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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot First Time Threesome

first-time Tank134 2018-11-18

I said, "Cheers," and went off to find Emma. Anyway, I looked all over this 8-bedroom monstrosity to finally receive a text from Emma. However, walking past a bedroom door I heard a very familiar voice moaning, "Jess, oh yeah! I pulled my dick out of my shorts and started wanking, as my girlfriend went down on this blonde goddess’ pussy. Pre-cum started leaking out, as the girl, who was obviously Jess, moaned like a wild animal. Andy came past; seeing this, pushed me through the door, and shouted, "Get a fucking room, you horny perv!" "You never told me he could do that!" Jess said to Emma. It’s so fucking big, James!" Jess growled.

Derek and Jenny

first-time Deathwolf707 2018-11-18

The waves were calm that night as Derek and Jenny walked along the beach. Derek wanted to be more than friends ,but was afraid to tell jenny how he felt. “Looks like you finally snapped, what took you so long, I started to think you would never make a move on me” Jenny sighed. Derek broke the kiss and started sucking on her nipples. Jenny started bucking her hips as Derek fingered her. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. Jenny removed her hand from his shaft and began deep throating him.                   Jenny got on all four and wiggled her ass at Derek.

Best Friends' New Pleasure

first-time writer242 2018-11-18

Mark started to ram his fingers inside of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy even faster now and shoving them all the way in. Slowly, he pushed his hard dick into her pussy, inside of his best friend. The table shook as Mark continued, listening to her moans every time he thrust his dick back in her, pushing every inch of his hard cock inside his best friend’s pussy. Rachel tried grabbing onto the table to give her some kind of support as Mark continued ramming his dick deep inside of her. Time went by as Rachel’s moans grew loader, her pussy soaking wet and tightening over her best friend’s dick.

Top or Bottom

first-time flhtjim 2018-11-18

He finger fucked me for a couple of minutes then he asked me to turn around and he positioned the head of his beautiful cock at the entrance and began to ease it in. I could reach out and touch his chest and put my hand down past my balls and feel him sliding that rock hard piece of man meat in and out of my ass. I want to feel him shoot his sweet cum down my throat, I want to slide my cock into his tight ass and fill him up with my cum and watch it run out.

The first time I was caught masturbating

first-time attagirl 2018-11-18

  The man was vigorously fucking the woman at this point in the video, and I started paying more attention.  I imagined his cock slamming into my pussy, knowing how good it would feel as his balls slapped my ass.  I inserted the dildo into my pussy and pressed the vibrating “cup” over my swollen clit.  I turned it on low and moaned out loud.  Damn, it felt so good I knew I could come in seconds.  I turned it off but left the dildo buried inside me.    I decided now would be a good time to call the line, so I did.  I left the hottest greeting I think I’ve ever left.  It was obvious in my voice how turned on I was.  I wanted nothing more than to get as nasty as I could get with a sexy man as turned on as I was, and I said as much.  I almost came just leaving the greeting.

Rajesh having sex with Gayathri in hotel

first-time bava12 2018-11-18

Kept left hand on belly button under sari and with right hand, started pressing her left breast. I held both breast from front side and started pressing, kissing her lips. My penis was touching her belly button placed both hands on her ass pulled her petticoat up to her waist and placed my palms in her panty. In that hug, her breast is crushing into my chest, my penis touching her belly button, and my hands pressing her ass. When my tongue was playing with her pussy lips, she widens legs and kept on shoulders, and she started pressing my head with her thighs. I fell on her hugging tightly holding her neck with one hand and started moving my hip up and down.

The camping trip

first-time Lesbianslutgirl621 2018-11-18

We made a promise in ninth grade that we were going to wait until graduation night before we had sex for the first time.  Were going to be at your house in an hour!" Ashley said all excitedly.  I went into Ashley's tent to kiss her goodnight. I removed my boxers and so badly wanted to put my cock 6 and a half inch in her virgin pussy but I decided to start by fingering her. I felt her about to cum but before she did, I stopped finger fucking her and though I felt her disappointment, she started taking over and starting stroking my cock faster and faster.  Oh my fucking god!!" Mia said freaking out.  Things like this happen." Mia said while stroking my cock. 

Claire's Awakening 1: Extra-Curricular Activities

first-time PrincessC3 2018-11-18

Scott began looking a little flustered too, as my arousal increased. I felt a tingle deep inside my body and kissed back strongly. Even though I was a virgin, I couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to have his cock inside me. His finger started to pump in and out of my pussy, while his other began rubbing my clit faster. “But Scott, I’m a virgin.” This seemed to excite him, he began kissing me more frantically, rubbing harder, pumping my pussy faster. He gently kissed my lips, slowly taking his hands out of my panties. I couldn’t believe how much stronger my orgasm felt when Scott did the work, than my weak little pulse my fingers caused...

