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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friends With Benefits Part Three

first-time Dirty786 2018-11-19

I want to eat your pussy just like this guy in movie on this hot chick.” He moans and tries to catch his breath. Stan is stroking his cock as it get bigger and bigger, while Jane is playing breasts and her nipples with pussy getting nice and wet. They look at each other while masturbating themselves and kiss a for few seconds, but turn their attention back to the movie as they are intrigued by the loud moans of girl as she gets her pussy eaten by the hot stud. Meanwhile Stan is thrusting his hips hard and fast, pumping his cock into his hand moaning and groaning with pleasure.

The Trials of First Love Chapter 5

first-time BadGirl76 2018-11-19

“Yes Jeff, I want to spend the night with you and wake in your arms to start a new chapter in my life,” I said reaching for his cheek. Jeff sighed and said, “I want to be with you, Anna, but I’m just not sure that I want the pressure of being your first and seeing the pain in your eyes as I rob you of your virginity.” I thought he was leaning in to kiss me, but when he nestled his head in my neck and whispered, “I’ve been dreaming about having you tomorrow and I don’t want to wait.” I told her everything, even about Jeff, and she said she would keep an eye out for Jeremy and let me know if she saw him.

First time and beyond

first-time rebustoo 2018-11-19

In no time, my lips were sucking on a nipple and one of her hands had gripped my very hard cock. We mirrored each other's interests, starting at the shoulders and working down the spine until we cupped each other's buttocks, pulling us close together as we kissed with a desire not known before. Fortunately at that age, without even withdrawing, I was soon able to start again and that 'ripple across her abdomen' with which I was soon to become familiar happened, and once more I had an orgasm. Our exploits, still often fumbling during our honeymoon, were many but I was fortunate enough during my travels for my work to discover a magazine called 'Forum' ( I hasten to add that I have no pecuniary, familial or other interest in it other than as a grateful reader).

Losing It

first-time sunshinegal 2018-11-19

Closing my eyes, I lose myself in him and how it feels like it is just us, but soon, the song stops and Mark pulls away from me. “Oh, Beth, no,” Mark says, pulling me closer and wraps himself around me so he can carefully bury a hand and his nose into my hair, so it looks like we are having a private moment. Pulling my arm back, I quickly tuck it under the side of my body and close my eyes so it looks like I’m asleep. I mentally prepare myself and try to quieten my trembling breath, but I soon feel his lips press against my shoulder and a hand run slowly down my back, causing me to exhale loudly.

Trip to Mainz with Hannah and Tim

first-time ByronLord 2018-11-19

The look in Hannah's eye's said everything I needed to know: She wanted sex and she wanted it now. Hannah pressed the bottle of lube into my hand and opened her eyes wide as she had done in the sex-shop. Following the instructions from the Internet, I continued to work on Hannah's asshole, slipping a second and then a third finger inside her, working them in and out of her, trying to loosen her up. I was ass-fucking Hannah doggy style as she brought Tim's cock back to attention with her tongue. I stopped thrusting momentarily and felt Hannah's ass pressing tighter on me as Tim's cock slid into he cunt.

My first naked swim

first-time DAVESITFC3 2018-11-19

Bev came out of the house in a bikini top and short skirt—she looked hotter than I had ever seen her. Bev then came out of the water and pulled off my tee shirt and told me to join her, I told her I could not as I had no trunks and was not wearing any underwear. The water was getting colder so we decided to go back to the shore, this was the first time I had seen Bev's naked body and I really loved it. We lay on her towel naked and continued exploring each others bodies.

Teacher, Sexy Teacher

first-time Reeb 2018-11-19

As she rolled her head back, closing her eyes while she caressed her left breast and lightly fingered her wet pussy, her mind wondered to the last class of the day and one student in particular. The faint hum of the vibrator filled the room as she closed her eyes and softly ran the cock head up and down her wet opening, lingering only a couple seconds on her swollen love button. A look of pure sexual bliss passed over her face as she bit her lower lip, imagining it was Jason’s huge cock touching the outer folds of her aroused pussy. Her mind imagined Jason pressing her backwards until she was sitting on her classroom desk, legs spread wide open as his cock slowly entered her tight pussy.

