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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Translesbian Encounter

first-time Tslizz 2018-05-31

I said it was ok as she began to adjust the rabbit so it began swirling around inside of me; Jen was now pounding me with her new toy and wow did it feel amazing, I fealt so relaxed and turned on, my cock was throbbing in her mouth. massaging the spot she had just smacked on my ass she pulled me up against her pushing my front half into the bed again, a bit further in and her head was definitely inside of me, she thrust in a little deeper pulled out a bit then in a bit more working her way out again loosening me up.


first-time luvrobbijo 2018-05-31

When I opened the door, Brandi was wearing a dark summer dress that fit her tight, petite, black body perfectly. Before she even began to sip from her third glass of wine, she was touching my legs often and as time went on, left her hand on my legs for long periods of time. Brandi slipped her dress off, and with the just the light of the television, I could see her tight, toned, black body right out in front of me as she shyly teased me with her pajama request. I worked on her perfect tits with my mouth as long as I could while my fingers did the walking down below until I felt it was time to kiss and suck my way down her body to taste her once and for all.

All Grown Up Ch. 01

first-time simply_cyn 2018-05-31

watching out for the girl who always needed protecting since she was fourteen and a geek with horn-rimmed glasses." I knew he was borderline teasing me, tormenting me of the past that I so desperately wanted to just forget and I felt my whole body stiffen, causing the guy who's lap I adorned to look at me and then Ryan. Sliding an arm around Jon's shoulder, I leaned in close to tease him, feeling Ryan's eyes watching as my young breasts crushed against the guy's chest as I said, "Do you think I look like a geek, Jon?"

Selected for Sport Ch. 05

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-05-31

Alanna's ears were throbbing to the ceaseless shouts of the crowd below when eventually Xanir withdrew his arm from her shoulders and with a last wave, turned to lift and carry her back up the steps to the terrace. She balked in a moment of rigid refusal, pulling away from his reaching hands, and one foot landed outside the carefully cooled area on blistering hot mosaic. Anger burst, and Alanna spun out of his reach before he touched her, turning burning eyes on him. The reaching arm was harder to deflect this time, but Alanna swirled further away, darting backwards into to a patch of space at the foot of the dais.

A Friend In Need

first-time Remy_James 2018-05-31

Let me first explain that I'm an alright looking guy, I've gone on a few dates and I know my way around a pussy, I just don't prefer to get attached to people because, let's face it, high school doesn't last as long as we'd like and ideally, graduation is the last time you see your friends before departing to bigger and better things. "I lost my virginity awhile back," She admitted, "I've had vibrator since I first got into high school and someone told me penetration was the best way to get an orgasm- long story short I had to go to the hospital because I shoved it in too far and popped my cheery and I freaked out..." She looked away, breaking eye contact with me, "I know it's very humiliating to go to the hospital in such a manner and I wanted to be there for you if you had to go- but I can also do this for you too-"

Going Down? Sex in an elevator

first-time EmmaLoveXXX 2018-05-31

Pausing at the parking garage's elevator, we nuzzle and kiss while waiting for it to arrive. the elevator arrives and a couple formally dressed exits while eyeing us speculatively. He pushes the button for the 19th floor where our car is parked and we start to climb to the top of the high rise. After they exit on the ground floor, I push the button for 19 again. Finally, the elevator reaches its destination and they rowdily exit the car. the doors open and an elderly couple says "Going down?" We laugh hysterically and shake our heads no as we exit the car. of an elevator arriving, I feel a flush of desire remembering our memorable ride in the sky.

Who's Getting Anal

first-time captjim51 2018-05-31

He got some Astro-Glide and moved his cock up and down my ass crack while gently inserting a finger into my awaiting opening. Soon I could tell the pleasure was overtaking the somewhat painful feeling of the initial insertions. I began to moan in pleasure as his finger massaged my anal opening. I just stood still and got used to it and then he began gently moving his cock back and forth into my rectum. Soon all the pain and discomfort were gone and he began fucking me as I moved my ass back and forth over his cock. Then he could just not hold it anymore, his cock got somewhat larger inside me and I flinched in pain as he began to squirt warm sperm deep into my asshole.

Fantasy that backfired

first-time BAZSEX 2018-05-31

We drove to Kent this took about 90mins on the way we were both very horny,finally we arrived at Rogers house, parked the car and Roger greeted us at the door and invited us in, we went into the living room and had a couple of drinks to staedy our nerves, Roger was wearing Jeans and a shirt like me but the bulge running down his leg was massive, after some small talk the tension eased and we went upstairs to the master bedroom to start the fun, on entering the room there was a large bed and a frame set out at the front of it which was like a small ironing board but had restraining straps fitted, i looked at Barbara and she told me that she had spoken to Roger to arrange this as she wanted me tied up so that i could watch them making love but not touch myself, so that when they had finished i would be really ready.