The Next Year - Chapter 4 - Fucked and Fed

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-18

The wet slapping sound of his hard cock filled the air, as the noise bounced off the walls of his makeshift room, each time it smacked my clit. He pulled back, before pushing the tip of his hard cut cock into my wet pussy lips, splitting them apart. An immense pleasure washed over me as my body registered that I was full of hard cock, his tip hitting a nerve, that caused my eyes to roll back a bit. He leaned forward and grabbed my tits, using them to pull me in to his cock as he fucked me. “God, damn your tight little pussy feels so good!” he yelled, as he released my tits and placed his hands on my hips.

The New MD - Tuesday, Wednesday

first-time Bethany1 2018-11-18

 "I did ask Max to let you know that I was going to be in later this morning, looks like he must have forgotten," she replied. "Why would Max know that you were going to be late this morning Paris?" Mr Proctor asked. Paris waited until Max had hung up his jacket and sat down at his desk then she stood up, walked over and locked the office door. "I don't really think this would have been what he had in mind, but do carry on Paris, I'm all for a little tactile interaction in the confines of the office," Max replied. Maxs' handling complete, Paris promptly stood up and walked over to Mr Proctor's desk.


Victoria's Secret (Part 2)

first-time Littlevixen 2018-11-18

He's going to paint you from the neck down so it will look like you're wearing a white tee shirt and black shorts." Mike said reassuringly. Martin said that he would start with the tee shirt, and asked Victoria to turn around with arms raised at her sides. Mike and Martin looked on as Clare carefully held Victoria's naked half-painted breasts and slowly peeled back the cups, revealing Victoria's erect nipples. Victoria did as requested and tried not to think how strangely nice it felt having Clare's hands so close to her most private areas, all in front of Mike and Martin. Next Martin produced some small brushes and set about applying finer details on the painted shorts and tee shirt that Victoria was now sporting.

Where the magic happens Part 1

first-time Bitchism 2018-11-18

It tasted good, and I began to suck, and felt him get harder inside me. I felt Jake raise his body off the seat and he began thrusting in my mouth! I bit my lip, getting second thoughts as he pryed my legs open and slowly pulld my panties down, throwing them away. I began to moan when I felt his tongue enter my cunt, making me arch my back in sheer pleasure. Jake tore off his jeans and boxers, and I felt him tease me - rubbing his head along my lips and clit, making me pulse and throb against his raging boner. I felt him slowly rub my clit as he thrust a bit faster.

Seducing my Best Friend and Co-worker, Holly

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-18

While Bethany was fucking in the hot tub, Holly and I would play scrabble or card games until the sun would come up. Bethany grabbed two towels from my bathroom and proceeded to strip out of her clothes as Chandra sat on my porch swing, her head leaning back against the comfortable headrest I had installed. Holly and Bethany left for their apartment, leaving Chandra and I alone. “I am going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow,” I replied, pulling her in close to where I was settling in for the night. Suddenly, Holly jumped from the couch and pinned me on to the hardwood floor, straddling my body, and forcing my hands over my head.

Starting Fresh

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-18

“Oops, sorry,” I said looking Rick in the eye but not moving my hand off his crotch. I looked up at Rick, giving him a wink, and then took the head of his dick into my mouth. I had most of his cock in my mouth when Rick bucked, pushing his dick into my throat. “Oh my God Taylor, you are fucking incredible.” I was taking long slow strokes letting his cock slide in and out of my mouth. We don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to,” I said stroking his hard dick. Even as wet as my pussy was Rick had to push hard to get his dick into my tight little hole.

Painted Student

first-time styxx 2018-11-18

It wasn’t that her skin that was visible that drew my attention though, it was a tattoo that covered her shoulder blade on the right and continued all the way down her spine, disappearing at the waist band of her jeans. Until that moment, I had seen hundreds, thousands of young women in various states of dress, looks and personalities, none had so much as raised a glimmer of interest in me, but here, right at this moment, this girl of seventeen or eighteen, was standing in my office, her jeans and panties around her knees and nothing else on other than a splendid covering of ink, I was desperate to touch, taste and bring her to orgasm.

Her First Time

first-time LaIslaBonita 2018-11-18

He ran his big hands across her delicate shoulders and leaned in for a kiss on her lips, slowly pulling down her top until it draped over her feet. At that moment he gripped her left hip firmly in his hand, his tongue reached her hungry mouth, and in a split second pushed his throbbing cock inside her. Failing to get his large mushroom-shaped head past her tight opening with the first thrust, he pushed in once, twice, and on the third thrust, popped his cock inside her swollen pussy. He pumped his cock back in, deep into her cervix again and again, pulling out right before bursting a load of cum all over her trimmed pussy hairs, dripping down her slit onto the blanket.

