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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Point Hollow Ch. 03

first-time WifeWatchman 2018-05-27

"We're looking at getting some increased training for all our Officers, but we have to be careful: if either us or the Fire Department starts having anything resembling medics, the Federal Departments of Justice and Labor will come in and hammer us, that being the County, over the disbanding of the EMTs. Right now, we just have to call University Hospital for an ambulance, and let their paramedics take care of it." "Sheriff," he said, "I'll bring up a touchy one: I'm being told that if Robert Brownlee tries to get his job back, he's going to be pushed off onto the Public Health Department. Sheriff Allgood nodded, then said "It's a good question, though, and I need to be prepared for it if and when the Council asks about it.

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 02

first-time ReefBeach 2018-05-27

As they lay on the bed together, Asher kissed Lilith's forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks. Get your cock into me and started ramming right now before I tear your fucking hair out. Asher stood at the end of the bed, cock swaying angrily, and roughly pulled her hips to him. Lilith stood up, led Asher to the bedroom and sat him on the edge of the bed. She tried bobbing up and down like a porn star, but it made her feel slightly dizzy, so she concentrated on the head, sucking and pulling. Asher thought he could actually feel sparks coming from his cock into his legs. Oh Lilith!" Asher screwed his eyes shut and saw flashes of light. Asher's eyes opened wide, as he tasted her spit and his come in her mouth.


first-time linda124 2018-05-27

Light was coming through the blinds on the window but it still felt like it was the middle of the night. As she screamed, the alien covered its ear holes (which were located close to where a human's are, though farther forward) with his tentacles and growled at her loudly. From the hole in the tentacle, a slimy, red shaft that could only be the alien's cock came out. Soon the alien cock started pulsating, like it was trying to pump something inside of her. As the cock pulsated, she felt a warm liquid starting to fill her pussy. After his big alien cock was free, he brought one of his tentacles over and sprayed her pussy with a fine mist.

train sex

first-time 2018-05-27

I came back to sl**p n found Neha changing position s so got to know even she hadn’t slept still so I went close to her face n told good night. I really din wanted to move from her and wanted to sl**p on her body till dawn but this was not possible so started putting on my cloths and she took a napkin n wiped my dick as well as her pussy she too got dressed up and gave me a good night kiss, I went n stood near the door for some time n again came back to sl**p.

Wife and her s****r

first-time ransommunselle 2018-05-27

Well it started when i decided to take my wife out for our anniversary. I picked her up and we went to the resturant where we were having a good time and she was drinking. i removed my wifes shoes and hoes as she was wearing a little skirt and decided to remove whitneys (my s****r in law) shoes as well. i eased her skirt up and started to massage her pussy and got a little movement but nothing to be scared about. i reached over and unbuttoned my wifes blouse and took her big tits out and watched them as i fingered her s****rs pussy. it didnt take long before i started cumming and dumped it deep in whitneys pussy.

The nicest thing ever said to me

first-time 2018-05-27

Anna all I ever wanted was to be part of your heart, and for us to be together, to never be apart. No one in the world can even compare, You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would, I love you so much more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and our past, by the way you look at me I know that we will last. how perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

Starry sky encounter, a first physical meeting for

first-time opahk 2018-05-27

As she got close to him and greeted him, in a gentleman’s way, he gently grabbed her hand to lay a kiss on it before telling her how enchanted he was to finally meet her. He slowly went from her collar bone to her breast gently kissing and licking her nipples before making his way to her stomach and reached the limit of her jeans. His hands were then posted back on her hips as he kissed her over her panties slowly making his way to her lower lips. He gently lifted one of her legs against his hip as he was caressing it, he used his other arm as support while laying his hand on her neck to hold her as they kissed.

It was the first time.

first-time rodma 2018-05-27

She lay me down and started to kiss my body as she sucked my limp cock an massaging my spent balls, she knew what to do to get me hard and I wasn't long before she had, she knelt in-between my legs holding my cock and fingering my anus as I lay there with a funny feeling shooting through me, she was now working her hand up and down my cock making it hard, her head lowering down sucking the purple head of my cock, she was wanking me just as I had imagined as I wasn't going to last long, Claudia tightened her grip as she rubbed my cock I groaned saying I was Cumming as she stuck her finger in my arse massaging my prostrate as I shot a huge load of cum as it poured out of my cock like a volcano as she milked me dry, she licked it all up and let my cock flop down it was officially dead.

