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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

mama, cea mai buna amanta

first-time pleyer24 2018-06-12

Timpul a trecut si, acum cateva luni, eu la 23 ani, ea la 42 ani, in timp ce facea baie, m-am dus sa ma uit pe gaura cheii, era asa frumoasa, si imi placea cum insista pe pasarica ei cu par tuns scurt si pe sanii, aceeasi sani placuti. Avea labile mici iesite inafara si pun gura pee le, tresare si geme incet, dar desface singuar picioarele sa pot intra tot, cu toata limba, Avea un gust asa bun si era deja umeda. Intru tot si incep sa ma misc din ce in ce mai repede, wow, ce cald si bine era la ea inauntru si ce cum strangea din vagin, simt ca nu mai pot si imi dau drumul in ea, a tipat de palcere si a avut al doilea orgasm.


Kat New Easter Friend

first-time shotguner 2018-06-12

We drive away and the girls are talking and I ask Manny about his job as he's telling me I see Kat pull Becky close and wisper to her then kiss her she trys to pull away but can't and not have Manny know what is happen so she just lets it go and that was her frist mistake cause by the time we got to Sue's Kat was finger deep in her poor Becky was doing her best to keep her man from hearing or seeing anything and on the edge of cumming.

All Work and No Play

first-time Pignoni 2018-06-12

I quickly went to my office in the parts area and found on my desk a blue video cassette box that I recognized from being the one I had selected the night before with a note on it which read something like, “Sorry I fell asleep upstairs last night when you where so nice to join me for a movie. I could see over my desk as the first shot landed just in eye-sight on the otherside (in all my masturbatory sessions, and I had engaged in quite a few up to that point, I couldn’t remember having my cum shot as far as it had during my mind-blowing orgasm the night before, and the one I was having at that moment).

First time swinging

first-time jessewh 2018-06-12

I got my cock out while he was going down on here and stood over her so once she started to come out from under her shirt my throbbing cock would be in her face, which only took a few licks till she wanted to see who was down on her. The other guy was fumbling around trying to get a condom on with his fingers already soaked with pussy juice I decided to start the fucking while he got his condom on. This was the first time I had a guy suck my dick and he was wanting my cum, which I was not even close. Which to stop him with playing with my balls I let him in her pussy again until he nutted within 5 minutes.


first-time shypoet 2018-06-12

Well, that night she messaged me and said that she just realized how close we lived to each other, and wouldn't it be awesome if we could meet, minus our significant others? "Look, I'm not comfortable with touching or taking it to the next level, but I am so worked up and hot right now, I would love for us to masturbate for each other," said Pinkie. Her eyes never left me or my cock, so I kept nervously looking around, but always brought my eyes back to her as she convulsed occasionally and never stopped stroking her dripping wet pussy. "Pinkie", (you know who you are), if you are reading this, thank you for the awesome afternoon we spent together.

My Cock was Covered with His Cum

first-time youri15 2018-06-12

Anna was really going down on me and she was giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had sucking all of my cock deep into her mouth, but watching my wife having two cocks at the same time was really turning me on. The two men took turns fucking my wife and she had cum many times and you could hear how sloppy her pussy was getting. I took my wife and I slid my hard cock into her wet, sloppy pussy. We had several other meetings with Jim and Anna that summer but the most fun was when Tom would come over and fuck my wife while I would sit back and watch her.

Imagining Our First Meeting

first-time TrnshdBrknHalo 2018-06-12

My mouth is feeling dry and my hands are shaking. You step back just enough for me to enter and the next thing I know I am in your arms and you kiss me. You feel my tongue push through your lips exploring your mouth. I moan into your mouth as I am exploring with my tongue and my hands. I start to cum slowly on your tongue and you move it faster and press harder until I am squirting into your mouth. Knowing that what I really wanted was your hard cock in my mouth. You start to pump your fingers into me faster and harder and you cum in my mouth, shooting down my throat.

School's Out Ch. 01

first-time OzDave 2018-06-12

I watched as a small water droplet ran slowly down her throat, gathering other droplets along the way, pausing at the depression at the base of her neck as she swallowed before quickly running down across the rise of her right breast and into the cloth resting just above the bump in her top where her hard nipple was poking out. They climbed in opposite us, Wendy exclaiming "Come on you two, there'll be plenty of time for that kind of thing later!" She continued "So Dave, you know Terri and I have been planning this gathering for months now. Terri mewed into my ear as my fingers brushed up and down over her mound and then she gave a little grunt of impatience to let me know she needed me to reach lower.

