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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Charlotte's Day

first-time hot_jessica 2018-06-03

Their conversation focused around usual stuff, hatred for Miss Stone (although mostly from Charlotte), homework, girls they hated and virginity loss. Charlotte looked at Miss Stone who was smiling. Her nearly naked body was Amazing and Charlotte couldn't help but stare at her wonderfully pale skin and her beautiful breasts. Miss Stone was nursing away on her tit and Charlotte saw her hand begin massaging Dee's pussy lips. Charlotte looked into Emily's eyes and felt love. Charlotte's body reacted in response to feeling Emily orgasm and she rode another orgasmic wave of ecstasy. They collapsed momentarily and Charlotte looked up hugging her new lover and witnessed Miss Stone crying out with Naomi's tongue on her clit and fingers deep in her hot sex.

The Whole Wide World

first-time nitelite33 2018-06-03

At that moment all I wanted was for Erin to come back and rest her feet on my lap some more, but then I saw her fumbling with the Ziploc bag in a cute attempt to pack another bowl of weed. But Erin took it as encouragement and continued, "I've been going to those things for two years, and most of the girls have been having sex for at least the last three. The casual way she said 'fat kids' took the sting from the words, and lovingly shared the isolation we both felt from our friends. I must have looked like an idiot again for the tenth time as I stood there smirking, but I just couldn't believe there was a naked, willing girl lying on my bed.

Rubber Restriction (Part 3)

first-time revzillo 2018-06-03

miranda was driving along with the thought of what was in the book the pictures she saw of the girl having her arms tightly laced behind her back into ....what was it Vanessa called it again , Ah yes a monoglove ......All of a sudden there was a long HONNNK of a horn as Miranda suddenly realised she was heading straight for another car coming the other way , luckily she managed to swereve in time, but the driver of the other car shook his fist at her and wound down his window shouting 'WHY DON'T YOU LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING, YOU STUPID BITCH !!!' .....

My bf dominates me PART 2

first-time 2018-06-03

'Are you ready for your ass to be fucked, slut? Look how wet you're getting by me calling you bitch and slut.' I responded, "Yes, Austi- I mean yes, Master." His strong, firm hands gripped my curves and his thick cock head pushed against my tight hole, "Oohf.." he slowly pushed the tip in, and I was pulling my hands in the cuffs. Being fucked like an a****l handcuffed?' Floor board, NOW!' I quickly slipped down into the floor and faced him opening my mouth for him to jizz in, I closed my eyes and felt him warm, sticky cum all over my face and tongue. He leaned in and started kissing me, and I slipped my tongue into his mouth letting him taste a little of his own cum.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 04

first-time jallen944 2018-06-03

Ethan dropped his hands to her ass and plunged his tongue into her mouth until they heard the back door open. "Yes, really long," Carrie said, looking at her mother with curiosity. "Well, it's been a long time ..." She looked at Ethan then at Carrie. Ethan looked up at Bobby leaning against the door of his car, poking his head inside with a big, goofy grin. "I came to look at the moon," Bobby said to Ethan. "What are you two doing here?" He looked down at Carrie's hand moving on the bulge in Ethan's pantleg. As soon as he was gone, Ethan and Carrie looked at each other for a moment then broke out laughing.

Crazy Ladies:Ada Pt 2

first-time randomxs 2018-06-03

Once again she slowly tried to ease my cock down her throat and each time she tried I'd give it a little more thrust naturally causing to gag and choke and she'd almost vomit. I'd try to thrust my cock down her throat a little further than the night before until she gagged. A little at a time I started thrusting down her throat harder, faster and the more I did so the more she moaned and craved my cock wanting me to thrust it deeper. Since starting, I often wondered while having her squat before what her Christian friends would think if they knew she had my throbbing cock down her throat and her wanting, desiring it to be there.

A Caring Teacher

first-time qwertyu54321 2018-06-03

"There's no way we can listen to this music without a drink, right?" I looked over to see Ms Worm holding a bottle of wine and the CD, and I noticed that she'd let her hair out. I teased her as she did to me, moving my tongue slowly along her clit but soon i couldn't control my excitement and started to lick all around her cunt. I kept going deeper with my finger in her ass and kept licking all around her pussy and i felt her cum in my mouth. Then, my horny little teacher said, "This time, fuck my asshole" I told her i'd need a minute but she made it thirty seconds by sucking my dick and making it hard again.

My first gloryhole experience

first-time angelatvdom 2018-06-03

The fingers closed completely around it and began to stroke me and I leaned forward until I was pressed against the wall so that the person could have access to all of my cock, but also to stop my legs from collapsing at the sensations. A thick jet of cum poured into my mouth surprising me for a second but I quickly recovered and swallowed it all making room for more as it pumped out of the hard shaft and into my suctioning mouth.I kept bobbing my head backwards and forwards as I had been taught to do until the spasms in the cock stopped and it began to shrink and it slipped from between my lips leaving me to lick the remains of the cum from my lips as I sat back on my heels.

