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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lessons with Lenore

first-time jezebeldelilah 2018-05-30

She let him kiss her on the playground, took his hand and put it under her shirt and bra on her bare boob. She said her nipple got hard under his hand and as soon as he felt it he spurted cum all in his jeans. She'd think nothing of making Rusty look like just a kid who couldn't hold his cum. I'd guess that since JJ broke up with her to date other girls she wanted to start some kind of rumor that would make it next to impossible for Rusty to get a girlfriend. Looking at him I decided that regardless of any rumors or what he told me about what happened to him on the playground last week I wanted to go all the way with him.

Lessons In Love Ch. 03

first-time velvetpie 2018-05-29

She watched as his hands moved over his muscled shoulders, one sliding down an arm and caressing the fingers with a gentle touch. Seth and Helena stared at each other, then she angrily began to touch her small breasts, squeezing the flesh and yanking the nipples. Both remained that way for a while until Helena pulled her frame upright and looked across at Seth, her hands gently coursing over her shoulders and over her fat-nippled breasts. Sunny shook her head and turned smiling eyes to Grant, who was still uncomfortable with his nakedness, especially since he was paired up with the instructor. She opened her eyes and trained them on Grant, showing the young man how her touch was making her feel.


A drive in the country

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-29

I lean forward more and you put your hand on the back of my head, not pushing just gently guiding me as wrap my fingers of my right hand around your stiff cock you feel thick in my hand, my index finger and thumb barely touch. I reach for the car door handle you tell me "not yet honey I want to see you touch yourself for me and by the way you little minx when did you take off your panties" I just giggle " I hope you like honey" you reply with " oh I do honey I do" I lean forward and ask you to unzip my dress and you do so then I slip the dress off over my head and toss it in the back seat with the blanket.

Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy

first-time bluedragonauthor 2018-05-29

Kendra wasn't completely out of place; we had several female friends who similarly despised anything considered too "girly." By this year I had finally grown up, and had also joined the after-school basketball kids, and found that our little trio had become "orbitals" around the two social groups. By senior year Marcus, Kendra, and I had bumped ourselves up to higher levels of "popularity" in the school. I got plastered myself, and while dancing a few feet away from Kendra, I felt like I was seeing her for the first time. I felt the caress of a hand in my crotch, and I looked down to see Amanda's eyes closed, with a contented smile at what she found between my legs.

The Man Who Stole My Cherry

first-time CleoRa 2018-05-29

We kissed every time we got together, there was deep soul kissing, lots of tongue, our hearts pounding, hands touching each other through our clothing, leaving us gasping for breath. We met later and he did nearly "fuck me to death." But the real story is what happened that weekend, as I told my parents I was staying with my best friend for the night. Several times I couldn't find Brad and would look for him, finding him talking with Sam. I got pissed and wanted to leave, but couldn't find my jacket and my mind was so foggy I didn't remember what I was looking for five minutes later.

Home Alone

first-time Lustywritergurl 2018-05-29

Soft moans escaped my lips and my hand moved faster. David watched with lust filled eyes then took off his jeans and pulled out his hard on. "Cum for me, Jane," David said and my body shook as I cummed. I slowly began to suck his cock and play with his balls. David moved his hips and held my head in place. David moved his hips faster and before I knew it I was swallowing his hot load. David took my tit and sucked on it. David took his cock back and slowly put it in me. David sucked on my tits and rubbed my clit. "You feel so good, baby," David moaned. David pulled out of me and began to suck on my clit.


My Daughter - She Is A Virgin

first-time Ashson 2018-05-29

I was old enough (about thirty) to be experienced, was properly respectful of women (I appeared to obey her dictates) and wouldn't insist on carrying on an affair with Maria afterwards (Mummy considered me a playboy type) or want to marry her (I wasn't rich enough). After Maria was properly initiated, Mummy could look around and choose a husband for her. I pointed out that as she wanted me to initiate Maria, she should pay for my services. Knowing what was wanted, Maria reached down and parted her lips with her free hand while pulling me towards her. Her lips closed upon me and Maria removed her hands, looking expectantly at where I was starting to join her, wanting whatever came next.

