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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Learning about sex as I develope

first-time 2018-06-08

They were rounded well after puberty and horny for me, so sl**ping with a bevy of beauties was always high on my agenda, having my pussy licked by girl fighting to get between my long legs was gratifying enough, but it left me all confused, and I wondered if uncle Joe's early influence on my sexual awakening was responsible, somehow I could never quite get rid of his cock in my mouth and his painting my pretty little face that night.

First Meet

first-time kerrycouple 2018-06-08

M decided to take Marys lead and placed paddy's hand inside the top of her dress as well as unbutton her dress. Kneeling down she took the second cock of the night in her mouth and started to suck it.Paddy's cock grew to about 9 inches long and so thick M could not get her hand around it fully. when i stopped Mary was panting reached down and took my hard cock inside her mouth. I slowly rubbed her hole as she sucked my cock and played with my balls.Se started to get more excited and hearing M moaning as she came Mary grabbed a condom and put it on me straddling me she pushed my cock inside her and moved back and forth.

Classroom Virgin

first-time imsally 2018-06-08

I saw my first live penis in the flesh, one of the male students stood behind a sheet they set up and each one of us went back, one at a time to lift his testicles and feel for hernias. "This doesn't feel right, something is wrong in there!" He told Denise, his index finger still jammed way up inside me. The rest of the class filed in, they all looked at me in surprise, then Jonathan walked in and his jaw dropped. I even got kissed a couple of times but I rebuffed all of the hints at more, except one man put his hand on my breast over my clothes.

Holiday Weekend Surprise

first-time cognacman 2018-06-08

I massaged your legs and feet gently for 10 to 15 minutes before I began to make my way back up your body until I reached your pussy again. Without the use of my hands I slowly began kissing and licking around the edge of your pussy without touching your clit. I reached my hands around to your butt and gently began messaging your ass cheeks and gently raking my fingers across your asshole until you screamed out constantly in dire need of the sexual explosion that was building within your body and soul. You wanted more so I continued making love to your pussy with my mouth while your cum continued to pour from your body from the sheer joy and pleasure of the experience.

jensen gets trained

first-time eyestolove134 2018-06-08

Dan, being a young virile man could not stop himself from checking Mrs Jensen out, and a few times, having to conceal a semi-hard cock. They began as they did before, with some cardio, and again Mrs Jensen was jumping up and down, however now with just a sports bra on, her chest was even more exposed and Dan watched as the soft tops of her breasts tried to work themselves free of their lycra confines. Dan was trying so hard to remain professional, he had to pull himself away from her ass, He began walking around her as she worked, and had, perhaps instinctively, stopped right in front of Mrs Jensen.

Constance's 2nd

first-time Global Carol 2018-06-08

After it ended, I very slowly caressed myself, moving my hands along my torso from my pussy, up my body and turned around to face Len. From the look on his face I thought he would have an orgasm at that moment, though he hadn't even touched himself. Kneeling down in front of him and watching his hand going a mile a minute over his very red-headed cock, with pre-seminal fluid flying about off the tip, I tried to figure out how to get the thing into my mouth. An entire spurt of semen shot the foot or so from his cock's head to my eagerly waiting mouth and tongue, just like a long shot from a water pistol.

My First Time

first-time EtexEnergy 2018-06-08

This has a build up of what actually happened, but there is some sex in this, and this was my first time in the sexual zone, so I hope you enjoy. "Come on inside I have a few things to show you." She said seductively as she put her hand on my crotch. I went up to her and she said "Take it off." I obeyed, and slowly took it off. After she was done sucking me off, she got on top and rubbed her slit on the tip of my head, as she slowly pushed her pussy onto my dick. I asked her "how come you didn't put your new bra and panties on after you stripped?"

Our first BBC!

first-time toyboy090 2018-06-08

That BBC was a great fiind and wanted to share it with my girlfriend, told her I had a sexy surprise and invited the black guy over. Me and my girlfriend were working together sucking that big black cock to make it ready to fuck her. Fucking her in every hole, her mouth, pussy and ass were brutaly fucked hard, her white holes filled with big black cock. He shot his load deep in her pussy where my girlfriend was cumming hard. If she isn't already, it won't take long for her to become a big black cock slut and I like seeing her enjoying herself with her white pussy getting it from a BBC.

A Big Meeting Ch. 01

first-time mybaby 2018-06-08

Another surprise came next when Steve moved down and began to kiss my inner thighs, moving upwards slowly towards his target. Steve somewhat mercilessly worked my clit, he slipped a finger into my wet pussy, my orgasm went on and on. Steve placed his hands on my shoulders and lifted me up onto the bed, I glanced down and saw his cock pointing towards my crutch, my wanton willing very wet crotch. Steve lifted me up and laid me on the bed placing my head on the pillow, he slipped alongside me pulling the duvet over us. Steve moved to me by the breakfast bar, he slipped his arms around me and said, "No time like the present.

