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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Incident Ch. 01

first-time DJVinyl 2018-06-06

In fern's eyes, for the first time in her life she was seen by a guy as a girl with needs and desires; neither a bundle of emotions nor as a piece of meat. She slipped into the panties, the skirt, and the teeshirt she'd chosen and sat down in front of the mirror on the far wall away from the door and picked up a brush from the desk and began to brush her long dark brown hair until it looked smooth and shiny to the touch. Just as with the last episode, her panties were soaked immediately as the man leaned his head forward and began to very gently kiss her neck as his hands went up her skirt and fondled her pussy.

My first xhamster date

first-time 2018-06-06

She was a new member and was therefore pretty chatty (she hadn't gotten sick of all of the pests yet) She was so friendly that I actually thought that she was a fake or was going to try to sell me her knickers, I called her bluff by asking her to cam, to my surprise she accepted and we played together for a while, she loved to watch me spit on my cock and rub it in while she fingered herself, she used to lean in close and whisper that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, it always made me explode. She was feeling horny and after weeks of watching my cock getting harder for her, she said that she really wanted to have it in her mouth...

An Unforgettable First

first-time bitten_baby013 2018-06-06

I've always wanted Greg to be my first, since the day I met him and hopefully tonight would be the night, but I didn't know how to tell him. "Do you think you would...and only if you want to...but..." Again he didn't finish his thought, but I knew he was getting at. Our kissing was being coming hasty and before long his hands had made their way up my loose MSI t-shirt. Greg's hands were on the seat on either side of my waist. "I love you," I said kissing his skinny torso. It was unforgettable and to this day Greg makes me feel the same way every time we make love.

Workman gets seduced, by seymour clevage

first-time nickthebigdick 2018-06-06

she'd woke up late again dropped the k**s of at school done the shopping and just wanted 5 minutes to chill. she thought. Sarah was in her late 20's size ten figure. pert tits legs to die for and a nice tight arse. "morning miss lees I'm Dave come to fix your pipes. yummy she thought. got his spanner out to fix the problem. she stood right over him legs apart . "mmmmmmmm that's it baby right there!" same convoulted and came hard. Dave didn't stop as Sarah was on the way to another climax. "like this baby?" shaking her uplifted pert buttocks wickedly. Sarah arched her creamy shapely ass high in the air resting her head on the bed.she parted her knees for him.

The Lady in the Red Coat

first-time HisLittleDoll 2018-06-06

He walked back into the room, his eyes staring at Victoria, causing her to become, once again very embarrassed, turning that reddish color, which had almost been a second skin to her this evening. Victoria quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, and rubbed where he pulled her pubic hair, attempting to decrease the pain. Victoria felt her hand slowly become out of her control as it moved its-self between a place no-one had ever been before just a few moments ago. "Yes master." Victoria said, her voice was quite and full of fear, as the razor ran against her skin removing the last few strands of hair.

Everybody's Angel

first-time KnottLynnHardey 2018-06-06

I watched his eyes roam over my body, and it felt as palpable as a touch, I had never been so overtly assessed as a sexual being before. Unbelievably I was allowing a man I had said hello to less than three minutes before grope my body on a seedy street while dozens of people walked past. I'd seen that happening movies so often it thrilled me to finally feel what a mouth licking and kissing my neck was actually like. Cute." And he buried his face in my blonde muff and I felt his tongue lick up along the groove of my sex, making my legs weak.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 08

first-time BlewWater69 2018-06-06

"My dad isn't going to say anything to the Williamses until after he hears how our statements went, Janie," Suzie said. At the counter, after explaining that Curt was their ride, and Janie also needed to give a statement since she was at the party too, the police asked them to sit in the lobby for a minute. "Okay," Suzie said, and she followed the officer back to Janie and Curt. I think those officers are going to want to talk with me again, and this time I won't be able to get around it," Suzie said. He also added that Suzie's and Janie's dads would not be comfortable that they did not tell the police the truth and want to tell Mary's parents.

the Night Whispers Index -4

first-time stif266 2018-06-06

I'd started to date Niles, and though I had meant what I said about being faithful to him, I knew that once Jackie was home, I'd want to make love with her like we had so often since I was f******n. To have shared that with my daughter, that my lost secret had been ripped open, my heart and body raw before Kira's eyes, was relieving in a way I couldn't have predicted. Jackie's description of her as looking like me was accurate I thought, though Kira was much more youthful, more beautiful. I loved seeing Jackie smile, I'd have done anything to do so again, and a piece of me knew joy to see Kira's face broaden and soften.

