mouth to her tense tendent. She could hardly make a noise as her head fell to the side of her chest, her hands only slightly covered her mouth but I knew that they were there if she needed to bite with her gentle white grip, as she enjoys doing. Before reaching the knee, my eyes fixated on her contorting body I pulled away, not without trailing my fingers back up to her heel. A leg poked me as she walked away, drawing me back to the lit bed.

Wife With Another Women

first-time utbobcat 2018-06-17

She laughed and said no I get all the pussy I want, and in fact, I'm thinking of fucking your secretary. In fact, Amy was a little flushed and when Jean told her to go pour them a little wine I was shocked when Amy said yes ma'm. I thought man this was way too quick and my wife was about to tell her go fuck herself but once again she said yes ma'm and started taking off her dress. Jean told her to eat her pussy and Amy went to town on it like there was no tomorrow. After about ten minutes of toe licking I guess Jean wanted another orgasm so she made my wife suck her pussy again until she came.

The first cock I deep throated

first-time Naughtynursejennifer 2018-06-17

He strokes my hair soothingly, and replaces his thumb now with his index finger, pushing it slightly deeper into my warm, wet mouth. He reaches down with his free hand, still gently stroking himself, and pulls my head closer to him, pushing my face against his body. He breaks my train of thought when he puts his hands on either side of my head, asking "Do you want to taste my cum?" I can't say much, but do manage an "uh-huh" to tell him I do. "I'm gonna cum on your tongue, you just open your whore mouth for me, got it?" I nod, replying "yes" like a good girl.

Thighs Wide Open

first-time Rockwell 2018-06-17

Like what Gary had imagined Dana came on looking very attractive in the video. One by one she drew her legs to her and took off her socks and those actions caused Gary's dick to zoom like the lens of his videocam. When Dana stripped her skirt down to her panties hard desire thundered up from Gary. Seated on her heels and hands on hips Dana batted her eyelashes towards him, opened her mouth, licked her sensual mouth and Gary was never aroused as before. When Dana tossed her panties away Gary breathed like a sprinter. Gary tried mightily to hold back his come but as her stroke went faster greased by his pre-come, he let out an animal grunt and blasted his come making a perfect arc in the air which fascinated Dana.

Training Sissygirl- part 3

first-time midsummerman 2018-06-17

As she slipped the panties off her dainty feet, one of the males grabbed them like an a****l, sniffed at the sweet scent, grunted and shot wads of hot spunk all over Sissygirls legs.The crowd moved to one side as a small but tall table was brought over; two of the smiling men had lengths of cord, which frightened her; what were they going to do? Sissygirl went rigid, her torso slapping the table, and the men cheered as her sweet little sissy cock spurted hot cream in a ‘hands-free’ orgasm for the first time.

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 05

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-06-17

I was flabbergasted when Amy said she wanted me to undress her on the front porch, and if others passing by saw her naked, she said, "Who cares." Her firm body with abundant tits stood hand in hand with me watching the river, but the canoers had apparently finished for the day. I had been erect much of the time that morning anticipating which woman would float down the river and into my waiting arms, but I wanted to be patient as I opened her labia with my fingers and played with her little special spot that excited her as I began the assault on her curvy body.


Flower Institute

first-time petdyke 2018-06-17

She didn´t explain Peter Pan why she chose him, and being a gentleman, he didn´t ask her. He knew she was good looking, as she had said so inviting for the contest. In their suite he kissed and loved her all night. She completely forgot why she met Pete. She did remember, and with a big and a kiss, when he finally took her flower. In fact, she was so satisfied with her gentle and loving initiation that she decided to double the stake and ask the gentleman to institutionalise his quality service for young ladies. So, opposite to her intentions, she did get involved with Peter, Pan Professor Peterson, as President of his Institute.