Sitter's College Fund

first-time coupletahoe 2018-06-07

The sequence of events that lead to my first erotic encounter started on a Wednesday night when I got a call from the Smiths. Again, we kissed, but this time when his hand caressed my breast, he pulled down the halter top. After a few minutes of caressing him I heard his breathing start to change and felt the arm on my back start to push me downward. Occasionally, Bill would press my head downward, sliding his cock deep into my mouth, causing me to gag. However, as I put him back into my mouth one of his hands retuned to my breast and the other went back to my head.

My s****r's Friend Part 1.

first-time lovehamster12 2018-06-07

I decided to see if they were still awake, I crept out of bed and into my s****r's room, they were all asl**p on the floor in just their panties, obviously the Vodka had taken effect, I went over to Louise and woke her up, she asked me what I wanted, I just said I wanted to show her something, she obliged, and walked out of the room and into my bedroom, she then said " So what is it you wanted to show me?", and I said " I think you know what I want", her reply was unexpected " No, I dont?", So I moved closer and kissed her on the lips, she reacted immediatley seizing me and throwing me on the bed, she jumped on me and started to kiss me so passionately, my hands moved to her ass, I squeezed it, It felt SO good, she took off my top and ran her hands down my chest.

Watching Over Ch. 02

first-time VincentC 2018-06-07

Her trance was broken with "You have a nice body Pat, I've always thought so." Billy confessed, staring at her like she hadn't been stared at in years. He lifts her against the wall as they kiss, she shifts to get more comfortable, feeling his enormous cock pulsing between their bodies. Pulling away for a breather, she says, "Sweetie?" she slides down his smooth body and takes his engorged cock in her hand. She feels like a teenager again, lingering with every kiss, the thrill of the newness as they take in the excitement of learning about each other's bodies, each other's touches. "Oh Pat, you feel so good!" Billy says in a trance.

Heat Wave part 2

first-time maximu 2018-06-07

She came downstairs in a bikini that was about a size too small her boobs popping out of the top I knew she had better ones but this one was bedroom wear really and totally indecent she came strutting over to the pool and dragged a lounger over to the waters edge Ted and I were swimming and joking about when me and Ted got out she asked us to rub some sun cream into her back as she leant forward Ted then undone her bra and lifted it off he started with the cream rubbing her back as I sat in front of her rubbing her boobs after a couple off minutes of this and several applications of cream to either side I noticed gems nipples were rock hard and a little damp patch on her knickers.

First Time Suck Buddies Part 2

first-time couldhedoit 2018-06-07

Like feeling the first time Jason’s warm wet mouth went down on my hard member, watching the back of his head bobbing up and down, sliding my cock in and out of his mouth. In bed slowly stroking my dick with one hand and gently massaging my balls with the other, I would think about Jason’s hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the thought of that would make my cock grow even harder and start throbbing. I remember having that same lightheaded feeling like at his house weeks before, this time though it wasn’t from nervousness but from anticipation of having his hard smooth cock sliding in and out of my mouth.


first-time alexcomfort 2018-06-07

The headmaster of the school where it occurred died some decades ago and his possessions came into the possession of a niece who remained entirely uninterested in them until, browsing through them one day, she discovered a number of diaries and detailed notes that turned out to have a close connection with the contents of a long wooden box, namely a collection of some thirty canes. As he did so, just as he had done so often before, his confidence grabbed him back, so to speak, and he peremptorily instructed her to "bend over." Judging from his own account and looking ahead for a moment, we might note that he was soon to abandon this peremptory style as he came to realize that, especially with girls, this “moment of entry” (as he termed it, for whatever reason) was actually a moment that he could play out at length, for both as psychological refinement of the punishment and, as he well knew, his own pleasure.

First Time

first-time 2018-06-07

The first time I ever had sex I was 17. One night, he came to my window. He'd said he'd been thinking about me all day, and I the same for him. He started to kiss me, and I pushed my body close to his. He started to play with the elastic on my pajama shorts, and asked me if it was okay. He slowly slid my shorts off...and started to finger me. He slowly went down to my wet pussy, licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. He came back up to me, taking my shirt off and sucking my nipples. I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me.

more motherfucking

first-time 2018-06-07

Fuck ya bitch!!!" LOOK AT MY HARD MOTHERFUCKING COCK THAT WILL BE BURIED IN YOUR PUSSY AND DEEP INSIDE YOUR MOUTH AND WILL FUCKING EXPLODE UP YOUR ASS TONIGHT!! As the sons cock found its way all the way inside moms pussy and when the related pubic hairs began to grind a smile was present on his face because he was fucking his mother, her smile was from the orgasm building deep inside her loins and the intruder was all smiles because his dick remained hard and he could stick it in a hole of his choice into one the two fuck buddies in action in front of his hard cock.

