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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Motorcyle Madness

first-time Ladyhawke24 2018-05-26

He looks at my skirt then at me and asks if I'm sure I want to wear it, then says, before I can answer, it should work if I tuck it up and reminds me to be careful of the exhaust pipes. He asks me to lift up a little which I do and he slowly slides his hands over my ass to make sure the skirt is all tucked under me. He starts moving his fingers faster...I can feel the pressure building.....I grab his wrist trying to stop him, but he ignores my silent plea...oh no!....I can't hold back much longer! I can feel him getting close and start moving my hips just bit, making sure that with every bump he slides into me harder and harder.


Blind Love

first-time Tastyquim 2018-05-26

Eddy had to put his cock inside one of them, and as much as he wanted it to be Ann, the stranger's naked ass was right there in front of him, almost beckoning him to enter. She seemed to love it, and keep saying "yes, Yes, YES." He pulled his cock out and started rubbing her clit with the tip of his dick, then rammed it up inside her again, over and over, all the time while she was screaming in ecstasy, full of lust and desire. Eddy lay weak against her body, his cock still inside her, but starting to relax, juice spilling out of her cunt onto the floor.

Mattison House

first-time mithragoddess 2018-05-26

"Yeah, yeah, stuff it Scott." Nicolai dismissed his friend's words and pulled his long black hair out of his green eyes and back into a pony tail. He leaned down closer to her, continuing to work his fingers in and out of her, unable to tear himself away from the wonderful feel of her silky body. "What Tatiana, do you want me to stop?" Reluctantly he began to pull out his fingers. "I love it, but its nothing but a tease!" Absentmindedly she released his hair and held her breast, twisting her nipple slowly between her fingers, the painful pleasure surging through her body. Groaning, one hand gripping her shoulder the other the comforter, Nicolai tried to keep from throwing her down and thrusting deep inside her.

The Making of a Sissy - Part Six

first-time midsummerman 2018-05-26

“Sandy asked if she could go to the beach with you and the girls when I mentioned I’d be here today and Jane had told me of her day’s plans; why don’t you ask Sandy about the pool and everything, like I told you, I’m sure Jane won’t mind if she knows girls like Sandy will be around to look after you.” Roberts then put Bella down and looked at Jane with a c***dish smile; there was something he wanted to ask her. “I don’t care Bella; Sandy has told me everything, I know how it’s been for you…I want you so much.” Adam would have no more of it, and pulled Bella closer still, embracing her soft body, wiping her tears away and putting his hand behind her head.

Hook Pt. 01

first-time IRGirly 2018-05-26

The buzzer finally stops ringing, I begin to feel at ease and thoughts of sleep begin to make their way back into my mind but that is short lived as my doorbell starts ringing, again, until I give in...time to face the music. "That's a good girl," he compliments me as I begin gagging once more, only this time he doesn't retreat, instead, he's grabbing the back of my head and holding me in place as he pushes hi cock further down my throat. As he starts to pull away, I can feel ropes of cum hitting the back of my throat and I swallow them as he squeezes his cock to produce huge globs of cum...some of which he is using to dab behind each one of my ears and on each eyebrow as he smiles.

Clyde the Ride

first-time S3lwyncd0g 2018-05-26

There was a sudden look of shock on Cindy's cum streaked face and her mouth flew open as she gasped. As Cindy was trying to get off of the bed, the new voice came from the hallway, "What the fuck?" Shit, she must've seen our clothes in the bathroom. This put my face close to where Neese was busy eating Cindy's pussy. Neese paused and looking up saw my face was so close, and quickly grabbed my head and started kissing me. "Was he good Cindy?" Without waiting for either of us to answer, Neese pushed my face into Cindy's pussy. I was really enjoying this and had a good rhythm going when Neese jerked my head up and started kissing me again.


first-time 2018-05-26

We first stopped at her place, unloaded her groceries then went to my place. When we got there sh helped me inside with my groceries and then left. Funny, I never heard her engine start so I went back outside to see what was wrong. She told me that she didn't think she thanked me properly and proceeded to drop to her knees. Sth opened my belt and tugged down my pants and began to suck me off. After a while she stripped off her shorts and thong, opened her car and laid down in the back seat. She started to suck my cock to lunricate it and when it was soaking wet I began to fuck her.

I Lost My Virginity to My Fantasy

first-time anulakalua 2018-05-26

Anytime I looked at porn, I thought about one guy in a school named Chaz. They were all muscular like Chaz, and the guys all took out their cocks. The girl had huge tits, probably Ds. They all came over, and started fucking me. The first guy stuck his dick in my mouth, just where Chaz's had been. The second came and started massaging and sucking my tits." This bitch got cute tits" he said. Chaz started sticking 3 fingers into me, and I cried in more pain. "Fuck this shit" he said, and placed his dick, touching my wet cunt. Chaz pulled out of my cunt, and went for my lubed up ass hole, while the other guy who was watching fucked my sore pussy.

