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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Models of 'Perfuction'! Ch. 05

first-time anonentity 2018-05-28

The sun poured through the windows of the breakfast nook and over Laura's sleek curvaceous back as she stretched her length out on the bench, her naked buttocks lifting to the caress of my hand, her mouth warm, wet and perfectly molded to mine as we kissed and cuddled amorously together. Gasping Laura relinquished my cock from her mouth and lifted her arms to Mae. The girl stood silently before us and then her hands seized the hem of her dress and lifted it slowly over her shapely thighs to the full revelation of her naked sex. With a droll smile and a knowing lift of her pretty brows Mae's eyes captured mine as she lifted her clit into Laura's kisses, and her hands swept her dress over her shoulders leaving her naked to our appetites.

The Niece

first-time TxRad 2018-05-28

Terry wiggled on my shoulder and said with a laugh, "Oh yes, do that some more, you know how I love to be spanked. Connie looked at my hand for a second, before she grinned and took a couple of steps forward to hug me. Still trying to figure out what to say to Terry about her niece, I headed into the living room to see how the reunion was going. Terry laughed and said, "I'm not going to ask and you had better not tell me. Terry looked at me with a big grin on her face and then she leaned back over and kissed me long and hard on the lips.

Father's Day Surprise

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-28

The next Saturday morning, while my wife was at work, Meadow came into my room, got in bed and woke me by rubbing my cock. Meadow worked her way down and began sucking my half-hard dick, which became fully erect as soon as it touched her lips. The last time after we fucked and I shot my love juice, she sucked me until I got hard and was about to cum again then gave me a hand job until I shot my hot sticky goo all over her hand and licked it off. Rubbing her hand over her breast and tummy, Meadow lifted her cream coated fingers to her mouth sucking them as she smiled at her dad.

Fun with an old friend

first-time michaelalwayshorny 2018-05-28

She lay there trembling and smiling "so how do you want it" as I rubbed my hard cock over her soaking wet pussy making her softly moan, "I love if doggie" she said with a smile, she turn over and kneeled infront of me "oh and dont worry about the baby you can fuck me as hard as you want" she said with a cheeky smile, that sent me over the edge and I thrust my cock deep and hard into her dripping pussy making her scream out, I started slow at first taking my cock almost out of her pussy and the slamming it back it, she started to push back wanting more, I slapped her perfect bum then grabbed her hips and started to pound her as deep and fast as I could.

My First College Girl

first-time nitrejack 2018-05-28

I hesitated in answering and she waggled the bottle of rum at me and said "c'mon, it'll be fun, the place is never crowded, if anyone asks you can say I'm your deranged niece." Her cute lil smile and laugh, clinched it. Then she pulled the bow knot holding the top of her bikini on and it fell to hang at her waist, I kissed her perfect nipples and one by one took them in my mouth and teased them hard. We fucked in the water till she had cum twice Then we got out dried off, had a drink, smoked some spice and began a slow sexy 69 on the big beach towels she had brought.

The Moment I Had Waited Two Years For !

first-time jabig6 2018-05-28

I had liked her for about two years and she knew it, but I was never able to be alone with her because my s****r was very protective of her friends and didn't want to share them. My s****r's friend called and wanted to hang at her house alone and watch a movie. I was really embarrassed because I thought she didn't like me, but she giggled and smiled, and started to rub it. She grabbed my hand and slid it into her shorts, and I knew this was my time. On my own I slid my hand till it was touching her pussy, and started to rub like all men naturally know how to.

Becky Ch. 09

first-time Many Feathers 2018-05-28

"You want me to pull out any?" Grace knew simply by holding on, that Becky hadn't in fact taken much of the toys length just yet, a couple of inches was perhaps more than three, though another inch or so would certainly be pressing the issue. Now with Grace doing that, adding in the very intense vibration that was now driving her clit crazy, and the sounds of Becky's sloppy wet cunt that she was in fact continuing to fuck, she was ready to turn inside out with orgasmic bliss. William stood there in the doorway watching as Grace along with the other girls help, soon after hoisted Mellissa into the air, swinging and hanging much the same way Becky had been when all this first started.

Part 2 to First Time I shared My Dad

first-time 2018-05-28

Lisa returned into the bedroom and this time she crawled in behind me and wrapped her arms around me and looked over me to my dad and said " I see why Missy loves you so much." Lisa laid her head down on my chest just like I had mine on my dads. We all laid like that for awhile till I felt that need start to flow thru my body, I ran my hand down to my dad's still wett cock from Lisa's pussy as I felt a little throb from it I eased on down till my lips met his cock and I planted kisses all over his cock.

