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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Molee's World Ch. 02

first-time Sara and Ron 2018-06-08

Michelle smiled and said, "Thank you Cathy I believe that my friend could use a drink. Molee stared at Michelle ready to feel anger rise in her to the point she would punch her smug and judgmental smile off the side of her head. When Cathy left with a generous tip from Michelle, Molee sat on the edge of the bed and said to her, "So what story are you going to tell me." Molee stripped and got into the shower thinking, 'I wonder if whoever taught her this game realizes what they have released upon the earth.' The tingles of anticipation started and the butterflies were back as she felt the hot spray of water wash over her.

Amy at the Movies

first-time rhyze 2018-06-08

Looks like she wasn't going to have to worry about wandering eyes before she took her seat. As she resumed fondling his now bare balls she began feeling his cock grow, slithering up her forearm like a snake. This time it wasn't fear that was stopping her but she was just savoring the moment of finally having a real life cock in her mouth. When she felt like she couldn't hold the position any longer she rushed back up his cock, releasing him from her mouth just long enough to take a couple of large gasps of air. As he continued to pound into her ass like a jackhammer and progress to low moans from his grunts, she felt her clitty twinging again.

The Lodger

first-time 2018-06-08

I could feel the tip of his helmet at my tight hole, and then there was like a burning intense pressure as he pushed himself in.It only took a few seconds for my ass to accept his cock and then he started to pump me gently. The burning passed and before i knew it i was enjoying my first ass fuck and rubbed my clit to bring on another intense orgasm.Mark pulled out my ass and put his cock in my mouth. I got a taste of my own ass briefly before i felt Marks cock twitch and erupt a thick stream of cum into my mouth and i swallowed it without a second thought.

My mum's birthday

first-time coradia 2018-06-08

When she had drained that one, she said goodbye to her men friends at the bar, giving each a big hug and a kiss. God, I'm bursting for a pee, she said as I started the engine, and she put her hand down between her legs. Although her home was only a few minutes away, and I shouldn't have been encouraging her to have any more to drink, I said: Why don't we stop off at another pub on the way home, and you can have a pee. I moved my head down and started sucking her erect nipples, all the while fingering her fanny, and she moaned with pleasure, and thrusted her hips up to meet my hand.

For Ms S

first-time xoos 2018-06-08

To cover her embarrassment, Luna quickly says, in her halting English, “I love your top… it looks really pretty on you!” But the look in her eyes is one you recognize: I look like that every time I see milk dripping out of your tits. But then you notice that even now, with wet spots spreading across the cups of your top, Luna has not left- in fact, she is coming closer to you, occasionally glancing at your face while staring at your now-visible, leaking nipples. You look down and see Luna gently kneading your leaking tits with both hands while frantically trying to catch your milk. It’s not the first time I’ve leaked milk.” She looks into your eyes, trying to read your expression, then relaxes a bit.

My First... Turned Me Fabulous!

first-time BerkeleyJanine 2018-06-08

I know I'll have to get up, skip into my panties and top and go to his bathroom where I'll put myself together, but before then I will continue to lie here, grateful for the sensation of fullness that lingers for hours after a man has pulled out of me and about the memories of this evening, of our passionate kisses, his sucking on my earlobes and nipples, of my exploring his cock with my lips and my tongue, about how i love the smell of the man on my face and neck, and about his taste.

My first time with a man

first-time likesolder4 2018-06-08

He then sat on the arm of the couch next to me, he was tall around 6'2 thin with grayish hair, He then reached down and grabbed my crotch and said I want to suck your cock, before I could reply yes he says your already hard as a rock. He grabbed my hand and guided it to his crotch I started rubbing his cock yeah you like that he says, I nodded yes as he pushed his underwear to the floor. He then walked around to the side of the bed and put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him after a few minutes he came all over my face, I remember laying there covered in cum and wanting more......

It was the Night Before Christmas

first-time That70sGuy 2018-06-08

I began turning on lights as Mrs. French pulled her 'ugly Christmas sweater' over her head. It needs to be treated properly, so I will teach you." She said, rolling her hips forward and raising her ass higher by supporting her lower back with her hands. It also doesn't like to be chafed, so wet you finger real good in my pussy, before putting it in my ass. Mrs. French continued to nurse my dick back to full health, then, positioned herself with her ass in the air and her head on the pillow, She spread her ass cheeks with her hands. Use your hand to keep your dick straight, till you get the head through my ass ring.

My s****rs friend, Jade - part 2

first-time Xchloe69x 2018-06-08

Jade turned and looked at me, those eyes penetrating mine, and without a word being said kissed my lips gently. I whimpered into her kiss, our chests pressing together as our lips locked together, Jade's hand grabbing my little ass cheek, the other lifting up my pink vest. She leant over, kissing me, massaging my breasts before her lips followed, kissing and licking each in turn, her hand lightly going down my stomach and over my wet mound. Jade sat up and kissed me roughly, tasting herself on my tongue, pushing me backwards with my head back on my pillows, opening my thin legs and kissing my lower leg and ankle, looking in my eyes, she shuffled up the bed putting one foot up next to my head, her pussy now pressing onto mine.