The prom night

first-time mercander 2018-05-27

"I dont know Merc..let me think..if we start practicing two weeks we`ll be the best dancers arround.." So, as I expected i was The prom King, Sarah was very happy for me and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.(my cock was semi`erect already..still thinking about her). Her blowjob skills were amasing, i came after 6 minutes of hard sucking, and after she swallowed she put the condom on my cock and begun to fuck me. "Thank god you said that, i was thinking about telling you the same thing, but i didnt wanted to screw our friendship Merc." "Lets go home, Sarah, if you want..maybe I could offer you the special night you told me about."

How I Became a Cumslut

first-time JennaF25 2018-05-27

She'd get home from work most nights (or put a day aside at the weekend), get herself "glammed up" (she said she'd dress up like a cross between a whore and a pornstar), go online, log in to various sex sites she was a member of and invite random men to come over to her flat and have her suck them off. He has seen your photo and says he absolutely can't wait to get his cock in your mouth...and in about ten minutes, that's exactly what he is going to get, sweetie!" As I rose to my feet and headed back up the stairs towards Gemma, I felt certain that sucking off random older men was now going to be big part of my sex life in the future.

Not Another Bad Dream

first-time Neco Apreal 2018-05-27

Eruna moans softly as she caresses his tongue with her own, pressing her body close to his as her small breasts heave against him. Eruna moans softly and runs her hands down his chest then under his shirt, gently caressing his nipples as well. "It uhm… feels kind of strange… good but… strange." Eruna's body trembles slightly beneath him. "If you want to…" Eruna runs her fingers through his hair, her entire body flushed and quivering slightly. Eruna's thighs tremble as she gathers up enough strength to pull him up to her kissing him deeply as she notices the strange taste upon his lips and tongue. "Yes. I'm sure." Eruna takes his hand and lightly caresses her breast with it as she pulls him close and wraps her legs around him.

First Christmas Ch. 01

first-time virgin_sexpert 2018-05-27

"Fine, where are you heading out to?" I could feel his stare on me and it was making me quite bashful and self conscious although I knew I looked great in that form fitting dress that highlighted my warm honey brown skin, long slim legs, deep red full lips, and dark wavy hair. Who gets wet when a man who looks them deep in the eyes and tells them that I want to fuck every hole you have and make you cum again and again. John disappeared for a while but returned with the bottle of wine in his hand and with no clothes on, but now he had a red bow tied around his hard cock.

Halloween Party Sleepover

first-time profdoc 2018-05-26

At night she would wear skimpy nightgowns that barely covered the bottom of her tight ass and had her beautiful tits on display. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to look for a blanket as I was cold, but eventually just crawled under the big blanket that my stepsister and her friend were sharing. As I was falling asleep I could feel stepsis pushing her ass toward my crotch - as though she was trying to spoon. Before I could ask if she wanted to try it she laid on her back and pulled her fleece nightgown up to her waist - no panties. I decided I would try to eat pussy for the first time and apparently I was a quick learner.

The Fruit and Veg Girl

first-time Mag58 2018-05-26

It looks just like my Craig’s cock!” I turned to see her licking a huge carrot. I would quickly fuck myself with a carrot, and rub my clit, orgasming within a couple minutes! Never taking my eyes from his, I ran the end of the carrot along my pussy lips. I opened my eyes, to find Gareth standing over my face, his throbbing cock inches away from my face. I didn’t have to do anything for him, as he rhythmically fucked my mouth, as I used the carrot like a piston. After using large carrots for a couple of weeks, there was no fantastic sensation as he entered me, but I was in Heaven as he fucked me like a man possessed.

I think my son is gay

first-time griffen1 2018-05-26

pictures on the internet, Christopher," Stuart said Like every savvy teenager of the cyber age, Christopher knew "Yeah, I guess I am a little curious, Dad," the boy "Did you touch Matthew's penis?" Stuart asked his son. As an answer, Stuart issued a command to his son. Stuart whistled when he saw his boy's bare ass come in "Are you gay, Dad?" he asked, turning his head towards "No, Christopher, I'm not gay, but I do like to fuck a Stuart also wanted to see how his son was doing in the Stuart observed Christopher's penis further. "Come on Christopher, shove your ass back on me, give Stuart collapsed on top of Christopher and father and

My Blonde Goddess

first-time fotisampini 2018-05-26

I became more aware of the her, the smell of her perfume, the sound of her breathing, the warmth of her body, the feel of her breast pressed against my chest, the feel of her belly pressed against mine, the bulge of my penis pushing just between her thighs, the head of my cock pressed against the front of her pussy. She took my penis in her hand and put the head between her pussy lips against her opening holding me in place as she lifted up her hips, and sighed, I could feel my cock swelling up inside her, I knew I was going to cum any second; I was trying to hold back.

wife was a slut in 80's in texas

first-time fishy75503 2018-05-26

That night she came home Friday like nothing was wrong and she ask me if I wanted to go for a trip this weekend. I told her I got an email form a gut who said they had a relationship and she looked off thinking I could tell and then answered no. I received an email from a guy in new Boston and he told me that he knew her and had her name correct and that she and a friend went to a bachelors party back then and gave me details but I asked for pictures and he could not said did not remember any being taken .

