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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Finding Comfort in Sex - part 1

first-time 2018-06-15

I really don't know whether it was this loss that started me having sex without any strings - without any feeling of commitment or needing commitment, or without any sense that this might be the man who might be my future husband, but it was just after the funeral on September 30th that I guess I could say I had my first casual encounter with a man. It seemed quite natural, almost like in a dream, that I should go round to the back of my Aunt's house and lift up my skirt and pull down my pantyhose and knickers to have sex with this stranger who'd I'd only met at the funeral service about an hour earlier.

Julie’s Awakening

first-time 2018-06-15

I saw the smile on her face and told her that her mother also used to like to put my cock in her mouth and suck on it. Julie looked hesitantly so I took her hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and then moved the tip to her lips and asked her to open her mouth and pretend it’s a big lollipop. I started to turn her around and bend her over and Julie told me that she wanted to be able to see my face when I put it in her so I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and closed the door.

Lusty days

first-time darkman27 2018-06-15

We went to movies, cooked together, we went for long walks, swimming like good friends do but for some reason I couldn't talk to her about everything. One day she was with her friend in another town and she was a bit red each time I spoke to her. She told his friend would meet her at her parent's place. I asked if that was her friend's car, but she told me it wasn't. I know she didn't have another man in her bed, or she didn't meet boys or girls that way. She told me the man is shy and gentle, but he also has big fat cock that scared her in the beginning of dating.


first-time Slambeasty 2018-06-15

but she felt one pop off her bra and felt two slimy tentacles squeeze her tits, they rubbed her nipples, and then two more came and started sucking them. Tiffany tried to pull her legs to each-other and the more the tentacles sucked the weaker she got. And she wanted to die cause of how hard they raped her, they came inside her virgin pussy. It was 10 times bigger "Fatter" it looked straight at her pussy and started digging in, blood stared coming out again, and she cried and screamed until one went in her mouth. Another sign said: Obliviously you've been fucked by a boss tentacle and came in you and you died.


Dear Paulette

first-time NeoDiotima 2018-06-15

And I should leave it at that but WTF, you did ask after what happened in the car after the prom, and want's the harm in a bit more truth between two old truth and dare partners? The so closely connected kiss that one stops hearing the music, that one forgets that all your friends and teachers might be watching, that the world and all of its complexities and worries and stresses fall away, that reality simultaneously reduces and expands to one all encompassing point – the nexus of my lips and Cathy's, perfect and complete acceptance of each other's presence, the pressure of passion focused.


first-time cwiscpl 2018-06-15

I chose my turquois blue panties, with a black rubber cock ring around my balls, and another around the base of the head. Jim cupped my balls in one hand and began massaging them. His other hand took my cock and he began to slide it up and down. Jim slowly lowered his head, his tongue flicked the tip of my cock. his hand caressed my cock one more time, and told me to put my panties on for him. jim began to thrust his hips...forward pushing his cock deep into my mouth...back, pulling it across my lips. Jim was definately enjoying himself, moaning and groaning, but this sounded like it came from out of the dark.

Victoria's first time with a girl

first-time Gez71 2018-06-15

Elise, never one for mixing her words, asked her friend if she had ever considered a girlfriend. Elise stood her ground and said that she wasn’t suggesting that her friend should be gay, but could have a girlfriend if she wanted, until another man came along. “Why don’t we get more comfortable ?” Elise led her friend into the bedroom and started to massage her shoulders. After a while, Elise suggested removing top to allow her to massage her shoulders better. Elise stood behind her, massaging her shoulders, deeply and sensually, fumbling because her Victoria’s bra straps several times. After further time spent massaging her friend, Elise asked if she would mind returning the favour and doing her shoulders for her.

Ruining Ron

first-time plucky65 2018-06-15

I’d never heard them fuck so hard, so long or so loudly before, and Monday morning when Patty left for work, she was actually walking a bit funny. When he finally caught his breath, Ron laughed out loud, “Man, you look like Monica after a session with Bill.” I was effectively blinded by the face full of man goop I’d received. All the while I am thinking to myself, “If. Yeah, that would be sweet, but don’t count on it.” I wasn’t exactly ready to leave Meg, move to San Francisco and become an interior decorator, but I knew this was something I wanted to do again and again, and hopefully with Ron. He didn’t say much for a long time, and then mused, “You are really something, you know that?”