Detention With Miss Walker

first-time Googly_Bear 2018-06-08

'So you've never felt a woman's soft hand around it stroking you, honey?' Miss Walker looks me deep in the eye and slowly begins to unzip my trousers, pulling them down slightly and freeing my aching cock. 'Good Boy' and I feel the sliding of her soft wet lips over the head of my cock. As I lick and tease Miss Walker's breathing is becoming more ragged, her moans grow louder and she grabs my head forcefully, keeping me exactly where she wants me. Flashing a smug smile smugly down at me, knowing that she is in complete control, Miss Walker slides the head of my rock hard cock between her soaking lips.

Harry and Ginny's first time

first-time athesmos 2018-06-08

When he finally awoke, he found Ginny sitting on Dean Thomas's bed, looking at him with eyes that simultaneously expressed concern and an inexplicable happiness. Harry vaguely recalled when he and Ron had attempted to climb the stairs to the girl's dormitories to go visit Hermione, only for them to turn into a slide and repel them back into the common room, to gales of laughter. "If you've got anything to say about this, mate, speak now, because once we disapparate, the time for voicing concerns is over." Harry recalled how Ron's eyes had the sting of betrayal the first time he sought approval for kissing Ginny, but this was entirely different, as he felt it was likely to go much further than simple snogging.

Caught in a Shower

first-time threelayers 2018-06-08

I grabbed a towel from the washing pile and dried myself off, and then still naked I went upstairs to my room, which was at the front of the house overlooking the road and the flats opposite. As I watched lights came on in Nicole's flat and I saw her appear in her living room dropping her bags. However, I did feel guilty having intruded on Nicole's privacy; so when my parents got home the front of the house was in darkness and I was in the dining room at the back of the house, this way no light showed at the front of the house. I like to think that if Nicole had ever checked she wouldn't have seen any light in the house until my parent's cars were on the drive.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 01

first-time jallen944 2018-06-08

"Goodbye, Pam," Carrie said, as she turned and started out the door. "Go on," Pam said, and practically pushed Ethan out the door to follow her. "Pam told me your penis was large," she whispered, her warm breath caressing the shaft of his cock. "I thought she lost her virginity back in eighth grade." She kneeled across Ethan's body, put his cock between the lips of her cunt, and slid down on him. Mrs. Philips eyes bugged out and her mouth fell open when she saw his huge, shiny, wet cock hanging in front of him, looking like it belonged to a monster, not a man.

Jim and Uncle John Ch. 03

first-time barkirk 2018-06-08

"Look Joe, you need to get out and get aerobic exercise, you're starting to get a bit of a paunch," Marie pointed out, "come biking with us, Jim and John are in great shape, but they are not experienced cyclists and we will not be going very fast and I'm sure we'll be stopping a lot, plus you know Baldy and they've never done it." Chad immediately quit looking so cocky, "Hey, Marie, I'm sorry, I'm not going to apologize for Rick since he said nothing, and he immediately turned around when he saw you were naked, so I'm the piece of shit here, I'm really sorry, but I'd really like to ride with you, but," Turning to Jim, "I don't think she's going to 'rip our lungs out' as you say, Rick and I can hold our own with anyone."

Bad Boy Ch. 02

first-time Amelia_Peach 2018-06-08

Sighing loudly, Mrs Kirkwood sat up on her knees and licked Lukas' spunk from around her mouth with a sensuous pink tongue. Letting out an exasperated moan, Mrs Kirkwood looked at his flaccid penis and closed her eyes. Mrs Kirkwood gripped the desk hard, her knuckles whitening as Lukas' tongue penetrated her soft vadge. Taking no notice of her pleas Lukas forced her to cum 3 times, licking up the juices of her ecstasy as it spilled out of her pussy and onto the desk, teasing her to the brink with his eager tongue. Mrs Kirkwood closed her eyes as Lukas placed his hands on her full, ripe bottom. Lukas nodded his head vigorously, feeling as if he was gonna cum very soon and very hard.