After School Sex Tutor

first-time vitalwalt 2018-05-28

While leaving my apartment building, dressed in my blue blazer, and gray pants, heading off to school, Anna approached me, out of now where it seemed, very excited, talking very fast (she latter admitted to me she was very nervous). What a coincidence it was that we should meet on the street like this, she was in the neighborhood looking at an apartment to rent and would I be a dear and go with her and tell her what I thought of the place, it would just take a minute. Only in mid-blow job she stopped and told Susan to come kneel next to her, she want to share this cock with her.


first-time suzie3w 2018-05-28

I felt Jack touch my hand, and move it down to his lap. My fingers wrapped around the shaft - as much as possible through his pants - and it felt very, very hard. I was thinking only of the penis that was emerging from Jack's pants as I pulled them down. And then the thought flew out of my mind.) so I moved my hands up and down the shaft slowly. I felt his finger - or fingers - sliding in and out of my pussy, and it was incredible, but each time he touched my clit I screamed uncontrollably. My body was thrown all over in every direction, yet Jack's fingers held on to my clit until I nearly passed out.

In Plain Sight: An e****t's Story - Part 1

first-time MICHELLEK111 2018-05-28

Well, when the CEO of some Fortune 500 company wants to meet you in Paris for a weekend so you can fuck him in the ass with a strap-on and is willing to pay you 50 thousand dollars it's really hard to refuse. “No, it's a 100 bucks for the blowjob but if you want me to swallow that’s an extra 50.” I had a moment of hope. Well he better fucking move because I paid for that mouth and I can’t wait to feel it wrapped around my cock.” From there I started to lick up the shaft I stopped when his cock tip was right near my lips and looked at my boss.

Pungent flower 9: Getting used to a new life

first-time TheAgantuk 2018-05-28

She asked if Bodan was returning today. I told him the superiors there were not very happy with him and he got scared. She said it was not needed but I wanted a drink anyway. I asked her if she wanted a drink. When I asked, she told me that in her village girls don’t drink alcohol, even many respected men did not drink. I told her drinking is a way a to relax after a hard day’s work and have some fun. I asked her if she wanted to try something as well. I asked her to first try and enjoy the aroma of the drink and then she will like it.

Kat Has To Try Hard

first-time shotguner 2018-05-28

Look Lynn I have tried my best to get you to notice but, just then Lynn looked in Kat's eyes and Kat seen not fear or aunger but lust so she pulled Lynn in and hugged her kissing her face all over backing her into the living room and onto the floor layer by layer of clothes came off till Lynn laid naked in her up most glory Kat's fingers tongue covered her body from head to toe causing Lynn to cum over and over. Over the span of three hours Kat fuck Lynn to near death and back leaving her on the floor getting dressed Kat tossed her a card saying I'm leaving for a week but I want you at this address next Monday at 9am ready for more and left.

my schoolboy experience....

first-time 2018-05-28

after a few minutes he lifted me away and smiled, saying,' lets try something..' then, he rolled over onto his belly and opened his thighs, his rounded but pert butt towards me, so beautifully girlish and smooth....he took a lick of his hand and wiped saliva into his ass, and breathed,' push it inside there...i put things there at home....please...' I knew what he wanted and by now my youthful erection was back at throbbing, so I didnt really think...i moved closer as he pushed his butt out and placed the head at his smooth, tight looking hole.

Best friends wife

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-05-28

Stroking her hair away from her face, I leaned closer and kissed her mouth, tasting my own cum on her lips She sucked my tongue as greedily as she had done my cock and I felt my balls tighten a little as the bl**d pounded back into my shaft. Joanne moaned, deep inside her throat as the tip of my cock brushed against her hard, erect clit. Slipping my hands behind her thighs, I lifted Joanne's legs and d****d her calves over my shoulders, lifting her hips so that I could drive my cock a little deeper into her pussy. I held her tight, as i felt the last spurts of cum jetting from my cock, kissing her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth.

Holiday slut fucked

first-time 2018-05-28

Then, kneeling up with the head firmly lodged I started kissing her, forcing my tongue in her mouth and when I broke off she said that wasn’t a very nice thing to do as I’d been licking her pussy. “I need another cum babe and I want to do it in your tight pussy.” She pleaded with me not to hurt her so I told her to hold the base of my cock and rub it like she did before while I head the head inside her. Her fist tight around my cock and as she wanked me her fist hit her bone above her pussy so it must have felt like a real fuck for her as she was soon groaning again and rubbing faster and faster.