My Sorority Slut Ch. 02

first-time spaldan 2018-06-15

"So even though I may disagree with how strongly Olive feels about this issue, I have to recommend that you tell her what she wants to know." With that, Mary gave Susannah a squeeze on the arm and then walked out of the room. Susannah didn't know if Olive's instructions on how she should dress were some sort of trap, so she wore exactly what she had worn on one of her dates with Ben. She regretted her decision, as the tight, low cut shirt and light jacket she had chosen to wear left her arms and chest feeling cool on this colder than expected day. Finally, while his tongue obscenely flicked at Olive's nipple, Brandon said, "God Susannah, your breasts look so amazing.

Rebecca in trouble (part 6)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-06-15

The Judge pulled his cock out, allowing Rebecca's asshole to clamp shut, but abruptly pushed it back in again, forcing a new scream of pain from Rebecca's lips as she had to relive the stretching of her anus. The Judge continually f***ed Rebecca's asshole to take his big cock deeper into her, forcing her to rub her pussy on the pyramid edge, screams coming from her lips from the pain. Rebecca continued to **** poor Sara, forcing her legs back, spreading her open so she could elicit the screams necessary to keep the Commander happy and hard. Sara and Rebecca both screamed in pain as hard cocks f***ed their asshole to open, stretching and tearing as they f***ed their way past their anus, into their rectum.

The Nair Test

first-time LeCoach 2018-06-15

I felt the warm sun illuminating my luridly exposed posterior as Matt was now treated to the cock hardening sight of my tight little pink asshole just above the hairlined lips of my virgin pussy. I knew I really shouldn't but I could never refuse my big brother so I took the soft pink lips of my pussy in either hand and slowly drew them apart exposing the coral colored interior of my little hole. Matt looked confused for a moment so I reached back and, taking his big cock in my small hand, I moved my tender young ass back until his cockhead touched my anus.


first-time ladytrucka42 2018-06-15


First Love

first-time louise7033 2018-06-15

I thought I would just like to tell you something about myself. Philippines and went to a local school. I left school at 15 and went to work in a department store in town to help the rest of my f****y. I now work as a sales assistant in the clothing department. Some of my friends at work have had sex already, and they love to tell me about it, so as to make me feel awkward. but I like being with him, so I tell them that I am going to see former classmates. I always used to find it easy to stop him when I felt his hand going up from my knee, but now it's not so easy.

Our First Meeting

first-time amplecock 2018-06-15

As my lips explore your breasts and suck on those nipples my hand slides gradually down your belly and slowly inside your pants. I slip a finger inside your pussy and search out your g spot, it doesn't take long and your back arches as you start to thrust against my hand. By now your orgasms are getting stronger and as I move to position myself on top of you the throbbing head of my rock hard cock nudges against your hot wet pussy lips I nudge forward a little and let the head just part those lips.

Son's Adventure

first-time manish169 2018-06-15

"Yeah, Mom, it feels good to me too." Mom kept just slightly moving her hips against my cock from "Would it help if I let you feel my breasts?" Mom asked, and she started "Gee, thanks for telling me, Mom. That makes me feel very proud." I "Honey, would you like to see where you came out of me 16 years ago?" Mom "Go ahead, honey," Mom said. "Mmm, that feels good," Mom purred. "I know that," Mom said with a little giggle. "Push it way in, honey," Mom whispered, pulling on my ass with both hands. Mom pulled my head down to kiss me again, and soon we were trading saliva hard cock was in her pussy again for a long slow fuck.

Finally Legal

first-time teenbabehunter 2018-06-15

Seeing as I had two class periods left the girls said they would be going around to some of the other teachers to visit, but that they would be heading downtown to get some dinner and listen to a jazz band in a few hours and invited me to stop in so we could catch up some more. After they had left Lilly slid her chair over next to me and whispered in my ear "Coach you know I only came back this weekend because I have saved my virginity for the chance to fuck you hard and make you explode inside of me. When we arrived at the house and got out of the car Lilly ran over to me, pulled her short skirt up a little, and pressed her pussy against my already throbbing cock.

A Couple's First Time

first-time XX_vampirekindred_XX 2018-06-15

He pulls her close and kisses her deeply as his hands moved up and down her body. She smiles as she slowly licks the spongy tip, then sucks it into her mouth her soft long black hair bouncing off his legs as she slowly moved her head up and down his length. He smiles and thrusts hard as she screams with pleasure. "Of course you can sweetheart." She murmurs then smiles, "But remember I'm not done with you yet." deep into her he lowered his head and began to suck on the nipple of her other breast still tweaking the first nipple. He smiles as he feels her tighten around him some and thrusts faster and harder into her.