Oral in the Theater

first-time Bitheater 2018-05-31

Then the family Buzzzzzzzz and click of the door ...SHIT no hiding now this could be anyone or number of people coming in and two men entered I just kept stroking slowly and my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode out of my chest to 2 new comers entered waited for their eyes to adjust and then proceeded looking for a seat, I was secretly thinking hope one comes near me I wanted desperately for someone to watch while I masturbate and sure enough one saw me and headed straight for my row and sat 2 seats away from me, wow I though and I was so horny I had to stop stroking my cock and just let it stand there in all its glory while it was pulsating on its own at ever pump of the heart, the stranger watched my cock and unzipped his cock to join in the session , wow masturbating with another man watching some great porn and also having some others turn a and watch as well, a massive glob of pre cum oozed out and I missed half of it then managed to get most on my finger and sucked it clean forgetting that the stranger was watching me and then realising this I looked at him and he took that as an invitation.


first-time theresa_gj2 2018-05-31

When he reached her leg he ran a hand over her pussy, "hmmmmm.....just the way I like it," the person said before running the tip of their tongue over her pussy mound, she bit back a moan. "I'm going to get out of my clothes now and I want you to suck my cock, but, if you so much as bite me I'll kill you," he said pulling his shirt over his head. Reaching the thin barrier, he pulled almost all the way out of her, taking a nipple in his mouth at the same time he began to flick her clit causing her to writhe and moan.

How I Found Out (bisexual)

first-time musclecock 2018-05-31

He worked them in and out a few times till I relaxed and the finger fucking he was giving me began to feel great.I was so lost in what we were doing I guess it never dawned on me what Dan had in mind till I saw him get the other packet, and squeeze the lube out of it, and start smearing it all over his huge rock hard cock. He pulled his lips from mine and looked me right in the eyes and said, “You horny fucker, I have wanted to fuck that sweet little ass of yours from the first time I seen it”.

Best Friends

first-time HardAlyx 2018-05-31

Towel already in hand, Selena waves her outstretched arm at the wet and dripping body a few feet away. "Your water bottle is on the table, want a sandwich?" With one last shameless glance at the water cascading down his torso all the way down to the happy trail leading into his swim shorts, Selena can't help but bite her bottom lip. He leaves multiple nips here and there, loving the way her skin starts to turn a nice shade of red from how hard she's blushing. Jesse helps to turn Selena around in his lap so that her legs straddle his hips. Selena rolls her hips roughly down, the shining light in the distance getting steadily closer, Jesse on the other hand is thrusting up like a madman.

18-Year-Old Marc Learns About Real Sex

first-time Dimetrius 2018-05-31

His buddy, Dan, told me that while on a field trip, my naive son, Marc was ambushed by four girls, who pinned him to a tree, arms behind his him and had their way with his lips, slipped open the zipper on his jeans and enjoyed his 10+ inch swelling cock, all because he is "the most well-endowed and sexiest boy in camp". I was curious as to if my bi-sexual wife was wanting to sample this newly initiated pussy, and, sure enough as all was cleaned, just before she set Kelly to dressing herself, Liz brought her finger to Kelly's pussy, slowly inserted it and moved it in and out, curling it up to the "G" spot and leaning into Kelly's ear, whispering something to her, causing a big smile to appear on Kelly's face.

Introduction from a strange source

first-time novices2010 2018-05-31

As we walked past a lap dancing club Dee asked what are lapdancing clubs really like. We headed to the bar and bought a drink.Just being inside with half dressed dancers circulating and a pole dance floor show in progress got Dee very horny. I was concentrating my gaze on Nikki when my hand slid up to Dee's crotch and realised the dirty bitch had taken her panties off in the loo. When the dance ended I'd love to say we both dragged the dancer down with us and had a fantastic threesome, but you know thats a lie. Still it wasn't a complete loss.It turned out the dancer was a swinger and only worked one day a week and she gave us the name of a website where we could contact her.

Virginity's Caress

first-time moon_goddess_nymph 2018-05-31

She placed her hand lightly on the top of his head, caressing his head as she let her fingers roam through his dark hair. Her features were often put as classic, a roman nose, large blue green eyes that shone like gems, high cheekbones, full lips with a perfectly bowed upper lip, and a complexion of cream with naturally flushed cheeks, all topped with long, straight, silky, thick dark strawberry blonde hair, and. His looks were just as striking, with dark almost black slightly curled hair, bright blue eyes the color of Caribbean waters rimmed with a lush supply of black lashes, his skin the classic cream of the healthy young, his mouth full but not as full as her’s, but was just as perfectly shaped.


