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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our First Swinger Party

first-time tpgprn 2018-05-30

The husband held the back of her head firmly to keep his penis deep inside her throat, telling my wife to just relax as she came loud and hard during the next several minutes. As soon as my wife finished her impressive orgasm, the black guy quickly pulled his penis out of her mouth and moved her forward onto the couch, keeping her doggy-style on all fours with her head against the back cushions of the couch. I continued to be distracted away from my wife, but noticed from time to time that truly every guy in the room was taking his turn fucking my wife on the couch.

My girlfriend, what a short story!

first-time 2018-05-30

my friend know my fetish, months ago suddenly my girlfriend hugged me then she meant: "whats thats???" And in this box are now my keys, actually was planned today afternoon i get out but my girlfriend Sandra meant follow me... Option 2: the code NUDY isn`t correct [censored*] At the desserts she gave me an envelope, a kiss each side and we said goodbye till evening to go to cinema. (was in the box) it was a key rohling "And yes I know the keys does not fit, but ‎i wanted to make sure if I can trust you" We drive to the cinema to watch a movie, as i thought, but a few minutes later in the cinema we were the only visitors-

A Breathtaking Night

first-time LadyShianne 2018-05-30

Hank seemed to feel her stare because he suddenly looked up and met her eyes. He continued to kiss her lovely lips, groaning into her mouth as he found her lower opening and gently inserted a finger into it. Hank moved his mouth down her delicious skin, nibbling her neck, her shoulders, the tops of her breasts. Emmalee looked down at him in confusion then gasped in pleasure as his mouth and tongue made contact with her heated pussy. He slowly stood, his hands running up and down her body, his mouth laving her breasts with wet kisses, keeping her aroused. Hank slowly let Emma's legs slide down until they touched the floor.

Italian Rhapsody Ch. 04

first-time kevklein 2018-05-30

While making sure Roxie was not paying attention to him for the moment, Daniel listened to the message that was left on his phone by Vladimir. She was reaching for the door knob of the bedroom, but Vladimir's hand slipped around her neck and clamped over her mouth and nose, pulling her back against his hard body. Well that was fine by her because the drug was wearing off and if Vlad gave her just a little more time, he was going to have one heck of a fight on his hands, because she wasn't going to lie here and take it like she'd been forced to do for the last guy.

A Ride In The Rain

first-time vdub-guy 2018-05-30

"Thanks," I said, and apprehensively took a small swig "Look," he said, "when I was your age, I jerked off a "What's your cock like?" he asked. He said that he wanted to know if I was cut or uncut, seat, he unzipped and pulled out his semi-erect cock. I said that if we drove another two miles and turned right on a dirt road, we'd soon come to an "That's great!" he said, finally letting go of my cock warm air blasting from the car's heater felt good. my now-shriveled cock and began to stroke it. When I asked for the towel he said "No, grasped his cock and began awkwardly stroking it. Finally, the salesman said, "I really enjoyed that.

Mother and Son

first-time keen2trybi 2018-05-30

No one was stopping my orgasm this time as I watched Kim's lips wrap themselves around my sons throbbing erection, how could this girl look so sweet & innocent yet be able to take the whole of his cock so far down her throat was beyond my belief. Stopping only to pull out of my soaking vagina & pressing his cock against the opening of my tight arsehole, edging itself slowly into my backdoor love tunnel, as my fingers continued to rubb my swollen clit, his manly hands wrapped around my heaving breats, my erect nipples between his strong fingers, my aching cunt exploding & squirting juices everywhere as he filled my arse with his warm seed, it to been so long since I had had sex & I wanted it so bad, even if it was with my own handsome son.

Special School Pt. 02

first-time neutrona 2018-05-30

The second and third week, we learned how to lick and suck these beautiful cocks. At the end of the third week, we were taken to a different room and were told to lie down and the bed was pushed into a very shallow opening. It was very different but soon, the desire to give pleasure won over and I focused on licking and sucking the beautiful cock offered. Then, in the second half of the week, we were put in individual small rooms and were told to pleasure each and every cock that would be put through what they called glory holes. Yet at the end of each day, the same twelve cocks we'd worked with the first three weeks came to get pleasured.

Helping Helen

first-time bluelamp 2018-05-30

As I began to suck each of her sexy little toes she grabbed my cock and started rubbing the head against her clit, my god she was wet. 'I am going to cum, oh please don't stop, yes yes yes, oh my god I am going to have my first orgasm, you are so fucking good, finger my ass, don't stop, ohhhh...' with that she exploded, her body tensed as she took my cock out of her mouth, I rammed my finger into her ass harder as I licked her clit. I slowly licked the cum from the soles of her feet, loving the taste of my hot salty load.

