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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cowboy Needed

first-time aznrd 2018-05-25

I've always been more of a tomboy; goofing off with my guy friends, telling dirty jokes, spending most of my time outside getting dirty, or making fun of those prissy girls all done up in makeup and tight scanty clothes and big strappy heels who shudder at the thought of stepping foot anywhere put a flashy club. He wore his black Stetson tilted back on his head (in what Chris LeDoux would call a Texas grin, even though Ethan wasn't from Texas), his well worn Wrangler jeans low on his hips, and a button up shirt that clung to his chest like it was happy to be there. "I want your big hard cock deep inside me, Ethan." I moaned as he ripped my panties down.

Perfect First

first-time lippy 2018-05-25

I couldn't even come to terms with the fact that she actually liked me, much less ask her to be my girlfriend. We had some bad times, but the good times made me believe that without the bad, this relationship couldn't exist because it was too perfect. My hand slowly worked its way down to my beautiful girlfriends vagina. I slowly worked my fingers inside of her wonderful vagina, moving them back and fourth. Looking into my eyes, my beautiful girlfriend said, "Should we?" while pressing her covered vagina onto my erect penis. I was deep inside of my beautiful girlfriend, I was as physically and emotionally close to her as I ever had been in my life, and everything was perfect.

Tom's Torture

first-time AddToWater 2018-05-25

And although I went to sleep that night with a serious case of blue balls (even after masturbating and blasting a load of cum nearly halfway across the little room), I slept deeply and happily, because Pam had also promised with all her heart that her Christmas gift to me would be her virginity.... "That's what I thought." And with that, she got her fingers into the strings at her hips and began to push downward, slowly, oh so fucking slowly, until at last, in glorious detail not three feet from my hungry eyes, my girlfriend Pam exposed her completely naked ass to me. Down, slowly, slowly down...Pam eased her weight down, and I began to feel the head of my cock squeeze tightly into her pussy.

Babysitter's New Customer

first-time lingerieeurope 2018-05-25

She didn't say a thing as I pulled her around on her knees and fucked her doggy style, then pushing her face into the mattress as I plowed her pussy balls-deep, all while holding her by her smooth-as-silk hips. I took the KY injector and lubed it up with the stuff left on my hand and then felt Emily tense up as I pushed it deep into her pussy. It took a lot for me to calm down, but I finally did and I laid all my weight on the girl as I slow-fucked her and tried to hold off coming for a bit longer. I was about to stop and pull out when I felt her pussy contract around my cock like a fucking hand!

ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise

first-time goatfortuna 2018-05-25

Watch this." The next time the server came by I said "could you bring my wife one of these margaritas, but make it a sweet one, a strawberry, and better make it a small one." Kana loved strawberry so that was easy. Kana had crawled closer to me on the fake fur rug, sucking the last of the cherries off the stick as she looked up into my eyes, then she was unbuckling my belt and pulling out my cock, and in the next instant she had her tongue on the tip of my cock as she glanced up at me, then her lips were opening and her mouth was on my cock.

The Taste Of Jealousy Part 1

first-time milli214 2018-05-25

Firstly, the Bicept Curls, is where you will be lifting weights, but since you are all only in grade eight, I surely hope most of you will be able to lift ten pounds," Mr. Richard said, looking at all of us while we all laughed and I grinned, elbowing my friend Shyla who yelped, rubbing her arm and giggled as I kept looking at the teacher and then at Matt, who was across the room, talking to his buddies and they laughed as his eyes turned to mine and I winked an eyelash, smiling at him and I could even see the twinkle in his eye of excitement.

Bare Naked Yoga

first-time Black_Sanchez 2018-05-25

Stroking my back I felt her weight move across me, her body lying full length over my back, her legs astride of mine, her mound pushing within my cleft, her fingers touching my hand, entwining with my own, sensations all of which I readily accepted and responded to; her pelvis moved slowly against me as I felt her lips kissing the nape of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine and causing me to release a murmuring sound of accepting pleasure. She held my head with both hands, her fingers holding me tight in her embrace and wanting kiss as I moved my body between her thighs; then releasing me as I kissed my way down across her tits, following the line of her cleavage; kissing down and down to pause at her tummy running my lips and tongue around her navel.

Heather's Desire

first-time HeathersDesire 2018-05-25

Kyle's right hand worked the mouse while his left stroked his erection with what Heather recognized as her missing black silk panties. Heather heard footsteps and turned to see for a third time her son completely naked, his spent penis, red and deflated, dangling between his legs. I came down thinking you would be in the kitchen, but saw that you were still in your room." The look of terror that flashed across Kyle's face told Heather that he had just realized that she had seen him earlier as well. Jill began her kisses at Heather's navel, slowly working her way up her flat stomach, then around her left breast making circle after circle, deliberately avoiding the areola.

