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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

LoL Ch. 02

first-time Marygraves 2018-06-14

Maybe Brandon would know where she was at. "How long have you known Diana?" Brandon continued walking. Brandon nodded as he walked into the room. Brandon looked at my chest as he thought. "Diana mentioned your breasts." Brandon smiled. I wanted, had to, touch Brandon. Brandon was behind me, and what made things perfect, he was eyeing my backside. When I opened the bathroom door, I didn't realize how close Brandon was following me. "I'm sorry." Brandon chuckled as he wrapped his strong arms around me. I looked up at Brandon and smiled. Besides, Diana got Brandon for me in the first place. I smiled and kissed Brandon. Brandon pulled his hand away and sat up straight.

Babysitter Nikki

first-time Sean Renaud 2018-06-14

"I'm going to my friend's house." Jared said as soon as his parents were out of sight and started to step out of the house but Nikki move d to block his path. Call your boyfriend up, order whatever you fucking want on the pizza and I'll be back by midnight." Jared said again trying to walk around Nikki but she moved again blocking his path. "Now you're going to be good?" Nikki asked turning on the sink and washing her hands as well as reaching for a paper towel and dabbing Jared's cum from her shirt. Jared nodded and pulled up pants holding them in place with one hand, the other still clutching the fat white pen as he went to his room leaving Nikki to clean up the mess they'd made.

About last night p1

first-time bluelatina 2018-06-14

Well let me start from the beginning, As you can see im a freak lol I love porn and love to watch when couples fuck so anyway, a friend of mine name dave who I work with wanted to go out with me for the past few months and I always knew but I just felt like he is better off giving a blowjob too, hes a lil shy, a nerd but still for some reason thats what turns me on. By the way my name is Carmen so if your reading this you can call me by that , anyway after when he said that he have a lil sad face, head down and didn't want to say anything to me at all.

Exclusive Doggy Fwb’s

first-time HeZe 2018-06-14

He never stopped fucking me only when his cock would accidently run out my pussy we would take 2-3 minute breaks then back on my 4’rs. He loves my butt on this position; I go wild on his cock sliding in and out my pussy. I proposed we go for breakfast and he said as long as we cum back so he can continue to fuck me same way. I say I’ve been fucked 42 straight hours mostly doggy on a first encounter. Back home I slept 18 hours still under body shivering, make nipples hard aftershocks...Tibias letting me know they exist. He fucks me hard, slow touching where I can cum when he plays with my erogenous zone that is my center back line from upper neck to my clitoris.

First encounter......early 80's

first-time tenpolerudor 2018-06-14

"I like cock" he said, his fingers slowly brushing over the bulge in my jeans, "can I see yours?" I froze, I was fucking terrified, my heart was pounding my cock throbbing I looked down as he moved his hand undoing my button and pulling my zip down. His fingers slipped inside my pants pulling my cock clear.........I was going to come right there and then, this was so fucking hot I was so turned on, his hand pulled away and he gestured towards his crotch, his own hard cock pointing towards me, I think I shook my head....

Paradise Bound Ch. 01

first-time Karenas 2018-06-14

I loved my Dad very much, but things got a bit weird when I started dating. He'd pick me up for a date and I would bring them in to meet Dad. Then, Dad would use his Drill Instructor look and voice on them, asking what were their intentions, and the like. The boys from school would stare, maybe come talk to me, but only if my dad wasn't around. After school started for the year I couldn't spend quite as much time hanging around Dad's work. I started asking Dad lots of questions about Sgt. Jackson. However, it looked like Derrick needed to know, explicitly, that Dad was okay with my dating him. "Dad, I went to the movies with Derrick Jackson yesterday, you know.

Night Orderly – Private Ramos

first-time tankengine123 2018-06-14

Jack: Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a big warm stiff cock slide into that special little hole in your bottom. Ramos: Yes, Sir. Jack: Whose cock are you seeing in your mind right now entering your pretty hole? Jack wondered how a sweet little girl like Ramos would ever cope in a man’s Army. Ramos: No, Sir. Jack: Ever have a cock inside that pretty rear-pussy of yours? Jack: I want my little Private to use his hands to stroke my shaft. Ramos was working his hands and mouth so hard, sweat started to drip from his cute nose. Ramos started repeating a special word every time Jack went deep.

Cindy Lou

first-time jsmangis 2018-06-14

She started moaning louder and slid down onto the seat facing me with her legs on either side of me with her head resting on the sill of the open car window. The next thing I remember was looking up and seeing Cindy Lou's soaking panties hanging from the rear view mirror, and that brought me back to the world. I turned my head and saw Cindy sitting facing me with her skirt pulled up and her legs spread wide open. As for Cindy Lou, when George got back from Germany, he found out from some of his friends about his fiancee giving them 'little thrills' while he was away serving his country, and promptly dumped her flat.


