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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Life As Blackmen's Plaything Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-06-04

I had to struggle to open my mouth wide enough to get his cock head past my lips but once inside Jesse grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth as he drove away saying "Yea, suck it bitch, I knew you were a cock sucking cum slut". I reached down to try and rub my cock through the cage and have my first orgasm but Jesse grabbed my wrists and yelled "Here it comes you fucking cum slut, yea take it, take it all!" With one final push he buried his cock in my ass and I felt tremendous pressure as he pumped load after load of hot cum deep in my bowels.

Geetha’s Tailor : An Exotic Fun

first-time 2018-06-04

I feebly said… ‘Could you finish it up soon?’ Shailesh answered with his now trademark coolness..’ relax geetha madam, we will do a pucca & perfect job for you..’ with that he took over from Mahesh and proceeded to take the actual measurements saying , ‘when it comes to reading the tape – I trust my own eyes and nothing else!’ – another display of professionalism to make me feel *better*… (instead he was succeeding in making me *wetter* down there!).of course he hadn’t failed to caress both my nipples – first gently and then with some pressure on.

The Fun of Being Naked

first-time blue_butterfly 2018-06-04

If you stay naked in summer, your body will decrease heat and you will feel cool. Mainly in summer, I prefer to sleep completely naked. Suddenly I noticed my nipples were getting hard and I felt wetness between my legs. As I was walking the amount of pussy juice started to increase. So I closed my eyes lying naked on the ground. I was covering my pussy with my right hand and my boobs with the left. My boobs were jumping up and down, my nipples were hard and my pussy became wet again. I had no time to open and close the gate slowly. After closing my bedroom door, I sat on the bed and looked at my left knee.

First time

first-time Mentalpornster 2018-06-04

He moved his tounge in and out of her virgina for what seemed an hour which was about 10 minutes but he loved everysingle second of it he felt a warm liqud rush to his face at that moment he knew his lovely girlfriend had her first orgasm and knew it was all thanks to him, but sadly his lust kept building and he needed her to touch him he took off his jeans and boxers and laid back on the bed guiding Ashley's hand to his cock she slowly pumped it up and down and did this for a while Dillon loved the feeling of her hand on his eleven inch cock but he wanted to have an orasm soon so he asked her to go faster she knw what it meant so she spat on her hand to use it as lube to move her hands faster on his cock, she moved her hand up and down so fast Dillon felt like he was in haven but surely she got tired and kissed the tip of his cock and took little by little in her mouth.

First real gay experience

first-time Bottom9987 2018-06-04

I turned on the light and got right to undressing myself i finished and laid naked on the bed and watch him struggle a little he finally got naked and got onto the bed and grabbed my dick and started to suck it even though i was fully soft (and i wasn't a popular k** throughout my life so i never had my dick sucked before) i thought to myself wow this is why all guy rave about this. Then i feel a quick push in my ass and he fingered me and i got so scared because i meant to finger him not me because i didn't clean myself out i grunted and jerked forward a little.

Adria's First

first-time SunrockSin 2018-06-04

Sure, there were moments on those first few dates that were awkward for me, I mean I always felt a tingling excitement first holding a woman's hand as I walked with her. I'd spend hours toying, kissing and sucking her nipples and breasts, savoring the feel of them on my hands, face and chest, while nervously avoiding moving my attention down between her legs. I moved closer to her, ran my hand through her hair, noticing myself trembling just a bit, and then kissed her gently on the lips. I pushed my hips forward feeling my cock brush against the cold steel as it began to enter her. I paused a moment catching my breath and then began moving again, sliding my softening cock in and out of her, trying to get her off.

Mom's friend

first-time NinjaScKae 2018-06-04

But the next day when I came home from college I saw Sandra who I had fucked the previous evening eating and chatting calmly with my mother, when my mother left the room to get some items upstairs, Sandra came over to the table where I was doing my homework and she flashed her breast at me and asked me to quickly suck which I did and she then asked my mother later if I could drop her home and check on her light bulb.

My first experience with Ssbw

first-time doneval 2018-06-04

While in the room I noticed that the bed had not changed sheets It had a combination of sweat and sex smell that made me think of the couple having sex. She had a huge smile in her face and seem to like it so se started liking again.At first very tenderly waiting for it to grow again not that it went down very much (I was young hormone field and rampant) . I was feeling her fat hands in my cock stroking and stroking while being showered with pussy come juices I was so excited but also kind of disgusted. She seemed to like it because she kept on pushing down with moans of excitement.At the same time she was stroking me cock with rhythm but also softy and hard it was exhilarating

Chrissy Ch. 03

first-time 2fast2quick 2018-06-04

"No idea?" She asked, raising her eyebrow and locking eyes with mine as she rubbed her leg against mine, making my dick rock hard. I felt her fingers around my hard on tightly, as she slowly started stroking up and down in my pants. Her face was extremely close to mine, I could feel her breath against my lips, and her eyes were locked with mine, while she slowly jacked me off in my pants. My fingers slowly rubbed her pussy lips for a minute before Chrissy snapped. "Just put them in me already, fuck I need them inside me right now." She told me, biting her lip hard, making me fully erect.

