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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Al Gets Lucky

first-time I-WISH 2018-06-12

Al put his arm around Carols shoulders and started to kiss her ear, cheek and neck slowly working his way to her mouth. Carol thought the "invitation to watch TV" was a little obvious but accepted because she knew she could control him and he needed some teasing, besides if there was one thing Al could do it was KISS. Al continued kissing Carol and slowly ran his hand from her ear down her neck and back over her butt and thigh to her knee. Carol was just about to tell Al to stop when he started kissing the inside of her thigh and working his way up, for some reason her body seemed to like it so she let him continue to see what would happen.

My First Orgasm with a Man

first-time VAWoman 2018-06-12

He held me close when we danced, my heart raced, and when he kissed me I felt like I wanted to be completely consumed by him. It was dark outside and even though Paul and I weren't too far away from Mark and Lisa, it was like we were in our own little world. Lisa and Mark were completely absorbed in each other and I don't think either of them noticed when I grabbed Paul's hand and led him upstairs. This time I felt like I was in control until he quickly raised his hips pushing himself deep inside me. Mark and Paul left in the late morning, while Lisa and I slept a few hours more.

A romance in Byzantium ... (Part 1 - Prelude)

first-time 2018-06-12

Little-curly-head looked at that dance floor - "sometimes get a couple of musicians and then there is dancing - you can dance" - "Well, not particularly, but I like good music." We were lucky! Long after midnight, the musicians had packed, the host came to us, with a new bottle of wine on cost of the house and told us, he has to close: "We lock only the house - anyway the garden is always open – you remain calm even sit as long as you want." We moved up our chairs, the lights went out, there was just the dim light from the street…, we sat in silence, sipped on wine and thought to the miracle that there has come about us so unprepared...

My wildest dream came true!!!

first-time deliciousxxx 2018-06-12

She made me scream just a little within 5mins by caressing my titts and all of sudden ripping my t-shirt off and undoing my bra she wrap it around my neck and squeezed my nipples & say's oh ''Delicious''you are a very sexy yong woman i'm gonna make you wet...I reply mmm ok...i was shaking like crazy thinking my goodness my wildest dream came true..i could not believe my eyes and she made me watch her spread my pussy lips open and licking my clit very soft and slow i was shivering....


first-time adel5000 2018-06-12

I need to feel your breath I need to bring your body to me I need to kiss your lips I need to open your lips I need to feel your chest rise and fall I need to open your legs I need to step forward into you I need to carry you to the bed I need to kiss your neck I need to kiss your cheeks I need to trace your body with my fingers thats the thought you play in your mind that makes your body tingle crossing that line that seperated the fantasy from the reality eyes not leaving your lithe young body eyes roaming over a body that he has only dreamt about

The Woman Tribe Ch. 02

first-time TussUss 2018-06-11

But just as I was done she quickly took it out and looked like she was about to vomit, the two guard women grabbed her, she screamed really loud and I saw a liquid starting to soak her panties. After what felt like forever Maria was walked out of her hut with the help of her two guards, she looked pale as she climbed up on the stone table. She started humping it a bit, and I got close to cumming a second time, but Maria noticed and quickly stopped.

She Knew I Was Watching

first-time Alpha2Bravo 2018-06-11

I got to the ground and she was wrapped in her towel and she was standing there with her hands on her hips and she looked me right in the eyes and said "come with me right now!" I thought for sure she was going to march me right to my dad in the back yard who was still cutting the grass. As I neared the gate Mrs. Jones gave me one last thrill...she said "Michael" and as I looked back, she dipped two finger deep into her soaked pussy and pushed them all the way in to her knuckles and they came out soaked with my cum.


first-time ryandale2001 2018-06-11

Jessi through me down on the bed this time and shoved my once again hard cock into her pussy. At this point jessi put her pussy over my face and began to suck on my cock. I began to lick the cum out of jessi from both of us and was loving it and was getting hard again. Jessi came back fully over my face and continued sucking on my cock. Right after cumming in her mouth jessi let out a loud moan and began to scream. A few seconds later i felt her body shudder and her pussy began to shoot warm female ejaculation all over my face and in my mouth.

First Things First

first-time taelifay 2018-06-11

He snapped back to after I pulled away from the kiss, asking him with my eyes, "What's wrong?" He shook his head slowly, the simple gesture telling me nothing was and we both smiled as we caught the driven smirking at us in the rear view. He tugged our bags off the seat, and while donning the backpack, we heard the driver say, "You crazy kids have fun now!" Wyatt looked back at him haughtily, and nodded his head as if telling the driver, "Hell yeah we will, what's it to you?" I shut the car door, and Wyatt was already halfway to the Lobby before the cabby drove away.

