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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tinder Date Gone Wrong! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-06-13

But here I was, in a stranger's house, after being invited over through Tindr no less, and now I'm naked in a darkened room and immediately I sense someone lunge behind me, grabbing one of my arms, twisting it behind my back and violently pushing me forward on the bed. "Ya my little bitch boi is going to like getting this cock," he would sneer as he rubbed his cock in my ass crack. My jaw started to ache, my throat felt sore and scratchy from his big cock pressed in me, and I had a bad taste in my mouth... Going in hard and deep, popping out completely, then ramming back in, "I'm going to work this ass in good bitch boi, you'll thank me later." What an asshole, I thought.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 10

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-13

I want to talk to Officer Banks a second," Detective Peterson said. Suzie related the whole story including the night in the cabana at Curt's house and the trip to the lake. Suzie left out the sex parts though, so Beth had to ask. "I know but you need to fight that because it's too early for you," Suzie said, worried that Beth would not hold out. As they entered the cabana Suzie said, "That reminds me, I better call home to tell my parents what's up. "He wants to be in both places at the same time," Curt said, smiling back. Suzie did what Curt asked and realized he intended to fuck her here in the shower from behind.

What Could Be Better Cocksucking

first-time 425olds 2018-06-13

That you're my cock sucking faggit slave who lives to have my dick in his mouth?" He said even louder, smiling while I squirmed. I firmly held unto the other black dick in my hand and slowly stroked the entire length of it's shaft as I furiously sucked the one in my mouth. I had both black cocks in my hand as my Master walked toward me with an erection that already had precum on it's head. I sucked his cock and then one of the black guys said, "Hey, our dicks are feeling deprived here, faggit."  The black guys left while telling my Master how good his little cocksucking bitch is and that they want to come back sometime for more.

Dad & Son time at Cabin

first-time bjon 2018-06-13

And I just went and took him all the way down, And was sucking him for only a few moments when I could tell he was about ready to blow his load, I tried to pull off of him since I didnt want him cumming in my mouth, But he held on to the back of my head so tightly and face fucked me good and I could feel his cock get even thicker now and then a huge hit of cum hit the back of my throat. Dad pulled his cock out, and looked down and smiled, and said thanks son, that was fucking awesome and gave me a kiss and tasted his cum from my mouth and face.

First Exam

first-time ghostwriter22 2018-06-13

She also told me that because this was the last appointment for the day, she felt that we could take as much time as needed without feeling rushed. When she asked me if I had ever had sexual relations, I told her that I had not really done anything more than kiss and let one boy feel my breasts. She told me that I could feel her breast so that I would understand what normal breast tissue was like, and demonstrate that I could do an adequate exam. Soon I noticed she was occasionally rubbing her breasts with her other hand and speeding up the rhythm of her stroking.

is it a dream

first-time 2018-06-13

Now at this point I thought this guy was going to leave but he stayed in the room, my wife positioned her sopping come filled pussy in my face and instructed me to lick, many times I had cleaned her out but this was another man’s seed, I then felt this guy climb on the bed and wow what a thing it was in a split second he had climbed on the bed stuck his cock in and made me again shoot without touch.

My Date With Beverley Mitchell

first-time 2018-06-13

I told Sam to waite out side and that I’d be fine it’s not like she can hurt me or any thing I said as I opened the door and got inside. Beverly was wearing a tight pair of short’s that showed off her ass to great effect and I took hold of them and unbuttoned the top button and then slid the zipper all the way down. Beverly I said as I used both hands to pull her leg’s apart have you ever had a guy fuck you in your ass? Beverly sucked my cock like a pro and I was certain now that I was going to fuck her again as soon as I could.

Piss – Part 1

first-time 2018-06-13

I was already getting a sensation in my slit for a loo and the sight of the toilet and the sound of the running water exited me all the more… But I was determined to not think of it and quickly worked on brushing my teeth, opened the shower simultaneously stood inside while brushing and somehow finished all.. “Ha ha h aaaa haaa.A….” bursting into laughter pritika said, “ok, ok, ok,,… Ok, alright now I will point the camera at your slit and when I say go.. And she moved the camera from my face to my vagina and finally said, “look see I will say go but I dont want you to drain it full, I want to empty your bladder only a quarter or in other words only for 3 seconds..

