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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bill & Mousey Ch. 01

first-time FurLove 2018-06-09

She's wearing a very lush dark mahogany A style Mink coat which still doesn't change her overall disheveled and mousy look with a dress that looks like rags, work boots and a baseball cap with a pony tale out the back of the cap. I begun watching her lips as she talks and my eyes are wandering over the gorgeous fur coat she's wearing and how it casually falls over her body like it were a Blue Jean jacket to her. The fur is a rich golden brown and gray with swatches of dark reddish brown and white tips running in a well organized and interesting pattern that makes the coat swell and roll, like it is alive, in an enticing way.

Accidents Happen

first-time rhimshot415 2018-06-09

Her sex, in the meanwhile, was starting to drip with lubricating juices that gave off an aroma that at once made Danny push his cock harder against her and, at the same time, intoxicated him with her. Danny dropped to his knees in front of her and kissed his way from Brenda's navel to the mass of black curls above her sex. They were to have five more weeks of planning and talking and experimenting with sex before Brenda told Danny that her period would be over on the following Friday, and that she wanted him to fuck her the next night. And then he said, "Danny, think of Brenda's hymen like the outside of a half-filled balloon.

How I like to suck cock

first-time jabig6 2018-06-09

Rolling onto him I straddle him and lick along the seam of his lips, they are warm, full and inviting, I can feel his breathing increasing, as if he is torn now between sl**p and waking to receive the pleasure I mean to give him. I feel his hands now on my hips, guiding my movements over his cock, I know that if I want I could make him cum fast, but I do not want this yet, I want to delay the pleasure for us as long as I can resist. With my hands I cup his balls and squeeze them as my tongue slides its way up and down being sure to taste every inch of his cock, coating it heavily with my own saliva, he reaches for my hair and pulls it, becoming more insistent for his pleasure.

Marine Dad and King

first-time niceonehere 2018-06-09

King begins to await, to anticipate the invitation from his dad that he run an errand with him, their code to find the hidden spot, turn off the engine, push the seat back as far as it can go, put their pants around their ankles and spread their knees to expose their cocks to each other as the preliminary to King’s leaning forward and placing his lips on the slit hole of his dad’s thick monstrous erection. I feel as if I’m going to black out and then I come back to my senses and I’m sucking and licking this wonderful, glorious head while I’m wrapping my fingers around this shaft. My desire grows and the thoughts I have… I want to lick your liquid silver coming so easily out of your insides.

Losing It

first-time Bakeboss 2018-06-09

When my sister got sick, Cindy true friend that she was held her hair while she heaved over and over. I then helped her to her bedroom and left as Cindy somehow got her to bed. Cindy you come back and talk to me when you're sober and if you still want me to do it I'd love to." "Aw, you're so sweet for saying that, I was serious Brad I really want you to do this for me." She held my cock up close to get a good look and I told her to be careful or I would cum. As far as I know, Cindy never came that day and I was far too inexperienced to help her with it.

Susan's Story

first-time Tabby18lover 2018-06-09

"You like what you see babe?" he asked quietly, his other hand brushing through my hair and resting at the back of my head. Whichever it was Matt released his grip on the back of my head and used his other hand to pull his cock from my young mouth, it slapped my cheek as he pulled back. I didn't notice as Matt continued to feast on my breasts, playing with the hard nipples, rolling them in his mouth and sucking them away from the soft firm breasts. He hooked a finger in each side of the waist-band and slowly started rolling my panties down my legs, kissing my pubic mound as it came into view, a spring of young pubic hair bouncing out to meet him.

Give Me Your Cum

first-time adel5000 2018-06-09

As I lit my cigarette Marcus put his hands on my waist pulling me close to him. Marcus placed the head of his cock on my tight damp pussy and drove his big black cock deep inside me. Marcus began thrusting harder and deeper; pinching and squeezing my breasts and nipples. “Oh god Kathy, you married fucking whore, I’m going to cum in you!” I was on the verge of orgasm myself and I moaned loudly, “Keep fucking me, wash my insides with your hot cum baby, do it!” OH FUCK!” Marcus wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight, as he shot his baby batter deep inside me.

just another day ?

first-time lynnp123 2018-06-09

My cock was hard as soon as her mouth got a hold of it, and like I said, it felt so fucking good, that I immediately just came all over her mouth.... She looks up into my eyes, sees me say thank you with a nice pump of the cock, and she goes back to her slow methodical sucking. She fucks my cock for a good 10-15 minutes letting it get a bit deeper every time.. they ask me questions about how many, how big, when can they come back, my friends, lovers, fucks, sucks, all kinds of questions. I have never had one woman tell me she doesn't like to suck a nice cock!!

