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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First time

first-time Samsam1145 2018-06-05

I began rubbing her hamstring right up to her ass, I was just wondering if she would let me go higher when she said "can you rub higher." I got some more oil and went to put it in her "do you care if you get oil on your underwear" I asked. With trembling hands I started to work the oil into her ass muscles, sliding down to her hamstrings again. I still didn't believe that she wanted me to fuck her ass but then she reached back and spread her cheeks and started pushing back further. Her hand went up between her legs playing with her clit and before I knew it she was cumming, which set me off and I came deep in her ass.

The First Time Ch. 02

first-time CoventinaNyx 2018-06-05

He moved onto the other foot saying, "Your cheeks are pink from the heat and your hair is clinging to your face," he put the other foot down and moved toward me, parting my legs with his body, "and your eyes are bright," his voice lowered and he picked up my hand and kissed each knuckle as he continued, "and your skin is so soft," his kissed his way up my arm until his face was level with mine, "and your lips are begging to be kissed." He paused, his lips inches from mine and caught my gaze in his before gently pressing his lips to mine.

30 Days or Bust: Day 13

first-time l8bloom 2018-06-05

Mr. Goodbody (I think this is not his real name) (his first name is Mark) came to pick me up exactly at seven, and we went for a romantic private dinner in a big round greenhouse. I was so slick now, I could feel my parts rubbing against each other, and when he inserted a finger, I burst open like a flower. It started to hurt a little, but in the strangest way, the pain felt good. After he gently kissed me good night, on my cheek -- as if he really were my Uncle Teddy -- he climbed into the limo -- and the last thing I saw was the pale blur of his face.

The New Year Misshapen

first-time 2018-06-05

Grendel and his wife Sarah, dev with his wife Smriti, carl with his girlfriend and my s****r felicia and my boyfriend phill. We had some arguments which led to a heated conversation between carl and Felicia and the later left straight away. Phill went ahead to condone feli(as we call her) to her room. I could hear dev and phill talking about building a fire for the night warmth. I shut him off with a kiss and pushed him towards the bed! Others understood the situation and tried to persuade phill to agree I wasn’t trying to cheat on him nor was carl trying to cheat on felicia! Later in the night phill apologized for his behavior.

The Doctor's Wife

first-time Weazel-Gecko 2018-06-05

At least that was the talk amongst my grandmother's friends.) She was sitting on a large two person swing that that they had positioned to face out over the ocean to enjoy the setting sun, with a almost empty glass of wine. "Nonsense, you are going to eat with me tonight, and I won't take no for an answer." She said standing up and draining the rest of her wine, began to lead me into her house." "Rebecca I'm not dressed nice enough for dinner." I said motioning toward my normal summer wear of swim trunks, and a tank top. Moaning around my dick Rebecca took one of my hands and placed it under her shirt, I took the hint and began to tweak and squeeze her nipple and breast.

Newly Wedded Bliss

first-time MeanMan 2018-06-05

Jack never pressured Jeanie for sex during that time and she not only felt he was being respectful but considered it proof the he loved her and vowed to make him the happiest man alive when they wed. Five foot two inch Jeanie was stunning in her white dress with all the lace and beads a bride could ask for and her tiny waist and generous bosom were the talk of all Jacks buddies and even family members. There was one odd remark out of Jacks father, he said "Enjoy the wedding night, it will never be like that again" Jeanie couldn't understand what he meant nor why he would make such a risqué remark in front of everyone at the table.

First Time Ch. 05

first-time redtoad 2018-06-05

Like a love pilot who had seen many years of bed combat, Suzy skilfully installed my unproven joystick into her marvellous cockpit where every single sensing instrument had been finely tuned to ensure the most exciting maiden flight into the dazzling peaks beyond the pinnacles of Mount Eros. Take your time and don't get too excited or you will reach your climax too fast and spill your spermatic seeds before I have fully enjoyed myself." She grunted her reply as she continued with her efforts to sense every square millimetre of my penile skin within her vaginal fold. I found that I was unable to continue my own poking actions as I was also feeling pleasant sensations rising all over my body and especially in the region of my twitching cock.

Like a lamb to the slaughter - my first gay guy.

first-time thewhoami 2018-06-05

He joined me back on the bed, and went to work again on my cock, then my balls, back to my cock sucking up & down it, it didn’t take long for him to recover, he looked me in the eyes and asked, ‘have you ever been fucked?’, ‘no’, I replied, ‘would you like me to be your first?, ‘hell yes, I so want to be fucked, deep & hard’, he grinned again. Suddenly I came back to reality, as Tim said, “I think you’re ready now’, he handed me the poppers, ‘take some long hits on that’, I did as I was told, and he wasted no time positioning his cock at my hole, and started to slowly push into me, ‘oh fuck, that feels so fucking good’, I announce.

