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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Does The Joy Beats the Shame?

first-time 2018-06-17

She showed me everything, she opened up for me, put her fingers and some other stuff in it, I got hard and came a few times…It was a good experience, but it was not real, I mean, I could understand the girl, she did it for the money, so she didn't have much interest in me, the more in my money. I felt different, it was all new to me and I liked it, I was excited to know there were girls and boys that would look at my dick, my cum. I don't know, maybe I took it too serious, maybe it was more than just playing, maybe I needed someone looking at me, maybe I experienced that I am more exhibitionist than I ever wanted to be.

Mick ruins my girl part 1

first-time -dark_horse- 2018-06-17

It was getting towards the end of the party when I felt a huge hand slam onto my shoulder from behind, I turned and saw Mick, a c***dhood friend who I used to play with when I was at my cousins' house. As the night continued, Mick stayed between me and my gf, as he was talking to us, telling us about his army training he would touch and stroke my gf's shoulders, which soon turned into one arm being constantly wrapped around her, his hand behind her back and I'm assuming was grabbing at her bubble butt. My gf suddenly moaned loudly and I saw Mick's arm shake slightly, he was no longer grabbing her ass, he was rubbing my gf's tight pussy which I knew would have been dripping wet by now.

First gay bj

first-time johnny-bi 2018-06-17

I was just bullshitting about how long it's been since I got a bj and what I would do for one.I said I would give someone $200 to suck my cock right now. My roommate tommy said really $200 i might know someone who could be interested. I started to suck him moving my mouth up and down each pass letting my tounge slide over the tip and stroking from the bottom. Then I plunged down again the next thing I know both his hand are pushing my head down and his cum is filling my mouth. I layed next to him and grabbed his head i kissed him and in the process transferee his cum from my mouth to his.

Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 04

first-time Slickman 2018-06-17

"This is important so please pay attention," he said upset because they were going away this coming weekend and he wanted to make sure Luke and Abby knew what to do. Jim, May, Tara, Meagan, and Brad sat in the large mini-van as it sped up the steep mountain road. "I think we are in a ditch off the road," Jim said as he tried to push open the door but it wouldn't budge. Brad, and Tara were already under the blankets and moved back as Meagan, Mike, May and Jim joined them. "Come on, let's get you all into the Jeep," she said as she held out her hand to May. As May climbed out of the van Irene saw the white sticky substance on the back of her dark skirt.


first-time JASON4VOORHEES2 2018-06-17

THE STRANGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE IN THE WORLD Lisa read the words again. Lisa noticed that the wallpaper in the puzzle looked a lot like the wallpaper in her own room. By the time Lisa had all the pieces laid out on the table, it was beginning to get dark outside, dusk was beginning to settle over the evening sky. Lisa glanced at the lid to the puzzle box: THE STRANGEST JIGSAW . Lisa raised her hand to knock the pieces of the puzzle apart. Lisa looked at the picture of herself in the puzzle and then back to the shadow. Lisa screamed,in THE STRANGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE IN THE WORLD she saw a dark figure standing behind her.

Fucking Rica in her mommy's bed

first-time carlwood24 2018-06-17

Looking up at me our eyes met and her words were " I'm going to suck Daddy's hard cock in Mommy's bed" with that said Rica took 1/2 my hard cock deep into her wet warm mouth and back up , down even deeper the next time she was really hot and Rica loves sucking cock so much and really gets into doing it. As I was licking between her wet pussy lips I slowly pushed one finger into her tight ass hole thats when I felt her moaning while sucking my hard cock. Rica wasn't shy anymore, I know this because without saying a word she push one of her tiny fingers into my ass hole while sliding her lips up n down my long hard shaft.

The Robot at Play

first-time PrettyPalu 2018-06-17

After her break up with Glamorous Girish, Rohit would call every Friday and schedule a sex session the following Saturday afternoon, and Sara would reject his idea of coming over to her place. "The next time we meet," he had yearned, whispering in her ear, "I wish to bite your smooth and OH so perfect hips." Then, as if to make sure his move would be welcomed, he inquired, "Would you like that, darling?" Sara, passionately involved in the act of love-making, had never been too startled by all the man's ideas, for they had always co-incidentally been what her hungry body had been pining for.


first-time curiousgirl79 2018-06-17

He found himself wondering how she would look naked – how her breasts would feel, how she kept her pubic hair – and then how she would taste and what noises she would make when she was coming. Twice he moved towards her exposed breast and twice his hand veered away at the last moment. He fell on her breasts, kissing and sucking them, brushing his mouth over them, tasting, smelling her perfection. Surprisingly quickly he realised he wasn’t far away from exploding in her mouth, so, half-reluctantly, he pulled her up to delay the moment. He eased forward and brushed his cock against her lips, rubbing himself against her clitoris and gathering her wetness on the tip of his head.

