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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bosom Buddies Ch. 02

first-time bosombuddies 2018-06-14

Amy sighed in arousal, "Some girls could care less what a guy's thing looks like, or how big he is, but for me it's the most important part. Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn't like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips.

Breaking The Rules Part 1

first-time 2018-06-14

Raylynn got a huge bag out of their rented Car and quietly whispered, "turn around and don't look !" God what a beautiful sight Raylynn was and she looked great sitting on the back of my Bike too She said stop Wait and got off the bike then Hugged and kissed me so long and so passionate Hooley Shit Dude That's Beautiful !" "Yes You Sure Are" I replied each time that we Lost sight "Oh Hell that was fucking Fa-nominal !" She said, I quietly Replied Do Ya still think I'm Gay Raylynn started bouncing her Ass Up and down, and Holding My Head in Place, Just the way I like it.Positioning

Three Cock Whore

first-time a1fiend 2018-06-14

She tried to spin around but the black guy just held her on his cock. A hand again was wrapped around her mouth to keep her quiet as the cock at her ass pushed it way in slowly. With a final push she felt her ass surrender and his cock slip in. The man fucking her ass moved his hand from her mouth. The black guy in her pussy came first shooting his load deep inside her before his spent cock slips out of her. The man in her ass starts pounding her harder, his cock burying into her asshole with each thrust. With a final violent thrust he shoots his load deep in her ass and she collapses onto the bed totally spent.

BabySitter Curious

first-time Ashson 2018-06-14

Every so often she'd flick a glance downward and then away, giving a little blush each time she observed that the erection was still in place. She gave a gasp and a little squeak of protest, hands flashing to the hem of her dress and trying to pull it down an extra inch. This changed when my free hand settled between her legs, pushing her tight skirt up a little and rubbing against her mons. The little noises she made went from surprise and wonder to delight and she was bucking under me, pressing up to meet me with an urgency that was begging for more, her legs lifting and wrapping around me, helping to pull me home.

Spin the Bottle Blowjob

first-time iggyspear 2018-06-14

When she saw where the bottle had landed, Daniela said, "I want to kiss those big old boobies." Daniela planted her face right in the middle of them, giving each one some love before planting a trail of kisses up Trinity's neck until both girls' lips were locked. I would've been fine with spending all my time in the closet just making out and getting stroked off, but Daniela had different plans. I'd barely registered all the giggles that had come from outside the closest at what I had assumed was the others' hearing the slurping sounds of Daniela fervently sucking my big dick, and I'd completely lost track of how much time we'd been in there.

Hannah's Helping Hands

first-time Belgarion10 2018-06-14

I felt dirty, wanking to the sound of my brother having sex, but I wasn't thinking about him, I was imagining the beautiful Hannah, naked with her legs open, hands fondling her small breasts and stroking her nipples. "Yeah right," Hannah was wearing a long white t-shirt that looked like one of Mike's, because it came halfway down her bare thighs. "Of course, it's our little secret, but if you ever want to talk about sex or ask any questions, you know can come to me, okay?" Hannah was only just over a year and a bit older than I was, so I felt a bit patronised but I didn't say anything.

Abby's Road

first-time tonysnow 2018-06-14

This gave me the clear vantage point of looking at their legs if they had skirts on or cleavage if they had low cut tops. Looking straight in my eyes, Abby said how Britany had told her about our fling and reached out for my hand. Abby opened her eyes and said Britany's story about how I fucked her had been on her mind ever since. Abby held my cock with both her hands and asked if she could put the condom on for me. Her pussy exploded with her juice all over my cock as she sucked on my tongue and pushed up to me my thrusts. Abby held tightly to me and opened her legs even wider so as to be penetrated even deeper.

Gay first time memories

first-time paulst101ok 2018-06-14

He also said his partner was due back and they were going to teach me what happens to cock teasers who go too far, I was strangely excited by this news and felt then that whatever happened was out of my control, I was quite thrilled really and knew it was what I wanted so I stopped feeling guilty and enjoyed the experience. I got on the bed, the smooth silk sheets felt nice, I looked at myself lying there and thought "you really are a slut", nobody had seen me like this before and my cock was rock hard, up till now I had tried to deny being gay but as I looked in the mirror I knew this was the real me.

New town

first-time 1120scott 2018-06-14

He asked where my parents were, I said mom was at work and my dad was dead. He said he called my mom and told her what I did and she agreed to put me to work. With nothing else to do around here I said I would, besides I wanted a bigger bike and knew mom couldn't afford it. I met a boy about my age, his name was Ted and Bill was his dad.(the farmer) He asked why I only had a towel, I said I was taking a bath and my clothes went missing, so I was looking for them.

