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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rain and Heat

first-time ReefBeach 2018-06-05

She revelled in the feelings, of cooling down at last, of her skin tingling to the touch of the wet clothes - especially when the wind gusted over her, of the sexy thrill of showing so much of her body. Baily could see everything, from her long dark hair, down her curved breasts with their brown nipples, her slim waist, her vee of dark curls nestled between her legs. Baily wanted to see her pussy more, so without thinking he lightly spread her legs, stroking down one thigh. She could feel everything - the sheet under her, Baily's breath on her wet crotch, his fingers stroking her thighs. She found herself stroking her breasts, running her hands down her sides and inside her thighs, spreading her wet lips.


first-time jasliz 2018-06-05

I've considered sucking him really good and making him cum fast so he won't want to or won't be able to have sex but I don't know if that will work. I knew if I didn't make him cum some way he would want to have sex so I ended up stroking him until he exploded onto his own stomach and chest. I can feel my nipples pressing out on the dress, he really got me going and by the huge bulge in his jeans I know he liked it as well. He's still too high to enter me, but I can feel his hard throbbing member on my pussy and the sensation makes me wild with want.


Awakening a Shy Friend's Sexuality

first-time TheOtherTeacher 2018-06-05

Her soft hand, now going at the perfect speed, feels so wonderful over my cock. I look at her face, and see she's closed her eyes, focused on the feeling of my fingers as they make small circles across the cloth. She moves to cover herself as I walk inside the cramped shower, but I kiss her, and move her arms away gently. My cock presses into her stomach as we kiss in the shower, and I move my hand right round, to tickle her pussy from the back. The moment has come, and I look deep into her eyes as I feel my cock squirt inside the condom. I say nothing for a minute, laying on her, until finally I feel my cock beginning to relax and start contracting.

How I Became a Milked Boi - Intro

first-time hotbellend 2018-06-05

I've always considered myself straight and like any ordinary 21 year old guy I'm always looking for stuff to wank to. So a couple of years ago I started looking around some chat sites for a bit of fun. Chatting with guys was straight to the point. I guess that's when I started feeling a little bit away from completely straight. We started having more and more wanks together, learning each other's kinks. For a start I learned how hot it was to be objectified and have my body inspected (we did some roleplays like this). It was the usual stuff, inspecting my pussy, describing my cock. I got so excited and Rich started to tell me how I'd just learned to milk myself.

She made me a slave sissy

first-time Lossst 2018-06-05

She asked "Like what you see, come on I know you do your cock is as big as a house" "You little man do you want to touch me?" I did not answer but I actually did want to touch her beautiful ass and thighs I also wanted to feel that smooth body. Fine she said "We are going to play a little game, you can touch any part of me as long as you kiss and lick it first" I was so excited so taken by her face, hair, thighs and ass that I lost control. My cock was aching, I became a faggot that night, I actually enjoyed the feeling of her spasms and felt the warm cum fill me inside.

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 01

first-time Scot1234 2018-06-05

When her mouth reluctantly moves back to my cock, she doesn't even wait for my hand to push her head down but now I've decided it's time for me to surprise her. She shudders as she realises a man is looking at her underwear for the first time but is shocked to her core when I slip my hands into her waistband and begin to pull them all down. "I take my time, just savouring the delights of this young woman, marvelling at how beautiful she looks, before I place my hands on her trembling thighs and begin to kiss them, one after the other, slowly making my way up to my prize.

written while driving

first-time sdutchy 2018-06-05

As ill fuck u like that i can allready feel ur pussy tighten around my cock....ur gonna cum on it! I c how ur cum drips down ur ass onto the desk of mr higginsLemme replace that for my tongue ill say. And as ull cum ill get up...kick the chair away. The classroom is filled with the sound of our moaning,and the slapping of my smooth balls against ur ass.I cant take it too long bby...ur wet pussy is in need for my hot creamy load of cum. With a few shaky thrusts ull feel the sensation of a willing dick cumming deep inside of u. Ill pull out resulting in my cum dripping out of ur pussy on his desk.

83% desk

whore i still got a hard on for.

first-time nsa-sex-toy 2018-06-05

she got pregnant and i fucked her a couple of times. she sat on the bed and sucked my dick i got hard she laid back and i reached down with my tongue and licked her pussy. so i said enough i pulled out and started licking her pussy. i pulled on her nipples and kept licking she was moaning real good now saying she was wet and to fuck her. she don't want a orgasm because she does not know how to say or warn the man that his face or dick and balls will get wet, when she does. and if possible she is going to fill my face and wet my dick and balls with her cum and i will win because she will fuck my brains out.