Your First

first-time Riven___Caulfield 2018-05-30

Sweating in the dark, his cutoffs and tightie whities at his ankles, he nervously strokes his cock and waits for her to come back. And what can Jimmy do, but keep on jerking his dick in front of curvy Mrs. Robinson? He barely knows what the fuck is going on, but when she tells him to take his cock and stroke her pussy with it, he does. "Oh Jimmy," she says, "Your prick feels so good rubbing my pussy, but let me show you where it ought to be." And then she grabs him with her ankles and pulls him in. She's so hot and wet that he begins to come practically on contact, and she's not helping; "Fuck me, Jimmy!

One Shot Deals: the Blanket

first-time Rabbleais 2018-05-30

I was not even thinking ulterior motives other than bringing along my 35 millimeter camera to take a few shots of Morgan so I could pretend to the guys at college that she was my high-school sweetheart. Morgan led us to a place in the far back corner of the school grounds, where some accident or perhaps some motivated kids with a rope and a car bumper had pulled a section of the iron fence part-way open. At first, I had shared what I had learned second-hand in the stupid hopes of getting her so hot she'd lie back on my bed and let me climb between her legs while our parents were downstairs talking about "the Communist threat" and "that trouble-maker Martin Luther King."

About last night p 4

first-time bluelatina 2018-05-30

Now for you guys that don't understand why i was upset its because hes like a new born puppy, he doesn't know as much as a bulldog, puppies follow and follow until their hearts are broken, but that doesn't mean for all virgins, some don't follow and cry about it the next day but for him I knew what was coming. Dave:Hey carmen you still in Dave: i was just wondering if you want to make love with me, i mean im a little tired but if you could wait like an hour As i was in the bathroom i cracked the door a little just to see if he left.

Etched Memories of New Friends

first-time sweetangelic 2018-05-30

We lean into each other and kiss, tongues entwining and hands touching skin, Ella leans down a little and takes one of my nipples into her mouth. Don sitting on the couch is watching and tossing off, slowly he is sliding his hand up and down, stroking his clean shaven cock...encased in a silver ring, knowing there is porn on the TV but watching his partner with her first lady. Ella moves up from being under me to being over me and her mouth following my hands downwards she starts to taste me and her fingers start to rub my clit... I let my tongue drift lower still and just starting to rim his ass, he is moaning and loving the attention...

Ark City Ch. 02

first-time Sooner2009 2018-05-30

And after a trip like that I was dog tired so even though there was a note inside my car I was heading to the hotel. "I believe if you were to stand right here in front of me your cock would be exactly where it needs to be to fuck me." She grabbed my cock and pulled me closer. At the same time she moved closer to the edge of the rock. She put the head of my cock at her opening and moved it up and down. She dropped to her knees and quickly took my cock in her mouth. She face fucked me a few times and then rolled the condom down over my cock. I love the feel of your cock inside me."

My EX & I.

first-time fetchdis 2018-05-30

Instead of her usual routine of going right to sl**p, she reached in my shorts and started stroking me; something she always did to initiate sex; something that hadn’t happened in a long while. She surprised me when she said, “Well, you know how you always said you wanted me to be with another man so you could take me afterwards?” I responded immediately albeit cautiously by telling her I was very well aware of it. She said, “Well, I had a guy hit on me last night at the bar, and for the first time I thought I might do it. Then I told her to start telling me how she was going to let the other man have sex with her, careful to tell her to describe what she wanted done.


first-time iluvboobs008 2018-05-30

After I reached there she was dressed in a turtle neck and full pants! She kept talking to me but I all I saw were her HUGE BOOBS! After a while I couldn't talk it any longer and I went up to her. I took off her turtle neck and saw she wasn't wearing a bra! I WANTED TO HAVE SEX!!!! I WANTED TO HAVE SEX!!!! I thought she was a stupid girl but all I wanted was her sexy body and big huge boobies!!! She got up and took out my cock. I fucked her all night. In the morning I realized she wasn't good at sex at all! I wasted 8 hours with a girl that doesn't even know how to have sex!!!!

My friend's young au pair.

first-time DirkDastardly 2018-05-30

We continued kissing as my hand went up her short dress and my fingers slipped under her tiny thong and inside her freshly shaven wet cunt. We went through to the bedroom, Katie's skirt by now on the floor as she lay on the bed, she removed her t shirt and l hurriedly got undressed, l carried on licking and sucking on her clit, from her moans and groans l gathered she was enjoying it! I didn't need asking again and positioned her on her front with her sexy arse in the air and my cock found her cunt already wet and l began to fuck her, my cock ramming hard into her as one of my hands groped at her tits that were swinging as she was being fucked.

