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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Neighbor Girl

first-time SlickNick2412 2018-06-06

I pulled her into my arms, and leaned her back against the countertop, and we kissed longer, and as we did, the energy in the room became palpable, and we started the caresses and touches that would take us down the road to full on groping. She pushed up, and sat back again, this time her fingers pulling at my pants and tugging them open. I began to slowly start that sultry dance all first time lovers make, gradually learning each other's moves, building a trust in the rhythm of the passion and emotion, of the raw sexual energy that passes from one to the other as they unite for the common goal of release; release from themselves, from this world and its cares.

Me and My Mom ~ Part 1

first-time Thtbikiddie 2018-06-06

After what felt like half an hour we stopped and my mom started sucking my cock. “Take this entire cock in your mouth, you bitch!” My mom was fucking amazing at blow jobs and I came in her mouth minutes later, my mom tried to take her head away but I stopped her. After 20 minutes I still hadn’t came and my mom told me she wanted me to fuck her wet pussy. I did as my mom said and cummed on her tits, I went back down on her pussy and she came twice, her juice was so amazing that I wanted to lick her all day, even if my tongue felt like it was gonna fall off.

How Are Mine?

first-time MatthewVett 2018-06-06

The tall, redheaded woman stepped out of the hot tub and walked back towards the hotel, the warm water still dripping off of her body, leaving behind a darkened trail on the pavement. Don't worry about their size, they look like a perfect handful," he explained, his eyes still focused on my chest. "You, uh, you said they looked like a perfect handful. "Okay, but this is just so you can tell me how they are, got it?" I emphasized, already imagining how his hands would feel against my sensitive flesh, his fingers grazing against my soft skin. I looked down at my exposed chest, my nipples hard as the warm water of the Jacuzzi evaporated into the night air.

First time in public

first-time retrotheman 2018-06-06

I sat down in the middle of the row not knowing what to do or expect - OK it sounds daft, but I was in my mid 20s and had never been in a porn cinema. My initial reaction was "oh fuck", but when the film started everyone was glued to the screen - including the guys three seats away. I sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do, mopping up the mess is a half lit cinema was not going to be easy, but after a quick wipe down, I slipped my dick back inside my trousers and headed for the exit - but I could not help but notice a couple fucking each other in one of the rows with a couple of guys wanking on the side.

Violet's Virgin

first-time moonkai 2018-06-06

Violet pulled him up to her and looked deep into his deep, blue, ocean eyes. He awkwardly and gently kissed her neck and whispered, "I love you, Violet" in her ear. She held him tightly against her and whispered back, "I love you, too Ben." He pushed into her slowly and deeply. Suddenly he stopped, his legs were tensed, his mind felt like it exploded into oblivion as the surge of pleasure quaked through his body and he held Violet as tightly as he was able. They both basked in the warmth of each other's love as they looked into each other's eyes and kissed slowly, sweating and gasping for breath.

A Time to Remember

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-06-06

High school boys were like putty in Cindy's hands. "Don't tell anyone I let you feel me up," Cindy said pulling away from the kiss. Cindy took her hand off my spewing cock and looked at me with concern. Cindy stretched out on the bed like a model with a hand behind her head and motioned for me to join her. Her hand slid down to my thigh squeezing and massaging it not far from where my cock was straining to rip through the front of my pants. Cindy looked at me with those big brown eyes like she was seeking permission to touch it. Cindy finally wrapped her hand around my shaft and gently squeezed with her fingers.

A Middle Eastern Goddess and the Me

first-time TRIAX 2018-06-06

I smiled at her fearful face, then slowly I pumped my dick in and out her pussy, she closed her eyes each time my dick drilled into her and exhaled moaning as I withdrew my dick till the head remains in her tight, slick, and wet channel. MAAARC, she moaned louder feeling my dick in her pussy, her inner walls being rubbed as the circular motion of my shaft touched her sensitive g-spots sending pleasurable sensation throughout her body. Sara's body started to shake unable to cope with the pleasure my dick is giving her inexperienced body, sensing this I grabbed her legs placing them on my shoulder gripping her slender long legs as I pumped continuously in her wonderful pussy.

All the Right Moves

first-time RailRoader 2018-06-06

One night I went down the hall to the bathroom and on the way back to my room she opened her door and walked right into me. "It feels so nice to be sort of blanketed by a good man." She reached underneath to guide me in once more and fondled my scrotum as I stroked in and out, slowly. I walked naked to the bathroom, feeling like a man and brought a towel so we could clean up a bit before she went back to her bed. The day she left we shared a long hug and said our goodbyes without shedding a tear, as if we knew our time had passed.