Barged Into Mom

first-time Blackstroker 2018-06-14

I pushed open the door and barged into the bathroom with long strides, and found myself standing totally naked and with a massive hardon just about two feet away from my equally naked mom who was sitting on the turned down seat cover of the toilet, applying cream to her leg which was up on the seat. After what seemed like minutes I finally managed to get a flow, and from the side of my eye I saw my mom smile, still staring at my cock as she rubbed cream into her body.

Nights of Alsitor: Xanthe & Narciss

first-time Synovex 2018-06-14

Through diet, medicine and generations of eugenics, a healthy female like Xanthe would be well educated, emotionally developed, self-dependent and well-rounded people by the time they are permitted to volunteer as tribute. Xanthe, only just turned 22, had borne menarche on a tribute year, having bled first only four months prior, and bravely offered herself out of love for her home. Now, Xanthe," Narcissus leaned forward, closing their faces together, "I'm going to give you an order, and you're going to obey it. It must be a strong feeling, memorable and moving, but fear will warp these magics and create powerful curses that bring pain to both of us." He tightened the draw-strings, fitting the cloak snugly around her.

“I want you to come over.”

first-time SUCKING_COCK_STAR 2018-06-14

I want you to grab my hair and f***e a strong and urgent kiss on my mouth, as you pull my body closer to yours and press your now very hard cock up against me. I want you to lean back on the bed as you take hold of my head in your hands and guide my mouth to your hard, waiting dick. I want you to tell me that I’m unreal as you thrust your cock in and out of my mouth. I want you to tell me to fuck your cock, to use you, to come all over you. I want you to call me a dirty little slut as I start to rub my clit with my fingers while I ride your hard cock.

First time mutual jerk

first-time serge_69 2018-06-14

He then entered the room, while I still had my hard cock in my hand, and suggested we compare them side by side. He then hit my cockhead with his, it hurt a bit, so I decided to squeeze both our cocks together, to kind of get back at him. It hurt him a bit (or so he said), and then he started grabbing around my legs at my balls, which he gently squeezed and pulled. His hand was holding me by my balls, and I decided to give up, offering that we do instead nicer stuff that would not hurt. I had to finish myself off, but I was still all hot and excited by the fact I had just played with another cock for the first time, and I had made it shoot off.

Best Friend's Mom

first-time TaraJean 2018-06-14

When he was away, I spent a lot of time at Mitch's house and I got to know Kari quite well since I didn't like to be home with my family. Kari looked away from me and back to Jessica and said "Kevin was just telling me about a gay Fraternity party he went to over in Pullman" Jessica looked at me and then slid to the floor and started kissing me, licking the cum and pussy juices from my face. She looked over her shoulder and said "Fuck me Kevin, fuck me long and hard and then cum inside me." I looked at Kari and she smiled and nodded.

Old Man Young Tenant Part 6

first-time hotjohn1234 2018-06-14

Ann felt Alice start to rub herself and quickly turned around and started to kiss her belly and move down and then pulling the hand away she started to lick suck and bit her pussy and clit. Ann told Alice she could tell her all about fucking William any time she wanted as it was a real turn on and made her feel like she was there with them. Alice was a little taken back but she was use to letting Ann direct things and well it had been very enjoyable and so sharing William might not be so bad besides the sex was getting better all the time.

Lessons from Sadie Ch. 02

first-time Rex Siter 2018-06-14

I reached out a hand and ran my fingers down the delicate skin of her cheek and without even thinking about it I touched her tawny shoulder length hair and murmured, "You're so beautiful." Surprising myself at how some actions seemed to come naturally if given the chance. I allowed my hand to slide over one breast and let the fingers nuzzle around the nipple before ducking down to grasp it between my lips flicking at its engorging pinkness with my tongue as she had advised me on our first encounter. She gave a low helpless chuckle and murmured huskily, "Oh God, Jack, you're at degree standard already." And her thighs slowly parted allowing my hands to caress the incredible smoothness of their inner surface, while my tongue probed more deeply along her labia.

My First Submissive Or My Training As Master

first-time FolyHuck 2018-06-14

We got to her house and I began to hand the keys back when she said "Please Master, lead your fucktoy inside." I walked her to the door, opened it and watched her walk in. She looked up at me and said, "Master would you like your slutty fucktoy to suck your cock?" I had never had a blow job before and was a little worried about cumming in her mouth. "Master has never had a blow job before and I am afraid I would cum in your mouth by accident." "Oh Master, your slutty fucktoy wants you to cum anywhere you like." Without saying another word, she began to remove my pants and under ware.