Ann's Induction Ch. 01

first-time Dear Me 2018-05-28

Liz said to Dom, “You know she looked like our sexy little angel.” Just after Dom got into bed with Liz she said to him, “I’m sure you’re right about Ann. She will really do us proud. Liz thought to herself how the men were unashamedly staring at Ann’s young girlish figure, taking a good look at her beautiful little breasts with her nipples pushing through the material and her lovely girlish curves and bum. He kissed her and looked her straight in the eye and said, “ I love you my dear Ann. My little darling.” She then looked Ann right in the eye and said, “The induction is a way for the CEO to get to know potential young women recruits very closely.

XXX Ben 10 Story: Small Problem Part 4

first-time Metalotical 2018-05-28

Both of them gasped in pleasure as Gwen felt that cock suddenly invade her, stretching her insides in a way she had never known before and Ben felt her hot tightness wrap around his member. Ben and Gwen ground their hips in perfect automatic synch moaning and breathing heavily as they found their pace and felt their twin rockets of passions building, rising up towards a powerful ecstasy. Ben felt the soft, hot walls of Gwen’s cunt squeeze and pulsate as his cock twitched in time with their heartbeats. She could feel the warm mixture of her pussy juices and Ben’s cum slowly mixing inside her, some of it ran out of her cunt lips and she felt it run down her body and onto the motel carpet.

More summer of 65

first-time rymare 2018-05-28

That night as I lay in bed, I thought about John, his cock, how big it had got and the way he had pulled and pushed mine, also the wonderful feeling I had when the “white pee” had squirted from the end of mine. As I lay thinking about every thing, I realised my cock was big and hard, I started to do the same as John had done, it felt really good, I pulled it, I pushed it and finally the head came out, “WOW” I thought, I can make it do that as well.


first-time Sinderellla 2018-05-28

“Someone dressed for the occasion, I see”, my father teased as he rubbed his hand up and down on my mound, slipping his middle finger between my slick pussy lips. “Oh my god,” I mumbled as I felt my dad swipe the head of his cock up and down between my moist cunt lips, mixing his pre-cum with my juices and spreading them over my aching, willing hole. “You’re every bit as sweet and sexy as your mom was…even more so.” He inched forward and I felt his massive cockhead pop past my entrance and into my pussy. “I want you to push your hard fat dick inside your little girl and fuck her good and deep until you fill her up with your hot cum!”

Sue the Hairdresser

first-time jaimie49 2018-05-28

Then I told Sue to get off.I laid her back on the bed and knelt next to her running my hand over her pussy pushing my finger between her lips.I worked my finger into her pussy then I pulled out and put three fingers in.I dug my fingers deep and hard inside her.She was fine for awhile but then she started to try pulling away as her orgasm built.I held her down digging my fingers deep and fast inside her sloshing wet pussy.She was crying out for me to stop but I just laid across her big tits pushing harder and deeper into her pussy.She was kicking and beating me on the back but I was not going to let up.

Shemale Mom

first-time 2018-05-28

. She sat me down on her bed and said I guess the cats out of the bed isn't it and as I was staring at her huge cock which was dripping cum I said yes, I felt my cock get harder than ever before, she noticed and smile and began to undress me, I tried to stop her ,but not really, soon we were both naked and laying in bed I then said "OMG I'm a faggot like you are" she grabbed my cock although it was as big as hers, she said do I need to explain this baby, she kissed me and grabbed my ass cheeks and I hollered "you fucking queer your a abomination" Then she started crying and asking me to stop calling her that ,when I didn't she slapped me across the face and said "that's enough young man and she got on top of me, spit on her hand and began to lube up her cock, my eyes widened and she tup her cock to my ass hole and pushed so just the tip in then she smiled and said I think you like cock bitch you still have a erection then she pushed further and about half slid into my and she uttered your pussy likes cock baby, my pussy mom?

The Test

first-time Sacanaz 2018-05-27

"Oh man, she's gonna suck my cock, what am I going to do?" Thoughts raced through his mind of sitting up and stopping her, or trying to remain still to enjoy the feast. "You're a bad girl, Holly Lee" he scolded, looking down at the young lady with jism dripping from her lips. He broke the kiss and guided Holly up his body until he had her turned around so she could watch her mother suck his cock, and he could taste her sweet pussy and ass hole. Lucy had worked his cock back to full erection with her expert sucking, and Holly was trying to pay attention, in spite of the considerable distraction of the tongue fucking her butt was getting.


first-time Stormispassion 2018-05-27

As he holds himself above her he reluctantly ends the kiss and stares deep into her eyes in the dimness of the room and whispers, “I want to touch you.” A moan escapes her from somewhere deep inside as his hands begin to slide a seductive trail down her body. “You feel so good sweetheart I want to touch you some more,” and he gently lays her back down on the bed and starts his ritual of worshipping her body once again, causing her to orgasm many times before he takes her the way she’s begged him to.