My Belated One Night Stand

first-time SexyVixen27 2018-11-19

sorry if I disturbed your sleep,'' I put a shy smiley face at the end of the message, then pressed send. No you didn't wake me it's going to be hard getting to sleep with that image in my head!'' He replies. Josh sent me an image, I opened it up and it was a picture of his cock, looked huge, thick too. He moved his hand down into the waist band of my leggings and gave me a real squeeze and grabbed my hand with his other hand, placing it on his rock hard cock which was bulging against his jeans. He came so deep, moaning quietly, gritting his teeth, holding his cock in place as he calmed down.


first-time Scorpionicus 2018-11-19

Rosa began to imagine the feeling of getting up and walking around the house nude, her body completely exposed to Dave’s eyes. She slid down on the couch until she was lying on it and her excited pussy was now in control of Rosa and she slid one leg down to the floor, exposing her sex completely to whoever might enter the living room. Rosa hesitated for a moment, giving me a little more time to drink in the view of her perfect bottom, moved her legs a bit wider apart, and then bent down until her hands were resting on the table, just as I had ordered her to do.


Sleeping Over

first-time Wilful 2018-11-19

"That feels really nice." Scarlett's eyes welled slightly in response to my agreement, and she lowered her face and playfully rubbed her nose against mine. Her fingers running through my hair sent little, electric chills through my body, which contrasted so perfectly with the warm crush of Scarlett's groin grinding against my cock. Although my feeble brain had cruelly denied me the pleasurable memory of eating her cunt, Scarlett had held up three fingers, with her thumb holding her pinkie across her palm, in response to me asking her if she'd come. Scarlett lifted my head in her hands, gave me the most loving look I've ever seen, and kissed me by way of agreement.

A quick learner

first-time SirSpewalot 2018-11-19

Distractedly she saw Flora stretch out beside Ned and begin stroking his now much smaller cock as they kissed, but when Ned’s hand reached between Flora’s thighs and she spread them for him, Arlene was seized with a flush of desire and exulting anticipation and moved to the other edge of the window, almost into the bushes on that side, to see what Ned was doing. Sorry, she thought to herself, I have a different pussy to rub now, and after she caught her breath she looked inside to see Flora thrusting upwards as Ned had done, ass off the bed, thighs wrapped tight around his head and over his back, and she could hear Flora’s groans as she began climaxing.

College Education - Part 1

first-time billtenn 2018-11-19

I felt like I disappointed her when I said "Oh, it feels good, Kyra, but there's not very much sensitivity in my nipples unfortunately." But if she was disappointed, she didn't show it much, as she moved down my legs then back up again, reaching under the lower leg band of my trunks. She then moved my fingers higher in her pussy to her clit, and after rubbing it for a few seconds, her legs clamped around my hand, she gripped my back tightly with her arms, and I could feel her boobs mashing against my chest, her long nipples pointing into my skin. Kyra reached between her legs and directed my cock into her pussy, and as I began in and out movements, she started to moan with each inward thrust.


Bath For Babygirl

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-18

He begins pushing the bubbles inside her pussy with two fingers, each time he pulls them out, again tapping her clitty with the back of his hands, knuckles lightly rapping against that swelling little button, just hard enough to cause a flinch. Returning to the pace where he had left her, moving his fingers in and out a little faster and as she gets close to the edge, close enough to fall over the edge, he reaches up with the other hand and firmly pinches that tiny button and whispering in her ear, “Cum for Daddy my pet, cum hard and let me hear my name as you reach your release,” with this said his thumb slips inside that little puckered ass and he releases the grip on her tiny clit, beginning to rub even faster than before.

Quebec Women Are Super

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-18

Black men and White women. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I'm a year away from earning my civil engineering degree from Concordia University, a world-class school located in one of Canada's top cities. I mean, gorgeous blonde-haired White women don't go for painfully shy and nerdy Black guys like myself. Yep. I'm big and tall, with skin a very dark shade of Black, and don't forget the nerdy glasses. Jessica told me that she was often at odds with her family and friends because she only dated Black guys. When we walk through Concordia University together, Black women and White men stare at us a lot.

Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 1

first-time sexxxyandiknowit 2018-11-18

Kallie often wanted to just lean forward and taste Lydia’s mouth, or pinch her nipples, or grab her ass, or shove that Rabbit vibrator right up Lydia’s tight, technically virgin, pussy. "Now, let me see those big cocks." She held her hand, covered in pussy juice, over her head and didn’t even turn to see which guy closed his mouth over it. Lydia giggled as the guys shoved each other, each trying to convince her to let him plunge into that warm soaking hole. But Kallie knew it wouldn't matter. She knew that Lydia had really enjoyed the time she got drunk at Katelyn Bostwick's end-of-the-year party, and wound up giving blowjobs to a bunch of different guys, but Kallie would never have imagined Lydia would have let a dozen guys watch her get fucked.

my first sexual experience

first-time submissivesharon 2018-11-18

Once I turned 16 I really wanted a boyfriend but it was tough because I attended an all girls high school. So, prom came and went and we kept dating. We continued to date until I decided that I needed to go to college. Living in the dorm was tough, but it happened to be a weekend that my roommate decided to go home. Unfortunately, because of the way I was brought up, I married him because I felt like "since I had sex with him, I better marry him." What a way to cheat myself out of a good wedding and make my parent pay for a wedding.