Oddball Ch. 03

first-time JimBob44 2018-06-06

"Look, Jack, just take me home, okay?" Britney asked. Had she been more receptive, friendlier when she and Jack intruded on their date, instead of just wanting to be alone with Thomas, maybe Britney would not have been raped. "If I had invited them to join us, maybe Jack would have preserved Britney's purity," Mary said. Allison looked through the window and smiled as Britney sat outside and talked with Mary and Thomas. Oscar sat and told his dad about Britney, how he wanted to ask her out, but kept chickening out. "Then pretend that Britney is just kind of average looking, but a really sweet girl that you'd like to be friends with, and ask her out," Cecil smiled.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 30

first-time jacktar48 2018-06-06

I held her in my arms and kissed her warm lips as I cautiously worked my cock-head in and out of her hot vestibule. The Chief was standing near the sacred fire-mound, beating a hand-drum as the women began to circle the fire in the sun-wise, or counterclockwise, direction, their turtle-shell shackles swishing softly. After several more songs we were all perspiring heavily, and when the women began to tire he ended the dance with a final "Hiiiiii!" The dancers responded in kind, and then intoned "Ho-wahhhh..." as he paused to clasp the head-woman's hand and exited the circle toward the Long-Hair Clan arbor north of the fire.

Lady of the Lake

first-time SciGuy 2018-06-06

We learned swimming and diving and let the pool's underwater return pipe blast off our trunks, and generally had a great time. While we were talking, another girl walked up and Renee introduced her as Julie, her tent mate. At the end of the swim period as we were breaking up, Renee swam over, looked around, and suddenly gripped both of my asscheeks in her hands and squeezed hard. When it got dark, Brian and Julie stood up and said they were going to take a walk. The civilians were whistled out of the water at eight o'clock, and most of the people changed quickly and drove home into the growing darkness, leaving only the members of the class by the lake.

Playing Around

first-time Ashson 2018-06-06

"There might be some debate over the use of the word seduce but the way I'm using it you're going to be naked and saying hullo to an erect cock very shortly and I'm not really giving you much of a choice. Slowly, giving me nasty looks, she took off her dress and flicked it wide over the rock to maximise its exposure to the sun. Her breath was coming a little harder now and I finally slipped a hand down, sliding across her mons, and between her legs, stroking and teasing. I banged in even harder, pushing her that last little bit, feeling her coming apart against me, frantically clutching me as she shivered and yodelled her way through her climax.

Her First Time

first-time boundandgagged 2018-06-06

After dinner Chloe was in the kitchen putting the dishes on the bench ready to be cleaned, when she felt Dan's warm body against hers, she felt him wrap one arm around her body, and the other gently sweep her hair from around her neck. He turned her round and softly took one of her breasts in his mouth, his tongue flicking over her already aroused nipple, causing her moans to increase, taking both boobs into his mouth, one by one flicking at the nipples, coming up for kisses as his other hand took a firm grip and began to rub her mound over her pants. Taking his time he gets her legs and folds them back, leaning forward to hear her moan in his ear as he sends another orgasm through her body.


Vacation: Rawrbug

first-time captainbuttass 2018-06-06

Devaluing the entirety of Wizard World based on the past few minutes, Zach tore himself away from surroundings at a quicker pace; however, the faster he moved, the tighter the spaces around him became. A shoving match ensued shortly thereafter, eventually dissipating the sea of body spray into such thin numbers that the only person standing in between Zach and an unfortunate date with the floor was an unlucky cosplayer. As though the horrors of Pandora's Box had just been revealed to the world, the cosplayer tucked firmly underneath Zach used all of her strength to push him away. Unfortunately, Zach couldn't tarry much longer debating the duality of what had transpired, as his attention was broken by a noise; a noise which revealed to him that his phone was no longer in his hand.

The First Time

first-time Rockwell 2018-06-06

You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will surely die," God said to Adam. "The Garden of Eden is a triangular area of garden landscaped by God. The shape is similar to the mound in the center of your body," Adam said as his fingers brushed the triangular bush shrouding her softest flesh. It's the most extraordinary thing that I have touched," Adam said and the woman drew a long breath. "As God planted the seeds in this garden, by His mandate I will plant my seed into this area that I found in you." Adam said as his hand cupped the arc dome of her female center, his middle finger slowly sinking into her moist alley.

josh, carly and julie and courtney's adventur

first-time tunemaker 2018-06-06

the night quickly became a blur, somehow the handsome greyed man ended up in a darkened booth with his hand under julie's leggings finger fucking her. luckily for the most part, the older men ignored us, but everyone knew sex was being performed, we could easily hear carly and julie's little gasps of pleasure mingled in with the room chatter and sound of television. i wanted a man, a man with a cock as big as the one making julie cum and whimper like a schoolgirl. his dick was still wet with his semen and carly's cunt drippings..."fuck i've wanted you for a long time.." i knew it was wrong but i needed a man too badly and i held in my hand exactly the tool for the need.

