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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Stepmom

first-time 2018-06-13

"So I notice you staring at me all the time is there something you want to tell me while I'm here wet and naked?" All I could manage to say was "I need you" so in a blink of an eye she said "well I know you want me so come get me" I immediately grab her wrap my arms around and kiss her holding her close as the warm shower water was hitting us my hands were rubbing her back as we passionately make out in the shower, at this point I'm rock hard and ready for my dreams to be fulfilled she got on her knees and put my hard cock in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around my head and shaft I moan in please and she looks up and smiles then keeps sucking "oh god" i keep saying after all I was feeling great and I was extremely horny.

The Developing of Emma Part Four

first-time midsummerman 2018-06-13

Emma awoke in the softness of her silk sheets and wondered what the day would bring; her sissy cock bulged and dribbled sticky pre-cum through the outlet of her cage as she thought of sucking Kurt’s cock; her tight little anus clenched and released at the plug, which acted like a comforter. Elaine had Emma kneel and kiss her feet whilst she thanked her for the caning, and then the tearful sissy was taken to the wash-room by the smiling and contented maid. The murmurs continued amongst the males as the maid painted Emma’s finger and toe-nails sissy pink, before applying make-up to her soft little face.

1000 Miles of Sex

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-06-13

It was a strip bar, and it was a little awkward for Mark and Tina, both feeling out of place, but once inside, we got a round of beer and settled back to unwind and maybe we could get some sl**p when we got back to the truck. I had lowered Tina's pajama drawers and was playing with her pussy through her panties, and she wanted me to stop, but couldn't without letting Mark know that I was awake. For a half hour I listened to their subdued voices, the truck rocking as Tina and Mark had sex. The next morning we showered but there was no sex because Tina was too sore and swollen, and after b-fast, we gave Mark a ride to get his truck.

Abbey's One Night Stand

first-time pregnantlover 2018-06-13

Billy told her if she needed help he knew a few good tutors who knew a thing or two about the history of India. They talked a little about world history and Jack told her he would be glad to help her with her assignments. After an hour passed Billy told them he needed to be getting to class and he left Jack and Abbey to talk about history. After they studied for about two hours Jack said he was getting hungry and asked Abbey if she wanted to order a pizza. Abbey closed her eyes and started to cry, telling Jack she was a virgin and didn't want to go any farther.

Class Dismissed by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-06-13

Monica took her time putting away her things and clearing off the desk. "Yes," James breathed and in an instant he crushed his mouth to hers, abandoning all rules of teacher-student relations and forcing his tongue into her mouth. Their mouths fused together in heated passion and Monica's fingers flew to James' jeans. Monica slid to the edge of her desk, opening her legs so that James could fit between them. And when her fingers slid over that spot again, James pulled out and dutifully came all over her face. She wiped the cum off her face with a finger that she then sucked clean and with a smile she said, "Well, James, I think you've earned yourself you're A+."

New Years Eve (Part 1)

first-time flasher974 2018-06-13

Mum and Dad had arranged a Fancy Dressed themed event this year and when my s****r Sara and I asked what we should wear our parents immediately said we should wear our school uniforms. I had a second helping of Mum`s feminine juices and spent a few minutes licking around her cunt and pubic region hoping I had not missed anything. Mum then called me up and it was her turn to crouch down and suck on my cock, it had in fairness turned semi-erect as I had been concentrating on lick her feminine areas, but it didn’t take long for her to get me fully erect again, in fact it only took seconds.

Disabled, But Still Able

first-time bmyjc 2018-06-13

Many times Pam or Marlene would return to the bedroom and Brian would not yet be hard. A week ago Marlene had rubbed Brian's cock with the washcloth and asked what it felt like. Within seconds, Marlene's bra was in her right hand, but Brian's eyes were on her tits. With each stroke, Marlene managed to rise just to the very tip of Brian's cock and immediately slammed back down to the base. As Marlene continued to forcibly bounce up and down, Brian realized he could use his arms and the spring of the bed to f***e his hips in time with hers. At which point they separated and Marlene turned to her right hip as she fell back down with her cheek resting on Brian's chest.

Crazy Ladies: Ada Pt. 1

first-time randomxs 2018-06-13

My roommate Rory, whom I found out years later was queer as a football bat, threw into the conversation one evening that Ada another roommate had decided to give up her virginity and asked him if he'd do it. She turned around and straddled the bench and we kissed a few more times as I fondled her hairy pussy. The thought of what I had planned for her to lead up to taking her virginity started exciting me too. "Lay on the bench and spread your legs and grab your ankles I want to shave that hairy cunt". Then she lay on the bench, opened wide her beautiful legs exposing her pussy to me for the first time. That position was very exciting to me and she seemed to like exposing her virgin cunt in that way.

