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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Naughty Minx Wife with My Friend

first-time Kennyd792003 2018-06-11

Nigel was getting more confident with the situation and had obviously realised that I didn't mind him kissing Paula, so he began to undo her blouse and rub his fingers inside the top of her bra, and exposing her nipples. They kissed more, Nigel ran his hands down from her boobs, down to her pussy and began to ease her panties to one side and he said, "God what a lovely thick bush you've got" and he put his fingers inside her.

One Night Stand

first-time hedgehogmountain 2018-06-11

I moved closer to him on the floor, watching through hooded eyes, but the music soon had me absorbed in a world of my own, almost forgetting about the handsome stranger. I could feel his breath hot against my neck and his teeth at my ear as he whispered: "I want you, stranger." Our lips met ravenously. Pushing him back, I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock towards the tip, slowly taking it between my lips. I gazed into his eyes while he moved in my pussy, his cock massaging me from the inside. His hands massaged my ass, trailed to linger at my waist, and then moved to my shoulders, which he pushed firmly into the bed.

My First Time Ever

first-time Cromagnonman 2018-06-11

The wine was nice and although I drank little I was feeling a little light-headed by the time we had finished and he had placed his arm around me as we walked to the car. I don't know whether it was the wine or the kiss but I was feeling a little light-headed as I walked the few metres home. "It may hurt a little at first and then it gets better, don't be afraid, I'll be gentle." He took my pantihose and panties off me and kissed me down there, it felt wonderful and then his tongue pushed inside and I thought that I was going to die it was so good.

Succubus Meal Catcher(Part 2)

first-time 2018-06-11

And she kept getting off and watching me till the orgasm hits all the way down her spine, My body kept tingling to the point i wanted to be dead, She moved her body up,till she squashed my face with her dripping wet pussy, The pressure on my face kept building to the point she can crush my head if she wanted to, So i had to fight with my mouth,starting abusing her poor little clit as if my tongue knew exactly what it wanted to do, Kept moving her down,trying to f***e it deeper inside,making it hit her all the way around, The last thing I know this is not going to end, The last thing I feel that i'm going to cum again and again..and again,

The Doctor Diaries Ch. 02

first-time The Big Bopper 2018-06-11

Because that idea went right out the window when a nubile young woman, Stephanie, just turned 19 and not that long out of high school, came into my surgery. Oh dear, no Stephanie, that was too much detail … boing, there goes my cock, springing to attention within my trousers as this beautiful fresh-faced 19 year old blonde goddess talked of blowing her boyfriend until he was on the verge of coming. "You could be right, but I am an ethical and moral man, I have to maintain my professional reputation as a doctor." As I preached my holier than thou theme, my mind wandered back to the breast feeding mother and the young woman who scarped her inner walls with a too-big dildo.

First time swap

first-time bholl 2018-06-11

God I was well fucked but Hans has turned my lovely lady over and shagged her in the missionary position with high energy making her arse lift off the bed trying to keep his massive bell end inside her pussy lips, They both screamed and came together, Hans rolled off Angie and his spunk rolled out of her stretched cunt, wow this is much better than I could ever have imagined, I realised I loved her more than ever and felt so proud she fucked so well.

Construction Worker's Slave

first-time ssspspb 2018-06-10

me completely bare ass naked with Brad holding my arms behind my back and face down "Ever sucked a cock before slave-boy" Kyle asked, chuckling It took me fifteen minutes to satisfactorily clean Kyle's feet but Brad immediately like go fetch, lie down and roll over and shake my cock and balls around--it still gave them a kick to find new ways to show their power, and to f***e me to humiliate and degrade myself. hard cock just inches from my face and taunted me " Since Kyle was the first With Kyle holding the leash he orders me to crawl around behind Brad. Brad holding the leash as they gleefully point out my hard bobbing cock.

Employer Benefits

first-time kingsize77 2018-06-10

One of my fitness assistants is a girl named Jen. She is eighteen and works out regularly three times a week, giving her a nice, tight body. She stared at my cock for a minute, rubbing it, then she gave it a little kiss. "Your mouth is incredible," I said as I watched her work on my cock. "Oh yeah, Jen!" I said as I started to fuck her. "So fucking tight and so fucking wet!" As soon as the words had left her mouth she came, screaming out loud. "I want to ride your cock," she said. She bobbed up and down on my cock just two or three times, then I started shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth.