Kerela Massage

first-time erotic_indian_30 2018-06-05

The man tucked in the cloth at my front, just above my penis and then rapidly pulled down my briefs. As he was massaging the upper part of my thighs, I felt his fingers dip down way below and touch my balls with each stroke. Seeing my confusion, he smiled and said, "I massage better without cloth. When he saw that I was looking at him, he smiled again and said,almost like a rhetorical question, "I massage your penis, yes. After some time, he started to massage only my cock head. He dried my legs and thighs and then came up to my penis; he lifted it with his hands as he dried my private parts.

How I turned office newbie into sissy (Part 2) Tru

first-time BritishPsycho 2018-06-05

I was on the phone looking out the window when I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around to see my sissy looking good enough to eat, all smooth and shining in the light wearing a tiny pink thong and a small vest. Slipped my middle finger in and starting to slowly go deep, the more he moaned the more I pushed in, the tight moist hole had my cock hard and digging it's way out of my boxers. I noticed his pre cum running down his thigh and so I sucked that up and his juices, leant up and spit it all in his mouth and kissed my sissy some more.

Real life expirence. Part I

first-time TGirlFan-de-RB 2018-06-05

Started to explain how men & women would have sex. As he would show me the pages, his dick started to get hard, or as he call it a peter. He started to stroke his peter in front of me, & motioned for take my underwear off. I started to repeat the stroking motion of his hand on his peter. We both stroked our peter, & flipped threw the pages of the magazine. This was a start of my education to sex threw grade school. As we jacked & looked threw the magazines, I could hear his breathing getting heavier & his hand moving like there no tomorrow. I kept stroking my peter till it got numb.


first-time farmerk 2018-06-05

This is`nt fiction, just a small part of my personal history.Some things happened in the dark ages, othersnot so long ago, but everyone of them is etched in my memory and I can still remember it like it happened yesterday. My first real open mouth kiss was when I was about f******n and not being real sex, I don`t suppose it is against the law to state that age here. She obviously had some previous experience, as I felt her lips opening under mine and suddenly her tongue was in my mouth. The kiss didn`t last very long, but when I undressed for bed, I was surprised to see a wet spot in my underpants and a drop of precum on my cock.

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 64

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-06-05

"Actually," I said, beginning to feel familiar stirrings under my hospital gown despite still being somewhat drugged, "I was okay until you started talking about it." I saw somebody come into my room, clearly a woman, and said "Ellen?" and she told me "No," and walked over to me without saying anything else. I lost track of how long she'd sucked me, and finally she let my hard cock fall out of her mouth and said "I can't waste all this cum," and pulled off her panties, crawled into the bed with me, positioned her pussy over my cock, and began to lower herself onto me. well, remember Monday in the hospital when I said I was thinking about sucking your cock but I was afraid you'd cum too much?"

Ark City

first-time Sooner2009 2018-06-05

"Dixie said your cock was real nice. Dixie said she dated a guy at school who had a huge cock. "I've been waiting since last summer when Dixie would tell me about how you would eat her pussy and make her cum. After a few minutes she gabbed my head with both hands and forced my face deeper into her pussy. Do you want to fuck my virgin mouth, Terry?" She moved her mouth quickly taking about half of my cock in before pulling out, She moved back down and gently sucked. My cum moved through my cock and filled her mouth. She moaned again and continued moving her hand making sure she got every drop. "I see your cock likes the idea of fucking my ass."

Staying After Class

first-time complicatedfaery 2018-06-05

From the first day that I walked into my biology class, I knew that we were like oil and water. Classes moved swiftly, and I soon found myself in final period with Mr. Pearl. "Ms. Chancery, stay after class." Mr. Pearl commanded. I am going to be helping her with her science fair project as well, so she will be staying after school for a few weeks at least." Mr. Pearl answered, before Mr. Wallace could form the question. "Actually, you said I might help you do some grading during lunch period too, Mr. Pearl," I offered, as though reminding him of some arrangement. "See you tomorrow, Mr. Pearl," I said, licking my lips.

Our First Love Song

first-time Necromistressvivi 2018-06-05

They had sat at the table talking about random things that had happened to them since they last hung out, however after an hour or so the two girls who had practically been badgering for their now celebrity friend to join them set off to mingle and flirt with other bar goers and left Rayne sitting alone. A pretty little thing like you needs a man with her all the time." He made it clear that he had no intention of backing down and seemed to be getting bolder as he moved in closer to her to the point where he was only inches from her face. There, Tobi stood glaring at him as he took Rayne's hand and walked away with her.

