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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How to suck a penis (the right way)

first-time nola_male4fun 2018-06-16

Because of the structure of his penis, as well as the structure of your mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth, you can provide the highest degree of sensation to yourself and your partner by kneeling between his legs and approaching his penis from the bottom rather than from the side or the top. Take his penis in your mouth by sliding your moistened tongue lovingly over the head until your lips close around the shaft at the point just behind the corona. This position will put your mouth and throat nearly in a line and will allow your partner to approach you in such a way that insertion of his penis can be made so deeply that his pubic hair presses against your lips.

A Booty Call

first-time girlwithanass 2018-06-16

But instead of going where we both want you to go, your tongue travels down my inner thigh almost to my knee, kissing and licking and nibbling. You groan, and move one arm under the waistband of my pants and my panties, so your hand rests on my bare ass. After ten or fifteen seconds, you let me come up, and I return to kissing your head, and I trace my fingers up and down your shaft. Your hands go from my head back underneath my pants and panties, but instead of resting on my ass like before, you go down my ass crack to my pussy, and violently shove in a finger.


Dirty Dancing

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-06-16

Joan felt her face blush and thought that if Sister Mary saw them like that Sarah would be in big trouble. Sarah gave Joan a look of exasperation and then turned to Ron and Todd. "I don't think this is a good idea Sarah," Joan said turning to look at her roommate once they were in the bathroom. Joan wondered how far Sarah and Ron would go with her and Todd in the back seat. Joan wasn't sure it was right to let Todd feel her breasts so soon after they had met but decided that it wasn't such big a deal. Sarah moved a finger to her clit and quickly rubbed her pussy to orgasm with Ron's cock buried down her throat.

alone can be alot of fun

first-time 2018-06-16

As i prowled the site i found myself aching to be touched, i ran my hand across my tits my body trembled, oh my i thought to myself whats gotten into me today.. with a few more clicks my hand found its way to my throbbing sloppy wet pussy my body arched with a simple touch and my finger slid in. my mind still racing with images of hampster and my body still aching i slide it out of my pussy and into my ass. i slowly start to slide it all the way in then all the way out spreading my asshole again and again over the massive head. my body is trembling i want more i grab my other dildo and thrust it into my dripping pussy.

A Winter to Remember

first-time Worker11811 2018-06-16

Mrs. Marcus was an older woman but she wasn't as old as my Mom. She had long dark hair and she was tall and slender but I never knew what the rest of her looked like because I never saw her when she wasn't wearing a long fur coat. "You look like you could use some warming up!" I just nodded and said, "Okay." It never crossed my mind that Mrs. Marcus was setting me up. I had a hard time looking at anything but the long, silky fox fur on the sleeve or her coat, just inches away from my face. Before I knew it, I was in Jane's arms kissing her, passionately, as her fur coat slowly swallowed me up.

Teaching Sally 2

first-time rich_7 2018-06-16

I climbed on the bed and started to lightly caress her back slowly moving down to her ass but I skirted by it caressing her legs. I moved my hands back up and started to caress her breasts taking her nipples between my fingers making them hard. I sucked on her nipples more and then I started to kiss my way down her body licking her navel. I moved my body up and kissed her deeply as my cock entered her pussy. Sally thrust her hips up to meet me driving my cock deep in her pussy. She took to sucking my cock like an old hand, caressing my balls and taking my cock deep in her mouth.

My first affair

first-time boberickson1965 2018-06-16

“Well let me know if you’re coming out this way, and maybe you can drop it off after work.” I looked at the clock when I said this and she was schedule to be off in an hour and a half at 11:00 p.m. “Then pull your panties to the side, insert your finger in your pussy and then let me suck your juices off your finger.” One hand guided my cock into her mouth and the other rubbed over her clit and then finger fucked her pussy. “Oh I like that” I pulled my cock back out of her, and reinserted my finger once again covering it with her own juices.

Rebecca in trouble (part 3)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-06-16

"Since the Judge is so busy with your pussy, I am going to have the Doctor explore your anus and rectum with his fingers, don't forget you are still going to get a very large enema soon," said the Commander. "OHHHHHHH, my nipples are killing me, OWWWWWW, he bit my clit, OWWWWWWWW, he has three fingers in me, stretching me open," then suddenly SPLLLATTTTT, "He slapped my pussy, they are hurting me, please make them stop," cried Rebecca. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW," cried Rebecca as they bit her nipples and stretched them harder, "OWWWWWWWW," as the Judge sucked her clit into his mouth and then bit down on it, "OHHHHHHHHHH," as the Doctor continue to stretch her asshole, spreading open his three fingers when he was deep into her and not putting them together until they were almost withdrawn.


first-time reavan 2018-06-16

Her body's defenses however, transmitted emergency signals, first to the mound, which feeling stimulated ignored the warning and deliberately deceived central control. The intoxicating delight felt by the mound having capitulated to the invaders, now spread like wildfire through the adjoining regions culminating in a loud eruptive sigh from the upper sea. The mound being actively explored by the digits now assumed control of most of the body. Finding and touching a small hill set of a violent quake through the entire body resulting in an even louder eruption from the upper sea. The other side, gasping at first then with lips wide open, moaned like a mercenary wailing women at an Irish funeral, since that function was still directed by central control.

