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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She loves girls!

first-time 2018-05-29

Mandy then sat on the edge of the hot tub and Mandy put her head between her legs and buried her mouth in her pussy and went to town on her, Mike and I watched the erotic bisexuals do their thing till Mandy had an intense orgasm and they finished in a sweaty and wet heap in the hot tub. Lexi shoved her over on the bed so Chel was on her back, she quickly climbed on top of her pinning her down and started kissing and licking her neck passionately, trailing down to her beautiful boobs, taking extra time to suck on her nipples. With that Chel pushed her over and my wife quickly got on her knees and laid her head all the way down on the bed offering her dripping wet pussy to Chel and her thick black cock.

Crazy Tall and Pigtails

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-29

I smiled at Penny nonchalantly but then said to Anna, "I'm having a birthday party on Saturday. Anna gave Penny a look but turned back to me to asked, "How big a shoe you wearing?" Daydreaming about things that might happen with Anna coming to my birthday party, it wasn't long before my big cock launched several bolts of cum straight up in the air a good foot before crashing down on my bare abdomen. Over dinner, I told Dad and Mom that Anna had said she would come to the birthday party with Penny. By Friday, Pete and Zach were acting like we were going to have a major orgy with Anna and Penny despite the fact my parents would be there.

f****y love

first-time domslavelover 2018-05-29

Yes, look at the cum run out." He watched her finger fuck herself for a few minutes then he moved to her and rammed his cock all the way on her cunt and began fucking her harder and harder needing to feel her wet hole grasp his throbbing cock. One night she was sucking his cock as she finger fucked her cunt and rubbing her clit and she had cum oozing out her hole and then he filled he mouth with cum and pulled his cock out and opened her mouth so the camera could see the big load of cum before she swallowed.

Sex in woods

first-time 2018-05-28

walking quickly after him I called to him " stop I was only messing around" he stopped and turned to face me " why did you look?" he said I looked around and replied "I don’t know thought you would laugh" Tom replied " Jenny it wasn’t, now you’re probably going to tell everyone that you have seen my dick" at that point I felt annoyed " you think I would do that? He began sucking on them and rubbed his hands over my bum, I held on his cock and was going to put it in me, when he stopped " wait" he said " I don’t have a condom" I smiled "I’m on the pill" I said " and don’t cum in me take it out when you’re about to" Tom rested back again as I slid his cock inside me.


The Flowering

first-time Tarakin 2018-05-28

The biker suddenly turned toward Freddy, and Ashley noticed that five of his friends had followed their leader, all dressed in the same garb, down to the silver lined black wolf on the shoulder of their jackets. Embarrassed herself and not wanting her boyfriend to look like a fool Ashley took another sip, and this time she was able to avoid coughing, if barely. Brett smiled at her once more, passed the bottle toward one of his gang, then turned back toward Freddy and resumed talking about the speed of the Harley. Freddy's understanding of her sexual reluctance had luckily eased matters a bit over time, but now, with Paul's cock pointed in her direction and Brett's hands on her breasts it was impossible for Ashley to think at all.

Amy - A Young Woman's First Love

first-time secretlover55 2018-05-28

On the way home, Amy leaned over and gave me a kiss and said "thank you sweetheart, that was lovely, just the two of us spending time together. We started dancing together just like we did that party night and when the first tune ended, Amy looked up at me and kissed me. Her kiss came with the same passion that she gave me on that party night, laid her head against my shoulder and said, "Tony, I have waited so long for this moment. "Thanks sweetheart, your touch is so gentle," came an excited voice as my hands rubbed up the edges of the fabric and completed covering her thighs with lotion.

Spanking School #3: Training Tamara Toy -1

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-05-28

I want to become a toy of joy in sexual use, in pain and pleasure! I click my fingers and like her quick-witted obedience: she eagerly spreads her love lips as wide as she can for me. "I started to play my pussy when I watched video with a tasty teen being brought to multiple orgasms by a great guy. I imagine to be Your toy of joy, to be used by You as you please, while I bend over like now, looking at my love lips." "I will teach you everything in erotism and sexual servitude to be a toy of joy, just like I did to my great grandaughter.

Blow job by dou..

first-time jason1000 2018-05-28

"Well, Dad, it wouldn't really be a blow job unless you came in my mouth, and it isn't like it would be my first time. As I lay on my bed masturbating, I remembered how good my daughter's hand had felt on my cock. Carol took my drooling cock from her mouth and began licking it like a popsicle. She finished the lewd outburst, took my cock back into her mouth, and sucked like a whore trying for a big tip. "Oh, yes, Daddy, I love to get fucked like this. When our bodies and minds recovered somewhat, Carol said, "Daddy, do you know what my best girlfriend always says?

