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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hidden Attraction

first-time PussyDestroyer1797 2018-06-10

It turns out last Saturday a friend of mine, Pepper, was moving and needed help. I look like a mess and got us both all sweaty." She said apologetically. After she said this I couldn't help but think about it. "I've known you since you were a baby Josh, I watched you grow up and all this time I never knew you thought of me like that. "You think so?" She began talking quieter, lowered her head a bit, and began to stroke her crotch deeply to where I could faintly make out her vagina lips. "I just came inside a gorgeous married woman" I thought, "I just had sex for the first time and I loved it.

When They Met

first-time brgs 2018-06-10

The woman, now totally and completely in love with this man, decided it was time they meet in person. A few brief moments passed and she set her eyes upon her love for the first time...he walked down the runway from the plane, hurrying as he did so, eager to meet her. Kissing even more passionately then before, he pressed his firm body onto hers, letting her feel how hard he was. With his eyes closed, he tilted his head back and groaned loudly as his juices came forth from him and spilled onto her breasts. With a smile, he came kissed her on her mouth, letting her taste her juices.


i reached the moutain top

first-time msklove13 2018-06-10

Just like that my pussy was wet, and wanting him. Then he opened my legs and licked his two fingers and began to rub my clit, while still sucking my nipples. He pulled my legs up in the air and started to lick my ass and i just melted away, i couldnt take the feeling, the pleasure. Of course i let him, i was so turned on i took his big long black dick into my throat and didnt mind gagging on it. Then he stroked my pussy a few more times, and he rubbed pussy juice on my ass to open it up. He slid in my ass with ease, he said i took it like a pro.

My bi freshman roommate

first-time topsytina 2018-06-10

With her Joan Jett haircut and dark eyes, Monica had smallish breasts with pale nipples. Monica ran the vibrator over her breasts and down her body. I ran it over my body and then tried to use it on my pussy like she did. She took the vibrator from my hand and began running it over my pussy. As I ran her vibrator over my pussy, Monica shifted closer. She told me that I needed use my other hand to touch my whole body. I turned to her and asked, “Do you think they are pretty?” She responded, “yes.” At that point our eyes met. Monica knew that it was my first time with a girl like that.

Young love when serious os great

first-time Ihaveituwantit 2018-06-10

She undid her bra so as I could see and get to her better I started to stroke her leg, venturing higher as time went on and watching her start to squirm I was getting a real hard on! I didn’t needed a second chance ( I remember what happened 2 years ago at the river) I walked closer stroking a nipple and searching the spot inside her ‘hairy beaver’ entrance- having found the hot wet spot I concentrated on it till she said J come over on the bed” I want you to fuck me please!” Always there is the two of them so I would get it 2 or 3 times a day now I just love the feel of a hard cock either in my hand mouth or right up me!

Bachelor Party Fuck-Up

first-time 2018-06-10

I felt Darren's hard cock pressed against my ass and honestly I was so very turned on, but when I felt one of their hands slide in my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them. He just fucked me faster for another five minutes or so until he removed his cock from my cunt and I felt his hot cum shoot onto my ass. The cum that Darren and John had deposited in me was leaking out of my swollen cunt and Tim commented that the two guys he would have preferred a clean pussy to fuck but he wasn't opposed to sloppy second. The cum leak and the fucking my ass had already taking let my cousin's cock slip up into me easier and less discomfort.


She Doesn't Pt. 05

first-time barnabus 2018-06-10

Putting my arm around his neck, I snuggled my face to his chest and we just sat there holding each other, talking about nothing in particular and sipping our champagne and kissing every now and then. At first, I didn’t realize when his kisses moved to the other breast that his hand didn’t. Gradually, his kisses and his hand together moved down my neck and down my chest kissing every inch of bare skin until he reached the top button of my blouse. He must have felt my tension, because his hand and kisses moved over the fabric until he found my right breast. After a moment, his kisses moved to the left breast, but again, he left his hand.

Lydia McRae Plays to Win

first-time OneSilky 2018-06-10

His life of poverty and struggle had exploded into a dream turned nightmare when he had literally been hit by Lydia, a barely 18 year-old very freckled red-head who ran into his car in a parking lot. He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do, and looked at her vaguely, as drinking cattle do, and flickered his two-forked tongue from his lips, and mused a moment, and stooped and drank a little more, carrying her as a Lord of Life into a world she had never before known. So, following the original plan, Larry met Kylie in another room (Lydia wouldn't leave his bed) and schemed to tell her how superior Lydia was to her in carnal knowledge and skills. "Larry, I'm sure you know that Lydia and I have shared secrets all our lives, right?"