The first night in the hotel

first-time 2018-05-29

I want to tell a story about the sex life with my ex-Gf. Shes 21 years old and has a nice body a little bbw and big titties. just lick her ears and she turns to an sex addict. i took off her pantie and started to lick. now it was her turn.she took off my boxers and she was wondered how big my cock is. she started to lick the head and then take the full cock in her was her first time doing a blowjob so she was a little amateur. i got slowly in her pussy ,first the head than the whole cock. she licked the cum and loved the taste of it.


first-time Davo60 2018-05-29

My younger b*****r’s friends started hitting on me and I would tell them to go away, I wasn’t interested in boys, I wanted a man. They suddenly changed positions with the one in my mouth moving down my body sucking & nibbling my neck, then my tits then to my fanny I didn’t think I could last much longer and then he pushed his cock into my pussy man was I ready for this. He turned around laying on me and started to suc & lick my clit & his mates cock well I couldn’t last anymore I orgazimed with my fanny lips going so so tight around the huge cock he came & came for what seemed like half an hour probably 3-5 mins.

Notes on a Sandal

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2018-05-29

a lot, quite easily! 18 yeah ;-) He was legal "Yeah! He closed the door as apparently they were behind there. The stocking tops were in view and an inch of thigh. six inches of the glistening prize. I WAS glistening as well. "No, Look I'm not a cock teaser, listen to me, I want you to come round earlier. I'd closed the curtains earlier. I held it to my balls while still getting my jollies from his tongue. got his cock thoroughly licked and sucked and it was sparkling clean I held his balls. There was still quite a lot when he No prizes! With much groaning and moaning from both of us, he popped his load

Nighttime Confessions

first-time magas911 2018-05-29

Wayne butted in to let me know that he had gotten divorced two years ago when his wife had left him for a co worker and Judy interrupted to say that Dee Dee had left her husband when he couldn't control his drinking. But later that night, he began to think about it and realized that while the sex had been fun and he had enjoyed it immensely, he knew that all Judy would ever be to him was a friend. He laughed and told me that, in some ways, it was better for his marriage because the group's activities kept him from getting tempted by the high stakes poker or golf games that were prevalent at the conference.

Annie's First Time Adventure

first-time LadyOfDesirex 2018-05-29

If you don't want to be a virgin forever, you'll do as I say." Annie gave in, she knew if she had any chance of getting anywhere with anyone, let alone Miles, her hope rested with her best friend, Rachel. "She texted Kyle and asked if we wanted to join you guys for a study group today, and then tonight go to the bar," Miles said, as Annie watched Rachel and Kyle walk into the room together. Rachel looked at the conversation that was going on, and with her eyes, said 'I told you so," as Rachel took her seat next to Annie, and Kyle next to Miles.

The Boy from Neighbor (Netfound)

first-time Diarch1969 2018-05-29

I built together with him in the tent and noticed the glances of the boy next door. Late in the evening I drank more than 1 bottle of wine and prepared my bivouac under the gaze of the neighbor boy Frank. Sometime during the night I noticed a hand directly on my stomach under my breast. but slowly the hand moved to my right breast. Slowly stroked his little hand on my boob and caressed her. His hand was meanwhile wandered under my shirt and played gently with the hard erect nipple. The was really juicy wet and his little fingers slid gently clean. Suddenly he was in his small but hard cock in my ass and fucked me slowly in the ass.

The Foreigner

first-time Onaji 2018-05-29

Moira stood before him with her kimono hanging open and watched Musashi look her up and down, taking in the sight of her flat hard stomach and the dark red hair of her most secret of places. As a young woman of great discipline, it was only a few long moments of pleasuring work before his entire member was inside her warm mouth and she was kissing his pelvis smelling his soft clean pubic hair. Tsukune placed his hands around her waist and began to pull her back faster and harder, when Musashi stood and pulled her mouth around his member, letting his mate's motions move her back and forth.

Asking Ellie - May Out

first-time abroadsword 2018-05-29

"Sure do Miss Faulken," I said, "I'm sorry, I guess it sounds disrespectful to want to fuck Ellie -May when you ain't getting none, but hell, you." I struggled to find the words, "Ain't no spring chicken, the years really ain't been kind to your face." "Look, I ain't no Moron," I said, "But I said I'd pay to fuck you, hell I'd pay you if you let me fuck with Ellie - May, cause I got to spunk before I can pull my pants up." "Hell, it ain't is it?" I asked, "I was fixing on getting Ellie - May hogtied so's I could fuck with her when I wanted, you know, like I could keep her hogtied in the barn."

Busy At Work 4 Pervy Peter

first-time 2018-05-29

I knew that Friday afternoon was Senior day at the little department store downtown and they leave this nice old man in that back taking care of both dressing rooms. “Oh fuck yeah!” Peter said as he grabbed at the bulge in his pants.”Those tits make my cock real fuckin hard! He was pulling at his little cock at record speed and I said “Do you want to see my titties bounce like this?” . If pervy Peter hurried up with the battery I could get to that dressing room and make it four with that old fellow at the department store.