Girl Gets a Bath

first-time MattDyne 2018-11-18

Kerry was good with her hands, and we worked together the rest of the day and got to know each other. I wanted to suck them, badly, but if I started that I didn’t think I could have resisted fucking her right away, and I’d never get her into the bath, which I was looking forward to. Fuck, it felt so good I came out did it again, a couple of times, but then I couldn’t stand not being all the way in her, and I sank to the hilt in her hot wet depths. Her high breasts and perky nipples, even after a full night of revelry, still advertised Kerry’s sexuality, and I couldn’t help but fondle her once again as I walked Kerry toward the door.

A Teen On The Beach: Part 2

first-time mirrorkisses 2018-11-18

With her flowers in hair, dreamy eyes and exposed body in the morning sun, Ellie looked like a teenage nymph, waiting to be taken for the first time. David quickly began drawing, outlining the curves of Ellie's body, filling in with various skin tones of peach and tan, trying to capture the beautiful vibrancy of her young skin. Ellie, still overcome with a buzz of sexiness remained reclined in the beach chair, feeling the sun on her skin, she casually lifted her right leg and relaxed it open, against the chair's arm rest, fully exposing herself to David just in front of her. David looked at Ellie, with a flower blossom in her hair and the delicate lips of her teenage pussy open to his gaze like a budding, pink carnation.

I Hope We Don't Get Caught

first-time Nyctophilia 2018-11-18

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and surprised, she moved his hand back up to her waist and said, "Don't give me that look, Preston." He spread her legs apart and moved his hand down again and started to rub her clitoris with his index finger, getting his saliva to be absorbed by it. He looked down and said, "Does your cute little pussy want more?" She looked down at his cock and felt the touch of his dick, tingling her pussy and her clitoris. Skye closed her eyes and started to rub her clitoris, still moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. Preston soon pulled out and stood up and Skye sat up, opening her eyes.

Teen Lust: Lori and Lexie's First Sexual Encounter

first-time techgoddess 2018-11-18

“Oh my God Lori, is your nipple that hard?” Lexie asked in surprise. Whatever doubts Lexie might have had were pushed away when Lori bent down and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked it gently. Lexie cried out at first, but was soon bucking and moaning and begging for Lori to fuck her hard with the brush handle. She put the brush up to Lexie’s lips and said, “Now suck it clean like a good little slut.” As an old man silently thanked God for the sight of two naked red heads running past his deck with hair flowing and tits bouncing, Lori was already envisioning how Lexie would look tied to her bed.

Betty - The Curious Teenage Daughter of My Neighbor

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-18

“I just turned eighteen a month ago,” Betty replied, before she added, “I just wish guys would do more than stare at me.” “I don’t know,” I replied, pretending like I didn’t want to go where she was leading me. I sat down on the bench, slipping my fingers into Betty shorts and pulling them down. “Oh yeah,” Betty remarked, looking up at me as she held my cock in her tiny hands. I parked behind a closed up store and Betty slipped out of the car to take in the view. I turned Betty around and told her to put her hands on the hood of the car and lean forward.


My First Time

first-time moodymoo1321 2018-11-18

With that he started to kiss my neck, slowly running his hands down and gently cupping my bum. “Oh, God. Katie!” He groaned as I stroked his member, gently at first then I held it with all of my hand and started to move it at quite a quick pace. I had never felt anything like it before, I never wanted it to end as he gently sucked and nibbled on my clit, sending electric currents running up my body from my pussy. “I love you too, baby, just tell me when to stop and I will straight away.” With that he started to push his way into me.


Kiss Chasey

first-time Wilful 2018-11-18

It’s easy enough to keep up with the talk and laughter, but when his eyes drag down me that way, I don’t ever know how to deal with it. I’m so focused on trying to make out the inscriptions on the awards inside that I don’t hear him come into the pool house, let alone the room, until he’s right behind me. I’m so caught up in my own head that I don’t even realize he’s made light work of the second strap until the dress is falling off my shoulders. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything quite like this,” he says, and as my hips lift off the bed, he pushes me down again, making me take every inch of his insistent cock.

Wife has a cock habit

first-time woreout 2018-11-18

So when she returned with another round of cold drinks I said sweetheart why don't you take off your tank top and let Mike and me see your tanned tits. I started to stand up when my wife said set down shorty, I want Mike meat in my mouth. After a minute of my clit head her hands took ahold out my hair and pulled my face so tightly into her slit that I couldn't breathe. I looked into her eyes as Mike worked his cock in and out of my wife's wet hole. I couldn't come and when I told her that she began telling me how Mike's cock had hurt her pussy last night and how they had fucked all night.