No way was my sister going to out do me

first-time wildone 2018-11-18

I guess after wrestling with the idea for weeks, Leah actually gave in and met with Trenton. I wasn't sure if I could stomach it but I guess the thought of getting the upper hand on my sister would get my engines going. I hadn't been with a guy since I got here and now I was starting to realize how exciting it could be letting this older man have his way with a beautiful young woman like myself. With two quick pulls, he ripped my shirt open exposing my breasts to the hot dank air.  His hands gripped them like two plush, soft, tan handles that he used to torque my body.

Make It Up To Me

first-time sabrina1127 2018-11-18

He looked over at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his and put his hand on my waist and pulled me against his side, as if he was trying to protect me from all the drunken people around us. He then took his right hand and grasped my nape and pulled my face into his until our lips met. “Oh no, I’m just getting started,” he smiled and took my hand pulling me behind him as he did in the concert. We stepped inside the elevator and as the doors closed, he grabbed my hand and turned facing me. He chuckled, a tiny smile grew on his face and he clasped my chin and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then on the bandage where my injury was.

Until We Meet Again

first-time Huneybee2010 2018-11-18

The car ride was long, so I blasted my music in my ears while I thought of a few scenarios. Once the adults turned their heads I would bite my lower lip and press my body up against his whispering, “If you want it come and get it.”After that one, I decided to give up until we got there. He ended up walking next to me and acted as if everything was cool, but knowing him he was screaming in his head to touch my nearly flawless body. While the family talked for a little bit, I pulled him out of the room to have him “show me the bathroom.” I couldn’t wait any longer.

My new life as a slut part 1

first-time thetiggler 2018-11-18

You carry on fucking and you keep on telling your husband how much you want another man’s cock inside you. As he fucks you your mind wanders and you think about enjoying new cock or pussy. As you continue fucking you think about how much you are going to enjoy new cocks. You just carry on enjoying his cock and thinking about all the new cocks you are going to have, After another 5 minutes your husband warns you he is about to cum. You tell your husband how you think Jane has been eyeing you up and you are dressed like this to tease her. Thinking about Saturday doesn’t take long to start you off and you ask your husband to fuck you.

First time with Laura

first-time bikerbear600 2018-11-18

Laura started pulling her mouth off my cock then slowly pushing it back down her throat, massaging my balls at the same time. I stood back and admired her legs in their black stockings and high heeled shoes then moved behind her grasping my long cock in one hand and spreading her arse cheeks with the other. I panicked a little, not knowing if she wanted her arse fucking and pulled my cock away, pushing it between her legs and into her cunt. Laura watched me with a glazed look but surprised me by pulling her legs back and guiding my cock back to her arse. I started masturbating my long cock, gently pushing my arse back on to her fingers.

The Best Week of Her Life

first-time sierra5210 2018-11-18

Besides, your clothes won't be on long anyway.' They kissed each other one good, long, passionate time, and headed inside. She heard the sound of locks turning, and she flung around to see Adam standing there. He slipped his hand under her shirt and pulled it off, and she fumbled with his buttons. He kissed up her thighs and began licking her pussy. He went back down, and gently nibbled on her cilt after licking it, sending and orgasm straight through her body, squirting him with her cum. He took the tip of his dick and placed it at her entrance, then pulled it away. when they woke up, they began making love again.

The Call Of The Wild

first-time naughnukk 2018-11-18

I scooped up a serving of stew and poured a cup of cider for myself and sat down near the fire opposite of Clara. I removed a narrow foam cushion from my back pack and placed the sleeping bag over it. Clara set herself down without saying a word. Clara started to giggle as she noticed the stiffness of my penis. Clara took my penis in her left hand and swallowed my entire shaft down her throat. Sex will happen, wonderful, natural, wild sex,” declared Clara as she positioned herself so she straddled my body. Her moist hot labia rested over my penis. This was the first time ever I felt the warmth of a woman’s body against mine. I became rigid and then exploded deep inside Clara's bucking body.

Brandy In The Morning

first-time Green_Man 2018-11-18

When they reached at least eighteen years of age all of my friends' daughters had learned how nice Jack was if they were interested. So I fucked my little Brandy until she finally begged me to stop because she couldn't come anymore. "Now, my lovely Brandy you will learn one more way to fuck. I got a generous supply on my finger and began rubbing and pushing into her ass hole a little. I rubbed it around just as I had be doing with my tongue and finger but this time the cock head was pressing in farther and farther. I knew I was still Brandy's favorite old geezer and would be for years to come.