MILFS are desperate

first-time cherrycokezero 2018-05-31

so i go to the side of her bed and she wraps her long slender legs around me and then using her teeth she slides my zipper down and then pulls my trousers down and i step out of them then she starts to take off my top pausing the slowly and sensually lick an suck each of my nipples then fully takes my top off and kisses me hard before returning to my chest lickin and nibbling and kissing her way down before she reaches my boxers where she pulls them down roughly and starts to lick the lenght of my shaft whilst playing and fondling my balls then she starts to kissthe top of my dick then just starts gobbling my entire cock im very close now so i stop her up to this point she has been in charge now it was my turn.

Lust for an Older Woman

first-time Jamie_in_dresses 2018-05-31

As I unloaded the last trailer into the barn she came in and shouted up to me "You've been working really hard on this hay for days, come round to the house when you are done and I'll get you some lunch." I got finished in double time and washed off in the tack room on my way round to the house half an hour later. "Good boy, you and I are going to have a lot of fun!" She said with a very sexy look in her eye, and reinforced it with a squeeze of my cock with her muscles.

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 01

first-time zeke81 2018-05-31

"Oh Jesus know that I'd do pretty much anything for you, but you're asking me to have sex with Beth...I don't know if I can do that." John said. "Okay John...if you don't think you can do it I'll go tell Beth that she should go home." Kelly said. Your wife asking you to have sex with another woman has got to hit a guy pretty hard." Beth said. "Yes John...yes I'll give you time to think about it if that's what you want." Beth said. Beth went into the guest bathroom and Kelly went to the master bedroom, pulled off her clothes, walked into the master bathroom, stepped into the shower, and put her arms around John from behind...kissing his shoulder.

All About Perspective

first-time barkirk 2018-05-31

Bryce stood up and waved to Pattie, "Grab your clothes and get over here." Turning to Cliff, he said, "Give me your cell number and you can get a preview of what I have staged to go to all your athletic departments along with our local police." As Pattie came over he pulled off his tee and gave it to her. Those fucking assholes!" She spat out, "I wanted to help you when I saw Cliff punching you, but they were holding me and ripping my clothes off." She stroked the boy's face. "When we get home, let me get some of my mom's clothes so your parents don't see you like this." He said looking at the girl's chest clearly visible through the old tee shirt.

a wet dream dat was actually real

first-time Drflirt 2018-05-31

6months later she comes up to me and just tells me dat she wants a repeat with a not so groggy me stunned I was not sure wat was she on about till she tells me to help her get something out of her car she brought to my party I was having with all my friends and there wives at my place as we step out of any bodies view she shoves me against the wall and plants a kiss on me at first I was hesistant but her perfume filled my nostrils and my lips parted and we french kissed oh boy did she taste like heaven her lips were like strawberries and her tounge like white choc but reality hit fast as I heard my wife calling I broke the kiss and she told me how she enjoyed fucking me in her marital bed with her hubby just down the hall and she plans to have me awake this time but she wants to have me in my bedroom tonight as she planned to stay over at our place tonight.


first-time crawler20 2018-05-31

It was brilliant there was loads of people up there dozens of groups massive bonfire music blaring and plenty of babes My friends didnt seem to be enjoying themselves and decided to leave and head to McDonalds (how that seemed the better option i will never know). He had left to go buy more booze and after the most polite argument iv ever had the raven as i nicknamed her said..ok guys i'm going into thoes trees over there when you guys sort it out one of you come over to me. Now that the Raven had vanished into the woods this guy got a bit rougher and started pushing me around Somehow i still don't know how i ended up in the bushes while the other guy went home...i guess i calmed him down.

I Try Bi with Bill

first-time agenchap 2018-05-31

It was wonderful: better was to follow when his mouth released my cock and moved to my cheeks, licking and kissing as it approached the centre. I also thought he'd only do it for a few moments but that wasn't the case; he kept on licking and probing hard seemingly trying to get the tip inside me. A few more moments and I thought 'What the Hell he's enjoying it and knows the risks he's running' so I started to push out my ring waiting for him to stop; he didn't so I pushed hard to open myself as much as possible and it made no difference to him; his tongue continued its expert work, a hand wanking me at the same time.

Me And Bhabhi Four Times Lovely Sex

first-time fukkerguy 2018-05-31

I removed my pant and turned her opened her shirt removed bra sucked her red erected nipples um licking her boobs with my mouth all over she started moaning uhh ahhh pressed her boobs then turned her and I am over her back put my hand under her skirt slide down her panty and spread her legs and put my hard erected 7 inch penis slowly in her pussy, bhabhi moan “isss ahh umm” .

good ol south

first-time dewdrop 2018-05-31

It was during one of her little bathroom breaks that he learned that his hot negro servant wanted his big, long white cock slid inside her black cunt. She was afraid for her desire for masta Charles because he was white and that was a scandal but he was so sexy and he did not know that every time he caressed his big cock until he blew his nutt he would moan and breath so hard that she could hear him as he shot his load. "Oh masta charles i want to feel you inside me please mista." "I'm gonna fuck your coon cunt good now lay down" he said as he pulled his large vein covered rock hard cock out.