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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Encounter with Passion

first-time Brandii 2018-05-31

A completely sated Michael had used those exact words to describe Mandy after she had given him a hand job: her first ever. She did not really know Michael very well having only briefly met him once, however that particular time he had simply jacked off and ejaculated in front of her to let her see what that looked like. Mandy applied a generous amount to her palm, then rubbed it between both of her hands in order to slick them both up, and then began to slide her fingers along his upper body, feeling his coarse hair on his chest as a contrast to the slippery sensation of the oil.

Professor for Hire

first-time EvilPinkSocks 2018-05-31

"Okay, oookay, here goes." She closed her eyes and hoped that he wouldn't use whatever weapon he held against her for this, as she called out in the store "Sarah, come meet my dad's friend from work, he's super nice, and he just volunteered to pay for whatever we want!" She winced at the sudden jab of pain in her side, from the cylindrical shape that pressed against her, then smiled inwardly as that last bit struck home with him, and he glared at her, but didn't seem too very upset. He bound her wrists securely with the soft fabric of one of the black scarves, and tied another around her eyes, then simply stated "I recommend not trying to struggle from them, things will be much easier for you if you just cooperate." He looked at the other girl "The same goes for you, and now it's your turn.

IT Computer Service Technician

first-time looking4bigjohnson 2018-05-31

I told him I was embarrassed to ask for help but really wanted to see what I was doing wrong with the uploads. Said he would show me..He open his video and you could see her giving him head and stuff, but not a good shot of his cock. So we watch a little more...of the video and without a hint, he looked at me and said you think you could make me cum. Drank his drink, watched my video a few more minutes to make sure everything was working. There was about 5 more minutes of upload and he looked at me and said you think you could do that again.

This One's On Me

first-time ragmamarag 2018-05-31

And when I thought it wouldn't get any better, her hand started to wander down my neck and along my collar bone, lengthening each stroke as she came back up, curling them around my ear and making my spine try to fold in half backwards. I sat forward and cracked my neck, trying to shake the feeling of those long fingers tracing little swirls into my skin. She scooted backwards and sat between my knees and I got more weary because there would be little I could do to keep her at bay if I couldn't clamp my legs closed again. "I've never done this before," I reminded her again, panic creeping into my voice as those cool hands brushed across my hips, thinking about dipping lower but not going there yet.

My f****y

first-time daddylvr4eva 2018-05-31

someone might catch him rubbing on his little cousins nipples. I was about 14 and I would hear he and my mother fucking all the time. I fell asl**p one time in front of her and I could feel him in her tring to fuck her soft so i wouldnt wake up. He fucked her as he rubbed my nipple so hard. I am sure my mother knew what had happened but before she could say anything he started pumping harder still holding on to my nipple and came deep and hard in her pussy. I think about it when my wife rubs my nipples...pretending that he is doing it...just as he did when we were k**s...ohh im so wet and horney...

Good Friends

first-time javawarrior 2018-05-31

I am also working on a companion story to my Summer contest submission, "What She Knows," so look for that if you liked either that story or this one. You won't believe what he said to try and get me to sleep with him..." Sara began talking before taking her seat. this isn't about that, is it?" Brian looked back out the window, and Sara finally responded, "Who is she? "I just don't really feel like being around a lot of people I have to smile for, you know? She wanted to know right away what it made him think and feel, but knew she should act nonchalant. She turned to Brian handing him his glass, making eye contact for the first time.

Kat being Kat

first-time shotguner 2018-05-31

Looking over the party I saw Kim and Joann talking then looking at me Joann came to me so Kim huh yea she's almost as good as you but not there yet this made her smile then she heard the girl in the basement moan and a look of fear came over her, opening the door looking down Kat had her strap-on buried deep in the girls ass she had tears running down her face but beg for more Joann turned white and almost fell before I grab her. After we walked to the kitchen me dressed her naked pussy red and puffy tits too one look told the story as we entered there was Ted looking at his beloved wife just as he started to yell at her the basement door open and his little still naked with Kat's fingers deep in her ass moaning loud.

First Time With Aunt

first-time pissa1212 2018-05-31

i got afraid cause she will tell my mother i sniff here dirty panty.. at that time she ask do u like to sniff my pants. I silent for some minutes and say yes.then she ask why u like to to this. then i say i like middle age women s.she surprised to hear that.She ask me do u have experiences before.I said no. Unfortunately she ask don't u like to have sex with me. my aunt ask me to have sex with her.that day was lucky to me... i said yes aunt and i ask do u like. fair size of boobs and little hairy black pussy.she had pre shaved her pussy.I lost my control.i ask have you ever had sex with someone.

