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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

16, Naive, and Seduced

first-time PhilAnders 2018-11-17

When the date of our class dance was announced that year Ramona came over to my locker and asked me if I was going to attend the dance. We chatted a bit about school and one thing or another as we enjoyed about half of our drinks and then she asked if she could start some music playing and "get in a dancing mood". She felt my hard, and by now throbbing, cock pressing into her, stopped moving momentarily, looked at me, smiled, kissed me on my lips and said, "That feels good to me, how about you?" Then she reached over and pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts and began to squeeze and stroke it as she asked if that was how to milk, and did it feel good to me?


Hillcrest Academy for Girls - Part 5 - Caught and Punished

first-time cal_jack 2018-11-17

Cassie knelt between his legs as Brad pulled her soiled panties from her mouth. Brad got up off the bench as Cassie reached for his cock. Brad rubbed his cock tip against her pussy lips and they both groaned. Brad knelt down and again placed his cock between her pussy lips. Deeper Brad went; she felt his cock filling her and her pussy stretching. “Oh fuck!” Brad cried out as his orgasm racked his body. Brad went back to rimming her ass, one hand rubbing her clit and pussy and the other probing her rosebud with his thumb.. “Oh Mr. Williams,” she moaned and cried out as another orgasm surged through her body as her ass clenched tightly around his inserted finger.

Erotic Notion #14: The Ice Cube

first-time hapax_legomenon 2018-11-17

"Eyes closed," I whisper, lifting the ice cube to the other side of her body, catching the drips with my hand to disguise my next move. The key to the ice cube was movement – staying too long in a single place would numb instead of excite; I had to keep it moving, making sure not to miss a square inch of skin. But instead of kissing me – and here's where Cynthia is different – she keeps the ice cube between her teeth and moves her mouth over my shoulders and chest. Unable to resist, unable to open my mouth, I feel Cynthia's lips move down my stomach and the ice cube underneath my tongue dissolving.

The Bikini Tree

first-time charity69 2018-11-17

I looked up as Mark pulled our tubes closer to the shore then wrapped his arms around me. My mind still going a mile a minute, I turned to look up at Mark who smiled as he brought his lips down to mine. Mark looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “Are you ready baby?” Mark held himself deep for several long moments, then he began rocking in and out of my pussy, I had no idea what to do but I needn't have worried as my body did. Amazing sounds of pleasure and the look of pure ecstasy on his face, then the feel of hot ropes of cum shooting deep within my core.

Losing My Virginity

first-time kinkitten 2018-11-17

His hands felt so good on my body, he squeezed my breasts gently and rubbed through my bathing suit top. I felt that I was melting- I wanted to feel his strong experienced hands on my pussy so much. He ran his hands all over my body, almost, but never really touching me. I could feel the heat of his hands and the crazy need for him to actually touch me. It felt so amazing that tears actually ran out of my eyes, my body shook and tingled all over. When he first saw my tears he was worried, thinking he might have hurt me in some way, but when he realized my tears were from pleasure he kissed me and we fell asleep together, our bodies intertwined.

Innocence Lost PART ONE

first-time youngasiansensation 2018-11-17

It was just a week before Highschool and I had been talking to a guy I had a crush with in Middle School on IM. He went out with numerous girls in Middle School, and I was just the type who could only dream of having a boyfriend. I then started to talk to this guy I also had a crush on in Middle School. Later that day, I went home and told my boyfriend. Al went inside my closet and stayed there while me and Mary are dancing. Al asked Mary to stay outside the room for a minute because we needed to talk. He wasn't feeling up my ass!!  Feeling up the wetness of pussy, he stopped kissing me.

RedTails: The Paddled Princess - Chapter 3

first-time Scarletdown 2018-11-17

Toraq laughed and gave the boy's abused bottom a two-handed squeeze, affectionately kneading the tenderized flesh, "Yes, because I could." He pulled the back of Kennewick's skirt back down so it once again covered his panty-clad ass, took his hand, and helped him stand upright. He lifted the thick, bushy, black and white striped tail up out of the way, draping the musky appendage over Kennewick's shoulder, folded his skirt up to lay across his lower back, and took a firm grip on the lad's plush, wide hips, taloned fingers slipping beneath the waistband of the silky red panties the Skunk sported.