Confessions of a chronic Masturbator!!!

first-time chuckwentfishing 2018-06-12

I pulled my skirt up and my panties off, lay down on the bed, spread my legs and started to rub my clit while some random naked dude was jerking off on the laptop next to me. I opened my eyes to a bright light hitting my face, I saw my uncle Ben crouching down at the edge of the bed taking pictures of me with his camera phone. Uncle Ben lied back on the bed and with a scared hesitant tone in his voice he said - would you like to suck it ? he sat back on the bed and nursed his dick and said - thanks, that felt good.

Making Love with an Angel

first-time OscarWildetimes 2018-06-12

Her boyfriend seemed to have had the same thoughts, because one spring day she came crying to me by the lockers at school. She turned and looked up at me with those eyes, filled with pain over what had happened that day. I looked down at her, and watched as her large breasts bounced to the tempo set my her head. She pulled her mouth off of my dick, grabbed her shirt, and ripped it over her head. She made an intake of breath, then thrust her head on my cock again, burying it in her mouth. She pulled off her tiny shorts with a little struggle, and stood in front of me wearing only a pair of small, pink, panties.

The Doctor Will See You Now

first-time jolly_rogering 2018-06-12

OK, let me take your hand, and let's try a little movement like this." The doctor gently grasped the hesitating hand, laid his index finger atop hers, and began very gently to stroke her pussy lips with it, gently, gently. Under the doctor's practiced guidance, under their shared rubbing of her pussy, the girl began to respond a little, to spread her legs just a bit, her eyes still closed, but now her mouth just a bit open. As the girl rose up on her elbows and began to look around, the doctor grabbed a small sample jar with some filmy liquid inside and said, "Miss Pulliam, please take this sample back to the lab and prepare the ointment.

How it started

first-time 2018-06-12

One night he sat me down after giving me an incredible orgasm with his mouth and finger and explained to me that he just wasn't getting anything out of it anymore. I was sitting with my room mate Carol listening to the music and watching all the people dancing. He put his hands on the back of my head pushing his cock into my mouth. I sucked my husbands cock almost every night for a lot of years but he knew not to touch my head. It finally passed and Jim got up placing his still hard cock on my hairy bush. He slid his cock out and sat on the bed beside me looking between my legs at my pussy.

Emma's Crush Ch. 02

first-time ShortNSassy2U 2018-06-12

With her back against the shower wall for support, Bryan lifted Emma's legs and wrapped them around his waist. "Your pussy feels so good, Emily," he ground out as he rained kisses on her sweet face. Sitting on the side of the bed, Bryan took and placed Emma across his lap, her bottom in the air. Running his hands down her back, he grasped her hips and pulled her against him as he continued to ram his cock into her welcoming body. Bryan took one of her hands and placed it on his swelling cock. Bryan's eyes met Emma's "Are you ready to go to bed, Emily?" I want you inside me." Emma said as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

me and my mum

first-time bigboy91 2018-06-12

One day I got home and I was so fucking horny but I couldn't wank or anything cos my mum was home so I waited till it was bed time where I took out my thriving cock from my undies and started to wank, I was about to cum and I couldn't stop moaning and as I was cumming my mum walks in asking "what are you doing in her, staring at my cock" through her nighty I could see her nice juicy pussy which was stuck to her nighty cos she was wet. I told my mum to lie in my bed, as she did I got on my knees and started licking and scking her pussy it tasted so good and then she told me to fuck her in every hole.

Very Strange Story

first-time d4david 2018-06-12

Friday came and went, no word from Mike, Saturday, Mike did not show up at the park nor was he at any activities on Sunday. 'When I sat down a small skinny looking man came out, looked at my name on the pad, opened the drawer and told me to fill out the paper work and push the door bell on the door he disappeared into. The blacks just pounded into my bottom tell they shoot their load than moved off and stroked their penis tell they got hard than came back again. That's what happen to me, I called the police as soon as I got home, we went back to the address and the office was all board up like no one was ever there.

My Very First Time

first-time Dirkstimson 2018-06-12

But that time she took my hand and put it on one and I kind of stroked it and I felt her nipple get hard and then my dick got hard and I don't know what would have happened next but I almost came in my pants. Not that I shouldn't have figured that out when she stroked my dick through my jeans or at least when she took her bra off, but she is talking about what the guys call pre-cum, that little wet stuff that comes out of your cock when you get really excited but haven't cum yet. "You are beautiful, Jerome Woodley." She begins to stroke me just a little and yeah, there is pre-cum on my dick and she is stroking it and getting it wet.