The First Time

first-time CoventinaNyx 2018-05-31

I arrived a little early hoping that I could help Maria get dinner ready, but my brisk knock was answered by my hostess saying she and Jon were just leaving. We were making out, getting hot and heavy and I called her Lucy." He paused and took a deep breath before saying, "I can't stop thinking about you. And I moved slowly down his chest to worship the hard angled planes of it and flick my tongue across his nipples this time, then down, even more slowly over his hard six-pack abs; licking and kissing each and every muscle as I made my way down....down to the hard cuts that would lead me to paradise.

ooppsss house cleaning

first-time bigjjj 2018-05-30

Last week she said she walked in on a guy going to the bathroom. No sooner did i get started she walked in again this time she said "ok maybe i do want to go there." "but i will not clean up your mess" I told her that i had a towel fo rthat! She looked up at me and told me "becarful what you get into!" I smiled and stuck my hand in her bra and cupped her tits! As i rolled her hard dripping nipple in my fingers she looked up at me and said "dont fucking stop i am cumming right now" as she moaned and bit down on my cock!

Covert Operative - Honoree

first-time faggyboi 2018-05-30

"Good to see you again, Hampton," the captain said referring to Kelvin's code name. their mission, that Hampton liked to drink gin. Travers walked behind Hampton to his unit. Hampton studied the man's face and said, "No. I control all of this through an app." "Very cool," Hampton shared as he switched the TV to a video of a big dick white pawn shop owner fucking a hot Black woman. "You don't like it," Hampton turned around showing off the attached fluffy white bunny tail and shaking his bubble booty. Travers grabbed his slut, flipped him over, and stuck his seven-and-a-half-inch beer-can dick inside Hampton's brown pussy hole. "Take this big white cock, you Black bitch," screamed Travers.

Indian Student Cheating on Boyfriend - Part 2

first-time Redraja 2018-05-30

My cunt lips were being stretched and i could feel him inching more and more of his hard cock into me until finally I felt those great big balls against my tight arsehole and I knew he was all the way in. I suddenly panicked because we weren't using a condom and tried to push him away but he was too far gone and just grabbed me by the hips and bore down with all his weight and ground his cock as deep into my cunt as he could and started to twitch and shoot wads of hot sticky cum into me - all the way up into my cervix.

A Dreamer

first-time coreman2200 2018-05-30

just thinking, I haven't even thought about what it would be like fucking you. I see myself looking into those beauty-brown eyes and reading every one of the million and two thoughts that would cross before them. Trying to see just how much you want me, for I won't see it if I look at your near-terrified face. Whispering the little nothings that cross my mind into your ear. I've wondered just what you'd taste like. I've wondered if you would kiss me after you soak my face with your sweet, sweet juices. I've wondered if you would be the type to like fingers inside of you or just on you. How much or how little do you like your nipples sucked, love?

The wife wants young cock and lots of it ( For Wen

first-time 1daymayb 2018-05-30

I mentioned before about the dress might reveal more when she was bent over, well the son driving the car flashed her a grin and said "Nice black panties!" My wife just laughed, well she'd had a few drinks remember. I've wanted to find out how good a fuck you are for ages!" My wife blushed and thought they were just pulling her leg, then she felt his hand on her knee. Soon he was saying to her "I knew you'd be a good fuck, like you said, the girls are pretty but you know how to really take a cock." Then he started grunting and spunking his load into my very well used wife.

Lizzie's Awakening

first-time scottish-couple 2018-05-30

Lizzie's bedraggled best friend Megan shuffled happily behind her and announced, "Girl, you've gotta try this," and handed over what looked like a complicated tube of lipstick, and a plastic wafer with an on/off switch and a dial that read from 1 to 8. I'll use one hand here, and another..." Megan cupped Lizzie full breast with the other hand and brushed her rigid nipple, sometimes lightly, sometimes rolling it between her finger and thumb. "What's it feel like?" When Lizzie couldn't answer, Megan turned off the vibrator and said with a wink, "Then I got it right.

Youngsville Part 3: Settling in

first-time drfleisch 2018-05-30

A hand closed the door and the shadow walked in further closer to the bed. I felt her hands touch my head as I made my way up her body and kissing her bellybutton. “Is everything okay back there?” she asked me as I felt her small hands play around with my balls. “You have a long cock,” Jessie said and laid her hands on my cheek. “Shhh…you better get out before my mom gets out of her room,” she said and looked up at me with her cute face, her cheeks were very big and round, just like her double D-size titties. I walked quickly to my cottage and I felt her eyes watching me until I reached the door.


