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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Route 69 Closes, Rachel's Legs Open

first-time SUGAPLUM81 2018-06-09

It seems as if we're going to see ourselves some action." And with that, the three Wise men piled into their truck, binoculars and all, and took off in the direction of Rachel and Bryan. "Jesus Sandy," she said to herself, "you haven't been fucked in 3 days." Without an inhibition, Vixen opened the car door, pulled out her handcuffs, and cuffed Bryan and Rachel together. As they gave each other a hug goodbye Rachel leaned in and whispered in Bryan's ear, "I hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift-it just so happened to be the most precious gift I could give you." As she walked away, Bryan knew at that moment that he had taken the virginity of this girl, this woman.


first-time Carack_in 2018-06-09

Sarah ran her hand over my boxer shorts feeling my cock through them. She wriggled the dress over her smooth tight bum, and ran her hands over her long, thin beautiful legs. Sarah kissed my cock head again and again, nuzzling it with her lips. "That is a nice, hard, big cock." Sarah said with approval. Sarah had pulled me right up so I was sitting astride her chest and before I could let any more cum fly she stuck her lips around my cock. I couldn't believe the sensation of her tongue swirling around my throbbing cock head as it shot cum again and again into her wanting mouth.

Molly's Frist Time

first-time DaveHighland 2018-06-09

"New here too, eighteen," she turned to the master, "pretty little thing isn't she Charlie?" and she reached up to brush my blond hair with her fingers and as she done so her gown fell open and I couldn't help but look at her round full teats. The master laughed too, "Better show her then darling." With that the mistress opened her gown and there they was her big round teats right in my face, I tried to look away. " Oh don't be shy Molly," the mistress purred, "Here, would you like to suckle one of them," and she holds up one of her teats right to my mouth, her nipples was very big and long and they looked awful nice.

Snobby Surma Ch. 01

first-time uncannybal 2018-06-09

Whenever Modern School needed to enter another debating competition, nationally or within Kolkatta, Surma was summoned to participate. Surma was mostly talking to herself rather than to Rakesh, since she knew he was from Ashok Hall and moreover, he never had anything clever to say. Rakesh talked to Surma on the train at every opportunity he got and made eye contact. So Rakesh grabbed Kumar's notes during the debate and stumped Surma on more than one occasion with his rebuttals. "Rakesh, why are you talking like this?" Surma's voice was desperate, more inside her head. When Rakesh pulled back from Surma, to look into her eyes and gauge her reaction, she followed him and kissed him again.

St Mary's Girls: Shona's First Time

first-time Celtic_Heart 2018-06-09

"We'll see you two in a bit," Kathleen said to Shona and Kieran, taking her boyfriend's hand. "Don't worry, I won't go any further," Shona said, tossing her shorts to one side, amused at Kieran's prudishness, "and you haven't answered my question," she added with a trace of heat in her tone. You've got wonderful tits, Shona," Kieran gasped, his cock straining inside his shorts. "I'm looking forward to feeling your cock inside me," Shona purred, her clit throbbing as the gusset of her knickers pulled tightly against it. "Didn't Mary suck your cock?" Shona asked as she slid down his body, tugging at Kieran's shorts. Licking her lips, Shona let Kieran's cock slip from her mouth. Shona closed her eyes and tried to imagine what Kieran's cock would feel like in her pussy.

Erotic Fiction

first-time 2018-06-09

It’s another residual effect from being rejected all those years ago every time he meets a woman that shows any interest in him he’s going to fear being rejected and in Andy this fear is terminal it is a serious disability as dangerous to both his physical and mental health as a heart attack! Crystal smiles saying I have a wonderful night planned for us tonight causing Andy to reply it’s already a wonderful night and getting more wonderful every second as they enter Timmy’s all night diner. Eat me the lovely blond repeats a little louder this time.Andy realizes she is ready for him to begin working on her hot pussy with his tongue and fingers so he drops to his knees between her legs pulling her towards the edge of the bed.

Messy Missy the Hitchhiking Hippie

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-06-09

"I like the sound of that, well Missy," I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock, "why don't you come over here then and make me cum into your pretty little hippie slut mouth." I fingered her pussy as she was giving me her all, I could feel her spit and my precum dripping all over my balls and onto my ass, making my pants wet, with that and the sweat, I lifted my ass up a bit to slide my pants off further (this is very hard to do while driving, i do not recommend it) as i did i felt my cock slip into her throat and she gagged a little, as i sat back down, she lifted up her teary eyed face for a momnet, and said "I want you to fuck my face, ok?" Right on.

Kelly's first time (part 1 - showers)

first-time 2018-06-09

They decided to interrupt Kelly's relaxing sunbathing session. When she got no response, she walked over to Kelly and discovered she was half asl**p with her headphones in. Kelly looked him up and down and decided she'd pay no notice to him. The cute tan guy smiled at Kelly before following her s****r to the side of the pool, where he took off his top. Kelly got bored of the sun and her s****r rambling on to her friends. "My bad, sorry.." Kelly recognised the voice, it was her cute tan guy. "Don't worry, i'll wait until you're done" he said, not before he gave her another cheeky grin and a wink, and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Kelly standing dripping wet, wondering what just happened.