You're In My Seat Pt. 03

first-time JaneSaysIt 2018-06-11

I look up at him and his adorable pouting face, bottom lip sticking out making me want to bite it, "Carter, shut up and sit down." Even though I met Ally's mom today in the biggest cock-block possible, I'm just not sure I want to tell my family about her yet until I know this is for sure real. I hesitated for a second, then take a deep breath and lay it out there, "I was going to say 'I want more than just a fuck.' I mean you said you didn't really have feelings for Paul, but you were with him. I hope to god I am reading her right because I don't want to feel like a total perv for touching myself while she talks to me.

My friends needy hot wife

first-time sickndazed8798 2018-06-11

Steve then let me in on a little secret that Cary had heard through the g**** vine a while back of how big I was and she let it slip to him that she would love to have a dick that big in her at least one time in her life if the chance ever arose. He said that knowing Cary and me I should be able to talk her into having sex with you and getting her pussy worn out by your huge 11 inch monster dick. I agreed we should and as we went that way I told her that when I got her in bed I was going to fuck the shit out of her horny pussy and make it cum like never before until she couldn't take it anymore.

A Night at Delta Chi Ch. 02

first-time AUBandGuy 2018-06-11

Her head continued moving finally bringing into view her cute, slightly upturned, button nose that was covered with a extremely light dusting of freckles and her rosebud mouth, that had a dreamy smile that mirrored the look that was shining out of her eyes. She looked up at me, her mouth going into a pout, “Ohhh, I liked where those hands were and you went and moved them.” She snuggled deeper into me, while muttering, “All men are bastards…just when you do something a woman likes, you go and do something completely different.” I couldn’t help laughing softly, while reaching back down to cup her butt in my hands are squeezing them a little firmer than I had while she was sleeping, “It will my as my lady wishes, of course.

The First Meeting

first-time P4U 2018-06-11

At this she drew back a bit and made as if to stop me, but now, my hand being like a bar of iron I pulled her back to me, and allowing my hand to dive right back up her thighs, past the seam of her panty to feel the bare lips of her sex and her pubic hair. I seized her hand from my neck and placed it gently on my member, she grasped it in a firm grip, wrapping her soft and dainty fingers around its hardness and moved her hand slowly up and down its engorged and burning length, while her dance of passion continued as my hand reached back to her love groove, playing with her little throbbing button of pleasure which was soon hard like a stone.

Tennis Camp Ch. 04

first-time Strawberry_2051 2018-06-11

She let us wait, and never did give me eye contact as she finally said, "Right after you two left, Jeannie wanted to talk with Tom about tennis at the college level." With that answer, she looked over at a closed bedroom door. I could feel my face turning beet red as I turned to look at the closed door and realized the meaning of what Elle had just said. I noticed that Elle was looking right into my eyes probably for the first time, and somehow we were holding hands. Then, with her eyes closed, Elle ran her hands down my stomach and lightly touched my penis through my shorts.


first-time pricky 2018-06-11

after that dinner, on the way home, we were both thinking and feeling the same thing, as soon as we reached his room, he started to take off my clothes, kissing me from my lips then going down, he was a good kisser and i was so wet, i held his dick and it was so hard, i started to give him hand jobs and he was moaning as i stroke up and down, and i got turned on to give him a blow job, and he moaned louder. after having that 1st sex, he got to know more of each other until we are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and whenever we see each other, we miss each other a lot that every sex that we do, seems like the 1st time we did it when we had that sex after dinner.

A DAUGHTER'S STORY (For Yng_Daddiesgirl)

first-time 2018-06-11

Only one person the world knew about my little crush on my daddy and that was my best friend Shannon who was two years younger than me but already had several sexual encounters and seemed totally unsurprised by my confession. He continued fingering my pussy but not actually penetrating very deeply while I sucked his cock. They looked scary to me and tried to imagine what they must feel like being thrust into a girl's pussy. (Pre-cum, Monday, Shannon) Daddy lay back, moaned softly, and resumed fingering my pussy. I felt the tip of his cock advancing slowly into my little pussy. "Then I will be your wife, " I said after a moment's siilence and we kissed for a very long time.

