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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dream Cum True

first-time hornymonkey90 2018-05-26

I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower and started to strip my clothes off, my cock rock hard from thinking about what my wife had in store for me tonight. I looked at my wife when I heard a second moan and noticed she was laying back with her panties to the side exposing her soaking wet pussy as she rubbed her clit while watching me take Nick's cock in my mouth. My wife came over to us, seeing my lonely cock, and took me in her mouth as I tongue fucked Nick's tight ass hole. This was so hot that I, too, started to cum, moaning with Nick's cock in my mouth, as my wife sucked me dry.

First Chapter!

first-time cugarluvr 2018-05-26

She put an arm around me and gave me a hug and said something like, "That's OK, you'll get over it, and it will get better" and putting a hand on my cheek turned my head towards and kissed me. She unsnapped her bra and threw it off and lay on top of the bed and patting it said, "Come on join me." Now I did as she asked, smiling at me I felt she was laughing at my attempts to make love to her, she was taking the initiative and I just let her kiss me and run her fingers over me.

punished by parent in laws chapter 5 part 1

first-time lippy100 2018-05-26

My Parents in Law thought it would be good therapy for me if I put pen to paper and recount some more of the humiliation and punishment I have received at their hands. I did not want to ask my boss for time off for a long lunch, but I also feared the consequences of letting down my Parents in Law. I did not know why Jane had phoned me out of the blue to request I be present for lunch, but I rationalised it must be important. For what seemed an eternity Ben and Jane just stared back at me, smiling, and obviously not in a hurry to elaborate on why my boss was standing in the dining room of my Parents in Law.

Who Was She?

first-time Kathy Doll 2018-05-26

As and when I came closer to farm-girls, I would get a hard on. She came closer, gave me a light hug and whispered, “Do not lock the door. I made a little move and took one nipple in my two lips and started sucking it. I took her second nipple in my mouth to suck it deep and hard. While I kept sucking her breasts, one after the other, she kept cumming, shivering and getting my head closer and closest. Once I got up and found her warm body, I felt like burying my face deep inside her pussy. My tongue, hot and quick, was soon working its way from deep inside her pussy to her clit.

Audition Preparation

first-time barnabus 2018-05-26

But it was also rumored that he had a taste for young dancers, and liked give chorus girls a special private 'audition' before he promoted them to featured roles. "Are you going to have to audition for him privately?" I finally asked, unable to think of a more delicate way of phrasing my question. "Maybe," Sari admitted, "but Frau Schmidt asked me if I was a virgin." "Do you like the way I look?" I openly let my eyes survey her small mounds, probably an "A" cup at best, her trim waist, her narrow tight hips and muscular legs, and I allowed my eyes to linger on the 'v' where her legs joined her body.

My first MFM

first-time obsolete_1 2018-05-26

I knew Hank and Sally were older than I was, they had said so in their email, but I was not quite expecting the warm, grandmotherly face that greeted me at the door wearing a bathrobe. "A little shy, huh?" Sally said as she sexily ran one hand along the outline of my now rock hard dick through my jeans, and with her other hand began stroking her husband's huge erection. "Sweetie, I can't wait to feel this thing pound me in all of my holes." she said excitedly just before inhaling my throbbing cock and taking it in her mouth balls deep. I gripped Hank's cock tighter as Sally bobbed her mouth manically around my cock, going from balls deep to head at a lightning pace!

Lakeside Love

first-time kreigen12 2018-05-26

You are a sexy lad for sure," Pat said, putting a hand over his. "I've wondered what it would feel like to have you hold me, like you are." Roger said softly as he caressed her breasts through her top. "Thanks sweetie" she said her voice a bit shaky, taking them from him as he sat on the blanket by her." Sexy is right, every which way. "Oh Roger this so sexy, is it right?" Her words said so softly and her voice a bit shaky. "I feel like I could hold you like this forever as well." Pat said softly and added, "I think I should cool down a bit though.

Back Door Present

first-time zopri 2018-05-26

Her cunt was so slippery I put my fist inside her with ease and as I fist fucked her she reached between her legs and began to play with her engorged clit. I massaged her ass with my other hand as I wiggled that finger inside her. I eased the plug in her ass up to the big end of the knob, and then I just twisted it inside her. Round and round and when I felt that muscle relax I plunged the plug past the knob deep inside. She told me this felt good and I went faster and farther pulling more of the knob out of her before I pushed it back in.

Wishing You Were Here

first-time 2018-05-26

Its late and there's not a thing to watch on TV, she runs a hot bubble bath for herself, turns on sum soothing music to relax her body, & hops in the tub. The hot water suroundes her body and she moans in pleasure and starts to relax. Little does jill know that her boy friend just walked through the front door (she keeps a spear key under the mat). Tre' can hear jill's sweet moans from out side the front door. Jills eyes are closed and she doesnt see tre' walk up in front of her. Jill begans to moan in his ear After a minute or two and tre' stops and stands up.