Laura with college friends

first-time 2018-06-09

"Hey Laura, I think your friends are here" her mom said. Laura knew that one of her buds were on the other side of that door, and she couldn't wait any longer by her mom to leave her home and go out to have some fun. Laura walked to the door with haste, knowing that it was one of her friends from college. Eric was looking at what Laura was wearing, and was a bit surprised. "Hey Laura, do you think that sun dress will make you too cold?" Eric said. Laura and Eric began to walk a bit faster, and as they were doing that, she could see the van shaking a bit from left to right a tiny bit.

My first Exhibitionist

first-time Shavedcocklover 2018-06-09

As he jogged closer to me I also noticed that the head of his cock was bouncing wildly under the leg of his shorts and my heart began to beat a bit fastly,thinking that this Man HAS to know that he's hanging out of his shorts due to the slightly chilly morning air. He DID start coming to the lodge regularly then...I'd meet him in the pool area and sauna & locker room where he'd continually walk around naked and wearing his too small speedo bathing suit or wearing a short,short towel around the pool area.He wa shaved and had a good 7-71/2 inch dick when soft and it would just sway so nicely as he walked.


first-time crowdsurfer 2018-06-09

As I heard the water running in the bathroom of the girls' hotel room, I stood at the pile on the floor that was Amanda's dress, staring at the tent in my shorts wondering what the hell was going on. Dustin having come back home didn't seem to have phased her one bit though, as she kissed me back, her hand wandered between us finding the bulge in my jeans and rubbing it for a few moments before unzipping me and pulling out my dick, stroking it back to full attention. We heard Dusting get into his cot and waited a couple of minutes before Amanda started grinding herself back onto my cock, making sure I was still nice and hard and nowhere near able to escape the clasp of her warm pussy.

Fucking friends girl

first-time 1981leo 2018-06-09

On one weekend at work, Dave asked me if it was okay to spend the night and bring his new girl friend with him. "Sorry to ask, but Dave said you and he wanted to use my bed...." pushing my luck further. As she took my hard as hell cock into her mouth, she licked the pre-cum on the tip of my head, "Mmmmmm" She slowly opened her mouth wider, taking it deeper into her warm, moist mouth, deeper down her throat. cum in mouth instead..." I couldn't stop and she knew I was seconds away from shooting my load but her virgin pussy wouldn't let go of my cock.

My first time giving a blowjob

first-time D_Dan 2018-06-09

I had just come in from doing some outside chores, he was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer. His hand went to my head, fingers moving through my hair. My hand went to his stiffening cock, gently squeezing it. I slipped my body between his legs and positioned myself, kneeling in front of him, my hand slowly stroking his throbbing stiffening cock. He was looking down at me, his hand still gently and tenderly rubbing my head. My head went forward, kissed his cock, then I opened my mouth. I could hear him moaning, his hand growing more firm on the top of my head. I remember his moans growing louder, his legs tensing, his hand grasping my head more firmly.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-09

Lana suggested they shower before he left and Jason liked what he thought that meant. Jason offered to do more for her, but they also agreed to go out that night to a play at the school, so Lana told him she was okay. Lana and Jason dated every weekend for the rest of the school year, taking advantage of the tickets and expense account of the contest. Jason planned to buy a car that summer which he told Lana would help him come see her more often. He wanted desperately to see Lana and show her his new car but every time he called she had work.

60 year old receptionist 3

first-time 2018-06-09

Finally my ass relented, squeezing more and more lube on to her cock, whilst wanking my shaft, it actually felt good, I was so close to Cumming my swollen head aching, I couldn’t help it I was full of cock and being wanked off by this dirty older receptionist from my work, My legs jerked, that was it I exploded, my head grew larger the cum erupting high in the air, hitting my chest, hot as it landed all over me, my body flopped, my breathing shallow from the pleasure, with each spurt of my cock she fucked me harder making me jump each time, “ that’s right little bitch, cum for me!” .

What Lana Taught Me Ch. 01-03

first-time JorisKHuysmans 2018-06-08

With Bart being gone and me working nights, Lana and I got to be friendly during the day, and it wasn't long before it just became part of my routine to drop in on her first thing in the morning, or for her to come downstairs and see me. I tried to sort of avoid the topic, but she kept pushing me-- and as she did she reached for a bottle of suntan lotion and started rubbing it on her chest, that soft spongy area that promised the feel of the big round breasts to either side, hands disappearing under the straps to that mysterious place I so badly wanted to go.