The Missing Link and it's Yummy!

first-time 7yearsitched 2018-06-11

As I smiled and licked my lips with a savory smile he returned the smile and ever so gently rested his hand on my shoulder and I instinctively lowered to a squat position, licked my hand, grabbed it at its thick base, stroked it once, licked the head getting another drop of pre-cum and started sucking his amazing cock. My body relaxed with pleasure as I again felt the empty coolness in my ass as it leaked out more ass cum and a second later the fog in my head lifted and I dropped lower to his sweaty balls and took each of them in my mouth as I jerked his cock.

Star Trek: TNG The Party

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-06-11

Beverley then came over with a large plate of what looked like large shells sitting on ice, which she placed on the table, Wesley belatedly helping by moving the other glass a little for her. She looked stunning in the candlelight and Wesley took in every part of her body, his eyes drawn from her perfectly plump breasts that held up like orbs on her chest to her stocking covered legs to the shaven mound of her pussy framed by the shadow of candlelight against her suspenders and stockings. Troi then noticed him watching and smiled as she reached down under the water and proceeded to remove Beverley's knickers, sliding them down her legs and getting her to lift her feet one at a time before standing back up.

yummy-my 1st Cock

first-time 2018-06-11

I have a hard time sl**ping at night so he also gave something to relax( I have no Idea what it was but I'm sure I could guess now) as I was laying on the sofa I started getting very relaxed & he mentioned that it would be easier to give me a really good massage if we were on the bed so I agreed, when we went to the bedroom he told me he does like to sl**p naked but would keep a shirt on that night & I told him to make sure he stayed on his side also. I touched it- with my tongue, I slid my tongue around the head of his cock & slowly slid it in my mouth-mmm,lobster makes good tasting cum I swallowed every drop .

The Sex Tutor Pt. 01

first-time dave_jones_50 2018-06-11

I got the idea he thought I should know what that means because other girls had given it to him." Kay comforted her daughter as best she could. At the same time, she really wanted to make Kevin happy and couldn't see another way to learn what she needed to know, and fast. She wore only a pink bra, matching silky garter belt, sheer thong revealing a glimpse of neatly trimmed pussy, black stockings and high heels which Michael vaguely remembered having seen before on Kay. He was surprised at how much Holly resembled her mother. I mean Kevin's seems really big to me, but yours is even bigger." Holly looked up at him with an expectant smile.

Happy Memories

first-time rcpeters 2018-06-11

As Margie explained to me later, if I could take a weeks vacation, we could stay at her parent's home and keep an eye on Robin and I could do my electrical work in the home next door. She kept saying how sorry she was and then said, "I mean if you walked in on me in the shower I would never tell anyone." This got me super hard and I told her, "I will remember that!" She chuckled at that and in a slightly less timid tone se said, "I am going to take a shower now." I wanted to show her how hard she had made my cock and what her older s****r got at least three times a day.

Summer Heat

first-time Abgirl 2018-06-11

Congratulations!" Eric ran up and wrapped me in a hug from behind and the smell of fresh cut grass and salty sweat filled my nose causing my head to spin. He had then leaned in, with his hot breath on my neck, and whispered "I wish this could last forever." I had wanted to kiss him but instead gave him a simple hug and promised to text him as often as possible. I watched as his eyes traced from the small tattoo on my ankle, up my leg and paused right before my sweet spot. His fingers made their way to my nipples as I started bobbing at a quickening pace, making sure to keep my tongue moving all over his hardness.

First time with a BBC

first-time norwichkid 2018-06-11

All this time he is still talking, “you like that big black dick don’t you white boy” “I still have more black dick for you” Even with all that was going on I was still hard as a rock and leaking the whole time. A puddle of pre-cum was on my stomach and he was hitting me just right so I felt like I could cum without touching my dick. At one point he got me on my hands / knees and it felt like he was in deeper. We laid there for a few minute then he cleaned up got dress and said “you free tomorrow night boy for some more black dick?” All I could do was lay there and nodded yes.

Me and Andy

first-time professor_buttsex 2018-06-11

But then he said: "It's okay if you were looking, I did it for you." "Me and my friend Gabe like to touch each others pee-pee's all the time, and I kinda want to touch yours". After swiftly removing my clothes to reveal my 5.5 inch erect dick, I laid Andy down on the bed and started kissing his face while working my way down to his beautiful, hard and little cock. I slowed down and slowly pushed my cock in and out of his ass until I jizzed what felt like a litre of cum into his ass. I pulled my wet, cum covered dick out of Andy's ass and he wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked it until I jizzed a second time.