Joan Part 3

first-time noiram20 2018-05-28

A couple of younger girls arrived together and I took interest although I was been attended by a woman in her fifties, naked from the waist down. It was then a lovely young redhead arrived wearing a flouncy summer dress....I guess there wasnt too much underneath. I had a problem extricate myself from the lady whose lips were around my penis, and to strike up a relationship with the mystery girl who was already being caressed by a couple of the oldest guys in the room. he had even succeeded in unbuttoning the top of her dress and was busy getting his hand inside her bra. Her dress was partially open revealing the white bra underneath covering very full breasts...quite virginal although I thought she couldnt be that and indeed she wasnt.

Mate's s****r and friend

first-time hotRobertXX 2018-05-28

With that I slid my hand down Immy's body to her wet naked pussy and started rubbing her clit.Linda pulled down the sheet so she could watch. I pulled Linda over to me and started kissing her lips, my hand then moving down and my finger once again rubbing her clit. I moved Linda away and told Immy not to stop when I started to cum and keep going until the last drop came out. When she had gone Linda rolled over facing me and whispered to me that she was a virgin but wanted to try it with me and would I mind if I only put a bit of it in her incase it hurt too much.I told her I would take it easy and she could stop me at any time.

working with will

first-time badteacher 2018-05-28

We go to a very nice restaurant that also has a live jazz band and small dance floor. I am nothing if not a people pleaser so every time I catch him staring at them, so I make sure he gets a nice view of them under the table. After the cocktails we have shared my guard is completely down and I agree. Finally as the song ends we slowly make our way back to the table with hands lightly linked. It starts slow, an exploration, but the drinks or the strained marriages on both sides, whatever the blame can be, we begin kissing more and more aggressively, more fervently. Will slowly moves his thumb over my nipple that is straining through the fabric of my silk top.

Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 4

first-time colourfast 2018-05-28

"I think so I have never fucked a guy before but I like you very much and it seems right that you want me to" Daniel said softly as he looked into the eyes of the other boy. Come and fuck me really hard you lovely man." The mature man replied with a very passionate kiss on the boy's mouth and said "I want you sweet are the best I have ever had. The man accepted the invitation and kissed the boy's neck under his mussy pixie hair and said "I think you would look so pretty as a brunette" and continued to kiss and lick the slim neck.

Grandpa Dan-My Neighbor part two

first-time dongerdoug 2018-05-28

I was moaning and grunting in time with the thrusts,and grinding my ass against his hand,when I heard Sherry whine "Grandpa? While Sherry was doing that,Grandpa had started to press his thumb into my balls every time he shoved his hand forward! Grandpa Dan pulled his hand out of my asshole with a "POP" just as Sherry's cunt squirted something into my mouth! Grandpa Dan and I watched as Dawn fucked my Mom's ass with the wine bottle! Grandpa Dan's response was a deep,gutteral growl,followed by "Give me a couple of those!" He said shoving the two women aside and popping a handful of little,yellow pills into his mouth. Grandpa Dan wrapped his hands in her hair and began fucking her mouth till she started to gag.

Libby & John: First Time

first-time Just_John1 2018-05-28

John's hips pulled back slowly, his gaze still concentrated on her face, looking for any signs of pain, he stopped again with the head of his cock placed just in the entrance of her pussy, watching the slight grimace as the crown of his cock crossed the plain where her hymen had so recently been attached. She could feel his cock grow slightly and felt as John's body burst with each shot deep within her depths. John pulled back and thrust deeply into her again and Libby felt a deep sensation as the crown of his cock rubbed her G spot followed almost instantly by a shower of sparks as his pubic bone pressed against her clit, the friction more intense as his body twitched with each orgasmic flutter.

Mommy's New Bed

first-time blackstroker 2018-05-28

"I don't know what I'd do without you baby." She said, followed by "come, let's go to the kitchen." I followed behind, looking at her ass bouncing under the silk and thinking without any inappropriate intent or image in mind, that she was a sweet and sexy woman and I was proud of her. In our heady state we kept bouncing into each other and I liked the comfy softness of her breasts or ass or belly every they came into contact with me, and I thought that if she wasn't my mom it would have been nice to hold her close. By the time she returned with my pajamas my cock had gone down a little but the moment she walked around the bed bouncing in her short silk PJs it shot up again.

long nights on the road

first-time Phatboy1461 2018-05-28

When I got back to the room my roomie was in the middle of an argument with his wife so I tried my best to be quiet but the beers in me had other plans hahaha. I asked him what that was all about and he said that his wife had some toys and he wanted to see her giving a blowjob to a dildo and send it to him over the phone. He asked me if I was looking at his cock...I said yeah sorry just never seen one quit that big. He laughed and said yeah I used to hear that all the time till I got married. He went to the dresser and got out a tube of lube and said strip I want to fuck that ass.