Lost my Virginity

first-time 2018-06-13

Now don’t get ahead of the story, it was with a girl and wouldn’t you know it… on a night when I was expecting to have the room to myself, who should come through that door, Josh and Alex! Alex and Josh started making out and I immediately got hard, I was so distracted by watching to men make out for the first time I didn’t notice Jeff sit down next to me on the bed and move in close. I told him I truly enjoyed last night and even thought I wasn’t sure (at the time) if I was gay or bisexual, but I did know I wanted to do that again.

Key west

first-time Jelly1111 2018-06-13

They were getting ready to leave and invited me to tag along .turns out they were in the same hotel and I end up having another drink back at their room. Then the smaller of the guys got up and went to the bathroom and apparently took a quick shower and came back with a towel wrapped around him. The other guy starts rubbing him and I'm thinking , time to go and got up to leave. I figured they need time alone when the bigger guy says, you don't have to leave , you can watch if you like. With that he started rubbing the little guy and off came the towel. I was turned on ,big time and kept watching until the one asked if I would like to get a blow job?

The Night I Lost My Anal Virginity

first-time revmyengine 2018-06-13

I began to slide my hand down his chest and under his boxers so I could grab ahold of the cock I could feel between my legs, but he stopped me. With his hands on my shoulders he began kissing my neck, moving an inch at a time lower and lower until his lips were at the top of my skirt, just below my belly button. He began to alternate between licking upwards on my cock, and putting each of my balls one by one in his mouth sucking just hard enough to make me grab harder on to the back of his head and say his name. It felt amazing - so good to have his hand wrapped around my cock while I could feel him cumming inside of me.

Could It Happen Like This

first-time JustMel 2018-06-13

While I touch you for the first time with both hands I close my eyes, I try to get a better feel as to what is what by cupping as much of you as I can through your pants. When I first touched you, you where just a bulge in your pants, now I can feel the difference between your shaft, your cock head and your balls. I see and watch my hands rubbing your crotch, cupping your balls, feeling your cock grow in your pants and I can hardly believe that it really is my hands doing it, making you to get a nice big hard-on. When I feel the increase of pre-come I bring one hand down and start to stroke you in time with my sucking.

Stella's sudden surrender [5]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-06-13

Saskia can imagine how a man loves to look at a bare beautiful bottom, stepping the stairs right before his eyes. Stella blushes as she admits to Saskia, she never could imagine to come from an anal assault as it had happened. Saskia has her hands full of two tasty pussies as tries to come in silence, hoping not to miss any more dirty details. Stella reads the anxiety in her eyes and assures sweet submissive Saskia she will witness all with us, next holiday. She loves to listen to the lessons of Stella and hotly hopes similar things will happen to her in her sexual servitude. Saskia agrees how hot it is to see so many people read our sexy secrets, hopes all will enormously enjoy.

Kathryn's Question Ch. 05

first-time val wrangler 2018-06-13

Kathryn, leaning back against the arm of the sofa, one leg curled under her and the other on the floor, looked at me silently, knowing very well what her words intimated. On one hand, I wanted to pull her to me, rip off her clothes and ravage her body, but at the same time what had happened to us over twenty years ago, not to mention the specter of my dead wife filled the wide chasm separating us. No matter how conflicted I was inside, seeing her like that, lying on my sofa, satiated (for the moment), turned me on so much my cock, trapped in my pants as it was, actually hurt.

Several times I tried Anal sex

first-time 2018-06-13

It was a bit spicy and musky , and I felt like a naughty, dirty girl, and my fingers furiously rubbed my Clit and I came hard as he teased my nipples. His hands never left my ass; he aligned himself using only his hips and I felt his spongy head push into my open pussy, resting there, my orgasm ready to pounce, and he fully entered me in one shot , and I came hard, breath whistling as he filled me, my body stiffened and I fell on the bed, dragging a large tree. My orgasm is stronger, my smooth walls squeeze his cock, my ass pushing, hard and my hole relax, open the window, wanting to have it in both my holes.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 02

first-time cubalover 2018-06-13

I nibbled an erect nipple and ran my tongue around her dark areola (much sexier, I'd thought for a couple of years, than my pink ones) but she gently admonished me — "No, pay attention to the job at hand." And so she taught me to touch her till her strong thighs started to quiver and she reached her thrusting, shuddering climax and collapsed into my arms. That photo, tucked into the frame of my bedroom mirror, reminded me twice a day — as I brushed my long hair the obligatory hundred strokes, morning and night, like the little girl I still was in spite of my years — that I had been unable bring myself to tell Danny how much I loved Pierre, though I did tell him we were good friends.