Finally Sucking a Big Cock

first-time 425olds 2018-06-05

The first time his cock head hit the back of my throat I gagged a little but gave it another try and after about 5 minutes I had about 7 inches in my mouth. I tried several times while fighting the urge to gag to fit the huge head of Matt's cock into my throat but it was just too big. "Oh yeah, there it is." Matt said and then he rammed his cock deep again this time it went all the way down my throat and my nose was being held against his abdomen. I was starting to feel light headed and thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen when Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth.


first-time jhntej 2018-06-05

I used to get absolutely erotic looking at the curves of these young babes.It just happened on one day when I took my bath around 8.30am and came out. The next day I waited at the same time and the same girl came and looked at my flat. The kiss became more passionate as the time grew and my hand moved on to her boobs and started pressing her. I was pressing her boob's alternative like mad and slowly moved my hand to pull the t shirt. She was wearing a black lacy bra which was unhooked in a second and I held her tightly moving my lips to her boobs and my tongue found itself around her nipples and the other hand pressing the other boob.

Sex With My Boyfriend Turned Into A Hot Threesome

first-time 2018-06-05

While Rahul was fucking I thought about the Dirty Men licking my pussy and my ass at the same time. Now the time came for the real show-time (threesome)… I told Nikhil to stop and said, why don’t you both fuck me at a time in my pussy & my bl**dy ass hole…??? Nikhil was lying in bed… I spit in his cock and inserted in my pussy, hugged him tight and kissed him… he sucked my nipples while fucking me. Now I want my bf Rahul to take a ride on my pussy and Nikhil to drill my fucking ass hole. After some time I asked Rahul to give me his cock to suck, meanwhile Nikhil inserted his cock in pussy and fucked like hell.


first-time 2018-06-05

You feel me move my lips to your exposed womanhood and I begin to firmly yet gently sliding my tongue around your clitoris ,then sliding it in your warmth , tasting your sweet juices as they flow into my mouth,,,moving even more to a place where most never go , I slide it soaked with your juices into your ass hole and with that your body shakes uncontrollably, I alternate between all that you have to offer, your inner senses just let go in reflex , you have no control , your mind thinks one thing your body does another , then you feel me stand behind you grasping your waist you feel my fingers grip as you have lost control , then you feel the head of my pulsating penis resting at the entrance of your essence , in one full smooth motion you feel it enter , sliding into you , feeling the length of its shaft , it's thickness spreading you as it rubs the back of you G spot , sliding it in then out , with every motion you push closer to my body to take it as deep as you can .

Women are special

first-time 2018-06-05

Maybe they've been abused or hurt or just want to have fun with you. If you really want to be a friend with a woman on here and maybe in real life, then tell the truth. So I live life here truthfully, as far as I can without revealing myself because there are others involved who are friends I will never betray, and f****y. Save some $ (put aside 10percent a month like it's spent), educate yourself (Ray Bradbury went to a library for 10yrs and wrote his stories from learning there, and not a college), clean up the body, (get in shape whether at home or gym- you will meet women there too, stop the booze and cigs-save $), you can be more.

A Fateful Meeting

first-time MeiMei1 2018-06-05

I'm not sure if this was the residual result of seeing so much nakedness that afternoon, or the soothing effect of the masseuse's hands yet I allowed my mind to wander, despite knowing that the presence of my parents precluded any further acts. From my mother's ever so slightly panic-stricken expression I wondered whether the thought crossed her mind that I might have heard her the previous night but I deliberately avoided eye contact and made my way from the room without further fuss. My skin felt so smooth and soft in the water and I imagined what it would feel like to have another's hands caressing my body.

Joey and The Law

first-time cubalover 2018-06-05

Black uniform: cap over dark wavy hair, tight fitted shirt, shiny Sam Browne belt, pencil skirt slit at the side, nylons, sturdy black shoes. He obeys Officer Wells, his hand sliding the head of his boner up and down between her parted red lips, swollen and dripping his thick, ropy cream. She gyrates her hips sensuously, takes in the handsome boy leaning over her, his muscular arms supporting him, strong chest stretching the white t-shirt tucked into his dungarees. Officer Wells brushes his damp her out of his eyes, cradles his handsome face gently in her hands, sighs contentedly. "Tell Jake that when push comes to shove, Officer Wells says you're as good as he is."

Sibling Love

first-time 2018-06-05

I sat in the middle of the couch and leaned sideways to him, which he then moved his left leg into the back of the cushion and I put my head on his right thigh. I smiled at him and started to turn my head away and his right hand rested on my forehead, holding me where I was. This time, his tongue opened my lips and he explored my mouth, our tongues dancing and on my arm, i felt him grow hard again. I opened my eyes and saw my b*****r, kneeling between my legs and hands on the couch on either side of me, his hard-on was pressing onto my lips.