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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Seducing my parents pt2

first-time vtevte 2018-05-27

I did all this without breaking eye contact, and when I sat on his lap topless, I just leaned up and whispered in his ear, "Please fuck me, I love you so much, I want to feel you inside me." I honestly think my Dad had a tear in his eye, as he pulled me close and began kissing me. His only words were to "Grind Baby Girl." I did too, and the entire time I was grinding, I was telling him how much I loved him, and how great "Daddy's tongue felt on my pussy." I must say that grinding your naked pussy on your Dad's face is beyond anything else you could imagine, at least until you feel his hard cock enter you.

Finding Porn with my b*****r

first-time seymore_bunz 2018-05-27

He pulled down his pants and started stroking his three inch cock. Instead of answering I dropped my pants and started slowly stroking my cock. I sat him on the bed so he couldn't pull away I got on my knees and started sucking. Even though I was enjoying sucking his cock my jaw soon got tired and I was anxious to experience getting sucked myself. I returned to sucking his cock for what felt like a long time to me. After two and a half minutes of sucking my was jaw hurting but he begged me not to stop as he was about to cum. I stroked for a few seconds and told him I was getting close suck it again.

Camping with my Dad

first-time yevedj 2018-05-27

Finally I got to his hard glistening manhood and slid my lips over his cock head, savouring the taste of his sweet precum and took him in half way as I swirled my hands around his shaft as I wanked him also. He could sense something too as he was an expert cocksucker and with one finger sliding into my arse, his wrist rubbing back and forth on my balls and perineum, his other hand on my pubes and stroking the lower shaft of my cock from the front and his mouth and tongue swirling around the top of my cock, I could not stop it.

It Started by Accident Bottom-Slayer Gay-Maker

first-time 425olds 2018-05-27

Going for broke, I answered, "Because I want you to look like a chick when you are sucking my big cock." I asked, curious, although I was pretty sure I knew the answer already, "Have you sucked cock before, faggot?" We arrived at my house and I decided to let it go and closed with, "For the record, you gave a better blow job your first time than Karen ever has." His face went red from the compliment and I thought I saw a small smile, but it quickly disappeared. "Yes, your white cocksucker," he repeated and surprised me when he added, "I love your big hard black cock." He took my stiff rod back in his mouth and began a slow simmering blowjob.

My First Cougar: Never Forget Her

first-time Cougariffic 2018-05-27

I knew where this was leading and I kept telling myself "Remember, you want this woman!" I broke away from her gaze and dropped my eyes to the pale skin of her breasts just visible above the curved neckline of her top. I felt her body press into mine, a feeling I wouldn't soon forget. Lost in the feeling, I suddenly felt her hand along my lower back, then sliding lower before she grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. She ran her hands through the hair right above my ears and pulled me in for a kiss. I must have looked as goofy as I felt, staring and gawking at her body, not to mention rubbing the obvious hardness through my shorts.

Taste For Pink

first-time 2018-05-27

Oh yes, Oh yes that’s right baby eat that pussy, suck it baby, make this pussy cum baby, please let me cum all over your tongue.” When the words left my mouth even I was surprised by them I never thought I could speak like that let alone about my s****r. Hell I should know I have one just like it.” She looked in the mirror and smiled at me. “So who taught you how to you know lick like that?” I couldn’t even say it without my face turning red. Shelle turned to look at me before she walked out the room.” All I’m saying is if you really want to be respected you have to let them know who is the boss.

Young Claudia and The Prophet

first-time oldyoung 2018-05-27

Laws would be made to promote spiritual independence for young women who wanted to be close to great men, such as this Prophet. "Tonight, we will experience the power of the gods through each other in a way that can only be done interdependently." As he said this, she felt him grow and fill up her hand with his girth, the tip resting on her wrist. She thought, as she cupped the ball sac with her left hand and kissed him like it's the only thing she wanted to do. He laid her down on the bed and let his left hand trace the curvy thigh of her right leg, parting her like the Red Sea, but much wetter.

night time

first-time 2018-05-27

She loved getting her pussy kissed and feeling his tongue lick her. Every night she sucked his cock and swallowed his cum after he licked her pussy and fingered it. Her young pussy was so tight and daddy knew it would feel so very good on his cock. She loved to finger fuck his ass inserting all four fingers up his ass till he would spill cum down his leg. He loved to watch his fingers or his cock go in and out of her tight pussy or ass. She loved his huge cock down her throat and sucking it hard till he would fill her mouth with warm cum. She loved to suck his cock and finger his ass till he would cum.