We Survived

first-time wombat76 2018-06-07

During the day I tried to stay as close to Caitlin as I could, but she stuck with a few of her friends that were on the trip and quickly formed a small group of the popular people. James and I decided that going swimming in the pool was a very good idea, so we headed up to our room, from the commons area of the hotel to get changed into our bathers. I shook my head, poured some water over the rags I was using to clean her off with and began to wipe the blood off of her soft and delicate breasts. Morning had broken on the third day of my misadventure, so I decided to have a look at Caitlin's wounds and to change the dressings.

Sammy's First Time

first-time samantha1989 2018-06-07

I went with friends and wore a tight fitting white lace dress that showed off my firm breasts and tight ass, black waist belt and hot fuck me high heels to show off my toned, tanned legs. Shortly after, Ross picked me up and lay me on the bed gently, parting my legs, removing my knickers and moved his head in close to my hot snatch to lap up my juices. His lustful gazes at my body and gently rubbing my breast made me feel sexy and hot. As his thrusts increased in speed and power I felt my sex muscles begin to spasm and sensations I'd never felt before work up my spine, before long I knew I was having a mind blowing orgasm and could feel the muscles grip Ross's cock like a vice.

An Innocent Holiday

first-time MellisaPutain 2018-06-07

Feeling risky, I sat up a little and let my tits hang a bit to tease him, flashed him a smile before laying back down facing the other direction. As the elevator doors closed I pressed my body against his, furiously making out with him as my hand slid inside his pants, stroking his hard cock. I grabbed his boardies and pulled them straight down, his hard cock bouncing out as his pants fell. He pulled my ass up into doggy style but pushed my head down into the bed, he stood behind me above my ass and pushed his hard cock down, deep inside me. I push down so his cock fills my pussy and I rest my legs either side of his hips as I grind on him.

Being A Nice HouseGuest by Fucking The Host

first-time trumptight85 2018-06-07

I ask Christina if it was alright to use her shower, to which she simply mentioned "Go for it." I was looking for her linen closet for some fresh towels where she proceeded to get up from underneath her bed sheets completely in the need. "No sense in wasting good water", she said as she entered the shower from the very front and grazing my dick with her ass. I was a little stunned at the moment she walked into the shower, somewhat oblivious to my dick now started to grow again as the water went from streaming down my shoulders and chest to now cascading down Christina's back and ass cheeks.

The Hotel's Hot Tub

first-time TraceTheMaid 2018-06-07

I took the bra off and held my C-cup size breast and gave them a gentle squeezed which I looked in the mirror wishing that a man that was handsome, that was madly in love with me, and had the hunger of lust in his eye's for me was holding them with his rough hands and kissing my neck, whispering in my ear that he loved my breast and he loved how soft and firm they were which I got out of that thought then felt the wetness that was coming from my panties. I then felt his mouth on my breast as he sucked and licked my nipple's when he grabbed my ass and spread my cheek's apart again and inserted two finger's in my anus hole again this time a bit harder as I kept going faster and a bit harder on his cock.

Old Hippies

first-time zimabean 2018-06-07

"Why are you scoping on those people, a good looking guy like you should be getting plenty of action." Stacy said to me. "Dude we should go there now, I am sure parents will be cool with it." Rock said and we left. "I love the way you feel inside me, I love your seed being pumped into me and sharing my inner self with you." Stacy said. I think I going to drop a load in there right now, okay Stacy?" Rock added. But my cock did get hard again and Stacy was more than happy to lay back and let me inside her again, Rock was right there watching. "Everybody loves your pussy Stacy, like a fine wine the older it gets the better it gets." Rock giggled.

The Gatehouse Cottage

first-time Starlight13 2018-06-07

It felt good, I enjoyed his obvious pleasure in touching me, lips tenderly kissing mine, brushing my eyes and running lightly over my skin in kind of tactile worship. I was busy sucking on his insistent, probing tongue as he began to work his two impaling fingers deeper into me, his palm now enveloping my sex, the ball of his thumb pressuring my clitoris rhythmically… I know I felt his third finger, down near my anus, slick with my own juices… but frankly, by then, I really didn't give a damn. I whimpered, feeling my body tensing around him and he would pause again, his hands and mouth caressing me, and as I relaxed a little, he slipped deeper.