The Humiliation of Big-Tit Darcy

first-time evil_in_the_flesh 2018-06-14

Derek got to see Darcy more clearly, from her pillow tits to her thick thighs, long legs, and her feet, still covered by the wooly tube socks. He overloaded his cock and with one thrust up, Trish, Mandy, and Lisa spouted massive thick layers of jizz from Derek's prick onto Darcy's Mickey Mouse shirt. I had to force some cum down her throat since she wasn't responding and her eyes stayed glued to Derek's still big, limped cock which flopped against his thighs seconds after the girls released it. Darcy's large ass rested on the heels of her sock-covered feet and her arms cradled her mammoth jiggling knockers as she sucked Derek's cock with intensity.

Spring Break in Cancun

first-time FRED_S 2018-06-14

The girls applied liberal amounts of sun screen to their arms, legs, tummies and exposed areas of their breasts and hips then handed the bottles to the guys and asked them to rub some onto their backs. The girls commandeered the bathrooms first where they shaved their legs and underarms, trimmed pubic hair, showered and applied light makeup and a wisp of perfume to all the right places. The girls opened the joining doors and went to the patio of Jane and Bill's room to give the guys a little privacy to dress. Bill grabbed Jane around the waist, pulled her close and planted a hot, wet kiss on her smooth, soft lips.


first-time Scheherezade 2018-06-14

When you gently suck my clit into your mouth I cry out; we both pause for a moment to make sure no one is nearby before you continue on…suckling…teasing…pulling me further toward the brink of insanity… Your thumb moves to the opening of my cunt, pressing against it; the pressure is unbearable…you push against me, working it slowly inside…still sucking…I am wet but oh, so tight, and you wonder at the thrill you feel knowing that you are the first to explore this part of me, to bring me these sensations.

Young Couples and A black man 3 more

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-06-14

Jake waited until the petite redhead had stopped shuddering and then scooped her up and sat down on the edge of the bed, this time with Monica on top, riding his dick as she faced toward her future husband. Her pussy was engorged and stretched, the inner walls clinging to the black cock as she rode up so it looked like another mouth fastened around her lover from inside her. Monica looked her fiancé right in the eye and in a husky voice said, “Come here baby and eat my pussy while I fuck our huge black bull.” Monica groaned loudly and pressed herself down on Tyler’s face, mashing her soaking wet pussy onto his mouth and lips as Jake fucked her harder and harder.

Amanda's Reward

first-time ken abyss 2018-06-14

Amanda got up and started walking into Principal Johnson's office when she looked behind her to see Ms. Gilmore talking to Larry. "I think so, my body felt great and then I started shooting liquid out of my vagina all over the place" Amanda said as she was beginning to furiously finger herself underneath her skirt with her panties pushed aside while she continued looking at the images of blowjobs and other sexual acts. Principal Johnson looked down into Amanda's beautiful brown eyes and stated, "By giving you another orgasm" as he unleashed his semi hard 9 inch cock from his pants. By now Principal Johnson had all of his clothes off as he now took his available hands and began fondling Amanda's body as she continued to tease her pussy with Principal Johnson's cock.

young cuzzins no.2

first-time saveapitbull 2018-06-14

tell me more" "well basically, i need to do stuff with a guy with a mustache or beard for enough points to win all the pictures of the 2 other girls..." "Wait a sec," I tell her,"I dont even want to here anymore, give me the camera." I take the cam and go to the closet and pull out a 5ft mirror and place it in front of us. "If you do everything i say, you will win your contest and be very happy about it." I put the cam beside me and pulled her towards me and ran my tongue over her neck as my hand slid up her open shirt and clenched her back.

Kitty's Boys

first-time maxdname 2018-06-14

The young guy who worked as a guard in the Obion River Mall was cute and he pushed open the back entrance door every night when Kitty was scheduled to close up the shop. Kitty did not want to end up here in Greenfield like so many of her classmates: one baby on her hip and one in her belly, waiting on a husband who was either working another man's horses, driving a coal truck or collecting unemployment. Kitty wasn't religious and held no romantic notions about her virginity, she had merely been too busy taking care of her father, after his stroke, working to pay bills and getting through school to get involved with a boyfriend. Kip pulled her damp face from his chest and Kitty saw a look of confusion furrow his brow.