Letter to Santa, This year I want to be naughty.

first-time softkitty00 2018-06-06

I've been watching lots of naughty videos on the internet and from these I have a basic list of what I think I would like for you to bring to me. I've looked at some adult toy stores and am amazed by the variety of things you could bring a naughty girl - big, small, vibrating, waterproof, life-like, abstract, some are scary looking while others are cute cute with cartoon faces. I'm not sure what would be good for a girl to start with so, if it isn't too much to ask, I would really appreciate if you could bring me a small selection of what you think is best.

Wartime Passion

first-time innocenttoo 2018-06-06

Char was a bit surprised by the random call but because Kelly said that she had seen her downtown and got her number from a friend, she agreed to meet. Kelly had just enough information to make my wife believe--she talked about me serving in war and that she wanted to offer her friendship to help her through the lonely times. That evening I called my wife to catch up and Char explained that she was going out this weekend for coffee with a friend. Kelly took the lead and laid my wife back and began to kiss, squeeze her hard breasts and caress her nipples. Char moved her hips in unison and begged for Kelly’s hot tongue deep into her pussy.

Its not all about the girls - just mostly

first-time 2018-06-06

He said he was going to Las Vegas, a trip he has always wanted to take and since we was turning 21, it was finally time. But the trip wasn't for a few weeks still so we had time to talk on the phone. I enjoyed pleasing him and eagerly sucked at him, letting my tongue swirl around his hard shaft as he moved his hips back and forth. His cock was hard and I wanted to reach for it, but I knew better than to do that without permission or instructions. It actually felt rather nice as it slid inside me. I did as he told me and soon I felt the ehad of his cock push inside me.

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-06

"Oh hi, Davey," Katie said looking my way with a smile as she took her turn at golf. She was not as thin as Darci, but her figure was well defined in all the right areas, with breasts close to Anna's in size, an ass to die for, and nice long blonde hair approaching the middle of her back. Darci and Katie each took one more turn then decided to quit their game so we could all play. Katie had made it far enough out of the way that Darci was able to descend the steps, but she stopped on the last step as the cold got her too.

Encounter With The Realtor & Her Lady Friend

first-time quantumdriven 2018-06-06

I have though gotten a lot of fantasy masturbation sessions when I freak about one of those friends of her's coming inside and balling me in that house. I'd even once held high hopes that the cunt owner bitch would ball me herself on a regular basis as the friendly neighbor thing to do, but no such luck :-( But on July 3rd of 2013 I finally got my first spontaneous sexual encounter EVER, and it happened in that bitch neighbor's house, I'm not a k**ding. Anyway, so I get the call from some Melanie cunt realtor to come and unlock. But low and behold I get home and Melanie is already calling me, and tells me to come back to unlock again because there's another client suddenly wanting to see the place.

Classmates in a Caboose

first-time aubreyjudge 2018-06-06

Then she let her hand wander up over the surface of the other woman's breast and she rotated her palm and teased Christie's nipple that way until Christie, very softly, said "Oh," at which point Lenore leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. "Feel her," she said, "she's a bushy girl but feel how soft her hair is." Robert let Lenore move his hand down Christie's front and suddenly there was a tickle and a soft bristle against his fingertips and then there was the slippery wetness of her vagina. "And Robert," Lenore said, "you never answered my question about whether or not you liked my tits." Once again, she pulled her shirt over her head, tousling her thick hair a little.

A very big f****y secret.

first-time Dark_Helmet 2018-06-06

As I got up to head for the kitchen to put the pot of coffee on, I notice something strange about the way Virginia was sitting. I remember my mom saying something like, “well what did you expect your b*****r to do with that thing poking out the bottom of your dress.” Virginia just kind of looked up at me with a shocked and embarrassed look on her face, and didn’t make any moves to make me let go or pull her dress back down. Things went through my head like, did she have a sex change, she must have, and why the hell was I so hot from touching her penis.

First Time at the Farm

first-time TantalizingTwizel 2018-06-06

She was desperate to know what it felt like, when the girls at college babbled away about sex and intimacy, she was frantic to now experience what they had, and Tim was the only one who she wanted to make that happen. She groaned as he withdrew his fingers, and he quickly pulled her tank top up over her head, her eyes never leaving his rugged face as he slipped his hand inside the lacy bra and gently massaged her small, pert breasts, her nipples hardening in between his meaningful fingers.