First Taste

first-time Cummsweetly 2018-06-05

Watching him outside the lecture hall one day, she noticed the way his jeans outlined his cock. As she gazed upon her first real live cock, she found herself salivating at the thought of wrapping her lips around Rex's cockhead. Her tongue went back for more and, this time, swept the whole blob off the tip of his cock and swept it into her mouth. She ground her hips against Rex's cock, groaning against his tongue and mouth. Her eyes sparkled as her lips opened in anticipation to accept his cock into her virgin mouth. His hands loosened their grip on her head as his cock gave a few last dying twitches and slowly deflated inside her mouth.

It is just a fantasy - SO FAR!

first-time dj9512 2018-06-05

The first words were uttered then when she whispered, "Oh my a nice thick one for me." Finally, she allowed me to lie down on the bed beside her, and my hand moved from her breasts to the mound between her legs. My tongue slid up and down her slit from her ass to her clit until I sensed she was going to cum again, and then I took her clit in my mouth and sucked hard on it. When her orgasm abated, I moved up and entered her again slowly and gently as I kissed her, each of us probing deep in the other's mouth with our tongues. I was certainly hoping to see her again before I left for Louisville, and her smile as I went out the bedroom door said my chances were very good.

Mom, Daughter, Teacher - Part 1 of 2 - BBBBTS

first-time therealbk 2018-06-05

young lady." said Joy Mom. She turned her eyes to look at me. There was maybe 5-6 small red pillows, along with 4 big black pillows on the bed. After seeing my Mom." said Joy. I was looking up her denim skirt as we walked up the wooden stairs. You sure know allot." said Joy. I smiled and flipped a few more pages. She almost got me off." said Joy. I felt my cock get harder. Maybe someday." said Joy. I then shifted my ass on her bed. "What are you wearing underneath my Mom's robe." said Joy. Mmmmmm..." said Joy. Her eyes got real big. She I watched as Joy leaned down to put her long red crimson finger nails on my small hips.

First Time having sex

first-time Aislinn333 2018-06-05

His black hair on his large head, his square like face deep intriguing eyes, was calling to me. The kiss was hard and I accepted bodies pressed against the other one, his hand on the small of my back. It was like he knew exactly what to do as he kissed down my neck and trailed his tongue along the neckline of my dress. He said, “Lay back on the bed.” He removed his pants then he climbed on top my panties still on I was pondering what his next move would be. My mouth responded with an, “Oh, My.” I am unsure what he was doing sucking and licking and teasing and pleasing.

Transformation experience UK

first-time lornasababe69 2018-06-04

I put on their dressing gown and went back in to the room and sat down ready for the make over. One was a very mature tgirl, another sat reading a magazine and smoking nd the 3rd was more my age and clearly getting her knickers in a twist over something I suspect from what she said that she thought it was going to be some sort of orgy going on but that never crossed my mind, anyway she stormed out and the smoking tgirl said exactly what I had thought but stated that it was a place to relax dressed not an excuse for sex. It was too much for me and as they paid for the goods they wanted and left she cast me a sexually charged smile so I went back in to the dressing room and undressed to my lingerie and stroked myself off.

Best Friends Ch. 02

first-time Serinitee 2018-06-04

She saw how his skin had gone red with passion, how his pulse jumped in his throat, how his blue eyes were a shade darker than normal, how large his cock was...she groaned, arching her back and rolling her hips, waiting for him to touch her again. "I'm going to slide in Jae, tap me if it hurts," she nodded her head and her heart jumped as he began urgently kissing her once again as he started sliding the head of his cock inside of her in long, slow increments. Bryan hadn't known if he was in heaven or hell as he'd begun slowly sliding the head his throbbing cock inside of her tight, wet pussy.

Two Islands: Day 2

first-time blu3rthanu 2018-06-04

Rina kept asking me to go boating with her to the caves. "They are too me." I said still having a hard time holding back not to grope her. When she grabbed my shorts, I felt her hand touch my hard shaft. Does that mean you were excited playing with my breast?" She said and smiled slyly. I would've cum from her fellatio but before the ecstatic orgasm she gave me could reach to the climax, she stopped and came back to the mercenary position where she was on top. I pulled my dick out and let myself fall on the floor. I pushed her to the wall and I grabbed her ass and slid my hand down to her leg to pull it up.

Does Size Matter

first-time 425olds 2018-06-04

Looking down between her legs she pushed herself down and I felt her opening up and was surprised to feel her pussy lips close around the head of my cock. Julie continued to slowly fuck me and leaned forward to kiss me again, this change of angle moved something around inside her and relieved some of the pressure I had been feeling, which caused me to come. Let me do it, if it hurts I'll have to get you out." Julie moved forwards slightly and pushed back gradually increasing her movements, surprisingly she was now fucking the last few inches of my cock.