first-time 2018-05-30

Now I know that my mom likes Kim. This guy was slamming my mom hard driving his cock deep Kim came too her hot little body arching up in the The thought of Kim and my mom Mom just stared at her and suddenly got up and started the thought of seeing my mom naked made me want to cum. I started filming and watched as Kim got naked too and Mom moaned as Kim reached down and slid her fingers same to Kim who groaned as my moms fingers slid easily Kim moaned as she felt moms Now the girls, mom and Kim, are talking about Buster was fucking mom hard while Kim lay under

The Gypsy Blacksmith

first-time geronimo_appleby 2018-05-30

Jonathon pushed his hand down to Victoria's vulva, causing the girl to gasp as his skilled fingers found the centre of her sex. Jonathon held her up with both hands, the pressure from his fingers forced her already pouting sex wide open and he pressed the brutal head of his penis against her body. Victoria felt as though she had been made just for this man, it was like her body had been maturing and developing to this point where she could accommodate his cock with ease. 'So very, very bad,' she sighed before her head fell forward, the sense of Jonathon easing his iron hard cock inside her body overwhelmed Victoria's senses.

Brandy (Chapter 8)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-05-30

She didn’t know what to expect, but it dawned on her quickly when he crouched down over her, this time his cock only inches from her face, his head between her legs. She almost came when she felt his tongue, but she had to worry about the thick cock that was trying to enter her mouth, her lips stretched wide as his hips began to drive it into her mouth. The sun was blocked by his body as he began to spear his cock into her mouth. His mouth was beginning to work over her pussy, licking up and down her slit, gathering up all of her arousal, her tongue began to reciprocate, licking the thickening cock in her mouth as he filled her with the taste of his arousal. He had her when his tongue found her clit, sucking the growing bud into his mouth, his tongue licking and teasing it. She never even thought of it, her lack of experience leaving her open. One minute her mouth was full of hot cock, the next she was gagging, Michael’s body dropping down onto her, his cock too long for her mouth, slamming to the back of her mouth, the thick helmet of his cock blocking her throat. “GGGGLLGHH,” her stomach turning over, chocking her as it tried to enter her throat. He couldn’t be doing that. It would never fit! 

Alice from Next Door

first-time tadbulge 2018-05-30

Who is that fine, young man and how come you've never brought him up until now?" Her eyes weren't the only ones looking at Chelsea expectantly. She stared over at Alice and noticed that she was still staring at the mystery man and said, "Look, it's been some time and we all think that you should do it. He'll think I'm a slut!" Alice just looked at her friends as smiles began to grow on their faces. "Well, I got some movies we could put up on the TV if that's to your liking my lady?" he had this funny look on his face and she couldn't help but laugh and nod her approval.

Bonfire Dreams

first-time erekose686 2018-05-30

I had been away long enough, that I no longer knew the dynamics of the crowd like I thought I had. "If only we knew what sort of people we would grow up to be, right?" Jessica joked. "Brian, honey, if we knew then, we would break each other!" She took the opportunity to move my hand from hers, to her thigh. It only took a moment for Jessica to put her drink down and put her hand on the back of my head. Taking my time, I went through the list of every possible thing I could think of to make Jessica moan. It felt like Jessica was attempting to suffocate me with the way she squeezed me with her thighs.

Maryland History Teacher

first-time teacherspet11 2018-05-30

"Yep, they sure are Bethany." Mr. Nearispicki responded while walking over to his computer where his grades were stored. "Okay." He then slid his hand over my shoulder taking the strap of my tank top with him, carefully undressing me and he leaned in and continued kissing me. He began kissing my breasts and making me feel intense waves of warmth and coolness all over my body. But as I threw my body on top of his I worked my mouth up and down taking off his boxers and then continued to his penis, which was now completely aroused and full in shape. I then replaced my hands with my mouth, I could feel his muscles tense up as I worked my tongue around the head of his penis.

BabySitter Logical

first-time Ashson 2018-05-30

"Steve, I've got a little problem and I was wondering if you could help me out?" "Ah, Pauline, I have this little problem and I was thinking you might be able to help me resolve it." "How would you like it if, as soon as Steve and Pauline walked through the door, I asked in a very loud voice if Steve wants to fuck you because you've got the hots for him?" Stripping in front of a man, knowing he's going to take you, gives you a little fillip. He gave a little push and then took his hand away and I could see my lips closing around his cock.


first-time 2018-05-30

The job certainly boredom mortal, but on happy combination of circumstances with me worked the local laboratorian Antonina Alekseevna.......... Very nice-looking lady, but at once so to it also you will not drive (as at first it seemed to me)...... Work, chemistry, analyses, calculations, and I as the moron came to work on an hour earlier because the pancake itself didn't notice as began to be fond of this light-haired, with the freckled person and a round ass the young lady. Tonja with each wine-glass хорошеет directly in the face of...... Literally Tonja cried out to me on an ear looking as in my phone Vovan brings down for a cheek to any "scab".