Convinced her to...con't

first-time naturezgirl 2018-05-26

Turning to look behind me for approval, I hear him moan, "Yes, eat her pussy baby!", as he begins to fuck me harder, in both holes. I could feel him close to dumping his huge load deep in my ass, his head swelling and filling me even fuller with his fuck stick and I told her "Baby, it's almost over and I'm going to make you scream when you release that last orgasm!" To this she replied, "I wish to cum with the two of you, work your magic bitch" and with that note, I began to eat her pussy with the passion I had only put into sucking cock before.

The unexpected awakening

first-time pornfan1976 2018-05-26

Peaking in a room, he saw a stunning blonde with the cutest and tightest ass taking a sexy redhead from behind. He pounded the ass of the cute blonde, whilst she fucked her redheaded friend in the same manner. Looking up, she saw the redhead sucking the blonde's cock. She did as asked, with Dave fighting the urge to ejaculate the moment she slid her cock into his ass. Dave wasn't far off himself, for the blonde's asshole was so tight he had to fight harder than usual not to cum. Dave leaned on the blonde, barely able to stand from the 15 minutes of sex. Dave would soon learn the redhead was named Becky and the blonde was named Dina.

A Hot Afternoon by the Pool

first-time on_the_quiet 2018-05-26

While the idea of sucking off another guy and potentially having them cum in their mouth wasn't overly appealing, the thought of getting to have Chloe however they wanted was indeed an exciting prospect. Andrew could sense that Chloe was incredibly aroused and she moved her hand down to her pussy and started to quickly run her finger tips over her clit. Andrew stop fucking Chloe and then slowly eased his cock from Chloe's pussy and she stopped sucking Stuart's cock long enough to sit back on the chair again with her arse right on the edge of the seat and her legs once again spread wide.

First Time in a Hotel With Tom: Part 2

first-time 2018-05-26

As he got turned on and his breathing started to change, I stopped playing with his cock and kissed his neck as I moved to his chest. Of course he made sure my breasts were very clean, especially my nipples as they got hard and he loved to clean my pussy, he kept telling me how nice and soft and smooth it felt since I was shaved. I started to rub my clit whle watching him, I just loved how hard his cock looked I was thinking I could watch this all day, I was wrong, almost without warning I started to climax, I couldn't stop and didn't want to stop, I had my eyes closed, my body was shaking as I heard Tom say he was cumming.

The closest we've come.... (PART 1) real

first-time Design82 2018-05-26

My wife paused, bent slightly, and started to rub her aching ankle... He smiled at my wife, opened a door to a small ante-room containing a high white-linened bed, asked her to "remove sandals please" and gestured for her to lay....on his bed! He placed his hand on her ankle, fondled it slightly, then caressed her calf muscle. I could hear his voice, through the fog in my brain, commenting on her "pretty legs", and telling her "let me check your thighs".......I was in a COLD sweat.......!! I just remember thanking him for the tea and the 'examination' him the 10 dirhams he requested.....grabbing my wife's hand...and her sandals....and getting the hell out.......


first-time Bluetrain 2018-05-26

The image of her crotch wide open to my thrustings, my wet balls openly banging back and forth against her damp ass, my thickening cock buried like some primeval tree root in her cavern, seeking its deepest entry; the thought of her wanting more penetration, more of me (yes, this is self-absorbed, but deal with it), more pleasure from me; and the feel of her hands now brushing madly across my back and through my hair, all combined to set me loose. She gave a soft, high pitched cry and I felt and saw her stomach muscles tense up, and then her hands were pulling my head into the welcoming sexual darkness of her crotch and she was coming, thrusting her cunt into my face and sucking my tongue up her crack until my lips were kissing her own.

Will she or won't she? What would you do?

first-time 2018-05-26

He reached into my blouse, and pulled my breasts out, one at a time and for a moment stared, saying only, “oh my god” he bent forward and took each erect nipple into his mouth and sucked deeply, biting intermittently, I could only moan at the sheer pleasure of the feeling . He turned me swiftly, guided my hands to the tree, which resulted in my ass being out and my legs spread in a balancing response, I felt my skirt get lifted, and instantly a thick cock was perched on my pussy lips, he teased me, knowing I wanted him, making me wait.

The Scene Ch. 01: The Script

first-time YoureWet 2018-05-26

"No thanks, mum, we really don't want an audience; it's so embarrassing when you're doing a first read-through," Chloe told her. "There you go mum, it doesn't matter which room we're in because she doesn't know he's here anyway," Chloe said, and I had to admire her logic. "Oh, Tom, you know how much I love you," Chloe said, putting some real emotion behind it this time. "You're blushing, Harry," Chloe said, smiling sweetly at me. "She likes getting dominated and fucked by her man," Chloe said. "Like what?" Chloe said, smiling at me, her cheeks a little red. "Tom starts fucking Daisy hard, ramming into her repeatedly while she screams in pleasure?" I said.