The First... Noel

first-time JakeRivers 2018-06-17

Ginny had just got out of the shower and was looking in the mirror, seeing what she always saw: a short pixie-like girl with dirty blond hair, always appearing as it did now, a couple inches long, scraggly and sticking up everywhere. Noel smiled and as he sat down he couldn't resist rubbing her hair with one of his hands, causing her face to turn even redder. While they were sitting with her parents having eggnog after dinner, she said "Noel, would you like to watch a movie with me tonight. She wanted some hot chocolate, but thought it would be too hard to carry back with her crutches, so she sat on the sofa between the tree and the fireplace.


first-time funnsun2 2018-06-17

It felt really good and I even once took moms dildo from her nightstand drawer (I knew where my parents kept all their kinky things) and I turned it on and pressed it against my pussy. (Actually, I had seen him naked in the shower a few times and I once even kissed my b*****rs cock but I didn't want daddy to know about that..LOL) Daddy took my hand and placed it on his cock. Daddy asked if I was ready to fuck him and I eargerly opened my legs and pulled them up as far as I could and I felt daddy big cock slip in me and I was in HEAVEN!

My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry.

first-time oldognewtrix 2018-06-17

Jeanie lay back on the bed, she loved the feel of her friends hand gently rubbing her stocking clad leg, she sighed as she felt the hand move upwards wanting more, wanting it now but the slowness of her friends movements told her that she had recognised that her friend was happy to be with another woman, and more importantly to be with her.The hand was now on her inner thigh, which she knew would be wet from juices that emerged from her cunt, and the movement of the fingertips as they moved over made her moan with love and lust.

The Awakening of Diana

first-time Bazzza 2018-06-17

Our little discussion had raised my sexual interest and I let my hand drift between Sharon's lovely thighs, "Fancy a quickie?" My eyes settled on her panties, with her legs slightly apart I could see over her curve of her pubic mound and downwards into that special little place that all men love. My hand slipped down to her legs and caressed the smoothness of her skin, and at first I kept away from her panties, but I eventually got a little braver with time. But sex with Sharon was always good fun, she owned a nice array of sex toys, liked to watch adult movies, and loved to fantasise and act out role plays.

My Story

first-time maaao 2018-06-17

His hands were shaky as was my whole body as neither of us knew what to expect, we played about with each other and his cock throbbed in my hand as I took a firm grip making precum ooze out gently. Unfortunately My One never came but made me hungry for more as once I had his cock in my pussy on top we got a rhythm and Loved every second of the feeling. riding hard like a jockey he started moaning that he was close so I sped up and started nibbling his ear and whispering to him that he should cum inside me spraying my walls and watching me writhe as his cock pulsated inside my ever so sensitive well used pussy.

Friday Night with Heather and Kat

first-time studrelease 2018-06-17

Thankfully, with the parking lot set up the way it is, and where we just happen to park, anyone eavesdropping on the discussion that follows would have to be right there with us in order to hear; the school and the rest of the lot is on the other side of my truck from where we're at, the tennis courts to the east of us are in a depression a good football field's distance away and no one there could see us, and on this side of the truck the woods begin barely twenty yards from us. Kat then says, "Y'all know there's gonna be one of them honor fights later on, right?" Up until now Jackson's been next to her leaning against the wall, a relaxed smile playing across his face, eyeing Heather's long legs.


The First Time - Male

first-time GOTHIKANGEL 2018-06-17

I could now feel his lips along the inside of my thighs and then his teeth gently biting down on the tender flesh. I'd pull him down until he was completely inside me and I could feel the sheen of sweat on his body then release him until he would pull almost all the way out and all that remained was the sensation that you get when you are first entered. It never felt like that again with a man, but sometimes when I am alone and the lights are out I can smell his scent, feel his weight, and I crave with each goose-bumped inch of my skin to feel him inside me again.

my survival guide for you all

first-time 2018-06-16

How to collect water. To prevent water loss, rest, keep cool, stay in the shade, and seek shelter. Do not wait until you run out of water before you look for more. Lots of foods contain water, good examples are fruit and vegetables, and any non-water fluid. In areas where no surface water is available dig into damp soil and allow this muddy water to settle and become clear no the water does not look clear all the time but it still safe to drink it as there will be mud banks that you will have to dig the mud you can use your tshirt to clean the water as well or by boilling it. On a sunny day, a mirror can be a good signaling device.