Grandma's Rituals 1

first-time ajbasu 2018-06-14

After dipping her feet in the liquid as she stepped into the house all the women surrounded her and making her sit on a stool started anointing sandal wood paste on her face arms and legs. Vinit hesitating a little moved forward and taking a little paste he applied it on his mothers face and hands and as he turned back, his grandma asked him to apply the same on her legs. After his mother left Vinit was alone with his grandma 'how do you manage to live in this house' he said. 'Why don't you ask your mother to press them' said she looking at Alka. Next morning when his mother left to meet her friends, seeing his grandma alone he went and sat near her.

For Your Masturbation LOL

first-time ashokslim45 2018-06-14

then he also get up from the bed and both put there clothes and he started to leave and i also come along with him when i opened the we both was shocked because swami ( Milkman ) was standing near the door and in position to press the door bell he also shocked to see ramu with me and ramu is placed is hand on my hips then soon we realized and move our self and ramu went out without saying the word and i was kept down my head without say any word i went to kitchen and come out with bottle to get milk him after he filled the milk in the bottle then he said aunty you are so beautiful and i was in love from the first time i saw you and i masturbate daily in night by dreaming, can you allow me also to spend an night with you, I was shocked by hearing this word by 18 year old boy without saying any word i closed the door.

African godess

first-time 2018-06-13

She got up and said that wearing clothes after getting out of the shower was uncomfortable for her so she began to undress under the sheets. She began to feel on my dick rubbing the whole shift up and down, this was a great feeling a little bit of pre cum got on her hand. We stayed in the 69 position for a long time I did not want to stop eating her pussy or getting my cock sucked. I began to pound her fat wet pussy hard as I could, each time I drove inside of her she got wetter and wetter. We began kissing and fucking at a good slow pace, she grabbed a handful of my dreadlocks and she damn you are going to make me cum again.

The Best Blow Job In My Life

first-time 2018-06-13

Mary smiled as she slowly sucked my cock while her friend watched. I grabbed Mary's head and started pumping my hard cock into the back of her throat. Mary swallowed roughly and smiled as I started to cum in her mouth. "I need this" I said as the girls slowly sucked my cock, both taking turns tasting my cum. Mary grabbed my cock roughly and plunged it into her mouth, happily licking it with her tongue. Mary felt the cum shoot in her mouth and started to jack my dick off onto her face, it was pretty sexy. "Now that's how you suck a dick!" Mary said as she pushed Lauren and started to stand up.

Me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

first-time sph650 2018-06-13

At that time of my life I was 6'2 and 185lbs, preparing for WWII, ready to concur the world, not be concurred by someone who came into and out of my life in an instant. She held my hand after talking for part of the day. She was about 5,5, 105 lbs 32C, 28, 34 golden brown hair with red from the sun, skin that felt like powdered lace when we touched and eyes that had an eternal sorrow. The waves slowly lapped at our feet as she removed my trunks, she brought my hands to her hips. We looked at each other as only one brief moment of passion and time would allow.


Chubby Chick by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-06-13

"Oh my god," she gasped at the incredible sensations that were coursing through her body, "t-that feels w-wonderful, oooooo, don't stop, oh please, just keep sucking it!!!" He chuckled a little as he let her breast flop back onto her round tummy and asked, "Is that all you want from me, just to get your nipples sucked!?!" Now totally flustered she replied, "Well, uh, I don't know what I want exactly, but it felt so good and I've never had......." He interrupted her and finished her sentence, "'ve never been with a man before have you, Samantha?!?" Her face reddened instantly as she stared at the floor in embarrassment, but he lifted her chin so she was looking him straight in the eye and he said softly, "I'm glad that I'm the first, because then I'll know that I'll always be the only one!!!" He then kissed her softly on both cheeks and led her over to the large kind size bed where in gently pushed her down on her back with her legs spread wide apart!

Dreams part 3!

first-time lovely16 2018-06-13

He kissed my neck and Ran His fingers over my stomach down to my thighs making me moan a little bit. I got down on my knees in front of him Kissing the head of his ever erect cock as I stuck my tongue out and licked it slightly. I did this for several minutes before putting his head in my mouth and letting my tongue dance around it, I stopped only to lick his shaft down to his balls so I could suck on them. I ran to the door and me and Michael left laughing because he was tickling me and loved to watch my face when ever I would squeal and thrash about.

Bi Club gloryhole

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-06-13

The first time I went was just to see what it was like and all I did was walk around the club naked, like the rest of the men there. I went into one of the small rooms and locked the door and stuck my flaccid cock through the hole so if anyone walked past they would see it. I quickly stroked it and then sucked it and it wasn’t long before I felt him tense and as I pulled his cock from my mouth his cum sprayed over my face. I decided this tactic worked so well, so everytime I went back to the club I would immediately put my cock through the gloryhole to invite attention.