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 01: Jen

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-06-14

When I got back to the pool area, I understood why Mindy had told me not to worry: one of the girls, I think the girl who was making out with the boy on the lounge chair earlier, was swimming around wearing a t-shirt and panties. At that point, at least half the kids at the party jumped into the pool, wearing whatever they had on: bathing suits mostly, but a couple of guys stripped down to their boxers and one more girl went in with her t-shirt and panties. "You're it." Rob turned right to Didi and pulled off her red bikini bottoms, rubbing his body against hers in a way that told me Mindy had lost her boyfriend for good.

My First Clumsy Man On Man Experience

first-time BushBuns 2018-06-14

I didn't know what I had expected, but his hand was warm and it felt nice to have someone dig around in my jeans. I was a little taken back, but soon my cock started to respond and feelings of pleasure were drifting through my loins. As I steadily grew in Jay's mouth, he rhythmically bobbed up and down on my cock. He had a slightly worried expression on his face until I explained that he was a brilliant cocksucker, but it was time he freed his cock. It felt so good to have Jay's cock in my mouth. I popped Jay out of my mouth and rubbed his now very hard and dripping cock over my left cheek, then my right.

Her First Time

first-time lovebobby 2018-06-14

I feel myself getting closer to my orgasm, so I persuade her to bring her pussy up toward my hand and she willingly turns, never taking my cock from her mouth. I think me cumming in her mouth is what sets her off because it seems her knees push out sideways and she opens up her legs real wide and grinds her pussy hard on my tongue. As she is still on her feet pumping up and down on my incredibly hard erection, I say, "Fuck, YES, your pussy feels so fuckin' tight. She continues to fuck me like this for about five minutes then I can tell her legs are getting tired and she drops to her knees and leans forward, rubbing the head of my cock on her G-spot.

The Day was Saturday

first-time Dangergravy 2018-06-14

She broke the kiss only to look down at my rock hard cock and gasped “Oh my god your huge” Smiling at her, I said “I know.” She led me over to the bed where she took off my jacket,and shirt and told me to lay down. I asked her if she ever sucked a cock before, she replied “once.“ “Oh Carrie don’t be mad, but let me show you what I like.” I pushed her face down, onto the wet bed and told her to suck up her juices; she licked the bedspread while I pounded her from behind. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shoved half of my cock into her mouth while she looked into my eyes.

my girlfriends turn

first-time newcuck 2018-06-14

he sat down beside luke across from me on the single bed and i gave the two of them quite a view i asked j was he still hard and he said oh yes i asked if he would like to take it out, oh yes please he said and out came his little dicky so cute and small i said, j said its notting like lukes dick, so i said well take it out to him aswell that i wanted to see if it is true what i heard about black guys being huge, j said it is so sat back and luke stood up and untied his belt and let his pants fall down and fuck me, out fell this simi hard huge black dick, the best thing i ever saw my pussy started to flow from the sight of it, all i could say was wow you were right hunny thats one BIG BLACK COCK!!!

First Indian Woman

first-time matt_boston 2018-06-14

I latched on began sucking like crazy on her nipples; I was ecstatic, my first Indian tit in my mouth. I continued to alternate between sucking on her big dark nipples, kissing her deeply and rubbing her crotch through her pants. I was shocked the whole time since she was obviously a normal, clean, educated woman; who grew up in India, went to college in the UK and came to the US to continue studying and working. I pulled out her tits again and began sucking her big, dark nipples until they were rock hard and raw. I said “I want to go inside you” while I quickly latched back on to her nipples while I fingered her soaking wet pussy.


first-time longgoldrod 2018-06-14

We would have a bottle of the finest wine with our meal and we would go for a short stroll afterwards, before going to a nice dance club where we could dance together, holding hands, chatting about our thoughts and dreams. We look at various crafts and products that people are selling and we pick up a nice loaf of French bread, some different spreads, cheeses and some wine and I tell you we're heading to my surprise for the afternoon. It's a beautiful day and I am very happy, because I am with the woman I love, but I don't know how to tell her.

The First Big Time Ch. 02

first-time msxxl 2018-06-14

Around midnight I got Jon on the right track and was getting ready to leave when I noticed Jody was having a hard time with her computer and that the lab tech had gone out for one of his many cigarette breaks of the night. I thought about Kim and how she should have been the one with her mouth around my cock and I almost felt mad for a moment, Kim had pushed me into this and here I was feeling a mixture of guilt and passion and it mixed together into a little bit of anger and for the first time in my life I was anything less then gentle with a woman.