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 06

first-time mrsterygor 2018-06-13

I immediately left Becca's bedroom, sprinted down the hallway, and knocked loudly on Karissa's door. Then I placed my entire mouth onto Karissa's twat and began to eat her out, pressing both of my lips and my tongue onto her pussy. Karissa let out a muffled scream through her panties as she orgasmed, sending a wave of cum right out of her pussy. Becca grabbed Karissa's cheerleader panties off the bedroom floor and held them up in the air. “I can see why Becca enjoys fucking you,” Karissa said, as she licked the cum off of her own face. I moaned loudly as cum shot out of my cock and into Karissa's cheerleader panties. Then I stuck my fully erect cock into Becca's wet pussy and began to fuck her hard.

New Kid on the Block Ch. 03

first-time phyrecat27 2018-06-13

When Jason's thoughts weren't of Kylie's taut form they were filled with images of Kelly's heart-shaped ass. As Jason tried to shape his blob-like lump of clay into a masterpiece, Kylie's skillful fingers worked effortlessly at her piece. But that doesn't mean that I want you like that." He was trying to get the picture of the rainbow cascade of her hair down her bare skin, with a teasing finger on her lower lip as she looks back over her should. "But if my mom catches me..." Jason pleaded, trying to find a way out even though his body was pleading to give into the sultry temptation of imagining Bianca sliding her fingers in and out of herself.

The Dawn Of Understanding

first-time Alivitari 2018-06-13

I still have a perfect image of that first glimpse of the woman, I remember every line and shadow of her face. My heart and soul looked upon this pretty woman with a kind of reverence, she was where I would be soon. In my mind the brazier fell away as she spoke to the woman at the ticketing counter. I looked upon this woman with new eyes as I undressed her in my mind. My fear of my own new world kept me focused on this woman and her every curve and line. She opened her mouth and spoke to me, I regretted what I had done and swore that I would never look upon another woman with the same eyes, "Excuse me, but do you have the time?"


Kelly Ch. 04

first-time Balrog 2018-06-13

On the one hand, these were my friends, and in a certain way I wanted to stand on top of the lockers and scream out my love for Kelly as loud as I could. "Well, he hasn't wanted just sex so far," Kelly replied, believing to herself that it was the truth, based on what I'd said. "Daddy, look what Justin gave me!" Kelly said, bringing the rose she to show him. After dinner, Kelly said, "Mom and Dad, Justin has been coaching me to improve my belching, but I'll spare you a demonstration. "Mom, we're going to take a walk to let dinner settle before we finish homework," said Kelly, standing up.

Aunt Em Ch. 03

first-time Falling4U 2018-06-13

Auntie Em clearly liked the thought of being told what to do and even more the unusual situation of a man needing her so badly and in seconds she had released her grip on my throbbing cock and pulling the bedclothes back she positioned herself in the bed ready for me. Auntie Em's eyes were closed, either in fear or anticipation, as I slid the tip of my cock into her wet hole -- slowly, gently -- taking time to make this an experience neither of us would ever forget or regret. " she moaned as I felt the gush of her hot juices which this time were covering my cock and making it feel as if I was fucking under water.

Escort Ch. 01: Dreams of His Daughter

first-time pghpa 2018-06-13

Since I first noticed it happening as I was growing up, I've always loved it when I saw men looking at me like they want me, when they openly show signs that they desire my body and are willing to do just about anything just to see me naked let alone touch me - or do more. I knew if things got a bit exciting tonight that it would go flat again but by then I figured he wouldn't be looking at my hair anymore, if he ever did in the first place. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew he was paying for me to be there, I could have been at a pleasant dinner with a new boyfriend given the way things had gone so far.

A Boy's Story

first-time riverboy 2018-06-13

One day in school Matt's English teacher, a divorced woman with no children and few friends named Laura Rumster, gave the class a writing assignment to "re-write a classic movie theme in your own style, using yourself as a character." Matt didn't watch movies much. Keeping her in the story in a complimentary way, Matt thought, would surely ensure him a good grade on the assignment, so he left her in and continued writing... "Matt you can't write that kind of thing in high school," Laura said. "Okay, you did some good work this time people," Laura said loudly as she handed out the graded papers the next day at school.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 29

first-time jacktar48 2018-06-13

Tommy and I were finishing our congealed plates of scrambled eggs and home fries when Jennifer and Mary Louise came out of the princess bedroom, holding hands and sneaking secretive glances at each other. "Now, Mary Louise," Jennifer began in a teacher voice, "when I want to really get Jack's attention, I sit on his lap like this." She crawled into my lap, her slender thighs astride mine. "Do you want to fuck me, Tommy?" Mary Louise said faintly, her blazing face and red hair almost a perfect match in color. "Now is a good time to let him know that you really are planning to suck his cock," Jennifer said. "I'm going to suck your cock, Tommy," Mary Louise said huskily.