My very first time

first-time boompjes7 2018-05-28

The girl’s name was Marjolein, she told me. My frind and his girlfriend went to her cabine. Fortunely in our cabin there were no other passengers, so Marjolein and me were really together. So we went to my cabine. Touching here body slowly and nice. I started to kiss here feet en made my hands slowly go up to here privy parts. Then suddenly here hand was moving between my legs. She said I was a big boy and stripped me off. She took mine in her hand en stroke it slowly and nice. Did you ever cum like a rocket? Well, Marjolein and me were cumming as fast as a rocket. Not so fast as the first time, but we were lovely cumming!

My Surprise Vacation

first-time altaff143 2018-05-28

When the young black guy returned with a glass of juice in his hand, his eyes never came off my boobs. Not really sure how it all happened but while looking out for Rajesh, I and Mike walked through a long shaded area where all of a sudden Mike caught my hand and dragged me aside and pulling me close to him put his hot burning lips on mine and kissed me passionately for a long time clearly suffocating me. I closed my eyes as I felt Mike forcing me to open my mouth and putting his big tongue inside and playing with mine. With a towel around my still wet body, I came back to the room, where Rajesh was waiting for me on the bed.

A House Painter

first-time yknow 2018-05-28

My girlfriend has a real taste for that sort of thing, and I had thrown it in my car to have with her while her folks are out of town this weekend." Pat laughed and said they hadn't even noticed that a bottle was missing and told me to enjoy it with my girlfriend. But I did breast feed right after lunch the baby will sleep a bit more than usual this afternoon." Now it was getting more apparent, Pat was letting her hair down a bit today, it couldn't be easy being a Mom at home alone with a Cop husband that was gone most days and nights. "No, unless you are willing to breast feed, I'm going to be in pain until Mike comes home, he knows where the extra parts are" Pat said as she started to squeeze a nipple into a baby bottle.

French Kissing for Girls - & Boys

first-time Alex De Kok 2018-05-28

Jimmy got out and made a flourish of opening the car door for Kirsty and Jeannie as they scrambled into the back, then resumed his seat beside Pete, who turned to the girls. "You saying I'm looking older, buster?" said Kirsty in mock aggression, then she and Helen burst out laughing at the look of horror on Jimmy's face. Come on, let's have a swim," said Kirsty, taking Jimmy's hand. A little later, Kirsty got a chance for a quiet word with Jeannie, but before Kirsty could say anything Jeannie said, "What do you think about asking Pete and Jimmy back for a pizza or something?" "Kirsty," said Jeannie seriously, "I heard about some of the girls fucking just to get rid of their cherries.


first-time Yinisanalterego 2018-05-28

"You grunt and groan like cavemen in the throes of sweaty man-love, and I have semi-finals coming up," I said. That I'd kept drinking after that made me feel a little guilty, but the alcohol, and that I was still seething at having been laughed at, burned the guilt away before I was half way up the stairs. I want to have sex with you," she said, looking away. Every voice in my head and my heart screamed to leave, to run, to get away, but then, it was thoughts like these that had kept me a virgin for twenty-one years, so for the first time, I said Fuck it and ignored every last one.

My first Glory Hole experience.

first-time LetsKeepaSecret 2018-05-28

I can remember going home after watching those movies with a throbbing hardon in my pants, anticipating just how nice it was gonna feel to finally close my eyes and rub my aching hardon with one hand and my swollen balls with the other. I figured if i came with a pocket full of change, i wouldnt need to see the cashier/clerk and i could just walk in, swing a right into a booth and i would be home thats what i did and it worked really good for awhile. Well, many times id be strokin one off and id see the fingers of the person in the next booth, tapping along the edge of the hole or rubbing along the circle ,trying to entice me to push my cock thru.

eyes wide shut

first-time 2018-05-28

That had been the beginning for Lorraine, she hadn't planned it but just the thought of having sex with handsome young Roger without him knowing that it was her - well, it had been exhilarating! She tried to place it, but when he finally shoved his big hot dick into her slimy hole Lorraine forgot all about cologne and lay back to experience this powerful man as he used her body like a wild a****l who was mating after a fresh kill. Within moments Lorraine's body was on fire, the man's passion had brought her own to a burning fevered pitch and she began to fuck him back like an a****l, wrapping her legs around his hips and thrashing around wildly trying to reach her sexual zenith for the third time that night.

Thai guy preying on white girls and got mine

first-time RainerH 2018-05-28

don't assume that all thai men are the same (there are lots of nice thai guys around, but it seems like once they become too involved with the tourist industry they get jaded and hard), and there are even one or two of the beach boys that turn out to be ok in the long run. generally speaking, if you meet a young, good looking guy in a tourist area, who speaks decent english, has a tattoo or piercing or farang style clothes, who says he is a dj, who twirls fire, or who works at a bar, they are most likely professionals with a long history. an absolute taboo is that white males become occassionally victims of the Thai sex industry: Thai gigolo boys identify not only willing white female single tourists but also target couples and try to "capture" the white female from her foreign partner.