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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Their First Date

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-06-01

Tim had been wanting to ask Kimmie Owen out for quite some time. Mrs. Owen had even suggested inviting Tim over for dinner, but Kimmie felt that would just be too much for a first date. It would be real close to a first date, and one in which nobody would interrupt them, and it wouldn't be like she was actually asking him to come over for a date cause it was in fact an emergency. Actually, the biggest worry would be that they would return and Kimmie would told them that Tim had still not asked her out. Tim leaned into her and kissed her once again, at the same time bringing his right hand to her breast.

Do It Again, Sam

first-time phsssst 2018-06-01

The softness of his hands on her bum and breast sent more shivers through her body. Her breasts firmly pressed against his chest, she slid a hand under his shirt. Hard muscle lay beneath giving a very different texture to his body. His hand slipped from her panties and she felt a moment of disappointment. His mouth, warm and soft, engulfed her teat sucking both areola and nipple. He stopped, removed his hand, stripping his own jeans from his body. He looked down at his hand deep in her panties. Suddenly, her stomach muscles contracted thrusting her sex into his cupping hand, sending the finger into her unknown depths. His hands gripped her ass tightly to him, helping her thrust against his cock.

Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

first-time speedodave 2018-06-01

Alex pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos which were a mess with the honey I've poured into them. He was a little all over the place and didn't get any real rhythm which is what I need when I'm getting sucked off but he was working on getting all the honey and he spent a lot of time licking my cock which probably wasn't going to make me cum but it looked amazing. I couldn't see it because the head of my cock was inside Alex's mouth, but it felt like I unloaded a huge amount of cum.

Tricked by the Ex

first-time 425olds 2018-06-01

I turned towards Lou and asked him what was going on....he explained that Laura had told him that I'd kept on asking her for the repeat of the threesome she and I had with another man at a swingers club but that she was struggling to find time so she thought she'd treat me to a cock of my own...I felt a bit weird at the thought of being set up and a little humiliated that they felt they had to show me the video of her sucking him but it all added to excitement and I felt myself getting more turned on especially knowing the power Laura had over me setting all this up, knowing how I'd feel. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, the last few spurts hitting my lips as I started licking him clean whilst he told me what a cum slut I was....I felt so used kneeling there cleaning up my ex wife's new lover. 

Sarah's Foley

first-time No Panty Girl 2018-06-01

The thought of having Gillante's decrepit old body climbing on top of hers disgusted Sarah but she knew she would have to obey her father's wishes or face being shunned by her family and friends. Not likely, Jacob and her had only made love that one time and Gillante would be so overwhelmed fucking such a young girl he would not likely notice she ha already been penetrated. Gillante's cock began to move in Sarah's mouth like a serpent coming to life from her body heat. Sarah, convinced it was her wifely duty, allowed Gillante to use her mouth to arouse his cock. Sarah felt the beginnings of another orgasm forming as she responded to her husband's cock thrashing inside her wet cunt.

I caught my Mom

first-time hunglo567 2018-06-01

Suddenly Steve took my mother's head in his hands and pulled her away from his prick. "It's been a long time since I've undressed you", she giggled as she pulled my briefs down and my now rock hard cock sprang free, "You've grown since then." Sitting on the edge of my bed her small soft hand wrapped around my shaft and slowly she took me into her mouth. In the movies that I'd seen all of the women seemed to like it when the guy played with that part of their pussies and evidently there was something to it as my Mom arched her back and squeezed my head between her thighs when I sucked it into my mouth.

The making of "Sharon with Tits out"

first-time 2018-06-01

With Sharon, I got to play and look all I liked, after all, we were married! Sharon and I fucked like rabbits as soon as we got home, and I could tell that I looked down at Sharon's skirt, it was pulled down almost to her knees. Carl looked sideways at me to test my reaction, I grinned and said, "Sharon has Carl just smiled, Sharon reached down and slid her dress up and over her head, Sharon turned her head and looked me right in the eyes as Carl fucked her, her The one guy walked up to the open door and looked her over, and said with a grin, "Nice stuff, honey!" Sharon opened her eyes at his voice, looked at me

Afternoon Delight

first-time n2oral 2018-06-01

As I delicately touched her vulva, she closed her eyes and began to pant again, thrusting her hips up and down against my hand. Sle slipped them down and my hard erection jutted out - she grabbed it in both hands and began massaging and kissing it, swallowing it deeper than I'd ever been sucked. She began moving up and down on me, rubbing her clit with one hand while she kneaded her own nipple with the other. I grabbed her head in both hands as my testicles began begging for another release, and she moved so that I could lick her pussy as she bobbed her head on my shaft.