My best friends hot b*****r

first-time Yunggaykid 2018-05-30

Last week i stayed the night at my best friend Jake's house. Jake and I had been best friends since we were 6 months old. I made a plan to go into Mason's room once Jake feel asl**p. So i waited and waited and asked if Jake wanted to watch a movie. He asked me what I wanted and I said that Jake fell asl**p and I got bored. He hopped up and said, don't be frightened I was just wondering because I am gay and I have had a crush on you for awhile. In the middle of our hot amazing kiss Jake walked in and screamed!!!!!!!...........Look for -Mason and Me- in up to a week!!!!

My Real Life Stories

first-time mr1derful83 2018-05-30

Hearing a mature woman say these things got a young guy at the time like myself very aroused. Then she told me I got news for you this is my cock from here on out and if you want to fuck any other woman you must ask me first do you understand? As the darkness turned to daylight I said what will your husband think of you being out all night, she replied don't worry about him ill handle him me not being home is the least of his worries because he is going to watch his wife be fucked by her new boy toy soon enough.

Stepdaddys accident

first-time Glerkor 2018-05-30

I reach around him and cleaned his chest, feeling his strong pecs under my tiny hands as he moaned like he enjoyed the process. My hand found its way into his robe where it again felt his chest, now hot from the shower. He excused for all the mess he caused asking me to get some tissue paper and as I also felt the tickling sensation as the cum flow slowly over my skin so I hurried away to the bathroom where I quickly wiped most of it off. When I did a pirouette for him, showing my almost visible butt and asked “am I pretty daddy?” he responded “You are so beautiful honey, please help me with these” as he scanned me with hungry eyes.

good start to an amazing summer

first-time 2018-05-30

So I dared her to suck it watching her pink beautiful lips surround my cock and take all most all of it I couldn't help but moan out Bethany you are amazing! So then I laid down on my back and Bethany started to line her tight pussy up with my raging hard cock she slowly sat down and was screaming in pain until I was finally in then I took over! After we where done she stood up and strocked my cock and said will have to do this again some time and turned and I watched her beautiful bubble but jiggle as she walked away and then I smiled and knew that this was the beginning of a wonderful summer The end!

Surreal Experiance

first-time shagger68 2018-05-30

up Gary, my only son, at his high school and pride in the fine looking young man my son had the bed next to Gary and sipped my wine.“Mom, son and I shared.Suddenly, I felt his penis throb progressive pulse of his penis.Gary pulled away not, as Gary shot his semen I pressed my thighs working.” Gary said, looking at the floor, unable watching my son.Gary looked at me, and slowly orgasm.Gary ’s erection was long, thick and purple hue of his father’s erect penis.I felt of his shaft, Gary held his erection straight up, touch at that moment.Gary slowly started to hand, I knew that I was going to permit my son orgasm, as I felt Gary’s large penis pulsing deep

my life 5 true story

first-time underlay1956 2018-05-30

I put the boxes on the bed , she looked round and said it is warm isn't it, and lifted her top over her head , she had a black lacy bra on I could see her nipples , I felt my cock twitch in my pants she then took off her jeans her bum looked beautiful as she slipped the jeans down her legs, she turns round my eyes are fixed on her pubic hair showing through the black lacy knickers, she asked what was I looking at as I had seen it all before , or was it her knickers I wanted I blushed and laughed,

Teaching the Pool Boy

first-time zack1981 2018-05-30

Given his job for the summer was going to be cleaning pools, he wanted to make sure that he spent at least a little bit of time enjoying his parents pool before he got sick of looking at pools. Spencer spent his time in the pool trying to coax his rock hard 7" dick to calm down, but after a few minutes of just thinking about Kate he knew that he only had one solution and gave up and went in the house to take a quick shower and take care of the build up that he'd been dealing with ever since seeing the now shapely body of his 45 year old next door neighbor.

Starlet Gone Wild Ch. 01

first-time MandiiFoxx 2018-05-30

I find him in the dark, my hand grazing the soft knit of what feels like a nice polo shirt. I feel Eddie scoot back on the bed and I follow suit so both of our heads rest on fat feather pillows. Eddie runs his hand down my smooth belly and he slips a finger into my slit, torturously massaging my still engorged clit and my pelvis grinds against the long, slim digit instinctively. His finger picks up speed and I come like a tidal wave, Eddie plunging two fingers into me as the velvety muscles contract wildly. It feels like a long, beautiful time that Eddie spends inside of me.