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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time KFinch 2018-06-03

Starting at your stomach, I work up your body to grab your tit and squeeze hard as I continue moving my hand to your neck as I kiss you hard. My hands hold your legs firmly apart, and I start on the inside of your left thigh. From the top of your clit down to the bottom of your lips as I push the panties just a tiny bit inside your pussy with my finger. You body writhes with the movement of my tongue as I continue to press harder, push deeper, and lick faster. I hold your ass with my hand trying to stable myself between your legs, licking your clit faster flicking my tongue up and down.


first-time 05911010 2018-06-03

As I knelt by him, resuming my stroking of his big cock, he reached a hand down and grabbed hold of mine, which was pushing against the sofa, and slowly started to wank me, in time to my movements on him. I didn’t feel like swallowing, so I spat it out into my open hand and rubbed it onto his cock, continuing to wank him until he pushed me away. I was still very horny, my cock was rock hard, I’d found wanking and sucking David an incredible turn on, but unless I was going to do it myself, I couldn’t see what was going to happen next.

The land lady

first-time silverfox62 2018-06-03

I was wanting a bed partner that night. After the games, and the company of men left, she came into my back room, and leaned into the bed. I did not think you wanted a d***k old woman in your bed? I have had had a good man in bed with me for a long time. Most just want to fuck, then roll over and fall asl**p. After cumming a bunch of times, she pulled me up by the hair, and started to play with my tongue, we frenched. I have not had a good fuck for a long time, she slurred! She rolled over, I put my big arms around her, cuddled for the longest time, then we both fell asl**p.

Your Mom's in Porn Now - An Adult Story

first-time thebigboobbbwlover 2018-06-03

How are you young man?" said Daryl hot Mom. I immediately looked down the front of my cargo shorts. Nice to have someone with manners." said Daryl's Mom. I was having a hard time not starring at Darryl's Mom huge breast. Are you going to tape them having sex with each other or with Buck??" said Daryl's Mom. My mouth fell open. " said Daryl's Mom. My eyes got bigger as she ran her long red finger nail the length of my cock. Your fucking Father having an affair with a chick with dicks bigger than your tiny Dad." said Daryl's Mom. Fuck me harder baby." said Daryl's Mom. I pulled my cock all the way out of her tight pussy.

Missing Sergeant Samantha

first-time guyloveshotstories 2018-06-03

You better not show them to anyone." She hung up and in a minute my phone vibrate and looking at the glowing screen there was her number and a link and clicking download and up came my first picture, it was a bust shot of my lover still lying on her bed, left hand holding up her camera, head lightly turned to the right, green eyes pointed towards me, lips pulled back in a smile and her other arm wrapped underneath her chest and lifting up her sports bra and her breasts, giving more cleavage that was very appealing to me.

Rental Car - Service with a Smile - Part II

first-time goinstrong 2018-06-03

When I said I would call on you, I meant come to the door, help you with your wrap, hold your arm, and open the car door!" Jenn looked like I'd punched her in the stomach: "God, no one's ever done that for me!" I simply said, "Let the night begin!" She reached for the door handle, and I quickly said, "Please let me do that!" She smiled, and said, "Sorry, I'm not used to being pampered!" I exited the car, got to her door, opened it and extended my hand to take hers. The server came, greeted us, said "Happy Birthday" to Jenn, and took orders. "Please drink to this incredible young woman who is celebrating a birthday today!" The toast was so touching, Jenn blushed.

Returning a favour.

first-time adventureousmale 2018-06-03

Paul then slipped his cock deep into her pussy Amelia moaned as she told him how big he felt. Amelia moved herself so her head and ass now hung over an edge of the bed saying to Paul just to move around the bed and to fuck her mouth if he wanted. Paul asked David how Amelia's ass felt to fuck as it was her first time in a while. Amelia was now having another orgasm she could feel he muscles contracting tightly as she f***ed Pavels cock out of her ass, she was so wet she could now feel her own fluids dripping from her pussy. So more easily this time pressing his cock aginst Davids and Amelias ass it popped in and Pavel began a slow purpousful motion to edge his cock deeper.

Marcy's Playground 5 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-06-03

Turns out Jean-Luc was an advocate for the little guy, often helping k**s get medical treatments their health insurance companies didn't want to pay for. Like I have no control, always being on the receiving end, not knowing what's coming," I said. "It's better if your hand is a little wet," he said. I opened my eyes to look at our joint motion; it was so strange and new, but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. "Just, you know, for pacing," Jean-Luc said. "Don't try and take the whole thing down at once like that." He took my hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock.