The Therapist Ch. 05

first-time petitmort 2018-06-04

For Anthony, the feeling of touching Angela's breast and pussy, one erect and hard and the other hot and wet, was incredible. For Anthony, the feeling of Angela's breasts, and her nipples, brushing against his back made him harder still. It felt incredible to feel Angela's body against his and her two hand stroking his hardening cock. "Angela, I want you to take Anthony's cock in your mouth." Charlotte and Angela were both straddling Anthony only facing each other, with his cock between them. She watched as Charlotte let his big, bulbous head spread her lips and then pop inside her mouth. More comfortable now, she took his cock in both hands and she easily wrapped her lips around his head, pressing him into her mouth.

Uncle Cedrick

first-time mschoclate 2018-06-04

As we kissed he laid back on the couch and positioned me like a baby across his lap and he started rubbing me through my shorts. you think you want some of it" he asked as he slid his hand up and down it slowly as if he was trying to calm his big dick down. He positioned himself right between my thighs and I could feel that fat big dick as it sat on my hot young pussy. I was so wet , when uncle put the head of his dick to my pussy it made a squishy sound. " Ride this dick momma" says uncle. "Momma the pussy good, take this dick baby. God damn this pussy is good baby" he says.

My First Guy

first-time pyr8 2018-06-04

so I left and headed to another gay bar over the street. the guys cocks some of them were mouth-wateringly huge. The guy that had given me the magazine was called Richard, he was a stocky good Here I was on my knees in the toilets of a gay bar giving my first blow job. not to be, no sooner had the last jets of cum left my cock than I could feel near the point of begging he thrust his cock back inside me. He leant forward as he fucked me licking cum from my face and kissing me. Finally his pace seemed to increase I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as

The Aunt II

first-time stillvoyeur 2018-06-04

Now she offered for my jeking the phantasie of legs and boobs ! that i could stop my horny feeling. and so i could risk a view between her legs. and sometimes she took her legs so long open that...i could watch easily. i was towards and waited for a maybe another view of her legs again. Her red pant was eye-catcher. It came slowly the time that i could not stop my horniness. her stiff and hard boob was between my right arm axis. she did it severall times but now i am older and think about using the I started to rub it softly between my axis. she did it with her left shoulder that nobody got it but i had to stop!

my first handjob

first-time 2018-06-04

and a blast from my cock shot all the hot cum it felt amazing she asked me to send a pic of the mess and I did she loved it and said baby one day I'm gonna make you cum like that and I want that all over my hands and tits! oh my god was she sexy I was hoping maybe a blow job was gonna happen but she said she didn't like the taste of cum, so there we are naked and she started to lean over and put her hands on my cock.

Matt and His Teacher enjoying a naughty detention

first-time slickdick99 2018-06-04

She had 34D breasts, not huge, but she didn’t want to seem to appealing to students, so she just wore a plain white bra, a loose white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a knee-length skirt with a small slit down the side, and her hair tied up in a loose bun, with a couple of stray locks, and she was proud of her physique and she knew that several of the later year boys found her attractive from the occasional glances and peeks when she bent down. Jenny observed Matt as he walked over, she could make out a large erect penis through his school trouser leg, which surprisingly slightly turned her on, seeing such a huge organ on a schoolboy. Jenny did a little strip tease for Matt, stepping out of her high heels, and slowly pulling down her stockings to reveal shapely legs, beautiful tits and an ass to die for.

My First Encounter Part 2

first-time kellylouise 2018-06-04

"On your knees,like a good little slut" he commanded. His hands grabbed a fistful of my hair tightly and I whimpered from his clutches, My face just centimeters from his rigid member. "Do you like Masters cock?" He asked reading my mind. "Yes Master" I said nodding. I heared him grunting.He took my head into his hands,an began thrusting his cock into my mouth. He looked at me for what seemed like a long time. "Did you like Masters cock?" he asked. "I said, did you like Masters cock?" His hand caresses my face and I smile. "Good slut, you're going to sit here until you hear my car go. "Yes master" I said eager to please.

Saving You

first-time Ashson 2018-06-04

Margaret seemed just plain furious, lighting into Paul, apparently assuming that he was trying to rape me. In her wrestle with Paul, Margaret's skirt had ridden up, showing off her panties. All I needed to do was reassure Margaret that I was fine and to tell Paul to let her go. "Get your filthy hand off me," she yelled, bucking up with her hips, and then gave a horrified squeal as she neatly impaled herself on Paul's cock. Paul sort of continued to just lean towards her and while I watched his cock slowly sank all the way in, and Margaret was neatly pinned to the carpet.