Curious Virgins

first-time bigdoge 2018-05-26

One day, him and Haley made eye contact...Kevin locked with her pearl blue eyes behind her blocky glasses that sat upon her soft pale face. "Oh, I'll get that" Kevin said; but when they both reached for the pencil, his hand touched hers, and they both turned their heads to each others and stared straight into the young adolescent eyes only but a couple inches apart from one another. Haley closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the new sensation arise in her breasts. Kevin stared into them, his mouth open, he went in to kiss her and she clinged her lips to his and they instantly began making out.

A Dare is a Dare (Fair is Fair part 3)

first-time hunglo567 2018-05-26

Bonny and I finished setting up the girls site while Amy went to help Tim get the fish gutted and filleted, although I think they spent more time kissing and groping each other than they did working on the fish. I'll be honest, the sight of her long blonde hair pooling in my lap and the way her boobs swayed each time she sucked my rod into that glorious mouth would have been enough to drive me over the edge, but the feel of her lips sucking me into her and the way her tongue teased the head of my prick as she did so, oh my God!

Busty little Latina!

first-time keepemcumin 2018-05-25

She was wearing little hiking brown hiking boots, black shorts which looked liked she painted them on that big butt of hers and a white top that finally showed me that beautiful body of hers. Ali went to the room and came back in pajamas and there was a moment where I was wondering if I was going to sl**p with Paula who is extremely flirty by this point. By this point she is lightly petting that's why I don't say rubbing my fully erect cock which is clearly visible through my pants and Paula is laughing again watching this all go down. Paula finally gets up to go to the kitchen, when Ali stands up with a finder over her lips (telling me to be quiet) and grabs my hand pulling me back to her room.

Nude Beach

first-time Kat900 2018-05-25

When we got to the beach I stripped and she took off the tank top and shorts which revealed a bit of cleavage of her small boobs and a little butt cheek. It's called a penis, dick, cock and lot's of other things and I keep my pubes shaved because it feels good and hair makes taking a condom off painful. The sight and feel of her cute little butt sticking up got me excited but I was careful not to touch let my penis touch her. I took my time and lapped up her juice and put a finger into her vagina trying to find her G-spot and kept licking her clit, wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible.


first-time Laphroaig 2018-05-25

I don't want to get a shock if I touch the wrong thing.' Georgie laid a hand on my chest and told me all the switches were off murmuring that I was free to touch whatever I liked without fear and everything would be fine. With the remainder of my clothes off Georgie proceeded to show me ALL of her wonderful body, her small but beautiful breasts and how to lick, suck and stroke their stiff pinky, brown nipples and down her smooth belly to her neatly trimmed bush where she parted her lips and let me explore her pussy in minute detail. As I lay back breathing hard Georgie licked my softening cock clean of our combined juices and told me she was surprised she had squirted twice in three orgasms as normally she didn't squirt that often.

Nun Lets Loose

first-time Stormysailor 2018-05-25

A couple of nights later they had all gone to bed when Bonnie called Kris on her mobile, "I forgot to ask you tonight if you have come to a decision about lending me your husband for one tuition session. The night of the party arrived and six of Jakes friends were ready to meet Bonnie and discover how they could help her catch up on her dating and sexual etiquette and techniques. When they had all had three rounds Bonnie told them to open a monster truck racing game on Jake's iPad, they were all to complete one round of the race and the guy with the best time could follow her in to the bedroom, where he would find her naked, for a 20 minute visit

Taking The Thompson Women 2 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-05-25

As she looked herself over in the mirror, I wrapped my arms behind her and said, "I want you to wear this on your trip. Her beautiful sucklent breasts, and her hardening nipples, which he sucked and nibbled at will as her hands gripped the bedspread, looking desperately for a way to avoid cheating. "I'm gonna fill up your pussy Mya. I've got a big load for you. Your gonna fuckin beg for me to cum in your tight black cunt, you little slut. "You like daddy's dick baby?" I asked. "We're gonna have another tutoring session tomorrow, Mya." I said. That night, I made sure her dad got a good look at me leaving the house, when he finally pulled in that night.

My Older Friend

first-time tirreno12 2018-05-25

I thought a little on Jen's invitation feeling a bit guilty about my far husband but she was a very good teaser ("be good, Claudia, and make him happy, nobody can see us and nobody will know it," she said) so I also untied my top remaining in my reduced thong only and sporting some harden nipples as the situation had me aroused. Coming back to the phone call subject, Jenny and her husband Mike had a friend, Paul, whose wife left for another man a year before. I wanted to confess what happened to my husband begging him to forgive me for being so easily persuaded to show off for Paul and consenting him to take liberties, but Jenny told me that I was fantastic and she thanked me again knowing that this poor lonely man enjoyed to look at my pretty body and touch me.