Aunt Natalie Has a Friend

first-time Fred1177 2018-06-08

While I was staying with Aunt Natalie and her daughters, she introduced me to Nancy, a co-worker of hers. Nancy was 32, divorced, and living alone in a trailer down the road from us. About partway through the movie, she got up and left the room. Finally, one day Nancy got tired of hearing it and told her that we had been sleeping together. She stomped in the front door and told me to come to the living room, she'd be there shortly. The girls, Rachel, Rebecca, and Sarah, just looked at each other. Aunt Natalie said, "I know you've been screwing Nancy." The girls looked shocked. I still wanted her, but I no longer felt like she was feeling the same way.



first-time 2018-06-08

My wife let out a hollowing scream as she started to cum very hard on Dan’s big cock. A couple minutes later Dan looked over towards me and said, “I am going to cum all over your wife’s gorgeous ass!” It was no use; a few seconds later my wife cried out as she started to cum very hard again all over Dan’s big cock.  Dan now pounded his big cock into my wife as she let out several hollowing moans. Dan continued to pound his cock into my wife as another powerful orgasm started to build inside her. A few seconds later my wife screamed out as did Dan. He started to cum very hard inside her as my wife cried out into another very powerful orgasm.


first-time Slickman 2018-06-08

"My name is Billie," the kid said as he dribbled out to the corner and turned to make another long shot. Tom passed to Billie this time to allow Joe to cool down somewhat but Billie was trapped in the corner and had to toss it back to Tom. Again he faked a jump shot and dribbled around Joe. He left his feet to lay it in again and felt Joe's hand smack him across the arm and head. Billie was open for a shot as Tom dribbled to his right so he tossed a bounce pass in his direction. "Mom, I told you to call me Jo," the girl said as she moved into the kitchen and sat next to her twin sister Karen.

A Sissy (S)exercise Fantasy

first-time cocksucker1966 2018-06-08

I was excited about exercising again, and determined to start developing the kind of sissy curves I would need to land myself a real man -- preferably one who would take me away from it all, trading my tie for a studded leather collar, but I'd just as happily settle for one who would fuck me silly and leave me leaking cum. The cops were always parked there, and I felt a little better knowing there were watching eyes to protect me in case some macho runners decided to take offense to sharing the track with an effeminate sissy.


Sex, Step By Step

first-time ainu2 2018-06-08

Again I remember my reading and move my mouth away from her clit, pull my fingers out of her and try and get her whole pussy in my mouth and suck on it and lick it and taste the juices she's emitting as she screams. A big, handsome guy with a terrific body, manly chest hair," she steps closer and wraps her fingers around my very erect cock, "and with this delicious big thing." She moves her hand back and forth on my cock, looking down at it rather than at my face. And it's a little different to see her at it, see my cock moving into her sexy mouth, see her gorgeous naked body kneeling down as she sucks me.

Innocence Lost

first-time Reardon1 2018-06-08

Instinctively, she closed her lips around him and placed her tongue flush against the underside of his cock; it was then that Carrie grasped just how big he was; it wasn't that he was terribly long - she guessed about six to seven inches - but he was thick and felt heavy in her mouth. Nathan took in the site of the 18 year-old babysitter: smooth, white skin with a hint of a tan; toned legs leading up to a firm, heart-shaped ass; a trim, dark blonde triangle of hair providing a teasing hint of her womanhood; a flat belly, a result of her youth and cheerleading; small breasts with nipples erect, begging to be sucked; and a youthful face that was at once cute and alluring.

cd peter

first-time badmf69 2018-06-08

was my 30th birthday and had a wicked night out up the west wife was well pissed and out for the count .i was buzzin, horny as hell and found myself replying to the loot personals,feeling like doing somthing new,a crossdresser called peter sounded realy horny. i took a long hot bath, shaved all over my body.rubbed in some oil and slipped into the kinky red latex and i felt so horny iknew this would be a birthday i would never foget. peter senced my nervousness and walked over and kissed me.his tounge going deep into my god he was as horny as me .i felt his cock pressing into my belly and reached down to touch him.i slipped my hand inside his knickers and felt his lovely smooth cock.

Meagan's First Virgin

first-time whispersofasexualnature 2018-06-08

I guided his face over to mine and said, "For you Michael, I'm here for you." I gently took his glasses off and leaned forward capturing his lips with mine as he just kind of sat there and took it. I leaned forward my mouth just an inch or so from his face, "Let me." I lifted my tight white shirt up over my head making my big c cups bounce for his viewing pleasure. Michael practically dives into my chest taking my nipple in his mouth hungrily."Mmmmmm, fuck," I moan loving his tender licks. I continued grinding my hips on his cock as I looked over my shoulder and moaned loudly "oh Michael!" Michael reaches up and grabbed my ass holding me as I rode him reverse cowgirl style.

Prima Nocte Ch. 03: The Best Laid Plans

first-time Pelwrath 2018-06-08

"Abby, you're telling me, because Vince hasn't had sex with other women, he doesn't know what love is?" "Hello, sexy!" Vince said as he saw Abby on a couch and wearing the purple outfit with some, not so subtle, red lighting. Abby's fingers were moving as much as Vince's hand was. Abby looked at the screen and sure enough, Vince blew several nice bursts of semen and he kept it up until finished. Abby had talked with Morgan about the meet date for bowling and her and Vince's Face-Time experience. At the end of the second game, Martin went to hold Abby's hand but she politely let go.