first-time Irishman85 2018-06-10

With one hand on the cheek of her ass and the other around the shaft of my cock I pressed the tip to her opening. In and out, fucking her pussy, feeling her wet lips cling to my cock as I pulled out and then slide around me as I rushed back inside. With her face pressed to the bed, she reached back instantly and spread her wet ass cheeks open. She moaned and grunted as I began to rock my hips back and forth going deeper into her ass each time I pushed forward. Beth lifted her hips off the bed, forcing her ass a little more open, exposing the deepest parts of her ass to my swelling cock.


first-time free2speakmymind 2018-06-10

I clasp my mouth on a nipple and sucked and as she started to moan I took my other hand and placed it under her skirt and found a very wet hairy clit ( no knickers) . I sucked that wet clit she wriggled moaned I could wait no longer and my prick head started to enter her, as I did so she tensed a little ( their was no obstruction her maiden hed had been broken after a fall) I let her feel my prick go in a little bit at a time >>in out in out in out then with a final push I found the entrance to her womb.

The Game

first-time EvelynEden 2018-06-10

His words made my heart jump a little but I couldn't help but glance the small flash of disappointment that left his face as quick as it appeared, replaced by the warm smile that had always made my legs shake. A tickling feeling covered my body, then suddenly there was this loud slap as Cals hand landed right on the sensitive skin of my naked ass. I slipped it off, but as I watched his hooded eyes, the small breath that escaped his lips as I lifted the hem, I couldn't help but do it slowly. Before I could question him about his little adventure I felt his wet hands on my trembling bottom and then with one quick thrust the newly washed and wet ball was pushed inside my entrance.

The story of one young man's rapid sexual awa

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-06-10

Josh groaned loudly as he braced himself on the desk, feeling a rush of electricity over his body as Lexi pumped him relentlessly, moaning softly as the first burst of cum shot across her cheeks. Ordinarily, Lexi would insist on absolutely the correct wine for any occasion, but now with the thought of Josh's trim body, his firm, smooth chest and the way his girth felt against her thigh, Lexi couldn't help but close her eyes and surrender to her mischievous thoughts. She held the pose for just long enough, feeling his heart race and his length swell even more in pure desire for every inch of her body, before pushing away, leaving Josh moaning, teased, dying to unload for her.

Rough Time with a New Friend

first-time Umm_YesHoney 2018-06-10

Amy and Andy were sitting at the table next to the door and she wasn't shy of smacking my ass as Adam led me out the door and Andy winked as I smiled at them like a little girl. He pulled out to let me breathe but I wasn't really ready when he shoved it back in and started pumping it in and out. It wasn't but just a few seconds before I started feeling something wide and hard rubbing against my stomach. He took the hand that was holding my hip and smacked my ass a few times with a few fingers inside and felt me tighten around him.

Doug and Diane Ch. 02

first-time barkirk 2018-06-10

Diane gripped his ass tighter with her left hand and buried her lips all the way to the base of his cock, reached up and felt his balls with her right as they emptied their load into her stomach. I liked the feeling of power over you when I was doing that." Diane reached over and felt the much smaller and limper penis...stroking it and rolling it around in her hand, fascinated how something that small and limp could get so big and stiff. Diane pulled her mouth away and said "Cum inside me, it is not my fertile time...just enjoy everything." She went back to sucking on his nipple while playing with the other nipple with her right hand.

Unchartered Waters

first-time onastep 2018-06-10

She got right down to work and after the initial set of introductory meetings with her team, went down to the cafeteria to get some lunch. "And this was urgent because?" She asked, with her hand on her hip and eyebrows raised, but a smile playing on her lips, despite herself. She stood up, and walked barefoot along the side of the pool, away from him, trying to decide what she should do, what she wanted to do. She laughed, pushed him against the pool wall, went down below the water, held his waist and kissed him on his stomach. He pulled her close and said, "You are a tease, I love that," and carried her to the side of the pool with the stairs.

First time...ahhh youth!

first-time jahniannis 2018-06-10

about ten or so minutes before I noticed Ted's older b*o, Tom, Tom was a bit older; a big meany and a tough guy/sports jock who often Once Tom saw I spotted him, he disappeared and I told Ted we might "You k**s don't know shit", Tom said as he pulled off his Once I braced myself, Tom's rubbings began to feel more like Tom's own ass, time to shoot his wad. It was obviously clean-up time, and Tom shocked me by putting his was still in awe of the whole experience, as Tom began to chase Ted, trunks and used it to wipe Tom's cooling ejaculate from my ass. variation of Tom's big dick cumming all over my ass.