Becoming the girl i am part 2

first-time dirtygurl4u 2018-06-01

I opened the pantie drawer and spent some time looking until i found a sexy little hot pink and lime green thong, i was shaking with excitement as i slid off my boxers and pulled up such a cute little thong! I trembled with ecstasy as the sheer satin fabric lid up my legs and encased my smooth cock and balls and the little strip slid between my cute little butt cheeks like i'd always worn panties. "Oh god baby, thats soooooo good!" he moaned with pleasure as i pulled his thong down and licked the precum from the head of his dick, as i wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and began gently stroking his rock hard pole.

Hot and steamy

first-time daveeltnam 2018-06-01

The towel that was wrapped round her swimsuit was placed on the peg revealing a slender looking expensive black and white high leg swim suit. With my heart pumping hard I finally finished to swim that I had set myself, resting at the end of the pool for one last minute I looked for the lady but she was not there. Sitting next to me I could see that her swim suit had tie sides, I made polite conversation however knowing that my manhood was now showing signs of erection, I placed my hand over my groin. Using her hand as supports, she raised her body until her pussy was just holding onto my cock inside her and with one great thrust she dropped down again shooting me erect penis deep inside again.

Cum on Mom Part 4

first-time 2018-06-01

the movies, Billy had ordered Sharon to let Tommy play with her big tits and the For the next full minute Sharon let Tommy have his way with her big tits, "You sucked his cock like a whore Tits, and you let him fuck you," accused Tommy, immediately gave the young man's cock a hard suck and Tommy let out a groan of Suck my cock Tits!" Tommy told his best friends mother, his hands reaching down "Oh shit!" gasped Tommy, Sharon's hand a blur on his cock and her mouth heavily "O Yes Mrs Sharon with Tits Out," insisted Tommy as he opened her thighs and started "Oh Sharon you Cunt!" gasped Tommy, using a hand to crush her right breast lustfully as

First Love at Youth

first-time bee-ess 2018-06-01

I asked her if she would like to turn around and that would let me massage the other side of her body. Each time my hand would come near her breasts while massaging she would gasp. I caught her by the hair and started to kiss her hard on her mouth and asked her “You ever tell me something like that, I will not fuck you till you beg.” I stopped immediately and asked her “How would you like to be fucked?” She said “Any way you like. I took more cream on my palms and started to massage her whole body with special care to her bottom, inner thighs and naturally the pussy.

Her Buring Desire

first-time gizmobbcguy 2018-06-01

"Do you think you'll have it ready by next Friday?" His blue eyes follow the brush as it strokes the underside of the painted woman's breast. "Well, let me know if I can help in any way." He turns and slowly retraces his steps to the back office but does not shut the door. The shriek of a telephone in Mr. Thompson's back office jolts me out of my fantasy and I realize that I've just accidentally over-shaded the painted woman's right breast. I wonder if it's warm and what it tastes like and, before long, I find my hand cupping my entire cunt area over my skirt, clutching and rubbing in rhythm with his slow, deliberate strokes.

Tammys Tale

first-time redbull8269 2018-06-01

Slowing myself, I start to guide my tongue back to the middle of your opening, running from above your clit, down past your urethra, into your opening, and back up, placing your legs over my shoulders so I can get in as deep as I can with my tongue, sliding back and forth and in an out of your tight hole, oozing with your wetness, I can't get enough, my hands roasming across your stomach, up to your breasts, back down to your hips and I grab and pull myself into you as I feel you get more and more worked up, my tongue picking back up the pace, now working on your clit almost exclusively, I begin to suck on it, gently at first, then harder and harder as I slide two fingers into you, getting them plenty wet as I slide them in and out, your moans becoming louder and quicker, only driving me to work harder and faster.

My beautiful tranny !

first-time 2018-06-01

You can imagine the shocked look on my face, when I discovered (!!!!!) that Tory had a large, hard cock hidden under her silky panties! She finally said: “Andrew, have a look at what a cock is supposed to look like!” She pulled my hand down to feel it and I received an electric shock when I touched it. She pulled out and said: “All right, you slut, lick your cum off my cock! All you white guys with tiny cocks do that!” Soon, she was back on top of me, only this time she was sitting on my chest. For other white guys with small dicks who cannot satisfy a woman, I suggest they should find some big cocks to serve their wife.

Convenience Shopping

first-time Babylove 2018-06-01

I remember my boss telling me Joe was his name as he put on his coat and left me on my own to close the night. I don't think my body told him to do it, never mind the fact that I wanted him to make a move. I walked to my door, turned around and noticed Joe. He took my breath away again for the ten-billonth time that night. I had spent my whole life turning down men but I wasn't going to even try to resist Joe. To be honest, I had my doubts still, was this the right thing to do or not? I slowly reached over my shoulder, took his hand, and began walking to the bedroom.