Real First Time Gay Sex

first-time jayvee696969 2018-05-26

I had been propositioned a few times by gay guys but always refused, afraid that someone would "find out." I always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy, but never had the nerve to say yes. I was sure that everyone in the theater must be watching and knew exactly what was going on. I finally got up the nerve to reach over and placed my hand on his crotch and began to caress him. Again my heart was pounding, mouth dry, scared and excited at the same time. If you are one of those people that is scared or undecided, don't let the time get past you - it is moving much faster than you think!

Wrong One

first-time Ashson 2018-05-26

That and the fact that Jordan's hand was starting to stroke my leg again. Jordan twisted his hand around, captured mine again, and pressed it against his erection. And I couldn't just jerk my hand away because Jordan was holding it there. I stayed in the cab a moment longer, giving a polite good night to Rob, then I hopped out and the taxi took off. Now he was standing there again, one hand on my bottom holding me in place, the other on my mons, damn him, rubbing it. "Then pick a nice girl from among your friends and point her at Rob and he'll get over it fast enough," Jordan said.

An End to Virginity

first-time tustin92614 2018-05-26

I slipped back in my chair, and smiled at the guy, and when I had his attention, I glanced between my legs, just to let him know that I knew what he saw, and I was good with it. Fortunately, I think I was the only person who knew what was going on with Tim. A small dark spot appeared at the peak of his tent, and since the fabric was pulled so tight at the tip, I could see a bit of the white goo leak through at the top. "Well, you better get me to your place, clean me up, and get me naked pretty quick," I said matter-of-factually while looking at his pants.


The Cowboy and the College Girl. (Chapter 1-5)

first-time alittlebashfull 2018-05-26

She smiles and says “Good bye, you don’t want to be late to your friends house.” I ask her again “What’s your name?” She smiles and says ‘ If I call you I will tell you my name.” She walks away and disappears in the crowd. She replies “Sorry I missed your call, I was taking a bath.” I say “Thank you for calling me back, if your still busy you can call me back when you get dried and dressed.” She says “ I will call you back in about 10 minutes.” We end the call and I walk back into the kitchen to find something for lunch.

Almost First Time

first-time panewhitebread 2018-05-26

After what felt to me like forever, but in actuality was a short time, Bonnie told me that she had spoken with her parents, and they had agreed to permit her to go on a date with me. Needing to experience Bonnie's treasures completely, I decided I wanted to taste the enticing place revealed to me, so I licked my way from her breast, across her midriff, past her navel, and down the pink valley, sliding my tongue from the top of it to the ending point deep between her legs, tasting the sweet, tangy liquid covering her, and smelling her sweet essence.

Mom and her boys (part 2)

first-time 2018-05-26

Mark remembered something she said earlier that flew over his head and suddenly broke their kiss, almost gasping for air: "Mom, you said you got carried away last night....does that mean you were turned on?" Jackie smiled uncomfortably and said "Well your little b*****r has a magic tongue." Alex stopped sucking her breasts and looked at his mom in shock. Mark:"I'm sorry mom, but you guys have been gone a while, so we got worried." Jackie didn't get mad, she just patted Mikey on the head and said "These are my other two sons, Mikey and Mark, oh and by the way I'm Jackie and that's my son Alex." The mature lady smiled "We'll it's nice meeting you all my name is Sabrina, but we have to get back out to the store there are some people waiting to use the bathroom." She turned to walk away but Jackie patted her on the shoulder.

The Neighbour

first-time amandacallsex 2018-05-26

“You can be as sorry as you like but there are consequences for your actions that little girls like you need to learn about,” he stepped closer and I was scared he was going to slap me or something but instead he lifted his hand and pushed his thumb between my lips. My body was singing a little siren song and I knew something was going to happen but I wasn't sure what until my pussy exploded with a throbbing little burst that left me panting and made me suck harder on the cock that was fucking my mouth. “Good girl, sweetheart,” he said, “I'll look forward to next time,” and he went back into the house without another word, leaving on my knees with a pile of boxes to sort for his wife.

Chem 101

first-time 2018-05-26

The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn’t seem to want to hold my head up with much strength. “The way you taught your class made the material easier to understand.” I thought I saw her grin out of the corner of my eye. She pulled back and I looked at her feeling lust sick, panting from the passion of the kiss. I didn’t know what time it could be… As she looked around to see if someone was watching, I buried my tongue into her s ending her a shock of suprise. I increased speed again, ramming it in hard until I wasn’t sure if she could take anymore, then released with my hands on her hips pressing my body into hers.