Supersex with co- worker

first-time Rumleskaft1984 2018-06-13

At one point she comes little dancing over to me and lose completely random balance, so she has to sit on my lap. But a little ingenuity I get hooked her bra up and come 2 beautiful breasts, which certainly is not tainted with 3 c***dren. Slowly she let her lips encircle his head, then she starts to suck me deep and slow. Now I put her legs onto my shoulders and fuck her in long deep strokes, where I alternately encounter deeply and slowly and at other times, fuck her fast and hard. Now I fuck her in long deep strokes in the ass - slowly I put the pace up until it finally becomes too much.

Brown Eyed Stallion

first-time blondiecakes99 2018-06-13

He said coyly "hi." When he smiled, he got these little wrinkles around his eyes that made him look much older and wiser than he was. I moaned myself feeling so excited by this fat cock that was filling up my mouth. He moaned again as I gave one last little suck at the tip before pulling my mouth away. I was so incredibly turned on by him and the way he was making my body feel, I wasn't ready for this night to end. I could feel a slight "pop" when the fat head of his cock pushed through my opening. I wanted to taste his soft, full lips, feel his strong arms wrapped tightly around me, but didn't know that I would.

Bye Bi Viginity

first-time 2018-06-13

Still tied and gagged, I could do nothing but watch as Charlie took my rightful place between Jenn's legs, sliding his cock into her still wet pussy. Come on, make him cum." Charlie started unloading right in my mouth as Jenn continued to encourage me. I thought that Jenn was going to get Charlie hard again and watch as he fucked me in front of her, but once again, she was full of surprises. "Just for days like this." Charlie unstrapped my legs and got behind me, pulling my legs up and out so Jenn would have unlimited access to my ass. Jenn lay down on her back behind me and started licking my balls and ass as I fucked Charlie.

I just wanna fuck!

first-time 2018-06-13

I went to knock on his door to ask if he had any cigars, and he said yes, cum inside. He brought be one of his expensive cigars, still in the tube and i immediately pushed it into my pussy. I continued fucking myself HARD with the cigar tube while he watched me cum, then he came over to me and stuffed his huge dick inside of me. He knew his fucking dick made me feel so good and he asked me "who's pussy is that, bitch?" and I answered him over and over "that's your pussy, daddy". He told me he was about to come and I begged him to cum in my mouth so I could taste his manhood.

His Fiancee with Another Guy

first-time secretaryspanking 2018-06-13

Jen glanced nervously over at Billy and tried to pushed Mike's hand away. Mike pressed his cheek against Jen's, turning her head to look at Billy. Mike reached over and took Billy's hand, and guided him to Jen's bra-covered tits. Mike watched as Billy rubbed his fiancee's hard nipple between his thumb and finger. With shaking hands he felt the lacy material of Jen's bra, and then slowly pushed it away. Mike was shocked when he saw Billy between Jen's legs, with his cock out. Seeing Billy pile drive his cock into Jen and shoot his fertile sperm into her unprotected womb drove Mike over the edge, and he came all over his hand.

Lost Innocence

first-time Lost_Innocence 2018-06-13

As he watched, Jennifer begin to wash the little blue car she'd recently bought, he decided that he would offer to help – and get a closer look at those bouncing breasts. She hoped that John didn't notice, but while he pretended not to, John's cock responded to the sight of her wet breasts and the dark nipples standing erect. Jennifer stood up and went over to pick it up for him, but as she reached for it, she felt John' hand brush across her breast. Then, suddenly aware that the door was not locked and that someone could come in at any time, Jennifer smoothed the sheet over John' now limp cock.

Mature Educator

first-time cute_luke19 2018-06-13

One day I went to visit Sandra because we are good friends. I said it was fine, which it was since I had a hard on that felt like it was going to burst through my shorts. My hand moved down to my cock and started stroking it slowly enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman in front of me. Sandra slowly sunk her sexy curvy body into the water and started to rub my cock. My confidence started to increase and my hands began exploring her body. My mouth moved down to her nipples which were already hard and began biting and sucking them. Her husband was going to be home soon, so she kissed me full on the lips and told me I should leave and maybe come back and visit tomorrow.


Snowed In

first-time hunglo567 2018-06-13

I took advantage of the time to quickly rub one out, shooting a huge load of my seed towards the shower drain while thinking of the things that I would love to do to the girl in the shower next door. The first thing that I noticed was that during the night Kelly must have removed the Grinch pajamas as we were now spooning and I could feel the warm soft skin of her back against my chest. I knew that I should put a stop to this before it went any further and having a handful of her great tits and the feel of her sweet ass grinding on my morning wood was quickly eroding my resolve.