I was just a toy

first-time kggdlkgfkhk 2018-06-10

Michael said something about me having "sweeter ****" than the girl on the video, and before I knew it I was lying back on the bed with him and Tony squeezing my boobs, and the other boy (I found out a bit later his name was Travis) rubbing his hands up and down my thighs, I kept trying to hold them shut and he kept trying to spread them wide and was commenting on how I was so wet I was soaking through my panties. When I felt his **** start to get really hard like the other boys had I knew he was getting ready to *** and I started to push my head forward to get his **** to the back of my throat because that's what Tony and Michael had done.


first-time cougmiester 2018-06-10

My master pounds me mercilessly making me scream not from the hard fuck but from the sharp biting clips on my nipples the movement of my boobs bouncing and shaking around. He get between my legs and fucks my tight little vagina slow and deep making my nipples hurt more again from the sharp metal biting clips and weights I feel him enter my tight little vagina from behind fucking me hard, fast, roughly, deeply while I clean. My master cuffs my hands behind my back, takes off the high heels from my feet, cuffs my feet together, ball gags my mouth with a large blue ball gag fastening it behind my head, takes off the chain from my collar and locks me in a small cramped cage.

Frost on the Pumpkin

first-time Old_Blue 2018-06-10

It was infinitely better than spending time with my mother or my father, who seemed to me like a lost man, with no purpose in life. She looked at me and lowered her voice as she said, "You're excited because this is the first year I have tits and you think you're going to get to see them if my old buckskin shirt rides up while I'm dancing. During my time in Boston, I had written to Mariah and my grandmother less each month, until now, three years later, I was only sending them birthday and Christmas cards. He has never charged us a cent, Tim. Some times, he will hand me a box of the hard candies that he knows she likes.

Ma premiere fois avec un mec

first-time 2018-06-10

Toute la famille s'entendait avec lui et à partir de ce jour on le voyait régulièrement et il est même venu en vacances avec nous, nous avons fait connaissance de ses enfants et je suis devenu bon ami avec sa fille qui me plaisait, mais avec qui, il n’y a jamais rien eu, car j'étais avec ma copine. Quand a son père a chaque fois qu'il me voyait il me disait que j'étais bien mignon mais rien de plus, jusqu'à mes 18 ans ou il commença a vraiment me draguer. Il réussit à rentrer sa queue toute entière dans mon cul, commença les va et vient doucement pour bien dilater mon cul, a un moment il se mit a se retirer et re-rentrer a plusieurs reprise pendant un moment puit il reprit ses va et viens, j’avais un peu mal mais la douleur s’estompa alors que le plaisir arriva.


Virgin's Seduction

first-time SweetPrettyAss 2018-06-10

On Saturday morning, Amanda Corwin looked through the peephole in the front door and saw the person who had just rung the doorbell was her older brother's best friend, Mike. He knew he had a fair sized cock and Mandy was tight so Mike was hesitant to drive the entire shaft into her pussy and stopped with about three quarters of the length embedded. Amanda was still fucking back to meet Mike's long, slow strokes into her pussy and her hips were starting to move under him, thrusting her legs out and back past his thighs. I'm almost ready to come too." Even as he spoke, Mike started to drive his cock faster into Mandy's pussy and her reactions matched his speed.

My First Virgin

first-time zimabean 2018-06-10

I thought for a minute, then said what the hell and dropped my shorts and took off my shirt and sprung around the corner suprising Josh. josh was trying to act like no big deal but his cock was rock hard and he could not stop staring at me. Then I told Josh he should do something with his cock before it explodes, it looks like it might hurt. As the warm shower sprayed over our bodys Josh pushed me against the wall and pushed his hard cock up into me. Josh made a few short strokes and then he pushed as deep into as he could, I could feel his cock pulse and throb as he came and pumped his young seed deep inside me.

Riley's Awakening

first-time rckplsky 2018-06-10

"Hi," Riley replied as she began to sit on the couch. "Allow me," the wife said as she walked up to Riley. The wife collected and handed the husband Riley's clothes. "Okay," Riley replied as she place her hand over her crotch and breasts. Riley leaned forward and grabbed his flaccid penis with her right hand and quickly worked it into her mouth. "This isn't working," Riley said as she pulled away from his penis. Riley then got on the couch and spread her legs for him. "Both of you stand up," the wife said as the husband finally turned off the camera. "Now go to bed," the wife said as she pushed Riley and Joel into the room.

Stormy Weather

first-time fadedgiant 2018-06-09

That thing is moving fast and I already feel the leading edge winds picking up." Despite his apparent protest, David followed me into the kitchen through the slider and we both reached for beers in the refrigerator. As I considered our predicament, I moved away from the door, closed the blinds, turning just in time to glimpse David's eyes roaming up and down my back side. David tried being nonchalant, yet his voice cracked a bit, "I can't imaging a towel wrapping you as nicely as that robe, Sammy. "Sammy, you feel beautiful," he said as we probed each other's mouths with kisses and plenty of tongue dueling. David drew my legs high, linked his arms behind my knees and made my pussy tighter and gave him even deeper reaches to feel.