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 01

first-time happy_bloke 2018-06-16

I put my hand down to my nipple, running my finger over it lightly through the thin fabric of my dress, I could feel it so much more than normal, it felt much more tender, more sensitive and pleasant to touch. I returned my fingers to my breasts and started to play with the nipples more forcefully, intrigued at how nice and interesting the sensations were, becoming ever more aware that I was feeling a little hot, I noticed my chest becoming flushed. I kept on rubbing myself, luxuriating in the new found pleasure, fully able to understand exactly why the girl on the film had had that look of quiet smug satisfaction.

Everything for my s****r Chp. 1

first-time 2018-06-16

My mom walked over to me, gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear that she, Bethany, and I were going to try to get away from this unpleasant situation and start fresh as a f****y. I stared back her with a look of disgust before saying that she was coming with me and we we’re going to go live with dad, like we should have in the first place. After Bethany went to her room to pack, mom finally started to talk some sense. It seemed like Bethany read my mind because she pulled my face down to her and gave me a kiss before turning her attention back to the movie.


first-time hondo1906 2018-06-16

Anyway hubby had to go out of town to set up a new job site and would be away for most of the summer so Phil said that he would keep an eye on me. Tool boxes on the back and all the stuff that he would need Phil said. Everything went well dinner was good then he ask if I wanted to go for a drink. We had several drinks and I told him that I had better get home, he said ok paid the tab and we left . His hand went right to my ass as we walked to his truck. Once we got to his truck he opened the door for me, that's when things started to happen in a big way.

Sextus & Vibia

first-time Anabasis 2018-06-16

Sextus had watched the beautiful raven haired girl go into the baths, her white dress riding on her high breasts, the skirts swirling around her brown legs. As he had walked up the hill to his father's villa he couldn't help but imagine her undressing for the baths, letting her dress fall to the stone floor and walking into the steamy water, sitting with her head back and hair out, the water covering her hips and curved belly up to her small breasts. Suddenly he was kissing her neck over and over again his hands finding those small breasts and down her heaving chest and stomach and feeling the heat between her legs.

The Honeymoon Ch. 02

first-time CWatson 2018-06-16

She was scared she'd get all sorts of grilling from Kerri over breakfast, but maybe Patrick had stopped that too: Winston took his wife aside for a palm-cupped comment, and suddenly sex was the furthest thing from Kerri's mind; it was like a personality transplant had happened. "My mom had told me all the stuff we always get--you know, wipe forward so you don't get an infection, don't let the boys touch, babies come out of there, things like that. "You pick up some things in life," said Kerri, and Amanda heard the grim smile. Amanda was sure that Kerri might've dug further, but that was when the men returned--Winston in his plaids, Patrick with his silly visor that she'd always laughed at.

golden shower newbie

first-time loyalsock 2018-06-16

Now, unfortunately for me, she swiveled somewhat as she squatted down and I wasn't treated to a head on view of her pussy as she peed, but I could see her sexy naked thighs and bottom in profile and was actually able to glimpse the solid stream of her urine when she let go a moment or so later. Before I explain further, let me say that I found Anya instantly, almost desperately, attractive the moment I saw her for the first time. Mostly though, and mainly because Anya loves watching me ejaculate, she uses her hand (sometimes squatting with her pussy or ass pressed squarely on my mouth) and gets me off that way.

At last

first-time carlox20 2018-06-16

She began thrusting herself harder against my mouth (a couple of times I thought I couldn’t breather, but what a way to go), her sighs became moans and she suddenly shouted ‘I’m going to come again’ I reached up with both hands, grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples.’FUUUUUCCCKKK!!’ as she bucked and came on my mouth. She slid down my body, kissing me, licking her juices from my mouth and face, for a 19 year old she knew exactly what she was doing, she whispered in my ear ‘Nicky said you ate pussy well!’ Fuck me I thought, is there anything they don’t tell each other.


first-time VIPERXX 2018-06-16

a shouted ''darling come and have a look at our neighbours'' my wife was stunned but then i seen her sliding her hands down her knickers and start making herself really wet. there was ppl shagging all over the house this was a full scale orgy my wife gets strait to the action diving on some random woman's pussy licking the life out of it like she had never been fed. my wife came in naked she looked like she was in her element she joined the couple fucking as i sat and watched and got head. all ya could her hear was people moaning and cuming all over the house it was making me so horny, i came up the woman's arse and gave her an anal cream pie which all of the girls licked out including my wife.