My first time bi

first-time garyw 2018-06-09

Then, to my shock and surprise, the husband pulled out of her mouth and leaned over so the neighbour could suck his cock. We stayed like that for a while, then she took her mouth off my cock and asked if he could fuck her while I licked her clit. I did manage though to say I wouldn't want to suck his cock if he'd been fucking her ass, but if he stuck to her pussy I wanted to try what we'd seen on the video. I tongue fucked her for ages, long after his cum was in my stomach and she came a couple more times, even squirting a little from her pussy one time, not piss but honest to god fanny juice, she's the only woman I know who could do this.

first time with a retracted foreskin part 2

first-time 2018-06-09

Rik and I went to the pub and tried to pull local girls, I had a sort of previous girl friend, it had been non sexual, but she came and chatted to me and intimated that she would like to go out with me again. I felt the same sort of feelings that I had felt with June, I asked her to be a bit more forecfull and with that she tugged back on my foreskin. Sal said that it was a challenge and that it needed lots of sex to loosen it I asked her if she minded it being tight, her reply was that 'its not your cock but you that I want.

Femdom session with my aunt

first-time raviraja00 2018-06-09

Heart thumping from excitement, bladder thumping through the pressure of needing to pee - not excruciating, but quite painful - I made my way down to the torture chamber, and according to aunty's instructions stood centre-room and waited hands on hips, trying to look as stern and strict as possible. The leather-padded device had several straps on it, but these were not brought into play when Aunty Puja ordered me to lay back on the see-saw, my head resting on the padded pillow at the end below the front of Neha's body. "Oh god, that's so good, you're so good Ravi I love you, I love it, lick me, lick me!" I continued my work at her drenched sex, but suddenly, as Neha started to let out a high-pitched keening sound, Puja once more pulled my pussy-drenched mouth from the slave's snatch.

Samantha's Saturday Night

first-time JennyGently 2018-06-09

Usually by ten o'clock I would be the wrong side of a few vodka shots and out on the town with Kim and the girls, carefully dressed in the right short skirts, the right high heels and the right short sleeveless tops looking for the right bars with the right boys inside and having a right good time. I was sure they were going to a birthday party that night and knew that Robbie would normally take Mary home afterwards so I was amazed to hear the front door slam and loud footsteps thunder across the hallway. Secrecy was vital; apart from the fact that I was supposed to be in a steady relationship with another boy at the time, fucking your little brother's schoolmates was the kiss of death to a girl's image and I had a reputation to protect, however suspect it was.

my life part 1 true story

first-time underlay1956 2018-06-09

The last day of the holidays we just finished swimming and Paul said if I wanted I could go with them back to Frank's. Frank then asked if I had ever had my cock sucked I said no, Paul asked would I like to, being very embarrassed I said I didn't know. Paul started to lick his cock up and down the shaft Frank's cock got really hard, Paul then opened his mouth and stated sucking while rubbing Frank's balls. Paul was undoing my trousers when Frank's cock slid into my mouth . I didn't know what to do and tried to pull back but Frank held my head firm, next I felt Paul's mouth swallow my cock, Paul pulled my head away saying he was going to come gripping his cock really hard.

The New Neighbour Ch. 02

first-time ridged 2018-06-09

"You know what I love about virgins?" she said between kisses, "they're so much fun to break in," I moved my hands up her thighs, kneading them, then slid my fingers into the back of her shorts, gripping her ass. She softly moaned as I caressed the other breast with my hand. One of her hands traveled downward, to play with her clit, while the other moved to her breast, gripping it and squeezing it. I kissed her breasts, and she panted a bit faster. I moved down and took her left breast into my mouth, gently nibbling on her erect nipple. I'd slow a bit if I felt an orgasm coming, and I'd continue to work on her breasts, occasionally kissing her deeply.

My Sex Life Ch. 02

first-time Slutty_Julie 2018-06-09

We kissed and Patrick's hands were all over me, exploring my naked body for the first time. His hand slid up my leg and his fingers started to explore my pussy. The thought that I might soon be having my first ever fuck plus the effects of Patrick's tongue on my pussy and his hands on my tits suddenly drove me over the edge. Patrick continued to gently lick my pussy until a third orgasm, smaller this time, shook my body, then a fourth. The taste was salty and, whilst not exactly pleasant, it wasn't unbearable (and certainly not enough to stop me from tasting it again and again) so I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the end of his cock, licking him clean.

Preacher's Daughter

first-time tommcat_ 2018-06-09

I spent the days hanging out on the beach working on my tan; usually with some friends or girls I had met the night before or cruising the boulevard on my motorcycle. Even though they just wanted to “show off” still a win-win as I would end up with the girl in the room connected to the office at the motel. One of my friends looked at me and all I could do was smile while she continued to slide her mouth up and down my hard cock. Caressing and massaging her right breast and nipple I take her left nipple in my mouth and roll my warm wet tongue around it… feeling it become erect and hearing her moan softly was extremely erotic..

