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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Sex Moment With My Girlfriend Part 1

first-time Psyc0gamer 2018-06-10

I said Hello Jessica Can i Come Over Your House So we Can Hang out. So i go in My car and all Im Thinking About Is Having Sex With Her. This is My First Time Having Sex with Her. So When I got There And Knocked on The Door She Said Come up To My Room. We walk in The Room and We sit on Her Bed. A Moment Of Silence is Taken For a Bit. Then She asked What Do You Wanna Do. I said Jessica I've Been Thinking About You This Whole Time And im Gonna Ask you A Simple Question. I said Do You Wanna Have Sex With Me. She Takes a Moment of Shock And Finally Says Yes.

Doggy Style!

first-time JimmyJohnson22 2018-06-10

I got up stairs and went into my room where our f****y dog, a pit bull named coogi, was laying on my bed. I figured I would step out of the bathroom really fast and grad this new dildo that a really good friend brought over for jokes one night. I open the door and look toward the bed and coogi is starring at me! I can hear him hit the door as he could not slow down fast enough...haha got away. I lay down on the bed and begin fucking myself with the vibrating dildo. I start to moan and I am really close to climaxing when coogi comes around the corner from the bathroom!

Shopping for passion

first-time 2018-06-10

I was wearing a skirt and nice thin blouse so even a slight breeze got my nipples hard, he must have noticed when he turned for the second glance. He said "no woman has ever made me feel this way in public." His hand slid up my skirt to my moist panties and I felt his fingers slide between my lips and I let out a gasp. He pulls my skirt and my panties to the floor and then picks me up by my ass as I face him and pulls me onto his cock with a quick jerk. I am wiggling and writhing in his arms when all the sudden he grabs my ass hard and I feel his warmth fill me deep and his lips lock on mine.

First Time With Mom

first-time zimabean 2018-06-10

All Mike and I needed to do was get Mrs. Wilson to have a few drinks and lure her away from the crowd and then we could get some time in her pussy. We both stood there, then mom pulled Mike over and guided his cock into her pussy. We all three cleaned up and went back to the party but the rest of the night I could not help thinking about fucking Mrs. Wilson what it would be like to fuck mom again. Then mom said "you boys did not clean Mrs. Wilsons pussy juice off your cocks before you all fucked me last night did you?" "No mom, did not think about it, sorry" I said.

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 02

first-time Jessie92 2018-06-10

Before I went to the bathroom for oral hygiene time I slipped my arms around him and purred just a bit, a small sigh to let him know how good I felt fresh from the earth shattering orgasm he had given me. My panties were in Dave's washer and Dennis let out an audible gasp as my girl stuff came into view, just a light wisp of hair protecting it from his full view. "Mmmmm you still like what you see?" I asked as I slid my left hand down to cover my girl parts, my right still massaging my breast and nip.

My wif intorduces me to anal via strap on

first-time 2018-06-10

She pulled me on all fours and got behind me and spread the cheeks of my soft place and started to toy all around my warmth. I am going to play you hard and deep until I come inside you" She was really bouncing up and down on me now and it really felt like her personal place was penetrating me. She kept it up for about 10 minutes and was really playing me hard and fast when she finally started to shake and scream "I love playing you, it feels so good to have my hard length buried inside you, I am cuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnggg!

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 10

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-06-10

For a man of his age and description he doesn't take long to get his probing fingers to the urethral sponge under the northern end of her clitoris and once there, he manoeuvres his head so he can lick her engorged clit while massaging both her anal cavity and the most sensitive spot inside her vagina. It's just a swirling dizziness in her mind, she feels her body suddenly in a vice-like grip and the Indian man seems a vague blur in the background yet all she can hear is his voice as though he's talking through a hollow tin and saying in slow motion 'Now I've got you, my sexy brat"

A Legend of the Great War

first-time aabelard 2018-06-10

Compared with his original battalion, among the First Hundred Thousand and well leavened from the old regular army, the new men seemed resigned to horrors which Andrew in his day had hardly suspected, blind to the possibility that the man who studied his own survival might outlive those who did not. There were very credible rumours of a homosexual sergeant being killed on the Taupière, and Andrew knew the men had taken great care always to let him use the latrine alone, which was surely a mark of respect. Accounts of the Bull Ring mutinies, which came after Andrew's time, have been greatly exaggerated: most men just took what was handed out to them, knowing it must come to an end.

First MFM Threesome in Vegas

first-time MIKEBBCBULL 2018-06-10

Right after that, she put her hand on my knee and said, "Michael, would you like to come back to our room". She pulled off my underwear and started going to work on my already hard cock. "Remember when you said, "tell him you got tied up""? "No, I have tried, but my cock is too thick for her asshole", he said. I began slowly rubbing the head of my cock against her asshole. Once I realized that I wasn't going to be able to go deeper, I began slowly fucking her with very shallow strokes. "Well, now that you have had a cock in your ass, lets see if you are a real dirty girl", I said to her.

Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st8

first-time senior-master 2018-06-10

– the boys had to leave and Irene had to do her usual cunt cleaning and then went home. Words which the boys could take as an invitation and of course fucked her one after the other and then got off and went to school, leaving Irene lying in the grass with exposed tits and still spread legs, and with cum oozing out of her slit. Next morning, the the bastards again starting to grope and almost undress her on the road til Irene said the magic words again ‘not here, let’s go into the bushes’ The boys wanted to mount her right at once, but Irene told them to wait and said, that she had to undress to keep her school dress clean.

Happy 18th Birthday

first-time unique_symohony14 2018-06-10

I saw Ryan there, his dick in hand, walking into the room. Ryan pulled me close to him, his hard cock pressed against my stomach. We made out, me laying back, him on top of me, his hard cock rubbing against my pussy, for quite some time before I felt his fingers at my pussy. He took my face in his and gave me a sex filled kiss, rough and forceful as he stood up and pulled me off the bed. I felt Ryan's hands on the back of my head, pushing me closer and his cock farther into my mouth. Ryan gave me another kiss before turning off the water in the shower.

My First Time at Boarding School

first-time 2018-06-10

At the same time Beau disentangled himself from my mouth and started kissing my ear then my neck and continued down towards my nipples. Suddenly he stopped, reached up and kissed each of my nipples in turn for a few moments before continuing sucking my dick, this time much faster than before. you"ve got magic lips" I gasped and a moment later filled Beau's waiting mouth with my creamy load. I started massaging and sucking Beau's dick to get it hard again, which didn't take long. It was tight to start with but he slowly inserted the head of his dick inside. He continued fucking my ass pulling me towards his dick with every forward thrust.

Motorcycle-Hero I

first-time john1195 2018-06-10

Yes, sit down, buddy, relax, don't start that hyperventilation thing now, Yes, hm, tastes like... Yes, touch it, hm, soft skin, but So Hard, oh, I don't think mine has ever Come here, buddy, put your, yes, your knees Oh, Brad, you got a hot one on your bike this time. Yes or no boy, come on now... Yes or no boy, come on now... Sure it is boy, look at me, don't you want this...? Let me feel that little monkey body boy, hmm, you're Yes, good boy. Come here, let me feel that skin, oh, you're so hot. yes boy, let me Give it to me again, boy, and let me play with those Wrap yourself around me monkey-boy, let me hold you...

Moonlight Embrace

first-time jill999 2018-06-10

I took comfort in the fact that I was frequently asked out by good looking guys who certainly wanted to get into my panties, but I normally was able to appease their lust with some necking or an occasional hand job. I remembered that Jimmy had been a bit on the shy side while he was with his friends, but I liked him because he paid more attention to me than he did to Jan. His friends were all enamored with my girlfriend's blonde hair and large boobs. Jimmy held my hand and said: "Don't worry Jill, nobody patrols the beach. Jimmy's hands were free to explore my scantily clad body and I felt his right hand on my breast.

"Kingston Park".

first-time yorknudeguy 2018-06-10

The man turned to let his cock face the hole. Martin licked the head and heard the man groan. Martin put his eye to the little hole in the door and came off and the guy started to wank Martin. leaving, Martin was laying back with his cock in hand Martin just pulled out, moved across and stuck his cock Martin pulled out and stuck his cock straight back in Martin and here he was looking for fresh cock. cock to the hole for Martin. Martin quickly tapped the hole and Jim’s cock came sucking pleasure and each time Jim’s cock started to Martin wanked his cock a little and started to push against Jim sucking his cock while Martin held it in place for

Coruption of the Innocent

first-time KINDBUD4U 2018-06-10

I found great satisfaction in the way I was able to take an 18 year old, mild mannered small town girl, from your typical small time offenses, personality traits, bad habits and sexual inhibitions to a hot young 22 year old drink’n, d**g’n and highly Bi-sexual fun loving criminal. Getting all “spun out” smoking meth or cocaine with her girl friends getting them to play games trying on each others clothes and underwear while talking about sex and things that get their pussies wet. She had gotten so good at seducing girls and using d**gs or alcohol to get them naked so she could lick their pussy and suck on their tits that a few times, with different girls, she would use her good looks, smoking hot body and desire to have sex with girls to get high and secure more d**gs.