The professor

first-time adel5000 2018-06-04

With only two more weeks until finals, there was no way that Adrienne would be ready to pass the big exam in her grammar class. “We’re going to start meeting Monday,” Adrienne took another long drink of “It looks like it’s about time for me to get going,” He said, glanced at “I’m glad you showed up,” Professor Johnson said, smiling at Adrienne who His words filled the small office, but just like the day before Adrienne Professor Johnson lifted his hand and brushed a strand of hair away from “Well, thank you very much for your time, professor,” Adrienne said “You know,” admitted Adrienne, “all the girls in the class really think Adrienne placed her hand lightly on his hip, settling softly and rubbing

Party CD costume with wife

first-time jill-closet-cd 2018-06-04

He lifted my skirt and the feeling of being like a woman and having his hands holding the cheeks of my ass was overwhelming. Just then my wife came back for another drink and not having time to put himself back, he just stuck it between my legs and I closed them tight on it as he pressed against me. About that time another guy came back for another drink and my wife put her arms around his neck and smiled at him and asked him if he would like to have a blowjob. Then my wife turned me around and kissed me the same way holding me very tight with her hands on my ass caressing my panties.

The Ballgame

first-time needingitbad 2018-06-04

"Mom, we're going to be late!" came the plaintiff cry from the "Bear" to which mamma replied, "No dear we'll make it in time cutting across country," looking at me with pleading in her eyes. I noticed that her legs still looked real good without nylons and if the boy hadn't been there I'd probably would have risked putting a hand on one of them; but he was there and she is his mom so we fogoed the "risk" ab=nd given the speed she was traveling it wasn't worth it anway. Mom got excited grabbing me when he made a good play and went off like a match head when the third basemen from the other team tagged him out a little roughly: "Did you see what he did to MY baby!" she screamed high and loud jumping to her feet.

Midnight Craving

first-time SOPHIE1234 2018-06-04

Nuzzling tighter against me, you use your free hand to pull my hair away from my neck As you begin to suck against my skin, you feel my tensed anus suddenly relax, allowing my finger to slip inside. Taking my cue, you deftly slide your middle finger alongside your index, doubling the size of what is currently fucking my ass. You want to bury your dick in my folds, but you want to feel the tightness currently squeezing your fingers around your cock as well. My hand deftly reaches between my legs to grip your dick and wrap around it as you continue to finger fuck my ass. With a final swirl of your fingers, you slide them from me and roll them over, keeping your cock firmly inside me.

Undercover Basketball Ch. 01

first-time trueblue02 2018-06-04

Coach Barker, the head coach for the girls' basketball team at Preston High where Katie was an eighteen-year-old junior, had totally ignored her injuries all three times. Only those that chose to know knew of the "scandal." Often times, John Barker would play the girls whose parent was on the school board and/or the girls from wealthy families that would offer him country club rounds, expensive vacations, or even cash. The girls knew that John Barker liked it, and that it could help them see more playing time on the floor. He wanted to tell Katie that everything was going to be all right, that Coach Barker was not so shallow, and that she was going to get to be the featured guard on the team.

Sex club adventure

first-time unicornhunterxx 2018-06-04

After some time I turned to my girlfriend and said "fuck it, let's just make our own fun" so we went to the locker room and proceeded to strip down and wrapped ourselves in towels and headed upstairs nervous but excited.. The movement caught the corner of my and I turned my head in time to see my girl guide the strangers cock to her and started to suck him deeply with me still on top of her fucking her wet pussy. I watched in excited amazement as my girl continued to suck the strangers cock as leaned over and began to play with her clit while I continued to fuck her.

Ms. Demeter

first-time austin_morris 2018-06-04

So, one day when mom asked if I would like to earn a little extra money by feeding Ms Demeter's cat and watering her house plants whilst she was on vacation, I jumped at the chance a bit too eagerly. When I returned to the bedroom, Ms. Demeter was standing next to the ruffled bed, getting dressed. I don't really want to look at your pathetic virginal face when you've got your cock inside me. To blow my load here, all over Ms. Demeter's spotless carpet or bed, without actually getting to enter her sweet ginger-haired pussy would be unthinkable. I'd daydreamed for so long about what a woman would feel like when I was inside her, but nothing prepared me for the sensation of entering Ms. Demeter.

Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #2

first-time petdyke 2018-06-04

Slender sexy sweet tender tasty teens together - Leah licks Lucy's juicy slit for first time Soon Lucy longs to stay longer at Leah, hoping to get more sexual practise at her foxy friend Luckily their mom is away all Easter - Leah can do as she likes and longs with her juicy Lucy Luckily Lucy is very unexperienced in making love - Leah longs to try that tasty virgin pussy! Leah feels how juicy Lucy's twat contracts - as she comes first time in their tasty sixty-nine Leah squirts in Lucy's face - she didn't know how wet a wanton young woman can get from hot love Leah softly as she possiby can keeps her wet lips pressing slighty at juicy Lucy's bare big clit

The After Party

first-time trisexual69lvbbc 2018-06-04

After a moment, they switched positions and Shari was now pounding my ass so hard it had me near tears, and had Lisa's cock not been in my mouth, I'd probable begged them to slow down. When she started jerking real hard, pounding the dildo deep into my fuckhole, she froze with the cock buried inside me, shrieking her orgasm, and in turn, Lisa started cumming, too, her cock in my mouth and she had four fingers punching into her own cunt as she came. And just when I thought I would cum, they flipped me over and switched positions; Miley now fucking my open hole and Beyoncé gagging me with her sweet cock covered with my ass juice.

my first time., part 1

first-time longnthick2001 2018-06-04

As i stood behind the closed door, i looked a the hand that touched his dick, his bulge felt huge in my tiny hand and my clit tightened again, just then my s****r comes through and asked me to help her change out of her wedding dress, she noticed my flushed face and asked if i had been drinking, " no " i said im just a bit hot, you should get changed as well she said, its roasting in that marque.

When I Lost My Virginity (Male Perspective)

first-time xSteamPoweredx 2018-06-04

We sat on the sofa and she wrapped her arms around me, then looked at me with those enchanting eyes and asked "What do you want to do?" I smiled at her and kissed her again, this time longer and more passionatly. Then she arched her back again and said out loud "I'm going to come!" Her pussy closed tighter around my finger, her eyes closed really tight and her pussy got more wet than it was befor, which frankly, I didn't think was possible. I looked into those beutiful eyes of hers and said "Hold on to me, this is probably gonna hurt a little" She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a puzzled look and said "Wai-OH FUCK!!!" As I broke through her hymen.

The Tale of Two Julys

first-time sugarnme 2018-06-04

He starts to suck at my left nipple as his cock enters me once again after 21 years, it feels amazing he holds my arms up over my head and begins to get a rythym going as he's fucking me, I move my hips as he allows and can not believe how incredible his cock feels and that damn good. The past with him was merging with the present we were fucking again non stop that night I was taking every inch of his hard cock that he would give me and I could tell in his eyes and smile that he was enjoying my pussy as he once had so many years ago.

Our First Adventure

first-time tcp101 2018-06-04

I next take off your top and throw it aside, letting you know that you won't need that for the rest of the weekend Next I take my hand and run it up the inside of your thighs and slowly up into your feels so nice soft, warm, and wet inside. After you start to catch your breath I turn my self around and kneel behind you, I am slowly running my fingers up and down you soft wet swollen pussy lips and take my other hand and give you a firm slap across your ass, I ask "what’s next?' as I slap your ass again.

On A Couch, Upstairs

first-time IsaacAssimov 2018-06-04

It never really got properly cold in the Southwest, but most nights were frigid enough that I would hold Allie close, her hands slipping underneath my shirt and hoodie to find the warmth of my skin. I carefully watched her face, and when I zeroed in on her clit I saw her eyes pop open and heard a small "oh." As her gaze met mine her surprise gave way to pleasure, and soon her eyes closed again, her head rolling back to rest on the arm of the couch. I gaped stupidly at the sight before me as Allie took me deeper into her mouth and started pumping the base of my cock with her hand.

Me losing my virginity to a bombshell of a girl

first-time extreme_lover 2018-06-03

3 months went like this till she asked me to come to her place cause she wants to fuck the brains out of me.. she immediately went like "cheater, u opened ur eyes" and left out a hard strong moan when i bit her nipple. i started to feel her getting extremely wet so i then grabbed her ass and held her a bit as i started to pump her with hard but slow strokes, till i went fast.. I told her that I was going to cum and she said "do it already cause i came a couple of times already" and immediately felt her getting super tight and catching my dick with a strong hand like grip in her pussy.