Old Crush, New Love

first-time thiguyino 2018-06-03

She simply said that she was looking for a sweet guy that would pay attention to her, not in a “you are the most important thing in my life” way but still in a way that made her feel she mattered. I saw that she hasn’t changed her look and neither have I except that I had lost weight and was noticeably skinnier than I was in my husky days in high school. I told her not really because this school was relatively close to my parents house so I went there just about every week for laundry and a good home cooked meal. She smiled and said that the sweat pants were just to big to wear so she decided to just wear the shirt since it was long enough.

Cheating with my Neighbor

first-time 2018-06-03

After a short and painful fucking, I pushed him out, got off the counter and turned around putting my hands on the counter and bent over, pushing my ass up against his hard dick and started to bounce my ass up and down, rubbing his hard cock with every bounce, I looked into the mirror and saw Jeff grabbed me tight by my hips and placed his hard dick on the edge of my pussy, I could feel my pussy lips opening up by themselves, wanting this big dick, and then, Jeff rammed his dick up my pussy.

The Goodbye Party

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-02

"Richard, I didn't know you were going to be here," I said as I reached As Richard reclined his seat I bent down and began licking his huge I knew he didn't want to hurt me but I was overcome with cock lust. "Oh god Richard!" I screamed and scratched at his arms as I came again. He climbed on top of me, spread my legs, and began to pump his huge cock "Fuck the seat," he said and then he kissed me. I looked down at his deflated cum covered cock and then at me. felt his huge cock enter my swollen and sore cunt. "Please Richard, fuck me hard." As we drove to the airport I sucked his huge cock as best I could, until

The Appointment

first-time rjamesc74 2018-06-02

receptionist said that your usual doctor was fully booked but that you’d always been attracted to beautiful women and the girl who had You had felt yourself attracted to her the instant you saw her and the fact she had intimately massaged your whole body had only added tall, blonde, doctor, similar age to yourself looking every bit the professional man.  For the second time that day you felt the pull of attraction and jumped up quickly, perhaps a little bit too corridor and also felt an instant attraction to you.  Although I doctor and the thought of me probing and entering you added fuel to moaned in reply, ‘Yes...cum inside me...give it to me....take me!’.

The Steamy Chase Ch. 02

first-time adjoaq 2018-06-02

A gasp ripped from Kayla's throat as exquisite sensations tore through her body from the point where Dean's cock slowly circled her slick swollen clit, his heavy breathing the sexiest sound she had ever heard. Even as she squirmed against the pleasurable sensations Dean was building inside her, Kayla was asking herself how the fuck she got to that room which was obviously not hers. With his jet black hair, dark blue eyes, dimples that looked so adorable on him he got away with almost anything, muscles standing out in his arms and his sexy abs, Dean was one of the strikingly handsome men Kayla had had the pleasure of knowing.

Inexcusable Love Part 1

first-time milli214 2018-06-02

"There you two are!" Jessica said, short black hair straight, dressed in a tank top and jeans, then Emma, her long brown hair curled a bunch dressed in a violet dress and then Meagan, short blonde hair the way it normaly was and dressed in a strapless white shirt, bra showing threw and shorts. I screamed in the pleasure and he laughed, liking the sound of my desire and he grasped my neck, kissing me hard and a few minutes later, he set me onto my feel, pushing my hips forward, making me lean over and his cock pulsed like crazy through me and he helf my ass with out hand and pulled my hair with the other.

My first time. Please excuse the grammar.

first-time ambu99977 2018-06-02

On the second day of the advert appearing I had seven men wanting to meet me.I looked at the texts and thought yes lets do this. I felt his hard member touch the back of my throat, but instead of gagging I welcomed him in and tried to take it further.I went up and down making it wet with a mixture of saliva and pre cum. He pulled away after a few minutes and took the rest of his clothes off hurriedly, like he didn't have time to wait for me any longer. He pulled out of me and started stroking as he moved up the bed to cum on my face. It was finished, over, my first client made me feel like an amazing woman and fucked me so good I came.

Ridding the train

first-time lovebugberry1 2018-06-02

Annie moved her hand away as he pushed just enough to seat himself in her dripping pussy. The guy on her left started moving so he was using her hand to stroke his cock. The five guys got into a practiced rhythm of three cocks moving at the same time and her breasts being squeezed and twisted to match. Annie felt something cool and wet between her breasts and the hands squeezed her one last time before moving away. "Man I wish it was her ass too but pussy is just as good." She couldn't tell how many of them were around the bed watching her get fucked.