Tounge Tied

first-time massterplan112 2018-06-08

i was 17 with a 5 inch long penis and a tounge that was like gold. My current girlfriend didnt like me licking her pussy much witch i didnt get much. She said we needed to talk and i was up for it. she said she wanted to feel my tounge in her pussy. i laid her on the couch and started to stroke her lucious pussy, i slipped my tounge in her sheven slit. i moved my way up to her clit right away for her to cum soon. as soon as i touches it she jerked up and cummed all over the couch. she said she was done for the day and i was disappointed but abliged....

White Wife Becomes BBC Slut for Boss

first-time 2018-06-08

The sight was beautiful as I filmed her continue to watch the redhead suck the cock on the movie as she inserted several more inches into her waiting mouth. She took over from there and began to cum at which time I pulled it from her pussy and told her she would wait for their cocks. As Marquis began to snake his fingers inside her thong Victor told Leigh to suck his black cock. When she arrived Victor answered the door and led her into a room where Marquis and two other hot black men sat watching a second video of her sucking them. As she sucked Eric?s huge cock, Marquis slipped between her thighs and place her legs on his shoulder as he began entering her tight white pussy.

Kelly's Date

first-time arlene548 2018-06-08

Kelly leaned, her ass against the docks edge supporting her tipsy weight, our toes in the sand as I put my arms around her lower back and wedged my knee, once again in between her beautiful warm legs. Within moments Kelly is exploring my cock as I am deep throating her with passionate kisses and feeling her wetness build between her legs as I trace the folds of her steaming cunt with my index finger. Kelly is trapped, her back pinned against the edge of the dock I trace back and forth along her dripping wet cunt lips. After a long deep minute of kissing Kelly, she struggles to support the weight on her toes and begins so slowly to slip onto my cock.


My sweet Cindy

first-time mikeee2293 2018-06-08

She grabbed my ass and pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking the head and using her tongue to lick the bottom side. I put my hands into her hair and slid my cock deeper into her mouth. She sucked harder and I pushed my cock deeper until i felt the back of her mouth. She gasped and started quivering as she started cumming covering my hand and chin with her juices.I slid up and pulled her shirt off and removed her bra, exposing a beautiful pair if titties. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stood up and shoved my cock back into her mouth, pushing deep into her throat.

Fairgame Ch. 02

first-time sensualwhispers 2018-06-08

"See you later guys." I tried to make my voice sound steady but I swear it quivered slightly as I spoke, my legs certainly didn't feel like they belonged to me as I walked away. Neil winked at me a lopsided grin on his face after Paul had looked away and I couldn't help but smile back. Taking his cock out I looked at it and then at Neil before slowly licking it from base to tip; tiny little licks that barely touched the skin. My jaw ached as I held onto his cock with my mouth, stopping suddenly I heard Neil cry out in anguish and glancing up at him I smiled.

My First Night With You

first-time 2018-06-08

You close your eyes and imagine rubbing my chest and feeling my arms trace along your back and pulling you closer into me. Your eyes start to close as you feel safe and warm as you imagine me pulling you in closer to my chest. You start to reach down as I continue to kiss your chest and you feel the bulge in my pants that is just waiting for you. You kiss my chest and neck and I press your head down and you take my hard cock deep down your throat. You feel the pressure of my cock filling your right pussy, and I grab your hips and start to thrust inside you.

masturbating while admiring

first-time Labouroflove 2018-06-08

I snuck into the room and snooped around looking for a piece of bra or panties where I can leave a nice present for Xin. Think she might be too young to understand what is going on. Seeing her enter the toilet, I went into her room and put back her stuff underneath the pile of clothes, knowing that as long as some time passes, the semen will be just dry and become invisible… I decided to set the boyfriend up at Zouk and of course getting as much fresh as I can with Miss Huang. See my two meimei going up to Huang‘s boyfriend and chatting him up, I quickly point that out to her and I could tell she looked really annoyed.

My team leader with a BBC - Part 1

first-time shahnaz69 2018-06-08

On my test i was nervous and when i am nervous my leg shakes, a couple of times he askd me to stop being so nervous and put his hand on my leg and rubbed it, i could not believe he did that, at th end of the test i was told that i was just below the pass mark and that he did not want to see me leaving my position and bcause he liked me he told me that i am going to fiddle the figure for you to pass because i like you.