Learning how to masturbate

first-time 2018-05-29

We settled on the sofa to watch tv and Jeff began acting kind of strange and rubbing himself through his pants. "I've been wanting to ask you something for a long time" he said. By this time Jeff had a pretty good hard on and began stroking himself. "Just watch what I do." What did I get myself into I thought, but began the same up and down motion on my now hard dick. "Well it only gets better....just don't stop ok" We sat on the sofa beating away I began to have very strange but very enjoyable nothing I had ever experienced before. "I think it's time we moved to the bathroom" he explained.

The Pendant

first-time Ashson 2018-05-29

My hard life got just a little more interesting when the back door opened and this pretty young thing came sauntering out. I went back to my mowing, thinking lascivious thoughts about pretty young thing in bikinis. Bending down I found a gold pendant and chain, with what looked to me like a very nice little diamond set in it. "Ronnie, love, if you've ever looked in a mirror you'll know that this sort of phase is something that every man you meet will have for years to come. I let the head of my cock lean firmly against Ronnie's agitated lips and started stoking her breasts, teasing the nipples and gently rubbing the breasts themselves.

First Bi experience!!

first-time 2018-05-29

We went to the party together and to my surprise she was all over me, we were hooking up and was rubbing my cock over my jeans it was amazing. Nikki got up and came over to us and she and Stacy started to hook up. After a while Stacy went down and started to go to town on my cock, it was great but not as good as Sam did. Nikki got down and now her and Stacy were double teaming my cock it was amazing. i said to Sam " Get off and finish what you started." Sam went back on my cock while the girls came up to me and started sucking on my nipples.

Peep show fun

first-time merlinnz 2018-05-29

What I could also see, was opposite a booth that had turned it’s light off and pressed to their window, just like Jane was, was someone else girlfriend, only her tits were being cupped by hands reaching up into her jumper and she was making thrusting movements towards the glass likes was being pushed from behind, like in fact, she was being fucked from behind. “Which one do you think it was” Jane said, and just as we were going to choose Russ came up behind us and yelled, “well you horny bastards, way better than Amsterdam eh”, which ensured Jane was even more embarrassed and put the final nail in the coffin of getting a shag that night.

My Summer with Cindy

first-time spaldan 2018-05-29

"Don't you want to?" she said quickly, "I mean I saw you getting hard earlier so I figured it wouldn't be a problem." Her hand brushed against my thigh under the water and I jumped just a bit. I couldn't believe the sight of her incredible body before me, her hand jacking my cock, her smooth, wet breasts sitting inches away and barely encased by her small bikini top, and the smile that lit her face and lighted her blue eyes. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to close my eyes like I usually did to revel in the wonderful sexual sensation, or continue to stare at Cindy's sweet body and firm tits.

My First Blowjob

first-time enzoluciano 2018-05-29

I mean horny not slutty because she's like one of the guys when it comes to sex, really curious, told me that since I was the only guy she ever talked to about, regarding these things, it's only right that she wanted to After a while of playing with my stiff cock, she finally, and slowly, put my big and As she enjoys my cock, both my hands slid under a bit to play with her soft breasts. I felt like I wanted to cum, but I reminded myself of her pussy that is getting the blowjob of its life, I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. But told me that it was a nice experience, especially with my cock with its big dickhead.

Weekend fishing trip with the neighbor

first-time tim3196 2018-05-29

Mr. Anders pulls his head away from my cock long enough to tell me I need to learn to accept this sensation if I want to have good sex when I grow up. Even with that liquid this will hurt like hell” he tells me as I feel the head of his cock press into my hole. I’ll give you a minute to adjust to the pain.” Shortly I feel Mr. Anders slide his cock further in. “The head is fully in and some shaft is in as well.” After a minute Mr. Anders pulls his cock out. Between moans and thrusts he says “Remember that almost painful sensation that you had while I was sucking your cock.

Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 02

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-29

Brian looked over at me, reached over, hooking his fingers in the top of my panties, and gave them a couple of tugs to expose my dripping cock completely, "Looks like someone wants out, why don't you pull these pretty little things off and let junior out for some air? I knew when I saw your legs all shaven you would be fun, but when I saw you in your little girl panties I knew you were not a man, you're just a pussy boy wanting some big daddy cock to fuck you like the slut you are, isn't that right pussy?"