Good Man in a Bad Time

first-time Pasego 2018-06-16

Natalie had been going out with Nathan for almost a year; they'd started dating right before high-school graduation and were taking most of their community college courses together. As she pulled up to the large Tudor style house Natalie was surprised that Nathan's car wasn't the only one in the drive. Walking in without bothering to knock, Natalie looked around the empty living room, then turned and headed up the stairs. And I'm Natalie." He nodded and she headed to the bathroom as quickly as she could, which considering she was holding the quilt protectively around her while being thrown off balance by the large duffle bag, was admittedly not very fast.

Cock Caged

first-time 425olds 2018-06-16

If his cock wasn't locked in this cage he would be feeling his wife's movements. Watching a complete stranger like this began to excite her and without thinking she slid her hand inside her panties. His wife was sat in front of their laptop in her panties and bra, with her hand stuffed down the front of her panties whilst she watched a complete stranger wank his hard cock. She eventually slid the lock off and as soon as she did the cage moved away from the ring fastened around the base of his cock. The cam was focused on his wife's pussy and Maggie had an amazing view of his cock sliding in and out.

survey says

first-time Sir_Stephen345 2018-06-16

I pull her ankle close to her thigh and begin to wrap a figure eight around them to hold her open, a bit of a brush on her labia and the small of her back grinds into the bed as her ass leaves the bed bringing her pussy up to get more touch. As the next song begins she leaves my lap, rotating the blanket when she gets to the edge of the bed to cover her tied legs. Her breathing is rapid, and her hips grind looking for something to be touching her pussy as she reaches a small but functionally intense orgasm from the breast play and neck and ear kissing.

Big boy

first-time Pattybridges1915 2018-06-16

"Thank you so much" I said, "you've been a big help." He softly replies with "you're welcome." "Hey Michael...?" "Y...Yes" (I lean in and whisper in his ear) "do you want to have some... I said, "then come here." This little perv started kissing me the best he could. He stared to pull on my insides so good I had to shove my face in the pillow he huched over and started to kiss my back. I started to rub my pink pussy as he fucked my ass. We got cleaned up and I walked him out, I then told him, "come back next time when you think you can make me cum, Kay?" As I winked and shut the door.

My Friend and Mom

first-time 2018-06-16

second time.ah man she let me blast those big tits." Stopping she looked at me and Jason and said, "Why were smile and said "Dude I got to go take care of my woman." "I'm your slut," my mothers voice said on the phone. "Oh Mrs. James I love you," Jason said feebly on the With a dry mouth I watched as my mom had Jason sit on "God mom you're a fucking hot slut," I said to no one. "You want to fuck my old, wrinkled, hairy, pussy Jason?" "Ahh that's it baby," my mom said as I watched Jason My mother's hands kneaded Jason's ass as they kissed. "That was so great Mrs. James," Jason said slipping his

a blow job

first-time justahick 2018-06-16

But I think you meant how I like the feel of a tongue licking that first drop of precum from the tip of my cock before my cock disappears past full lips of velvet, my swollen shaft spreading those lips, the stiffness growing. Tension builds within my tight balls as I feel the pleasure begin to rise, I attempt to slow your down, but you know from my pulsing cock in your mouth I am ready to cum and you want to feel the hot creamy cum pulse across your lips and the burst of semen on the back of your throat. Your nipples brush my thighs, you will be spread open, I will taste that swollen pussy, my stiff cock will enter you and use your pussy until your lips are red and sore.

Virgin Melons

first-time evil_in_the_flesh 2018-06-16

I squeezed Tara's large D cup tits around my cock and started sliding it up and down between her soft, slippery melons. "My friend Merlin told me by her 19th birthday, she wanted to lose her tit-fucking virginity. I hide my throbbing boners behind books while attending school during the day and sat on my hands at home while Tara teased me to get my cock extremely hard and cause me to get blue balls. Merlin smiled and lifted her body up so that her humongous tits flopped down onto my thighs, with my hard cock in between them. "Yummy!" Merlin moaned as she lifted the heavy tit up to her mouth and sucked on her small nipple.