The Last to Leave- Part II

first-time Nathan_Chaplain 2018-05-27

The process went on for about an hour more, the woman asking more intrusive questions on the attack, and Edward spinning a web of lies, on everything from what ship he was on to the battle plans of the assault. She rang a small buzzer on her desk, and a guard brought Edward back to the cells. I don’t know any man in Ireland who wouldn’t have glad eyes for her.” He paused, obviously remembering her, “and she even speaks English like one of the high lords”. An older man cleared his throat, and raised his weak body up so he could talk to Edward and Boy. “The girl?” he asked, “her name’s Daniela Ilieva.

So Glad We Met

first-time IrishExile 2018-05-27

I examine what I can see - your long, dark, wavy hair; the smooth skin of your face; the hint of a shapely body pushing out of your almost full-length woollen cardigan. You press your body against mine, still smiling and looking up at me and I can't help noticing the soft pressure of your breast against my chest. And then I feel you gently rub your hand over my trousers, over my erection. I reach round to undo your bra clasp, remove it and your blouse and then we embrace and kiss again. I take this moment begin guiding my tongue down your body from your perfect pert tits, past your soft rounded belly to your groin.

The One

first-time 2018-05-27

(Me being a Sci-Fi geek, had no idea what that was.) So I placed her on her bed, closed the door, sat down on the couch in the living room, and just stared at the ceiling. She kisses me again; her breasts push against my chest, filling me with pure lust. I can’t take it anymore and ease her back up, kissing her cheek, neck, and chest. I close my eyes and continue my assault, before finally pushing my tongue all the way inside her. Just like Bath time, or when our moms would change us in front of each other when they had new clothes for us. I of course, screamed and moaned like my mom does when my dad does it to her.

The Shopping Trip

first-time mcds566 2018-05-27

You lean back in the seat and start to slide your hand down your taut and toned body until you reach the hem of your skirt. You pull your lips apart, and with resistance plunge two fingers, deep inside yourself. You spread your lips, pulling back the hood, exposi You are pushing hard against your clit; the two fingers of your left hand are racing in and out of your sopping pussy. The door of the cubicle closes I turn, and before my eyes can focus on your beautiful face, I feel your tongue brushing my lips, so I open them, welcoming your tongue inside my mouth.

The Hermit Ch. 01

first-time islandqt 2018-05-27

Lily's eyes fluttered open after what felt like an eternity of sleep. Not knowing what to do, Lily rolled on her side facing away from him which caused the sheet to fall away and expose her back all the way down the top of her buttocks. Noah inhaled sharply and instinctively reached out to run his hand from the nape of her neck all the way down her spine and back up again. Lily gasped and then sighed as she felt his hand on her skin. He moved up to plant a kiss on her lips and then back down to her breast where he finally pulled her areola and nipple into his mouth and began to suck slowly but firmly.

Busted but lucky

first-time gasaholic4u 2018-05-27

So I grabbed my cereal and went back downstairs flipped on the big screen tv and tried to find something entertaining to watch. Well my mom told Mrs. Patterson a very propper woman in her late 30's where the rock was with our hidden key. She then said bluntly, "xxxxx I want to watch you cum for me and this will be our secret. Jen told me how nice it was watching me and that next time she was going to make me do more for her. Later that day my mother told me that if I wasn't working Mrs. Patterson had yard work I could do once a week for money.

Failing Art

first-time Ashson 2018-05-27

After the class was over I noticed Helen looking at the door and dithering about, leaving me with the distinct impression that she was going to bolt and pretend she'd forgotten to see me. "Well," I finally said, "you may fail some of your other classes but I'm damned if you're going to fail art. You saw me doing what?" I know damn well that there was no way she'd seen me having sex with anyone, consensual or otherwise. Your vision comes true but stops short at the point where you wake up, so you don't get raped. "And would this be because you've never got past this point?" I asked, my hand closing over hers where she was clinging to my erection, helping it to stand tall.

My step s****r

first-time 2018-05-27

We continued touching and fingering and wanking each other eventually i lifted her onto the worktop and spread her legs wide ope and started to lick her cunt and clit so i could taste her juices first hand, my fingers probed her ass hole as i did this, disappearing eventually up into her anus, she said she loved being ass fucked but her hubby wouldnt do it made him feel that was the invitation i couldnt resist i pulled her down and turned her round so i could fuck her from behind, first i thrust my cock deep inside her moist cum feeling the tight muscles close around my shaft, she squelched as i thrusted hard into her the sound was great, i fingered her ass as i fucked her one finer then two then she asked for more in her ass hole so i stuck in a third her asshole gaped as i pulled my fingers out then back in again she groaned every time it thrust them in then pulled them out her cunt was hot and so wet the juices flowed over my bollocks and her ass was well lubed up.