Mature Cougar get Young Black Cock

first-time Justal 2018-06-03

I felt like a dirty slut waiting to get my first Black Cock in this Shitty Motel Room, after about 1/2 hour Dion text me to say he was parked in front, I text him the room number back, I was trembling in anticipation waiting then a knock on the door, I open the door to find Deon standing there a Giant of a man he walked in then sat on the edge of the bed I moved over stood in front of him, asked him if he liked what he saw, he relied for sure, he put his hands on my thighs, then ran then up my skirt till he had them on my hips, he came closer and started groping my Ass. He could feel me trembling as his large hands massaged my Ass, he looked up and asked if I was OK, I relied Oh Ya, he got up off the bed bent down to start kissing me, as we kissed he removed my shirt, his hands continued exploring my body, then unhooked my bra to release my Tits, he commented on how firm they were then started sucking on my nipples.


first-time astuffedshirt_perv 2018-06-03

Jen saw the door coming at her head and instinctively balled up to avoid it, but Jason had her wedged in his arms in such a way that she couldn't move. Jen looked over to his face, and before the full sexual innuendo of his comment could register, he casually placed his hand on her breast. "No," Jason said, "Arms up over your head." Jen complied, staring into his lust filled eyes. Finally his hand found her breast and squeezed it lightly, causing Jen's back to arch. Jason raised himself up so he could use both hands on her and started to fondle her breasts, alternately fluttering his fingertips across her turgid nipples and then pinching them.

First love

first-time 2018-06-03

I hate them, along with my pale skin, they are so heavy when it’s a gym day and I keep getting stared at every time I go out with friends and the fact that I’m so pale just adds to the imperfectness of my body. I undid everything with such slowness hoping Sara would look over and couldn’t help but want to touch me. I grabbed her head down toward my face and kissed her with so much passion it scared Sara a little, but she didn’t pull back, just the opposite, she push her tongue passed my lips and we started to tongue war by sucking and massaging each other’s tongue.

My own best lover Part # 3

first-time StraightAnal 2018-06-03

I then finally got laid and although I loved pussy, I never stopped liking giving it to myself in the ass and I would rediscover "anal play" again during a dry spell that I was not getting any and so started having to masturbate a lot and this time I had discovered the adult book store and their selection of dildos and realistic cocks and that's when I explored the deepest of darkest most pleasure inducing self-fuck sessions I would keep trying to top from then on. Smaller than some of the cucumbers or self made toys but soft enough that I could fuck myself harder while not hurting myself or making myself sore, so extending my sessions, I'd do myself all day sometimes.

Who Took My Virginity – Part 2

first-time 2018-06-03

I wanted to stay virgin till I get married one day but…” he looked away in desperation, leaving my face and holding me closer to him with his right palm on my right shoulder. After a while, he again started working his mouth on my neck, this time, on the other side, while rubbing the earlier kissed side with his hand, while with his other hand, he held my upper back and pulled me up a bit, straightening me. He laid on me, locking the movement of my legs, took some of my juice on his right hand, stroked his cock a while with them, and slowly started penetrating my virgin ass.

Craigslist Fuck

first-time zimabean 2018-06-03

After a few minutes, the man directed his wife to lay on her side and lift her leg up and for me to come in and slide into her pussy, he thought this would look real good on video. I only lasted a minute before my balls hurt so bad I had to cum, I pushed all the way in and blew what I think must have been the biggest load of hot sticky cum I ever blew in my life deep into that woman's cunt. I know that watching that man fuck his wife made my cock hard again and as soon as he pulled out I handed him the camera and asked if I could have another turn and he said hell yes.

The Learning Room Ch. 02

first-time regularguy13 2018-06-03

Tia lathered up her body and then tossed the soap to Seth teased him good naturedly, "Here, I don't want you to hurt yourself while whacking off as I wash my boobs." Seth soaped up his engorged penis and without a hint of inhibition masturbated in front of Tia. He came hard shooting gobs onto her breasts and stomach. Seth stepped between her legs and Tia gave him a big hug just because she thought he needed one. She pulled him close and hugged him again, then said, "Seth, you're a great guy. She gave him a big kiss and said, "Thanks partner." then thinking about what she had just done, she added, "Oh, that's something you need to be sensitive about.

The Virgin and the Cougar Ch. 01

first-time EmmisDos 2018-06-03

Max sat down and Candace lightly rested a hand on his thigh as she told him, "My first marriage almost ended when my new husband took my virginity. For almost a minute there was silence, then Candace looked into his eyes and slowly moved her hand from his thigh to the bulge in his pants and gave his cock a squeeze. "You need an experienced woman to show you the ropes and I know one who is willing to do that for you...and for her daughter," she softly told him as she gently rubbed his cock through the fabric. With Max's eyes scanning her bare torso, Candace spread her pussy lips with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other.

Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

first-time 2018-06-03

Settling into our sl**ping bags Cody moved close to me, in the darkness his lips sought me out his hands slipped into my sl**ping bag and pulled off my underwear, the polite boy from Colorado stopped asking and started taking what he wanted. Cody held his cock deep inside me his hands held my face kissing me softly his legs firmly pushed up against my virgin ass splitting me like a dried piece of hickory. My ass tightened around his cock I moaned a litter louder as Cody’s body slapped up against mine pounding the cum right out of me and leaving me to drowned in my own passion.

Annette my girlfriend now!!

first-time rdsgodallas 2018-06-03

So I keep telling her about this fantasy I have every time I play with her pussy and she seems to like it because she gets really wet! I tell her how she stands up in front of our booth and starts playing with her self,then slowly takes out her tits, and then exposes her pussy. Then I ask them if they want to see her sweet wet pussy ,they all go yes please, we can't wait, as couple of them start jerking off in front of her!!She stands up and starts pulling down her sweat pants, the guys are cheering ,and begging to see it! I start fingering again real slow, this guy is standing right in front of her like 2 feet away ,stroking his cock and moaning with joy.

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 02

first-time G00dV1brati0n 2018-06-03

We continued to kiss for quite a long time, and I had not even realized that she had taken the rest of my clothes off, and we were pressed against each other naked and extremely horny. She gave a loud moan as she quickly crawled between my legs and took my cock entirely down her throat, as we both had one of the best orgasms we ever experienced together. I was not really sure what to do, so I just smiled and waved as Jennifer turned and "just realized" her mom was home. "Come back anytime you want to help around the yard, you're really good at it too!" Jen's mom said with a bright smile.

Selected for Sport Ch. 04

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-06-03

Her ears ringing with the pounding of her cooling blood, Alanna noticed distant, faint sounds of the city creeping inside the heavy floor-to-ceiling shutters in the far corner of the large, shaded chamber. Blood crashed a fresh wave across Alanna's fair skin, and she jerked over onto her face, trying to smother herself in the deep mattress, hands either side of her burning cheeks, pressing them together. However, beneath the cloth wrapped around her bottom, Alanna was sure she could feel another layer of material, and she flashed a quick look down when Xanir was drinking. Alanna stifled her inward flinch in anticipation of the burning stone on her bare soles, but despite the merciless heat beating off the surrounding surfaces, the spot he carefully set her on was cool.

Kissing Rowan (revision)

first-time Uillceal 2018-06-03

I felt the heat of his bare thighs against my skin as he pulled the crotch of my short pants aside and placed the spongy head of his penis against my outer lips. Rowan pulled back 'til only the barest tip of his cock was within my lips. I started tenderly licking it from head to base and back when I noticed a scar going across the bottom of his cock, about a link from where the scrotum was attached. "I much prefer the company of silé." Rowan moved slightly so his cock head was now pressed against my lips. I could feel Rowan's thighs tense and he started pumping into my mouth harder and harder.

University Fun

first-time 2018-06-03

Standing in the middle of our room was Pete wearing a black basque, thong.stockings and high heels with a very hard cock in his hand. Pete reached into the trunk a took out some red lace panties and matching bra and suspenders along with some lovely white stockings. I felt so good and Pete took of his dressing gown. Before long we were both wanking furiously and the Pete began to shoot a huge load over his panties and stockings. Pete said he had lectures and I quickly got out of that sexy lingerie and dressed for the gym. I tensed as I felt silk on my bare skin and a hard cock nestling against my are as he spooned into me.


first-time YourLittleAngelle 2018-06-03

Madison and Kaylee, a couple of popular airheads, arrived in class first, all a-giggle about Winter's apparently devastating evening. She showed up in class and defiantly sat wherever she wanted, sometimes choosing to sit in the front row of desks and give me a brief conspiratorial smile when the popular girls arrived to find their usual seat had been taken. All I knew was, according to the biology teacher who'd witnessed it all go down in the hall, Kaylee had screamed expletives about the hard copies of the exchange left in her locker which included the pictures and chat text, then she ran out to the parking lot to take Winter out, but arrived too late.

The Lady in the Coat

first-time LairOfTheCougar 2018-06-03

Mike nearly blurted out that he had seen her, wanting to proclaim his good fortune at seeing a nude woman for the first time. Feeling bolder Mike reached his left hand up and rested it on Dana's other breast. "Yes, do that." Dana's hands were already underneath Mike's tee shirt, her fingers running over his chest and belly. Dana giggled a little, "It's better when somebody else does it for you isn't it?" She took Mike's hand nearest her and laid in on her breast. Mike slowly pushed his fingers into the tangle of blonde hair until he felt Dana's pussy lips. Mike felt the head of his cock touch Dana's wet, hot pussy lips and then slide easily inside her.