My School Girl Fantasy

first-time innoncentlykinky12 2018-06-06

I’m a little school girl with pigtails wearing a mini skirt. You stopped for a while to take off my bra and start to suck my little tities. While you were sucking on my tits, your finger starts to finger my pussy which caused me to cum a lot. I start to feel dizzy because your cock was so big and thick that caused me to cum some more. I can hear you say “Very good Vicky.” You start to cum and hold my head so I can taste the juices which taste yummy. Once I finished, you lay me on the bed again and continue to fuck me missionary style until I pass out.

Room Service, with a Smile

first-time oedipusrex 2018-06-06

uh, whatever you like, maam," Thomas stutters, his hands opening and closing as he takes in the sight of Carol's black panties. Her movements pull one side of the robe, making it slip off of the tip of her right breast, baring her small thighs, hovering over her silk covered sex, the sheer fabric allowing him to clearly see the outline of her outer lips. Her hand reaches out for Thomas, touching his side as it finds its way down, feeling his hip and moving toward his middle. "Oh, I am more than ok, Thomas, in fact, I think you earned an extra tip." Carol smiles, pulling the young man on top of her and allowing him to move between her thighs.

A teenage dream

first-time keatongw 2018-06-06

I went on facebook and I made a status saying i needed grilled cheese because i was hungry and craving it. 30 minutes later a hot girl in my class comments saying “Make me some ;)” and That turned me on. The day before this, I had pretended to be hacked and sent every girl a message saying “heey come ovr to my plce and we culd have sme fun ;)))” And then went offline. So i message her and say “Hi :P” and she says “Heey” And i say “Wasup” And she says “ Havin some fun ;)” and i say “doing what?” And she says “ Waitin for that grilled cheese ;) ;)” And she says “You know what i mean ;)” And i say “What?” And she says “ Oh don’t play games.

I Gambled, I lost, Now I had to Pay, with my body.

first-time 2018-06-06

He was taken aback by my sudden outburst, to which I saw, and continued my attack, 'Listen, I'm a senior, and you have no jurisdiction here, in fact', I raved, now I was on a high, 'I have more authority than you, so just fuck off', and as I said I saw he was looking down between my legs, I realized immediately I was showing my crotch, my perfect 'V', and my panties did little to cover my modesty.

My Oral Fixation

first-time Mystclnytes 2018-06-06

My ORAL FIXATION began many years ago, in the hayloft on our farm, on the same day I lost my virginity. Our bedrooms were both on the second floor and the windows faced each other and I had caught many glimpses of Pam in various stages of undress in the past couple of years. I found out on that day in the hayloft that she had, in fact, seen me watching her and that she started purposely making sure that I could see her. This day things started to get a lot more intense and suddenly she grabbed my hand and put it right on her chest!! I got my first handjob, my first taste of pussy, my first blowjob, and my first fuck...all in one day.....

First Time Webcam Sex on Omegle

first-time 2018-06-06

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Stranger: hey Stranger: it turns me onn, ;) Stranger: forr meee? Stranger: yesss, ;) Stranger: put it back away for a sex Stranger: wanna see my ass? Stranger: do you like that? Stranger: do you even wanna see it? Stranger: (ass) Stranger: kayy. Stranger: pretend like you slaping my ass Stranger: it turns me on Stranger: pretned this teddy bear is you You: i'm ready for cum baby You: yea sure You: yea sure Stranger: if you stay on here with me til like 9 Stranger: i about to cum You: show me your wet pussy cumming Stranger: DX Stranger: maybe we will run in to each other again Stranger: Chelsey. Stranger: kayyy


first-time geraldf 2018-06-06

Then she said, "Jerald, would you let me give you a kiss?" I haven't kissed a virgin in a long time. "Don't be nervous." She gave me a long, sweet kiss on the lips. The elevator started moving again and we got up off the floor. Of course I was so aroused that the first thing I did when I got home was to take off my clothes, lay down on top of my bed and begin masturbating furiously. She had enjoyed her encounter with the sweet virgin in the elevator, teaching him how to kiss. But she still found a smile for the sweet, shy virgin she met in the elevator.


first-time txbiker 2018-06-06

Betsy gasped as I started to slip my finger inside her. "Are you ready to lose your cherry, Betsy?" "Will it hurt?" "I don't know, it might, for a little bit." The thighs gapped a little right where they met her pussy, and tapered down her soft legs to the small feet at the She twitched when I rubbed her little bud, and moaned when my finger went into her fuck hole. Now we'll start fucking." I moved in some more, she was so tight, I was having a bad time trying not to cum too soon. There was over seven inches of hard cock inside that little body. Betsy worked her pussy muscles around my semi-hard cock like a pro.