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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Part Two Of Our Story

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-06-02

Charlie pulls my legs up and as I try to remove "rabbit" he hold my hand in place and takes the discarded butt plug from the bed and slowly works it around my soaking rose petal bum hole, Oh fuck I think he's going to fill both my hole with toys and Charlie tells me to relax and soon my pussy and bum are filled by latex, the feeling is fucking amazing and I rock my lower body at enjoy a new experience for me, Charlie moves around the bed and soon I have all my holes filled as he enters my mouth with his manhood and I suck it deep and hard while my hands are now work both toys inside.

First Time Suck Buddies Part 3

first-time couldhedoit 2018-06-02

I started to slowly stroke my hardening cock as my thoughts turned to Jason sucking me and the feeling of shooting my load in his warm mouth. When I started blowing Jason the second time, the wine I drank earlier was making me hornier than ever and I knew I was going to do what I had been thinking about for the past week. I sucked him another minute and then moved my mouth down his shaft as I pushed my body down slightly so I could get to his balls better. I now had a mouthful of Jason’s balls and I started to carefully suck and run my tongue all around them.

Black Admirer

first-time 2018-06-02

a very handsome young black airman smiling and lifting Rob looked at me and said, "Yes and that too. said, "Rob, why did you pick on me tonight? sweating now, wait till I get his black body between Rob looked into my eyes and smiling, in a low tone spine as I thought of how that body was going to feel removed the final barrier and gently took his black rod him that I loved his young black cock and could hardly pulling my white blouse and black bra off moving down black cock deep inside me as he started pumping fast his black seed deep inside my waiting womb. young black lover and realized that this older white

First time with a black WOMAN

first-time lasslorn30 2018-06-02

at this time she told me she was married and that she neededt to make sure her husband wasn't going to be home. why should she be the only one clean especially when i wanted to feel those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. i slide one hand down to her nearly hairless pussy and slowly enter my fingers brushing her clit as i do so. i start slowly feeling her pussy muscles contract around my cock. now i am not one to wear a condom i love the feeling of a womans pussy wrapped around my naked cock. she lets out one more scream and she lays back and looks into my eyes and tells me she hasn't been fucked like that in a long time.

A Night to Remember

first-time whatRtheodds87 2018-06-02

After a few moments on the step, Laura rose to her feet, ran her hands through her hair, steadied herself as she wavered with wine, and asked if I wanted to go back inside. My hands moved across her back, grabbed her ass again, ran up to her neck and into her hair as he pressed our lips together. My hands grabbed her waist and I moved with her, driving my cock deep into her as she came down and pressing my ass into the bed as she rose. Then Laura moved her hands and grabbed her own legs, pulling them even closer to her head so that she was almost completely folded in half below me.

The Menu Ch. 02

first-time Bad2Bone 2018-06-02

Throughout the next couple of weeks Jeremy had a "hard" time keeping his thoughts on anything but Kim. He found that his cock would sporadically twitch and enlarge many times during the day in the subsequent weeks since their research began. Jeremy was not aware, but when he was blindfolded during their first session, Kim had snapped several pictures of his fully erect cock and balls as they protruded through his pajamas. After about the third or fourth rotation of this little game between her sucking his cock and pressing her tits to his mouth, Jeremy noticed that the duration of the oral action began to be longer and more intense.

Getting What I Want

first-time bbw_lover91 2018-06-02

It looked pretty slow that night so she would come to my table every once in a while and ask me if everything was fine flashing that gorgeous smile every time. I knew she was really only flirting because she wanted a big tip, so I asked her if she'd like to sit with me since there was no other customers and I was a lonely old man. I told her to meet me at my car when she gets off work, she smiled and said okay. I needed to see those tits, I ripped her shirt off and instantly started sucking her left nipple and pinching the right one.

Kate: Breaking in a Virgin

first-time Joanmcarthy 2018-06-02

As the still damp material of his boardies first made contact with the bare flesh of my stomach just above the waist hem of my bikini pants a strange sense of satisfaction accompanied the discovery they contained the hard shaft of an erection. He undid the side knot on my wrap and pulled it away from me to throw on the floor, then his fingers pushed in against the already damp crutch of my bikini bottoms, sliding the length of the valley he created; loitering momentarily to feel my opening before moving up to play up and down against my clit.