Turning to Darkness P20

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-06-02

When the boy arrived he found the vampire lord happily fucking his little girl. The shadow prince had talked to the girl, and then ordered her to sit and watch as he made love to Violet. He talked with Mercy, then had the girl watch as he and Violet had sex. “Well then lets hope Violet enjoys watching you get fucked.” The vampire lord said, then he very slowly drove his cock into Mercy’s tight little cunt. When Mercy finally ran out of tears, the shadow prince stopped fucking her and said “You’re a brave girl, but I think you would make a poor vampire.” He then pulled her chubby young body up and hugged her tight, his hips moving again, faster and harder.

My first black cock

first-time lover76 2018-06-02

I watched interracial porn almost exclusively, and I would fantasize about girls I knew getting railed by giant black dicks like the ones I had seen in videos online. I didn’t want anyone I knew to ever find out about this, if my friends found out I went out of my way to suck a big black dick… I wanted to suck his big black dick. With my left hand, I grabbed his dick and started slapping it off of my face. I really liked having his big black dick cock slap me. I tried to stop myself, but I couldn’t help it, and I nutted in my jeans and boxers as his massive black dick slapped off of my cheek.

I Seduced My Dad's Law partner

first-time fotisampini 2018-06-02

pregnant. would even imagine that we girls are like emailing each other sex tips The bending over was Julie’s idea. We keep talking softly about this and that. goes to sl**p so he can give me a “goodnight hug”. This “goodnight hug” had been Julie’s tip as well. of pinched my nipples softly. and nibbles and almost instantly my nipples were hard and pointy and cumming it was unbelievable. unbelievable. Using my small girlish hand, I got Steve’s big cock all wet by rubbing from my hand and more pushing I finally felt Steve’s cock slip in and nipples. nipples. nipples. nipples. pinches and tweaks. he was terrified I would get pregnant. I knew he wanted to do it again.

Mi Papi

first-time Mojave 2018-06-02

I knew that number one had some stamina because I gave him a real workout with my mouth earlier at the park, and he shot a huge load on my face and in my mouth after 20 minutes of hard work. I pulled my panties up and then got my shorts back up and buttoned and zipped, and as I was buckling my belt I turned around to face the Union 76 station parking lot, and as my eyes adjusted, I noticed that in the side window of the convenience store a face was looking in my direction. I took his cock down my throat and then worked the head with my tongue, and as he stiffened I placed one hand on his left hip and one hand gently held his horse balls.

the girl and the medina

first-time 2018-06-02

Chris was now in full erection and he quickly pushed her hand down to grab it. chris could feel his water rising, so he did what he always did in the3s circimstances, he put his two hands behind her head and shove his penis into her mouth. Before long wave upon wave of water was gushing forth, producing in chris a near blackout moment where the only thing keeping him up was the door at his back and his hands on her head. a older woman cam in waliking by the closet..when she had passed the girl returned grabbed chris by the arm and led him out the door.

Once a Whore, Always a Whore

first-time IrishDude3881 2018-06-02

The longing I had to feel my first cock got tougher and tougher to deal with as time went on. My stepfather totally surprised me with his "punishment." "If you want to be a slut, I'll treat you like one!" Without warning, he started aggressively fondling my breasts through my blouse and I couldn't help but moan. He quickly placed the head of his monster cock to my moist labia and drove home until he was balls deep inside me. My eyes practically popped out of my head as my super tight pussy was stretched to accommodate its biggest cock by far. I used to fuck half of god's creation, but all that stopped when I knew I was carrying "Daddy's babies." All I wanted was Daddy's hands, and Daddy's cock.

Derek and Megan(FICTION!!!)

first-time hornyrockstar 2018-06-02

Derek's 9'' cock always goes hard every time he sees his step daughter Megan in her ultra mega short nightgown. I'll be right there after a few minutes.' Megan pulled her thong down and started rubbing her pussy.Derek came upstairs to her room, and saw her pussy. 'Now FUCK ME!!!' Derek immediately went in, and she pulled off his shirt and pants and started to give him a really good blow job. 'YA, OOH SHIT YES, KEEP ON SUCKING IT LIKE YOU'RE NEVER GONNA SUCK IT EVER AGAIN!!' He then started fucking her asshole,after a few minutes he pulls his cock out then he puts his cock back in her pussy, he could feel the cum coming out....

Stand In for My Regular Massage Ther****t

first-time 2018-06-02

As her hands slid down my ass she went right between my legs to the soft inner thigh massaging the area for quite awhile. Why she covered me I’ll never know because as she came up to work my stomach she once again asked in a whisper voice if it was okay to move the towel. She began to massage my legs once again only this time she didn't hesitate or avoid my cock as her hands moved upwards. Each time she slid her hands tightly up the length of my shaft till they made a popping noise as they went passed the tip of my cock letting it plop back to my belly.