Tammy's Mom Ch. 03

first-time Frederick Carol 2018-06-16

That had changed when Tammy phoned her mom to confirm her safe arrival, but had told Jane that she'd be home the following Saturday, after her induction week at college, because there'd been a fire in the computer labs, and they needed remedial work expected to take a couple of weeks. When we'd discussed sex, after our first time, I'd told her about the 'fuck buddy' relationship I'd had with a girl at college, for mutual pleasure without strings attached, and she'd asked if I wanted to have one like it with her, 'until Tammy comes home.' Rejection of that offer was never ever a consideration, but we hadn't anticipated Tammy being home again so soon.

Sleepover With A Twist Or Two

first-time rick200 2018-06-16

Sam and Caron were now in a 69 on the sofa while Catherine had waited until Louise took John's cock in her mouth to position herself between Louise's legs to move the red thong to the side and begin to lick the pretty pussy they had hidden. Anna never one to be left out moved behind John and spread his ass cheeks he stiffened but didn't say anything in case he would snap Louise out of the sexual trance she seemed to be enjoying as she moaned around his cock. "This is called cum swapping baby" Anna told Louise as she dropped to her knees took Louise's head in her hands and began to kiss her transferring the cum into one another's mouths.


first-time KellyCost 2018-06-16

I got to my meeting on time but could hardly pay attention thinking about going back dressed. The meeting got over and by then I had decided I was going to go back to the hotel and get dressed and go back to the store. I told her it was me and I took her advice and came back dressed and would like to try on the items we had picked earlier. As we were going in I told her I was nervous about ordering she said she would place our drink order with the waiter. I told her I had meetings all day but I was going to dress afterwork and go out somewhere with my new found confidence.

Girlfriend's Mom

first-time zimabean 2018-06-16

"Well I have been thru some sex education classes." Claire stood up "no, I think I can pay this forward, do for you what Fred had done for me." She pulled her shirt off and then dropped her pants to the floor. "I am going to cum!" "Good, I want to feel you cumming inside me, just let it flow." And I did, I thrust up and exploded pumping a massive load deep inside Claire. I pulled out, holding my cock and turned and thrust into Claire and let loose a massive load deep inside her. Claire cleaned me up and I went straight back to fucking her daughter and then pulling out and cumming inside Claire.

Art class with a happy ending Ch. 01

first-time curtdoggLP5 2018-06-16

This didn't stop me from staring up her skirt (which she would wear so high) when she would walk up the stairs, watching her ass cheeks move around her panties, or checking out her legs when she bent over. I loved the idea of two beautiful soft ass cheeks, bouncing around a cock sliding in and out of the glory hole. I moaned quietly in awe as she slowly pulled down my boxers, looking into my eyes. Entranced, staring at the best looking ass I had ever seen, I removed her black g string slowly. I watched as she dressed, and even became half erected as she pulled her black g string up between her soft white ass cheeks, resting the black material against her pink clit.

Camping Trip

first-time Biman2015 2018-06-16

I continued to walk closer letting my half sl**ping eyes enjoy the vision before me. I thought it was a little odd that she didn’t continue going in, but quickly pushed it out of my head. “Well, normally at home I sl**p in the nude.” Her eyes looked back at me and she had a devilish little grin. My fingers instinctively slid along her tender slit and I watched as her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan. I let out a loud groan as I felt her lips encircle the head and she slid me expertly in to her mouth. I watched as she turned away and dropped her shirt over her head as she walked out the door.

A night to remember part 2

first-time Lookingforkink 2018-06-16

When we arrived at the cafe, we noticed that there weren't many cars in the lot, but Hanna had chose to park in the back of the lot.I pulled into the spot next to her and got out to help Giants out of the truck. Hanna was now gently stroking my hard cock as I ate his wife's pussy. I felt as I would blow my load with every stroke from Hanna and every man from Gia. Softly I heard Hanna say that she was not going to let me waste my load, and with that she knelt behind me. She pulled my hard cock back between my legs and started to suckered on it. As Hanna cleaned my cock I felt it only fair to clean up the mess that I had made of Gia's hole.

The Weekend Meeting Ch. 02

first-time WyldBreeze 2018-06-16

As she started to slide her tight pussy onto Brad’s rock-hard cock, Lisa braced herself. Lisa closed her eyes and threw her head back, breasts glistening in the moonlight, as she felt Brad’s rock-hard cock sliding inch by inch inside her. Lisa moaned loudly in the cool night air and threw her head back, causing her waist-length hair to tickle Brad’s thighs. Their bodies moved as one and their moans of pleasure filled the night air only to drift away with the balmy breeze. Brad thrust into Lisa hard, holding her still on his cock as her body lost all control. Three more hard thrusts found Brad cumming deep inside Lisa, their juices mixing as the two lost themselves in each other.