A fantasy of mother-in-law

first-time gao38096 2018-06-05

At the same time I grabbed her left tit in my right hand and massaged it working this nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As I did this I could feel Betty drop her hand into my crotch and start rubbing my stiff cock through my pants. I’ve never seen a shaved cock before and I got really turned on wondering what it would feel like in my hand…. As I continued to pump she reached behind and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to her mouth. She pulled off me, looked me in the eye and said, “When I saw you in the bathroom shaving this monster I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like in my mouth.

Granted Ch. 05

first-time jallen944 2018-06-05

They were two hot looking girls making out, just like Owen said. Grant grabbed the glass of ice water, took a long drink, and handed it back to Owen. "I guess if I kept my eyes closed, or if it was dark, I probably couldn't tell the difference, you know?" he said, and held his breath. "Do you think guys suck different from girls?" Owen said. When you feel like you're gonna cum just let me know, ok?" Owen said. Grant scooted back on the bed to lean back on the pillows, and Owen moved with him, in-between his spread legs, never letting his cock leave his mouth.

My Bi-night

first-time mrspankytoyou 2018-06-05

He grabs my hips and pulls us together his cock pushing at my tight ring for a second it doesn't give then stretch and pop in goes his head I gasp it's bigger than my feeldoe my wife fucks me with at home. I'm lying there in heaven when I feel a body close to me , hubby has straddled my head and is lowering his ring towards my mouth I want to rim it badly so wet my tongue and pull him into my face and lick. my last few strokes felt like a pipe was going to burst and finally i dump my load in his arse, my cock pulsing with cum deep in his arse, i pull out and lay back fucked Lisa crawls over and cleans me up just to finish the evening off well.


first-time porr-fisk 2018-06-05

it was a hot summer day. and I sat one sam on a beach. no to this beach went all around naked. on the beach where all naked people were happy. is left on my summer holidays. and then there came a nice, hot chick. bride named john. She said she gotta go. so she said SMSA me tonight when the evening came and I smsade john. and I replied yes hell! she said we should meet on the beach in the bush low john full nude on a blanket by candlelight. She walked up to me and said do you want to see something hot and sexy? I answered yes. She also said take me back in from.

The High School Prude

first-time OnyxRose96 2018-06-05

Don't get me wrong I definitely got lots of attention and offers from guys both younger and older than me, but most of them were because they wanted to smack my big, round, sporty ass while they pulled on my long, straight dark red hair. As my hand pumped him back and forth he began to unbuckle his belt, then when I heard the familiar sound of a zipper my eyes shot open and what greeted me was the sight of a foot long throbbing thick black cock. As i moved my lips back and forth on him, creating a rhythm using the very muffled sound of the music from the next room, I felt his hand grip the back of my head and heard him moan.

Investments in Technology

first-time tk5555 2018-06-05

Before she could begin to reminisce about being bent over the desk, Carol's voice brought her back to reality, "The last machine to log in from that office is not the computer that is assigned to the dock, it looks like it was computer DX44LPT2, is that correct?" "Welcome Ian from IT, I'm sorry to have called so late, I just need to finish this project and it appears my computer was not up to the task," Julie said. "Actually, if you don't mind I would like for you to stay for a few minutes while I push the limits on this thing, I want to make sure it doesn't fail if I play a little rough with it," Julie said as she opened several of the more advanced applications.

Our Time Togethe

first-time qudduse 2018-06-05

Bless her heart she never had a reason to wear a bra so the thin shirts left little for the imagination and the shorts just hung loosely on her thin frame giving a clear view of her cotton school girl panties that she wore every time she sat down or bent over but she didn’t seem to mind. It was a normal weekend at home while her mom worked when she woke me standing next to my bed wearing her normal hanging around the house outfit, a pair of short cotton shorts and a tank top asking me if I could take her to the mall for a little shopping .


first-time buckneckid 2018-06-05

So, looking for something else to do......Sheila suggested that we all play a game of Truth or Dare....which, being the horny teenagers that we were...soon began to take on VERY sexual overtones! Eric immediately slipped around behind her...and began to slowly feed his hard cock into her tight little butt hole. Once the last of the convulsions, passed through all of our bodies...Eric pulled his spent cock out of Sheila's ass...and a small river of cum began to flow out of her ass and down all over my cock and balls. By the time I pulled my cock out of Sheila's pussy...and she let my cum drool out over my cock and balls as well....I felt as if I had pissed all over crotch was so wet!