Firt time with marie !!

first-time bbwlover1931 2018-06-10

So we we're talking marie , me and her cousin's when her cousin's said i'm gonna go outside for a walk , that's what she's waiting for , so marie jump on me and start to kiss me passionately and ferocely at the same time , it takes only that for me to get a major hard on , i tought my jeans gonna tear , she slowly put her hands on it and start to jerk it above my jeans , so i said , like to see it , she smile at me , so i take it out , she smile again at me and goes straight down to it and put it in her mouth , she was sucking like hell , she start slowly but after few minutes she was going crazy on it , my god i was so excited , i said to myself i ll be kind and gonna say to her when i 'll be ready to cum , so few minutes of that treatement i said i'm gonna cum , i'm gonna cum , so marie start to look at me straight in the eyes with her magnificient green eyes and go faster and faster , i understand that she want it all in her mouth , so i let it go , marie swallow everything like a pro , and come to give me another passionate kiss !!!

MaryAnn Loses Her Virginity

first-time MaryAnn678 2018-06-10

In the memorable 14-year-old talk, Mom reminded MaryAnn that admirals' kids had to be more circumspect than other kids. Her mom said, "MaryAnn, I realize this is a changing world and you'll have opportunities to do things girls of my generation would not have even thought of. If something happens you'll at least be protected from what's likely to be the biggest consequence of that act." Years later MaryAnn gave much the same talk to her own daughter, except that she realized a world that was still changing, and set the age at 18. Ever since she had seen her mom and dad going at it when she was a little girl she knew sex could be exciting.


first-time i_luv_hot_bi_guys 2018-06-10

You turned your head towards me and whispered, "Is this what you wanted babe?"You kissed my cheek and I closed my eyes before responding with, "close, but not quite my dear." I had a mischievous grin on my face. You broke our kissing only to mutter out a soft "mmm baby please." Now you know how much I like hearing you moan even if it is just a slight one. The finger that was toying with the tip of your cock was replaced with my entire hand suddenly grabbing your dick as hard as I could. I shook the base of your cock with my hand and gave it a nice squeeze then worked on massaging your aching balls.

Bear blow-off--Part 1

first-time 2018-06-10

I felt a feeling I didn't know before. I knew exactly what I had been dreaming about though I still was half-awake, not fully realizing where I was at the moment. I noticed some beer bottles had been s**ttered across the hallway connecting the room Randy slept in and the room I had just left. I almost left the room when before I knew it he unzipped at the toilet and pulled out his cock. He was probably in some kind of half-d***k half-there state as he rolled back and forth fussing and pulling at something under the white sheet. I realized he was probably too d***k to realize his wife wasn't home that moment.

a new experience

first-time the_shootist 2018-06-10

“Okay.” I say as I again pick up and give you big bear hug, letting me feel your pointed nipples pressing into my chest and you feeling my hard cock pressing against your crotch as I hold you up and we kiss again for a long time as you feel my moving my hands slowly around your back as I hold you up next to me. Getting on your stomach, you feel me straddle your lower body with my cock resting between your cheeks just slowly pressing lightly into you as I reach up and put a couple of the king size pillows under your head to make you comfortable.

Peter and Chloe

first-time purice 2018-06-10

Peter looked around at the work that was on his desk, "Yeah, sure, okay." It had been nearly a year since he went with his mom to see Brianne. Chloe looked over Brianne's head for a moment or two and then back to her, "I keep trying to get him to talk to me a little more." With a little laugh, "There've been times I've wanted to pull him into an empty office and **** him." Shaking her head, "I mean, what do I have to do to get his attention?" Darcy looked at Peter, "We'd probably better get cleaned up a little first." She hopped off the desk, grabbing a tissue at the same time to catch the remaining come leaking out of her, "I'll meet you in the break room."

No Longer Innocent

first-time s3x_k1tt3n 2018-06-10

All went well, and Patrick and Kristina decided to steadily date. She stood up on her tiptoes and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, "Thank you," she said as she walked into the dining room and pulled out a vase. "No problem," Patrick said, following her to the dimly lit dining room and grabbing Kristina's waist, "Anything for you," he said in her ear as he licked it. "Sit," she said, as she pulled away from Patrick, and went into kitchen that adjoined the dining room. "Oh, yes, very much," Patrick said, licking his lips. Patrick started rubbing Kristina's clit to make her focus on something else besides the pain as he pushed in more. "I love you, too," Patrick said as he and Kristina slipped into a deep slumber.

Panty Thief Confession

first-time 2018-06-10

It started when a close f****y friend of mine needed a place to stay while she went through the throes of her impending divorce. I thought just for the night, maybe two, then she would go home, patch things up with her husband like usual, no harm on my end. I licked the crotch of the panty, over and over again and dreamed of tasting her, of her finding out I was doing this, I licked them clean, and rubbed them over my erect cock being careful not to cum, but unable to stop from staining them with my precum. I went through her plastic bin with the clean bras and panties, I took them all out before I could try and stop myself.