Dancing with Kelly Ch. 02

first-time GypsyGirl84 2018-06-12

Kelly bit her lip as she looked like she wanted to argue further, but then she finally nodded. "Steven, before you go, ould you, um....could you kiss my breasts good night?" Kelly turned a bright red as she admitted, "You have no idea how wonderful that felt." Kelly's hands dragged my head from between her legs and up her body so that she could kiss me fiercely. When Kelly broke the second kiss, she licked her lips and said, "Is that what I taste like? "Kelly," I said, taking her face in my hands and kissing her nose, "you can never be anything but a lady in my eyes. "I think you better get some sleep, my beautiful Kelly," I said, placing a kiss to her forehead.


first-time loloishorny 2018-06-12

I told my dad that mom had moved out and has been fucking and shacking guys up with her all the time. When I got to the truck door, dad had his legs spread and I could see the outline of his dick in his shorts. I tried to cover them with my arms, but as I looked up to my dad again, his smile grew bigger and he told his caller that he needed to get back to his appointment. Dad got a bigger smile and said that he'd like to see them sometime. When I stood in front of him, daddy lifted me to the counter, spread my legs, moved my panties to the side and began to lick my pussy filled with cum.

A First Time for Everything Ch. 04

first-time curious_cait 2018-06-12

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I felt his warm, strong hands encircle my waist, the feeling of flesh on flesh sending warmth directly to my center. He'd been telling me all this time that we wouldn't go farther or do anything I didn't want to, and now he was letting me put that into action, instead of asking me what was or wasn't okay as I just went along for the ride. It pleased me to no end that my hand could apparently make him feel good, but I was dying to try out some of the tips I'd read online about blowjobs. I knew I wouldn't do a good job if I just jumped into it like I wanted to, so I took my time, listening to his soft sighs.

A Virgins Fantasy Ch. 01

first-time 12bb 2018-06-12

"Make love to me, Jason, make love to me." I said seductively as I ran my hand slowly up my leg pulling away the pale blue lingerie dress, allowing him a quick glimpse of what was to come. His mouth traveled down my chest and his lips sent aching desire racing through me, Slowly, my Jason pulled away from me, and tugged his shirt off, tossing it across the room. Chuckling at my eagerness, Jason took one of my erect nipples into his mouth a began suckling the tender pink flesh. " Bella, oh you taste great, I am lapping heaven baby." His tongue tormenting a small area of sensitive flesh, making me lose my breath, and buck my hips.


first-time Ashson 2018-06-12

"Give me a couple of minutes and then bring them in please, Jessica," Charles told her, and turning to Mary suggested that she put on her dress again, which Mary did, albeit with a disgusted look at it. "You've got two hours free right now Charles, so you won't need me." Turning towards the door she suddenly bent and snatched up Mary's original clothes. Mary did so, and Charles promptly took advantage to run his hands over her bottom and to let his fingers gently probe the gap when the cheeks came together with her legs. Mary looked at him and then across at the couch, all the time feeling those nimble fingers, touching and teasing.

Longhaired Lover from Liverpool Ch. 01

first-time belab 2018-06-12

I heard some noise near the pool and as I peeped out from the first floor window of my bedroom my eyes widened as I saw her as she stood in a one-piece bathing suit that hid her very nice figure but not the long tresses of hair in her bushy armpits. (How was she to know that I was devouring her hairy body then though she would get to know later that I had seen her stroke her own long underarm hair and even smell it much to her embarrassment). When she started sucking it she had not known that I had already cum seeing her hirsute body but it was still rock hard and I could tell she loved the taste and the musky smell of my balls.

SheMale Encounter -Hot Story -Please Comment

first-time bmckzi 2018-06-12

“Promise not to fall in love while you’re away?” Lana asked as she wrapped her arms around me. I didn’t care where or how I just wanted to ram my thick cock inside of her and make her come alive. Her tongue slid into me and this time when my hand went between her thighs she didn’t pull away. I slid my fingers up her skirt and into her panties and felt her cock hard, already leaking. Victoria wrapped her arms around me and took my cock in her hand. I closed my eyes and let her work her way inside of me. Her cock, that from a far appeared to be small, felt like a ten footer when it tried to make it’s way past my virgin barrier.

Game Off

first-time humantouch 2018-06-12

"Hey Jessie, keep checking on the little one will you," Dan said. "Ok," Jessie said, as she saw Eddie come down over the stairs in a bathrobe. "You look bothered by something," Jessie said to Dan as she sat down on the couch. "I try," Dan said as he sat on the chair across from the couch, "I know this is bad to talk about Eddie's personal life, but damn I'm worried about him." "Good, can I lay on your bed?" Jessie asked as she maximized the screen and went over to where Eddie sleeps. "So I ask you again," Jessie said as she approach and put her hands on his shoulders, "Play here or with your friends?"