32 Years Ago Pt. 01

first-time 32yrsago 2018-06-09

Never really did any work, and spent most of my time at school trying to find ways to sneak out to the pub, or to the local town to buy cigarettes that I would then sell at hugely inflated prices back at school. The school had a very well developed voluntary service group, and boys from the college would go all over the place on weekends to help at local hospitals, homes for the elderly, the local hospice, or cleaning up the town centre, doing all types of stuff. I'm holding a wine glass, really awkwardly turned half towards her, and trying to get a hand on her waist somehow. Patricia squeezes past me, sits down on the bed, holding the two glasses in one hand she pours another set of drinks.

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -2

first-time petdyke 2018-06-09

In her hot application, lovely looking Lea longed explicitly for a very violent and rough interrogation. I asked Lea about any lesbian love she gave: "Did you ever long to make a woman come from your tongue?" I test the talents of long legged lusty Lea for foxy sweet sexy submissiveness: "Come close, spread legs". I like the triple tribute of lovely looking Lea cute coming for me so far, but is her butt up really for me? I gladly notice how hot lovely Lea meets the thrusts of my meet into her tight virgin sexy sphinxter with joy. Her second sexy triplet on her hot juicy job intimate interview as my secretary. I like how she shivers, my foxy future sexy secretary slave.

First Time Was With Debbie

first-time SuperBill 2018-06-09

Debbie reached out to touch it and softly ran her fingers up and down the shaft. Debbie said to suck on her nipples, so I moved my mouth to her breast and latched onto a luscious tasting nipple. Debbie's moaning grew louder and she moved her own hand to her pussy. Suddenly, Debbie let out a deep moan and my hand was soaking wet. Spunk ran down Debbie's hand and fingers as she continued to pump my dick. She said that she liked the taste after all and how my dick felt in her mouth when I came. Debbie had her hand on my cock, trying to get it hard again. Debbie reached down and moved my dick up and down along her opening.

My Birthday Surprise

first-time zimabean 2018-06-09

A week before the big I quite playing with my cock so I could let my balls fill with plenty of cum to make mom happy. my little man gets his first taste of a woman on his first day of being a man." Mom said as she looked my naked body over. Just like the woman who was on top of me minutes before, mom worked her hips around my cock. The next morning I awoke with a massive hardon and rolled over and sank my cock deep inside mom's still wet pussy. She paid that same woman to come to our room and fuck me again, this time mom stayed there and watched. This time I actually fucked the woman back and made her cum real hard.

Brandy (Chapter 2)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-06-09

Brandy felt a shiver of excitement and fear race through her body. He was filming her. Filming her as she stripped for him. She thought it was a private affair, but she was sure that he had it on tape. That is what she saw, the small lights on the side of the camera. The reflection must have been the moon reflecting off the lens. What would he do with it? She had heard of girls giving their boyfriends naked pictures of them and finding them on the Internet later on. Was Michael showing my half-naked pictures to others? Or was he masturbating as he watched them over and over again? Brandy had often masturbated with the vision of Michael watching her as she stripped for him, trying to imagine what his cock would look like, his hand rubbing up and down the rigid flesh as he watched her perform for him.

My First Time

first-time CFBwriter 2018-06-09

It hovered for a moment, and then slid down onto the exposed flesh, reaching just a fraction of an inch under her sweater. As my mind screamed to pull back, my hand slowly pushed up under the sweater until it was all on her soft flesh. I got close for a better look and could smell her warm skin; I lost focus for a moment, and then forced my attention back to her breasts. I took a deep breath and slowly opened her bra like the doors to an enchanted room. With my free hand, I started picking at her bush, taking curls of hair between thumb and finger and pulling them up, very gently, fluffing the hair out.

How I became

first-time foster1234 2018-06-09

“Suck Dammit” I started sucking and exploring with my tongue, started bobbing my head too he liked that, he started sliding more cock in my mouth, as it hit the back of my throat I gagged, he'd pull back, and try again, he was groaning, saying over and over, “Yeah, yeah, yeah” “You ain’t got a say in this now, your our cocksucker, you suck until we're empty,” he put a towel behind my head, pushed his cock into my mouth and started jacking his hips again.

A day of dreams - Part 1

first-time didi_galtier 2018-06-09

“Well darling Didi, I think today may turn out to be a very naughty day.” I smiled back and giggled, not that I wanted to giggle, but there was an excitement in fact there was a level of excitement amongst all of us that was quite palpable. Everyone is excited about this little project of transforming you into the sexiest girl, so let's not keep them waiting.” “Oh yes, and”, Penny giggled, “we've got a betting book running amongst the resort staff as to how many handsome straight guys are going to get into your panties tonight!