Humiliate your Husband

first-time 425olds 2018-06-01

Make your husband go with you and watch from across the bar/club as you meet, flirt and pick up men. Make your husband go out and find lots of men for you and you pick and choose which ones you like. Let men have sex with you in the parking lot, on the hood of your husbands car or in the back seat. Tell your husband all the details of your sex encounter with other men. Make your husband clean the house while you're out flirting and having sex with other men. Tell your girlfriends your husband is a cuckold and you like to flirt a lot with other men, when you are a party.

Amy's First Time

first-time kokoleona 2018-06-01

Both Jonay and Theresa then ran their fingers lightly around her small breasts and then stroked her nipples. Jonay and Theresa looked at her and Theresa said "It's the best place to touch yourself." Amy didn't look too sure. Jonay had leaned over and started sucking hard on Amy's nipple. Theresa leaned her breast over to Amy's mouth and said "try it". Jonay pulled and pinched her nipples while Theresa continued licking her pussy. Amy saw her put her fingers in Jonay since she was breathing so hard she couldn't lick anymore. Theresa and Jonay got ready to leave and Amy started to get nervous. When the Jonay and Theresa touched and licked me it was so different." Amy said.


first-time cuteb0y25 2018-06-01

I've often fantasized about my wife being fucked by a black bull, so watching the huge dildo sliding in and out of Sakshi is a definite turn-on for me. Often, when I'm fucking her with it, I'll ask, "You like the feel of that black cock, baby?" Not bothering to reply, my wife will move her curvy hips faster. Reading the content to Sakshi, I said, "Thirty-two year old black male wants to fuck married Indian woman while hubby watches. I tapped the keyboard button on my computer, sending a message with my wife's pictures to a black stranger for his judgment, deciding if Sakshi was worthy of his big cock.

The Nerd

first-time Trebor1186 2018-06-01

When she reached the head of his cock she slipped the head inside her hot mouth and proceeded to push his ever hardening erection all the way down her throat, until her lips were flossing with his pubic hair. "Well come here stud and put that big fat cock inside me." She laid back and spread her legs in anticipation of being nicely filled. I want to feel that big cock of yours in my tight ass." She rolled over and sat up on her knees exposing puckered lips for his viewing pleasure. He kept stroking her ass hard and fast, his balls slamming into her lower pussy. He sucked it like a small cock and before long she was feeling her orgasm building inside.

Shower at the Cabin Ch. 01

first-time leospark 2018-06-01

I never had to act on that plan, but Ashley and Megan did a few times, probably because they were more comfortable with a sister peeing or showering a few feet away from each other instead of their parents or neighbors. This meant my showers became my time to jack off, which I had to do a lot when I kept seeing Megan and Ashley show off their bodies in bikinis all day. I looked over and saw Megan standing under her stream of water with her eyes closed, enjoying the warmth. "Hey, since you look like the expert of it, could you sometime show me how to shave down there?" Megan asked as I returned to standing up and holding my dick.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 09

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-31

Suzie popped his dick from her mouth and said, "I wanted some breakfast in bed." "Thought you might like it," Suzie said smiling and took his cock back in her mouth. When they entered, they discovered Mark and Mary had left to check on Janie and Andy. "Guys, why don't you three sit here while Mary, Janie and I discuss the meal plans and stuff," Suzie said. "Mark, another thing I told Mary that you should know," Curt said. "Yeah, for Mary, last night was the first time she ever felt someone inside her, Mark," Curt said. Suzie looked over from her conversation with Mary and Janie and saw Curt hosing down around the hot tub.

First time glory hole part2

first-time briggs123 2018-05-31

I got on my knees so fast I was so turned on at this point it's the first I'd been with a tranny so I opened my mouth and started sucking as fast as I could she was fully shaved and bout 8 inch cock she told me " hey what's the rush slow down" I slowed down still sucking her hot cock taking as much of her cock into my mouth as possible she took hold of my head and f***ed it all down my throat and made me gag then let go I was gasping for air when her cock came out my mouth she then grabbed my hair and f***ed her cock back in my mouth at which she burst her load I like I normally do swallowed it all.

You didn't think you were Done BBC Frat House

first-time 425olds 2018-05-31

Get your ass inside and into the living room." I slowly stepped past the massive black man at the door and began walking down the dimly lit hallway. "Time to make yourself useful and use that inferior white mouth!" He grabbed the young boy by the head and yanked his face against the flaccid shaft of his cock. We got ourselves a deepthroating faggot!" The huge black alpha smiled as the boy took every last inch of his gigantic dick. After the entire fraternity was done splitting apart our asses, a couple black hunks grabbed me and the other boy by the hair and dragged us to the center of the room.