First Time Perfection

first-time secretlibido 2018-11-17

With his hands, Johnathan gently but forcefully pulled my waist up against his body. It wasn't long before Johnathan's hands began moving slowly up my sides. He started kissing and sucking on my neck as I began to undo his belt with both of my hands. I took this opportunity to remove the rest of my pants then I started backing up towards my bed and of course Johnathan followed. He kissed the sides of my pussy, between my thighs, and then slowly ran his tongue along my entire slit. He slowly put a little bit in at a time, until the entire length of his dick was inside me. My body began to tingle and I knew I was going to come soon.


first-time Wibbly 2018-11-17

Then I feel hands on my arms massaging a warm thickish liquid, the scent wafts to my nose, smells like roses. I feel fingers as they open my private parts and feel  the warm liquid being poured ever so slowly onto my exposed mound, I can feel it dribbling down over my clit , down to the entrance of my vagina and then into the crack of my butt. While you mouth feasts on my pussy I feel you slowly slide your finger into my ass, you seem to go in a little way, then out again then in a little bit more. I open my mouth slightly and you push forward, enough for me to smell your scent and then taste the salty liquid that is warm and has beaded on the tip of your cock.

A Chance Online Encounter

first-time NorthWestMMK 2018-11-17

"The sunset is nothing compared to your beauty my love" I say, nay I whisper as I slowly start to kiss her neck. As I kiss her neck she can feel my hands starting to glide up her sides, slowly brushing her the sides of her breasts. I start kissing her neck again, as I slowly take her back in my arms. As we get to the bed, She helps me take my shirt off, admiring my chest..while, I am no athlete, Compared to what I looked like at the start of the year, I have become fairly well defied. As I remove her shorts, I can tell she is a little hesitant, as I said, I am the only guy to ever see her, or be with her like this.

Two lose their virginity

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-17

As she got undressed she rubbed her tits just like Tony had done and as she pulled her panties down, she rubbed her hand across her moist pussy. Tony now feeling bold slid his hand under Jane’s bra and felt her bare tits. Tony tried to push her head down to his cock but Jane took her hand off his dick and asked him if he wanted her to stop. Jane put her hand in Tony’s lap several times rubbing his dick over his shorts but pulled her hand back any time she thought someone might see. Jane was about to try to stop him but his dick head in her pussy felt good so she let him continue.

She Gets Her Way

first-time DarkSide 2018-11-17

She stood up and my cock slipped out of her, she walked to her husband and recovered a blindfold from the top of one of the chairs on her way. I repeated the action and this time slipped the head into my mouth and gave it a little suck before taking my mouth off it. It sounded like she had a mouthful of cock, I started to moan as well so that her husband would feel the vibrations. “That’s it, cum all over my fucking face,” Joyce encouraged, “Pump it all over me, I love it,” she continued. Joyce pointed towards me as she giggled and her husband looked aghast as he saw my face.

A fuck in close quarters... In school

first-time SexyBoy11 2018-11-17

I was so nervous and horny approaching the unisex toilets after school, but when I got there, I took a deep breath, and stepped in. Then, just as she started to deepthroat, feeling the warm, wet insides of her mouth, surrounding my shaft and squeezing my head, I blew my load right down her throat... Then to make it even more satisfying she started to lick the head as I felt her hard nipples rub against my manhood and the soft flesh of her tit around it. It was hard to get it in first as I was just too big, but when I did the pleasure was so amazing, inside her hot, wet, moving, soft, body, clutching unbelievable tight, and when I started to pump I could feel the rim of my bell-end rubbing into her.

A Birthday Full Of Firsts: Part 2

first-time MollyDoll 2018-11-17

Mark’s hand was on my inner thigh sliding up slowly, and I closed my eyes tightly knowing that in a moment he would feel my soaking wet panties. Slow, soft circles were rubbing my panties against my lips, pushing between them brushing along my clit, I felt the sting on my ass as his other hand slapped me again. My body was still trembling when I opened my eyes and found that I was higher up on the bed and Mark was lying beside me, his hand rubbing lightly along my back. Mark continued to kiss his way down my body, pulling my panties off my hips, down my legs and tossed it with my other clothing.

Sexiest Lady On The Earth

first-time bava12 2018-11-17

we came to the house and she went to her room and I came to my room and in my mind I got happiness and my dick started at its peak thinking that she will end up in asking me the help and atlast having sex with her. I took the black transaparent(Totally Transparent) sarees..which costs around 50k and I told the tailor to stitch the blouse back less with very low cut such that her 70% of her boobs should come out..and I took the petticoat and told the tailor to stitch such a way that it should start six inches below navel and I took the most sexiest bra for her breasts..

My Hot Neighbors - Part One

first-time anth9012 2018-11-17

As I slid one hand up and began working one of her big firm tits, flicking my thumb against her hard nipple as I worked the rest of the sun cream into her soft firm breasts, making sure to rub them all over, same as I had done with the rest of her body. Then I removed my finger and continued to apply the lotion to her soft thighs, occasionally working my hand between her legs and grazing my thumb against her tight sweet wet pussy. “Oh fuck Amy, I can’t take it anymore, I have to feel that tight pussy right now!” I shouted before pulling her off and pushing her back down onto the lounger, placing her legs either side and kneeling at the bottom.