Wife Fucker

first-time dwtkatja 2018-05-25

"Nice titties you have my big soft melons!" said the rude old man, "and fine fat nipples too, I'll be bound! The old man looked at me, then commenced to rub and massage all over my wife's naked body....breasts...belly...bottom...and the thick thatch of her beautiful pubic bush. The sound of fucking filled the shop, his fat, hairy stomach slapping against my wife's full round bottom...his long hairy ball sack swinging and bouncing with the effort...I took a moment to look at his scrotum...huge and heavy and swollen with his muslim seed. The man took the small coin...looked for a second at Anita's expose navel...and thrust his tongue all the way into her deep belly-button causing her to let out a gasp.

18 Today - Her Virginity MUST Go!

first-time MrsJ 2018-05-25

Nathan and Jenny caressed each other for a few minutes...he kissing her, holding her, letting his hand move down between her legs and -- for the very first time - easing his finger into her increasingly-wet virgin tunnel...she fondled his balls, squeezed his manhood...knowing that it would soon be very much stiffer and be thrusting deep down inside her... And downstairs, Jenny's younger sisters heard the scream...each imaging how Jenny had felt when Nathan's erection thrust into Jenny's love tunnel, forever slightly widening her tight little cunt...and they giggled - for just a second or two...before then realising that it would not be very long before THEY also would be experiencing a similar piercing pain when their little cunnies were plumbed for the very first time by some young man's totally stiff erection.

The Encounter Ch. 01

first-time Pandora33103 2018-05-25

I try to keep my breathing deep and even as I feel his hand gently caress the side of my face and slowly comb through my short-cropped dark hair. "Come in?" I have a good feeling that I know who it is, and when he pokes his head around the door I find, to my relief, that I was right. "How did you know that I gave you the blanket and helped you out?" He comes in to the room a little farther. She can be pretty harsh when it comes to other people in our lives, but I told her that you are dying, and right away she wanted to know what it was from.

My first Threesome video for Xhamster

first-time 1btags 2018-05-25

Ok, well here goes I've always fantasized about having sex with two at the same and just been to scared to do it, but putting my naked pics of myself and videos of me and my boyfreind having sex and sharing my sex life with strangers on xhamster site has turned me and my boyfreind into exhibitionist who loves the attention and comments I get from showing off my naked pics of myself and sex acts I perform on video Its such a turn on for me to have a stranger comment or send me a picture of his cock telling me how love to fuck me and cum in my pussy and how he would love for me to suck his cock ,which by the way is something I love to do [lol] I also adore men tributing my pictures ,It gets me so horny I just love touching my pussy while watching men play with their cocks to my naked pics.

Would You?

first-time 18YearOldWriter 2018-05-25

"Would you eat a guy's ass but the reward would be you could fuck ANY girl in the world with no bad consequences? I was comfortable with the fact that I was a straight man that I would no doubt eat a guy's ass to be able to pick up any woman I wanted. I'm in the mood to shake things up so I'm gonna grant you the power to fuck any woman in the world if you eat my ass." She immediately went to work on my dick and gave me head that sent waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. "When do you want these?" a woman's voice asked as the screen started to move up showing the face of none other than Kim Kardashian...


School of Hard Knocks Ch. 01

first-time EroticFaction 2018-05-25

Brimming with anticipation, he slid it open, hoping for another text from Tina but was disappointed to see it was from Jay, asking if it was cool if Claudia stopped by to get her book. His mind fought itself, thoughts of finally getting Tina in bed clashed violently with images of Claudia pressing her tits together for him. Claudia pumped her mouth a few times, turning Greg's shaft rock hard. Unable to stop herself, both from the sheer desire she felt and the absurdity of it all, Claudia rose to her feet and swung a leg over Greg, straddling his body, she stepped forward until she was right over his head.

The ultimate dream come thru - part 1

first-time 2018-05-25

She did not reply, but put a hand with delicate long fingers gently on my cheek, drew me close and kissed me very softly on the lips. Therefore it came a bit as a surprise when I noticed her real close, putting a hand softly on my thigh and brushing her lips against my neck. Tasting the salty gooey liquid in my mouth and the slick feeling on my lips made me go crazy and I lustfully played with her tongue, kissing, licking until I had to catch a breath. With sticky lips I kissed and caressed her neck, slid her dress of her shoulders and started softly and gently caressing her small firm perky tits.