My first time

first-time 2018-06-12

I let my body lie at the floor while tom removed his t-shirt and unbuckled his jeans. I blushed then he fondled both of it, squeezing it and i gasped."T-t-tommmmy, ahhhhh i want t-that", i squeled then he sucked my left breast while the other squeezing the other nipple. "Nice breast sweatie", he whispered then he removed his brief revealing his very erect penis. After that he removed my wet panty from my already cumming cunt then licked it. I moaned for pleasure then i widely spread my legs while his cumming member pointing to my entrance. Oh my it hurts then my breath hitched when he roughly licked by nipples savoring it and sucking it while his member still inside me.

Office Lust

first-time daddyjon 2018-06-12

She seemed a little embarrassed, but she smiled and took my head in her hands, guiding me down and holding my face against her soft and heaving flesh. I stood up and we held each other, our naked bodies touching, her breasts resting warmly between us, my proud erection pressing against the softness of her belly. She moved slightly away and took my hard shaft and testicles in her hands, gently squeezing and slowly masturbating my throbbing erection. Her lips opened and she took her prize into her mouth, then moved her head back and forth whilst her tongue rubbed against the sensitive skin making me shiver with pleasure. We looked at each other and smiled, our eyes filling with a deep loving gaze and our warm lips met in a long, sensual kiss.

Daddy's Girl

first-time Erieman2006 2018-06-12

Tammy looked me in the eye and said, “I was thinking that if I went upstairs and laid on the bed, you could rub my back for me.” I moved around to the other side of the bed, put some oil on my hands and began rubbing her calves. I sat back a bit and watched my baby as she lay on the bed moaning and breathing hard. Tammy meanwhile was slowly moving her hand up and down and admiring my hard cock which was standing proud at a full 8 inches. “Oh fuck baby!” I could feel the load of cum shooting out of my cock and down Tammy’s throat. Taking hold of my cock Tammy looked up at me and said, “I want this inside me daddy.

My Night With Trisha Paytas

first-time somedude2 2018-06-12

I was feeling extremely horny from knowing that I was going to be the first guy to fuck her in the ass. She handed me the lube and as I lubed up my cock she got ready by dropping her g-string and she leaned over the dining table. "You ready for this?" I asked as I gently pressed the tip of my cock to her ass. I'm ready for your cock" she said and I then gently pushed my way in to her ass. Fuck me in the ass, honey, that's it" she said repeatedly. My cock had a mind of its own as it fucked her deeply in the ass and I soon came.

My sexy room mate

first-time deathdealer01 2018-06-12

Cassie started getting wetter and wetter in her pussy watching Sammie rub her body with soap. "Right im gunna go, be back in a bit" and off she went walking to the door with Cassie's eyes glued to Sammie. Sammie slowly and quietly went up stairs to Cassie's door which was slightly opened expecting to see Cassie with a man having sex but to her supprise she seen only Cassie with her vibrator in her pussy and rubbing her clint. Sammie started moaning again "Ohhhh god dont stop, rub that clint, get that pussy wet" What happened" Cassie went into Sammie's room and seen Sammie naked on her bed and Cassie just smiled.

First time anal play

first-time 2018-06-12

It always felt odd sticking a finger in my ass in the shower. Sounds like a good enough "cock" to start with. It's thick and oily, that'll work to lube my asshole good. I began to fuck my ass to coat the inside. After I felt that my ass was good and lubed, I grabbed the little bat and coated the big end with oil. I started by rubing the end of the bat against my hole. After a few pushes, I felt my asshole begin to open up and swallow the end of the bat. I pushed the bat as deep as my ass would allow and held my finger at my opening.

Chris’ Red Rocket

first-time fultoncrossroad 2018-06-12

I sigh to myself and think why I am never lucky enough to tutor a really hot student like this. "Are you trying to set a world record for the number of times apologizing to a woman in five minutes?" she asks with a glimmer in her eyes. "Think of debit as the greek word for left hand side, and credit as the greek word for right hand side." I remarked. Christina looks directly into my eyes, smiles, and says, "you will have to find that out for yourself. I lay awake thinking of her long flowing hair, the shade of her crimson lipstick, and the smell of her leather jacket, and her emerald green eyes.

An Abandoned Neko

first-time UndertakerKiryu 2018-06-12

Once we entered the room I pinned Gideon to the wall and ran my tongue against his sweet lips, begging for entry. I felt the fumbling hand around my crotch whilst I slid down his booty shorts from the back, revealing a pale, firm ass which appeared luminous in the moonlight. I heard my kitten's breath quicken and labour as I squeezed his ass and positioned my cock to tease his little hole. Running a hand through his hair, Gideon began to claw at my back ruthlessly using his fingernails, allowing blood to draw. Through the clenched eyes and flushed face, Gideon managed a small noise and a nod. "I thought you might need a little preparation kitten," I explained, a dark smile forming on my lips.