The Dares I Convinced Slutty Annette I. to PERFORM

first-time wannacwieny 2018-06-09

-Ride Scooter in mini skirt w/ no panties on. -Sit spread eagle in mini skirt with no panties on as passenger. -Sat Indian style in mini skirt, at MC Ds drive threw, for cashier to see. -Sat on public bench un lady like, in mini skirt with bright pink thong. -Sat outside busy Azusa apt. -Sat out front of busy Azusa apt. -Fooled around in pool area Phil's party as B acted as our look out person. -Fucked in pool area Phil's party B as our look out person watching as well. -Gave BJ in pool area Phil's party B as our look out person, watching as well. -Gave B a BJ as she rode her bf and B sat on his bed watching.

The first time 5

first-time 2018-06-09

Before I put my penis in her, I pushed my hand before and just fucked her with my fingers. One last time I smelled my hands, I came once more into her. I was the last time was so close to the Cumshot, now that it did not take long before I came. Then I pushed my penis all the way into Sarah's hole and moved my hips a few last times back and forth. Together we groaned us the hell out of them, as I squirted my cum into the condom.Sara seemed still not enough to have, for no sooner was free, she turned around and pulled off the condom, the content they are gleefully ran over her face, I kissed her then clean.

first time gloryhole :)

first-time 2018-06-09

I wanted his cock inside my throat and I had to try it. I felt him thrust in my throat and I could feel his cock twitching as I raised from my mouth when he slowly pulled his cock back into his booth. I was being fucked right there in the booth and his huge cock had me so full I was twitch and jerk of his cock and the warm wet jets of cum filling my ass in waves. or six men stood outside looking in at me with cum on my face and dropping from my ass. Just after that the cock in my mouth exploded and shot cum all over my face.

Photos of Jen Pt. 01

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-06-09

"Tell you what," she said with a sudden grin, still pressed against the wall of the pool (and possibly not realizing how much sideboob was still visible), "you can take as many photos of me as you want just like this, and then you hand me my top and turn around while I put it on." I made it out first, since I hadn't been taken by surprise, and while Jen was climbing out I grabbed my phone and took about a dozen photos in quick succession before she realized her t-shirt might as well have been cellophane. And then Jen knelt alongside the lounger and said "Let's get the first one out of the way." Before I could ask her what she meant, she leaned in, took my cock again, and wedged it between her breasts.

Just Ly Back And Sigh!

first-time 2018-06-09

Twirl my tounge on you lips as I suck it inside! Glide my hands down your body as I feel you sigh! Lets take it slowly aint got nothing but time! Make my way down you body kissing licking your skin! You start moaning softly as my tounge hits your clit! I'm just getting started baby aint no stopping ya now! My devious eyes kiss my way up your body! Kiss my way down your back glide my tounge in your rear! Aint a part I dont lick as I kiss down your leg! Kiss my way from your feet till my tounges back inside! Kiss my way up slowly my fingers sliding inside! You suck in my lip as you arch back and sigh!

My cab ride

first-time Courtney20UK 2018-06-09

It was the third day Andrew waited for the girl he felt obsessed with. Being deep in his thoughts Andrew didn’t notice someone approached his car. Andrew looked at the girl talking and words stuck in his throat… It was she… A moment later the man realized Courtney wasn’t wearing a bra again and a tiny piece of fabric that served like a skirt was the only thing to cover the girl’s legs. The hand serving my cock became weak and then moved to the girl’s breast. Impaling her throat on the cock the girl put her hand between the man’s legs and started massaging the prostate. Courtney moved a bit aside but her hands went on fondling the shaft.

Serendipity at the Plaza

first-time QuietlyMakingNoise 2018-06-09

Finally he took one look at her hands, and old fetish of his, and noticed that her fingers were exquisite, long and slender with perfect proportions. “I’m sorry, I was looking for my waitress and turned around, and…” he hesitated letting his mouth catch up with his thoughts, “well, you know the rest,” He said. She noticed that at times, when their arms brushed, he would let his hand linger next to hers – as a subtle offer. Terry looked her way for a moment, their arms brushed and that’s when he decided that she truly did not mind if he grabbed her hand. She closed her eyes as his hand brushed her long blonde hair aside and moved down next to her ear, down her neck, and coming to a comfortable rest on her shoulder.

The Night

first-time KarennaC 2018-06-09

But I wasn't sure I dared to tell Brock I wanted to. And seeing you lying there like that makes me want to do a few things to you." Brock ran his hand over my belly. Brock stepped out of the boxers and I got a good look at the first completely naked guy I'd ever seen in real life. No guy had ever seen me naked, and I wasn't sure I dared to see Brock's reaction. I wasn't sure Brock really wanted to do it, but since he'd offered and I was curious, I said, "Okay." Gentle wasn't an option; it took several more hard thrusts before Brock finally broke through my hymen.