After Town

first-time truth02 2018-06-10

Know I normally can't sleep outside my own bed but I was looking forward to this. I woke up to this great sensation, I was lying flat on my back with a hot throbbing dick, I looked down to see that it wasn't just me in the bed anymore someone had climbed in with me and they were giving me a blow job. She then pulled the covers off me to reveal herself I stared up into her beauty, I knew that I wanted her she was like a goddess that I must have, she removed her night dress and flung it onto the floor with my boxers. I woke up the next morning to find myself woken by Daniel getting out of bed and telling me that she had fun last night.


handi man 2

first-time greentomato 2018-06-10

Fred stopped wanking his cock and played with his erect nipples,teasing them with hi finger tips,pulling them stretching them to there limits,making them very sensative.This made his cock so sensative and longing to be stroked,but he resisted.He noticed the lady was staring at his swollen gland ad then he saw why,there was pre cum dripping out on to his legs.Making them all sticky.Her fingers were all over her clit,but she still had her knickers on,Fred asked her to remove them but she refused.Her breathing was starting to get shorter and more desperate,Fred went back to playing with his balls as she liked that.She moaned out loud as she noticed what he was doing urging him to stand up so she could see them hang between his legs.He stood and cupped his balls and rolled them in his hands,his cock stood proud out in front,twitching as he pulled his balls about.Her fingers were working hard in her knickers and Fred could smell her sex across the room.Fred told her he could feel his spunk rising in his cock.She said she wanted to see his cock shoot its cum.Would he stroke his cock long and hard for her.

Sex in the dressing romm Part 3

first-time safeandsane02 2018-06-10

Soon, Valerie couldn't breathe hard enough to cry out in time with the thrusts, and she couldn't tell if she was moaning or crying anymore. As the orgasm began to subside, Valerie's senses came back into focus, and she felt hot spurts of Simon's cum shooting into her. Never breaking eye contact with Amanda, Valerie slowly rolled her tongue under and over Simon's head, making him gasp, then gave him one final suck before pulling him out of her mouth with an audible pop. Simon looked on in approval, and Valerie giggled to herself as she gave Amanda's butt a final squeeze and ran to catch up with him on his way out of the store.

A Pleasing Bride

first-time thepiratequeen 2018-06-10

She was standing at the window, probably looking over the kingdom that would soon be theirs, and he knew as soon as he lifted his eyes to her that things would never be the same. Come sit on the bed with me and we'll work all this out." The Prince was at her side in a moment, trying desperately to stop the tears. I was trying to order something romantic enough to keep up appearances," the Prince gave a sheepish smile and handed the plate over to his bride. He took a pillow from the head of the bed and propped it up under his neck so he could comfortably look at his wife while they spoke.

Ashley Gets a Real Fucking

first-time Equinox31 2018-06-10

"Mike baby, you are going to learn a lot tonight, you are going to watch how real men fuck pussy and you're going to see what the right thing to do is when three fine guys present you with their huge dicks." Ashley said look directly at Mike and looking into his eyes. "Wow Mike you're just as big of a slut as I am now baby, I'm glad you've learned how to treat your friends dicks" Ashley moaned as she was watching her boyfriend get fucked in the ass at the same moment she was getting it in her ass too.

My Dream Granny

first-time quick3siver 2018-06-10

I can still remember when I was young, one day in my life, its just she and I at home alone, she finished making a dress and said "Grandson, look, I just made one beautiful dress for me!" She stood infront of the mirror, and without thinking twice, she took off her clothes to fit it, I was surprised, thats the first time I saw a real woman's breast! she wears no bra, I can see her saggy tits on the reflection of the mirror, my dick gets big and hard as rock in seconds, I never close my eyes and watch every detail of her nipples and big breasts, she turned around to get the dress, and I noticed that my penis is ejaculating itself slowly.

Granny My Love

first-time Peterspeter 2018-06-10

Barbara and I washed the blackberries and crushed almost ten pounds of them in preparation for the jam she and Paula were going to make during the week. Steve had dated Barbara at the beginning of the summer, but fell head-over-heels in love with her roommate when they met. At dinner she asked me if I would like to come to the closing events and the picnic she was having afterward. It took me half way around before I got it right, but by the end the applause washed over me as I breathlessly sat down on the bench next to Barbara. "I'll graduate in May. My degree is in economics and I think New York would be a good place to start a career in finance." My heart skipped a beat.

I'm on a boat.

first-time wanksalo 2018-06-10

Until that night, i had found a whole bunch of k**s, same age, hanging out in the hot tub. We all ended up in the hot tub again, my arm around, Brooke. My hand started around her waist, slowly sliding up and down the length of her wet body. I got to grope her body in the hot tub for a while longer before she felt like getting out. She leaned back and lifted her legs up and simply said "Fuck me." With that i buried my wet hard cock deep inside her. I pulled her beautiful ass into me and fucked her pussy for a few minutes before i had to cum.