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 01

first-time SplitLicker69 2018-05-26

It is not uncommon for girls to show up with a pussy load of their boyfriend's cum He was amazed that so many guys loose interest in sex once they had blown their loads. Nikki is amazing, with a great mind and loving heart and personality admired by all. He slowly moved down her belly licking her navel and caressing her thighs and ass. When he finally licked her shaved pussy for the first time, Nikki completely lost it. Jason continued to lick and tongue fuck her pussy. Her pussy cream gushed out covering Jason's face and her ass. Nikki wanted his massive cock in her shaved pussy. His cum rushed up his cock and into her sweet pussy. Nikki took his cock in her sweet mouth.

Her Freaky Side

first-time sgtangel1 2018-05-26

I used to live with and date this girl, Kate. Kate was relatively new to thee realm of sexual possibility so she always tried whatever came to her little mind. After I think she is comfortable I roll on top, She is laying on her back, I begin to face fuck her. As I face fucked her I used m fingers and tongue to get her off. Laying next to each other again she pulled off of my dick to let out a screaming orgasm (she was a screamer.) She then went right back to work as I grabbed her head and began to face fuck her again. I pull out just in time, cum spurts, spraying her face, load after load.

Selected for Sport

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2018-05-26

Xanir Tahl's mouth twisted slightly in acknowledgement of the approval voiced by his lords, even as he felt a quick pulse race down his cock, watching those soft mounds press against the bodice of her gown. The door closed behind the women, and Xanir clapped his hands to bring out the port and the dancing girls, his mind lingering on the memory of the inviting lift and fall of her chest, soft mounds pressing against the front of the gown to the rhythm of her quick, shallow breaths. She had left the perfumed garden without a single Zalmat to guard her, and Lord Sambar had pleaded that the heat of lust at the chance encounter with the dark beauty, ignited further by the tantalizing sakeen the girl had danced for them, had burned away the memory of his duty to his Tahl.

Uncomfortable Experience

first-time steelfire 2018-05-26

I was supposed to watch her while my parents went who knows where. I was worried that they broke something, so I headed over to the room they were in. And when I saw them, one of them had my mother-in-law's 8 inch vibrator in their hand, and apparently one of them had already had a squirting orgasm (at the time, I did not know what this was) on the floor. They cleaned it all up, and as far as I know none of them have told anyone. They seem to like me because they think I'm a good secret-keeper. The only problem is that my mom lost her vibrator after I returned it, and I know who the culprit is.

gary and I spending the night at my house part thr

first-time dusty48180 2018-05-26

we found a clearing and we sat our bikes down and walked into an opening in the field where i knelt down and Gary dropped his shorts exposing his gorgeous cock, balls and slender muscular ass cheeks to the both of us. Jerry walked over to my side as i took Gary's cock onto my throat and he just knelt down along side me and watched as i sucked on Gary's big dick. we all laid on the grass and Gary, to my surprise leaned over and kissed Jerry and then sucked his cock. I got hard again and said I thought you didn't like sucking cock and grinned.

**69*********69***********69********69***SUMMER VA

first-time bellehumide 2018-05-26

It will be our first group sex with a man...i will be the 1 and satisfied girl for hours on end and just can't stop dripping my juicy pussy watching my bf and the mystery man suck their cuck together...that is so exciting to watch..,,how two men can have so much pleasure just like two women don't have to be gay it's just the fact of life to take a chance on the wild side and you will see what comes out!!!! We went into the sauna had a glass of red wine and relaxed for a little while then suddenly my boyfriend say's to the mystery man get closer to my girlfriend and rub her body nice and soft ...she loves gettin' her nipples teased get's her so damn hard that sometimes she starts to squirrel and when i look down her pussy is dripping all by itself.

My s****r-in-law the Sub

first-time jboy034 2018-05-26

Her first husband ended up cheating on Mary Louise with a lady that he worked with, and then he got a divorce, married the mistress and moved out of state. I think I surprised myself as well as Mary Louise, but she didn’t say anything in response to my statement, and just started to remove her clothing. Well, I didn’t have to imagine any more since Mary Louise was now sucking my cock and it felt great. I couldn’t resist the opportunity once again while we were in the shower, I had her suck my cock, I enjoyed some time fucking her pussy, and I finished and dropped my load into her ass.