Fun at the Part

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-27

gently shoved her upper body toward the fence, watching her grab it. before unzipping his shorts and pulling his thick cock free. She let out a loud grunt as he pushed his cock deep inside her. light, he noticed a length of tree branch leaning near the fence. He lifted her up and let his cock slip out, pushing it He stopped, grabbing both her wrists with one hand and times before slipping a couple fingers into her cunt. he knew she was getting close to cumming, he pulled his fingers away. tip of his cock against her cunt lips, holding it there for what felt like final drops from him and suck his cock clean before he gently tucked it

One Last Chance

first-time Master_Vassago 2018-05-27

Anne breathed a slow sigh of contentment and then responded, “Well hello sexy stranger, how’s your trip going?” “Fine so far Babybear, but I do wish I had told you to just come and meet me here this weekend.” David nodded and stood up, he placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned down and kissed her deeply, all thoughts of his fiancee’ fled from his mind in that instant and he knew that Anne was offering him the most treasured thing she could, herself and her virginity. David slowly withdrew and then slipped back in again pushing deep and slow, he leaned down to kiss her every few strokes and then other times would just nibble on her erect nipples.

Senior Year - Krista

first-time sundress1972 2018-05-27

Headed towards the pool the first day of swimming, I was lucky enough to be behind Krista and Jessica as they walked down the hall in their red and black uniforms. They must have known how close I was to them because as they turned into the girls' locker room, Jessica smiled as she glanced down at my 'problem'. Shortly after I had found a seat most of the boys' locker room was empty, we all wanted to watch as the girls trickled out of the showers in small groups usually 2 or 3. She pulled her hand from my trunks, swam to the far side of the pool, climbed out and walked into the girls' locker room.

The Farmhouse

first-time Scarletpantyprincess 2018-05-27

Friday night came and I waved to my mother and father as they drove away down the dirt road, the second I lost sight of the car I hurried into the house to call Alex and tell him the good news. I laid awake that night imagining what it would be like to let things go further between us, to let Alex touch me and enjoy my body and to feel him inside me. My God this was what love feels like, his hands groping me, his mouth exploring my body and my heart pounding within my chest.

Sir Cums-a-Lot

first-time Bryce Schafft1 2018-05-27

Then it started to lower and I could see the big bitch standing between my legs and the blonde beside me, her tits hanging over my face. The big bitch shaved my cock and balls while the blonde rubbed my chest and tweaked my nipples. "You like that?" the raven-haired bitch said as she picked up the pace, pushing into my ass and pulling out again. The raven-haired bitch continued to fuck my ass and jerk my cock, but a little slower as she was very busy with both tasks. I even had a chance to penetrate the blonde and felt the unbelievable sensation of her hot wet cunt wrapped snuggly around my cock head.

Craigslist meeting

first-time buckangeltobe 2018-05-27

I open my mouth and let the tip in, twirling my tongue around it making him moan and squirm before I open my throat and let his cock slide down, he begins fucking my throat, I gag a little but no way am I making him stop. He starts thrusting harder and harder, his cock getting warmer in my throat until he lets out a huge moan and squirts his load down my throat and pulls out slightly to fill my mouth. He gets down on his knees and starts licking and sucking my clit, I have never had such a good pussy eating. It feels so amazing, I start rocking harder and harder against him, we both thrust hard against each other one last time and let out huge moans.

Damn, What A Workout!

first-time mnmh82 2018-05-27

I was there to run but there was a small group of weight machines right by the door to the Zumba room. I watched for probably 30-40 minutes then got a hold of myself and went to the treadmill. Only one other person was in the cardio room and you chose a treadmill RIGHT fucking across from me. I tried hard to not watch you but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of your bouncing boobs as you ran. I imagined taking you off of the treadmill, undressing you and sucking your clit right there in the room. I followed after you and saw you go back into the Zumba room. Then without a word you jumped up, pulled up your pants and ran to the door giggling.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 24

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-27

Jason kept his eyes closed as he lay on the bed, enjoying the afterglow from fucking Brooke, before he opened them to see that Marnie hadn't moved. While Brooke climbed in, Marnie resumed her sucking on Jason's cock. You've sure taken to blowjobs like a duck to water," Brooke said amusedly as she lay on the opposite side of Jason from Marnie. Marnie shifted slightly left and allowed Brooke to take over playing with Jason's balls. Jason groaned loudly as Marnie went back to sucking on the head before giving Brooke a turn. While Brooke found the condoms and ripped one open, Marnie gently climbed over top of Jason's chest. Marnie's excited pussy coated his lower face in her musky sweet juices as Brooke rode his cock.