Rainy Days

first-time chrisgrey1 2018-06-15

gown stops a half-inch above your ass as you walk towards the bedroom… I follow in hot pursuit… when I the bench at the foot of the bed… legs wide open… gown hiked above your waist… you pat you pussy and both moan with pleasure… I pull the spaghetti strings down off your shoulders and drop the gown to the completely flat on your belly… I remove the remainder of my clothes… from the foot of the bed I enter hands… I begin to nibble on your neck… and that spot right there between your neck and shoulder. I let go and begin to slide down your back slowly never removing my I take my thumb and index finger I massage your clit… you gyrate and moving your body

black guy paki girl

first-time 2018-06-15

With dusky brown skin, long glossy black hair, come to bed eyes, beautiful lips just made for sucking dick, slim waste and flat stomach and very long, slender legs she is stunning. I held her waste and pulled her hips to me, my tender balls squashed against her arse, oh the sensation as she squirmed and her tight little cunt grasped my dick. I’d rammed her tight little cunt so much that my dick felt sc****d raw so I pushed in deep and began to strum the tips of my fingers over her clitoris. Again I heard Malik hiss "Hira", she still ignored him, I glanced across and he was still sitting on the chair, his eyes glued to my dick ploughing his wife’s cunt.

Homeless, not Heartless

first-time Monica123 2018-06-15

Well this day, as I was leaving, Angie, a slim black woman sticks her elbow through my open window, smiles and said, "Take me with you." I knew that was against the rules but I felt my pulse quickening and said, "Where do you want to go?" As a gesture of reciprocity, Angie lifted her knew and spread her legs wide. I quickly sat down on the couch as Angie stood over me facing the camera. Sit down and let me finish you off." I knelt in front of the couch and started licking her pussy from her asshole to her clit, which was getting longer and harder with each pass.

Golf Club Wives Ch. 09

first-time mangrove jack 2018-06-15

He was showering with Ayaha a half an hour later responding once more to the feel of her tiny hands roaming all over his body when the bathroom door swung open to reveal Simone Rebecca and Rae giggling in the doorway. It was your cock that moved so fantastically, touching me lightly, thumping me hard, withdrawing then returning over and over doing things to my body and my mind until my pussy was a sloppy mess." She shook her head, "It wasn't only your cock your tongue, your hands, you lips, your raunchy whispers, my god the more I recall the more I want."

New Girl in Town Pt. 02

first-time AuroraIncident 2018-06-15

"So where do you guys eat lunch?" Jessica asks as she and Shelly are walking towards the cafeteria. "I'm not sure I can give you guys a firm answer to that," Jessica states her emphasis causing me to picture her in volleyball shorts again as she gives me a wink. "Now I can't wait to see this car of yours." Jessica states with a laugh causing Coach Pennington to look at as we enter. "It's so cute that you think you can just declare that," Jessica says patting my face lightly before turning and heading back to Shelly and her table. "Are you saying that he needs a smart girl, Bobby?" Jody asks giving Jessica a smile.



first-time WhiteCockWorship 2018-06-15

As I walked in the dark cold desert of north Mexico all alone in the moonlight, I remembered back to the last time I heard the story two years ago. The phantom looked at him and her features became discernible, as she slowly turned towards him and floated backwards 2 feet off the ledge white maintaining her altitude. Raul stayed there all night crying over her and watched their last sunrise together, before burying her in a small rock tomb just feet away from the spot he found her. Raul told me your story said he loved you so much and missed you.” I never saw Jack again either although he, and nobody else knew what happened to me since it was so isolated out here, and only Raul and the cartel members knew.

True story

first-time AntGeisha 2018-06-15

He said to me "your a good lookin' girl and I don't care if your only 18 I want you... I could tell he wanted it too the look in his eyes changed he went from wanting me to needing all of me. He said "Jesus fucking christ your wild" and I wanted more. He said to me with that same look in his eyes "Give it to me then" He bite his lip. He smacked my ass hard and I felt my pussy throb every time it was dripping down my leg just from him smacking me. He looked at me and said " wow, your bad" I looked up at the camera while I sucked his cock like a porn star.