Naughty and Nineteen

first-time JamesSD 2018-06-02

I sucked and nibbled her neck as my hands slid up and down, exploring her body, occasionally glancing up to see my counterpart in the mirror doing the exact same thing to his Stacy. I admired Stacy's bare ass for only a moment before placing my hand on her buttock and squeezing it gently. "Tell me if it is too hard or not hard enough," I said, then lifted my hand and brought it down gently, cupping her ass with only a slight impact. Kissing in the hot tub in public, making out, sucking her tits, seeing her naked, spanking her ass and making her cum with my fingers had all combined to push me close to the limit of arousal.


first-time maria60193 2018-06-02

A couple weeks went by and Carmen got settled in with the rest of us girls. for a while just playing with each others pussies and kissing each others titties and mouths and then she pulled away And she could tell how I was feeling and that made her clamp her mouth onto my pussy lips and clit at the same time and I started arching my back and oh my juices were flowing like crazy and Carmen was munching away at my pussy She was already so very wet and smelled(hard to think of a word for the first time you smell another girls pussy) I held her close and kissed her and told her we could try to be roommates next year if they let us.

First time fucked by a shemale

first-time surferboy_ibiza 2018-06-02

You have a great ass and huge, natural-looking tits!" She said, "And what do you think of my dick?" I was so excited I was actually shaking. "Wait," I said, "I'm not sure I want to do this." Shandra replied "You can't expect to leave after seeing me naked and feeling me up. Shandra said, "God, what a great ass you have," then she grabbed my butt cheeks and started gently squeezing them, then squeezed harder and harder until it actually started to hurt just a little. I couldn't help but let out a moan or two… then she pushed herself partially off me, straightening her arms, and started fucking me like some crazed a****l!

Barenaked Ladies

first-time Medicine Hat 2018-06-02

I took a moment to look at Katie, thankful that I now knew her name. Almost reflexively, I turned back around, looking to my right, and , sure enough, there was Katie. Before Katie could answer, the girl behind the counter at Milan's interjected, asking me to place my order. When the food arrived, Katie gathered her pizza and the root beer, and I took my calzone, as we walked over to a table and sat down. "I feel like I'm getting to know you pretty well already, so I hope you don't mind, but could I ask you a kinda personal question?" My cars clock read five minutes to seven when I bounded up the stairs to the third floor and knocked on Katie's door.

Great Sex

first-time fitlad12 2018-06-02

She sat up and kissed me with all her pussy juices still dripping from my face, this seemed to make her even more horny for my cock, which she reached down for grabbing hold of my shaft with her hand and said "OMG you're so fuckin hard". She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes, grinned and started moving towards my cock, while licking and kissing every inch of my body as she got nearer and nearer to my throbbing rod. We were making love at that point, I was looking deep into her eyes and she had her hands all over my back, while I kept fucking her slowly in and out, in and out, l could feel her tensing up and she let out one loud moan that must of woke the neighbours up.

Coming of age in the 90's Part 1

first-time dennisthemennis 2018-06-02

At age 14 in 1994 I was soliciting summer work cutting grass near my parents home. This lead to other Saturday or Sunday work from time to time during the school year, my parents liked it beacause it did not interfere with my studies as an afterschool job would. It was the summer of 97 that I was able to get a look at those beautiful teardrop shaped C+'s of hers, for a 39 yr old woman she was in great shape those slightly outward pointing nipples and subltle tummy, I was as hard as a rock and would work it out myself that night, as I had many nights thinking of her.

Meeting a jackoff buddy online Part 1

first-time Jmuncut 2018-06-02

I asked "have you ever been sucked by a guys?" He replied "no!" I said "bring that hot cock over!" I grabbed him by the hips and pulled him close. I have to sit down!" He with drew his cock turned and sat down "oh man I never had a blowjob like that and never shot a load in a mouth!" "I never sucked a cock but I want to try sucking yours!" I turned and leaned back and Dave leaned over first pulling on my foreskin then rolling the skin up and down over my gland. Told Dave "I'm going to cum he told my cock out of his mouth and started stroking the gland.

Tracey Ch. 02

first-time woody_strokem 2018-06-02

It was during these weekends that Tracey shunned her boxers and pranced around the basement at night wearing only panties and tee-shirts that scarcely reached her mid-thigh. I grabbed the bar in my door, looking straight ahead as I took the weight off my legs and dangled from my arms. Jim was lying at an angle on the bed, his left leg dangling over the side and his head hidden behind Tracey's upper body. I gently pulled aside my curtain and entered my room as quietly as possible, then knelt on my bed and started jerking my throbbing cock. Moments later, Tracey's curtains slid open and I heard Jim's heavy footsteps climbing the stairs.