The Bus Ride

first-time stockingsanna 2018-11-17

The gentleman behind me said, “Hang on tight, Missy, you’re in for a ride today. The gentleman in front of me smiled, “We’ll try to make this as pleasurable a ride as possible, Missy.” I stammered, “It’s not what you think!” but I still didn’t try to brush his hand away. “Come on Fred, give us a chance at this.” It was the gentleman in front of me, still smiling as his hand went under my skirt. “Oh, very nice” he said as his hand wormed its way under the soft cup of the bra, the palm of his hand tight against the growing stiffness of my nipple. The gentleman in front of me, by this time had slid his hand down my panties, his finger poised to penetrate.

The missing piece

first-time xXchocolatekissesXx 2018-11-17

He looked me in my eyes and started slowly sucking on my neck. I started grinding my hips into his face as he shoved his tongue even deeper. I sat up quickly which shocked him.I pulled him closer and grab his wood and slowly twirled my tongue around his head. I started gagging as his dick was throbbing rapidly in my mouth. I climbed on top of him and started slowly rocking my hips back and forth. That feeling was back again and my walls clamped down around his dick and I screamed as I felt his creamy hot load shoot into me. He started slowly with just one finger. Then he started kissing me again pushing his tongue further into my mouth.

Whiskey Decisions

first-time slightlyinnocent 2018-11-17

He shoved me against the side of the pool and started pushing himself into me but before he made it all the way in Mel and Nick come back over and said that we should go back to the apartment. There wasn't much pain, I guess at some point or another a guy had fingered me too hard but anyways Sean was able to go all the way in.  Since I had kept teasing Sean he then flipped me back underneath him spread my legs as far as they would go and shoved into me a few more times before pulling out since he wasn't wearing a condom I let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it all. 

Bosom Buddies, Ch 2

first-time KennethPierce 2018-11-17

Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn’t like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips. Amy looked back over her shoulder, watching along with the rest of us as Corrine and Talia tasted each other’s lips for the first time. I had come a few hours ago, sure, but between a full day of staring at the girls in their suits, Steph and Elizabeth’s sexy bra swap, Corrine and Amy’s vivid sex stories, and the fresh memory of Corrine’s glorious breasts, I was still in desperate need of relief.

Island Girls Part 3 Alone At Last

first-time Letoria 2018-11-17

She was making little groaning sounds with each breath, and she didn’t know what to do with her hands. I gently took her face in my hands and looked right into those flickering eyes. The convoluted, intricate folds and creases of her vagina glistened in the soft light, looking ever so much like a rose just beginning to blossom, and covered with morning dew. Instead, I let her bud slip from my suckling lips, and I gave her fast, firm strokes of my tongue before dipping down to fully sample the honey flowing from her inner tunnel. Three times her body clenched up in a state of near ecstasy, tensing, quivering, surely feeling like some deep, secret part of her being was clawing to get out.

Like An Actual Girl - Part 2 of 2

first-time Mistress_of_words 2018-11-17

And what if she was just late, maybe she’d think he wasn’t waiting for her and turn around to go… okay, how about Hey Steph, hope I didn’t miss you, I’m here beneath the Wicked poster… did that sound desperate? “Way hey, looks like you’re in there Joe!” Kevin said. “Guys, I think we’re gonna call it a night.” He perched on the edge of the couch next to Steph and pulled the controller from her hand. He kissed her again and slid his hand down her body, gently caressing her breasts on the way down to nestle between her legs. Joe squeezed his hand down between their bodies and just held it there against her clit, the motion of her body rubbing it against his fingers.

Lighting a fire - Part 1

first-time BenS 2018-11-17

Annabel Campbell turned around and looked straight into the eyes of her gleaming friend. Betty was a redhead, who’d get sunburnt even if the sun wasn’t shining, while Annabel would much rather spend her time talking to her long-time friend than talking to a combination of her dad’s college buddies and her mother’s co-workers. Betty got up and watched as her friend walked to the hot tub. Annabel wasn’t sure what to do, so she let Betty take control. Betty broke off the second kiss, and started kissing Annabel’s neck. Betty kissed Annabel’s flat stomach before she moved on to her hip bone. Annabel took a deep breath as she felt Betty’s fingers caress her body.

Perfect girlfriend has a big sex drive!

first-time jpjai007 2018-11-17

Apart from this, the perfect girlfriend is a career-minded woman who earns more than their partner but at the same time wants to stay at home and bring up the c***dren. And while three-quarters of the men polled said their ideal woman would keep her weight in check, 89 per cent also wanted her to tuck into a big meal without worrying. "While many women might find these standards hard to live up to, six in 10 men firmly believe their perfect girlfriend is out there somewhere. And there is some confusion about whether men would like to date a high earner or someone who stays at home with the c***dren."