it happened in the bathroom

first-time petery12 2018-06-02

Samantha moved her finger further under her pantyline at the thought,touching the little nodule of her clit and pulling at the wisp of hair surrounding it, conceding that in the case of her father, Marlene might have a point. Samantha removed her hand from between her legs.Three fingers were now extremely wet and she wiped them casually on her discarded panties.She almost felt courageous enough to barge into the bathroom,and say'Hello Dad",but not quite.After that she never viewed her father in the same way again,not to mention she developed a taste for fucking hairy middle aged men that resembled her father.But thats another story

out in the woods

first-time clivespanner 2018-06-02

invariably the combination of the hot sun on my body and the wanderings of my adolescent, virgin mind would give me a lovely sense of erotica and this led many times to me wanking my erection till i came all over my hand. i crept up to the clearing and peered through the grass at Leah, a girl from my school who happened to live down the road from me, she was wearing a lovely summer dress printed with flowers and her long blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail. in no time i was fit to bust and told her i felt funnyshe said ill stop if you like but i didnt want her to so told her no.

Barely Legal Ch. 01

first-time KenJames 2018-06-02

"You mean you're going to shove that monster cock into my tight helpless little pussy and fuck me like an animal until you spew your sperm into my cunt?" "Welcome to REAL womanhood, Baby Doll." I gave Tracy another long kiss, then lifted my upper body off the table. In bed, I thoroughly kissed and licked every square inch of Tracy's breasts, then moved slowly up her neck to her cheeks, ears, eyes and finally to her mouth. I spent a long time eating Tracy out, sucking her clit and finger-fucking her pussy. "I'd like that sometime," she answered, "but right now I want to feel you squirting more hot juice into my pussy."

Friday Night

first-time Mr James 2018-06-02

I felt her lip parting as I kissed her again and I slid my hands slowly down her back until I could rest them on the curve of her buttocks and press her hard against me. Looking into her eyes, I eased my finger out of her pussy, watching her blush as she heard the faint slurping noise as my fingertip slipped out from between her tender lips. Slowly, I eased my weight forward, pressing the head of my cock against the tight opening of Sara's pussy. The tight muscles gripped me, and then relaxed a little in gentle ripples, as I pressed my cock slowly between her lips and sank it deeper into her pussy.

Baby Sitting The Niece Pt. 3

first-time mrlolgg 2018-06-02

We were kissing and while she leaned in my hand must have somehow found its way to cupping her perky little breasts. She stopped kissing and said “OMG It's sooooo hard uncle..” She started using her tiny little fist to jack me off. She was rubbing all over my body and finally her tiny little hands slip underneath my waistline to feeling my balls. She sat up and positioned her tight little pussy above my cock and I knew she was ready. Her mouth was so cute and tiny as well but she did as I said and I stuck my cock inside. Next morning we did the same thing I came inside her mouth and she gave her mother and step-dad a kiss on the lips.

Fun on the Common.

first-time dasilva1672 2018-06-02

"Did you see me through the bush George?" He turns to look briefly at me and shakes his head and quickly looks away again. She wants to pull my cock out but I stop her so that I can take George's hand and let him do the same. There is a new sensation on my cock, trying to keep Georges cock in my mouth and peer round his thigh I realise that Rachel is climbing on it. George suddenly cums again and I just pull Rachel off my cock as I cum. I get him to move forward so that I can suck his cock again.I suddenly realise that Rachel is standing aside me.

Pent-Up Release

first-time NameDontMatter 2018-06-02

I don't know if I like him, but whenever I'm chilling after classes are over, he'll come to my dorm room unexpectedly, bother me with his silly dance moves or his little stories about all the girls he hits on, and my heart will just hammer out of nowhere... Not with passion or anything like that, but the suppleness of his large lips, his big body and those strong his large hand feels in mine when we do our own special handshake...and my god his hair! I don't love him, I think I like him, and I know for sure that I want him. Pulling my head up, I looked at the spot where his eyes are, and envisioned him staring at me with so much passion and want and need...

A Moment of Madness

first-time jamesmarlowe 2018-06-02

Engagement rings and any thoughts of wedding bells smothered under the sound of urgent footfalls thudding up the creaking stairs, two people overwhelmed in the heat of passion, the pursuit of coital expectation increasing arousal, hormonal chaos charging adrenaline, chemicals fuelling a visceral surge of sexual energy, pulses racing, heart rates soaring, clothes carelessly abandoned on the bedroom floor, hands sweeping over naked flesh in a courtship of promising persuasion, a mutual simulation of playful foreplay, touching and feeling, squeezing and groping, exploring the boundaries, testing the limits, embracing the warm sensation of each other's nakedness, laughing one minute, moaning the next, rejoicing in their intimate moment of human sexual discovery.