Halloween Witch

first-time Pandora33103 2018-05-25

"So, Jeremiah, you are telling me that before the sunrise I will be fucked by ten more men?" I have to stop and think about this. Please, just be here for me, that's all I can ask right now." Without any warning I feel two hands on my hips and a manhood pressing against an opening that I never thought to be anything other than an exit. I do not hear anything that is said between Jeremiah and his men until I feel another manhood pressing against my ass. His men all come into the room and look down at me as for a moment I transform into the witch that cursed them and then I am back to myself.

My first Bi experience

first-time cflfgfs 2018-05-25

Things were a little tense, but Frank moved between Megan's legs and slid his cock into her wet pussy. I watched as my wife fucked this stranger's cock while I sucked on her tits and whispering in her ear how wonderful she looked and how turned on I was watching her get fucked. I'm watching her suck a cock, while fucking a cum filled pussy. Here I was fucking my wife's pussy full of a stranger's cum and now I'm helping her suck his cock and it wasn't so bad. Megan then took his cock in her hand and place it at my lips for me totally suck.


first-time laceysgirl 2018-05-25

"Geri this feels so good do you like it?" I pushed back against him driving more of that huge cock into my virgin ass and I heard myself say "Give it to me Fuck my ass Fuck me hard I love it I love it!" With that encouragement he gave me his whole cock right up inside my colon stretching me wide and I gasped with pleasure I loved being full of his cock and I wanted more...He just left it there for a few moments letting me get used to it kissing the back of my neck then he began sliding it in and out of me slowly at first then a little faster when he saw that I could take it and that I even liked it he got me on my hands and knees he never even left me as we rose up he must have done Simone this way more than once but I didn't care...

Ride from a Football Player

first-time EgyptOasis 2018-05-25

I had told Garret before the game that I needed a ride home. Garret is just too good looking to not want to fuck. Like he didn't was polite enough not to leave me alone until he knew I had a ride, but I could tell he really wanted to be anywhere but there. if he was going to be rude about it, I didn't really want to get out of the rain that bad anyways.When I made no move to get in the truck he said, "After you told me you had a ride I went with the guys to the after party. Garret was there with that girl so I went to yell at him for ditching you like that.

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2018-05-25

It was hard controlling my thoughts and erection with Anna alone, but when Monica looked into my eyes sultrily as she rubbed against my crotch, my cock started pushing back even harder on these women. With Penny stroking my cock now and Anna sucking the head, I thought I might lose it soon. "I think he likes what he sees," Monica commented, seeing another drop of pre-cum ooze from the twitching head of my cock. Monica dropped to her knees on my left side, soon followed by Penny in the middle and Anna on the right. Penny pushed my legs apart more and nuzzled against my balls, while Anna just held the bottom of my shaft for Monica to lick.

Justine: Like Cinnamon

first-time drsalt 2018-05-25

The eyes (that had fallen directly on Freddy exactly once in the two weeks she had been in his home room) looked like they were black when she looked right at him, but at other times they looked like they were blue, or even green. Freddy felt his dick stir in his sweats, imagining what that ass would look like naked. Still, we got out of school for half a day." She had started moving, not looking at Freddy, but exploring the room. She smiled a kind of crooked smile and asked, "So...are we gonna be friends, or what?" Freddy reddened because he had been thinking what she might look like naked.

Lexi the Lezzy... Maybe? Pt. 01

first-time EmmalineMoaner 2018-05-25

Do you want us to help you up to my room and you can lay down until you feel better?" Alex crouched down near Lexi's face, pushing her blonde locks behind her hair. Meanwhile, Alex had been standing by his bed, rubbing his own hard cock, dripping with pre-cum as the sight of a dick in Lexi's mouth drove him wild. Lexi's groaning had pushed Lucas right over the edge, he pulled her head down all the way and with three final hard thrusts he released his load deep in her throat, watching in amusement as her eyes widened and her face turned red, clearly losing her breath. They slapped each others hands and Alex took a seat on the couch in his room, slowly rubbing his cock while he watched Lexi get fucked.

Seduction in the Shower

first-time adel5000 2018-05-25

I lay the soap bar in the dish and began rinsing the soap from his cock and balls, getting excited myself as dad palmed my breasts, cupping them and rubbing them with his slippery hands. I made him turn and let the shower spray finish rinsing his stiff cock and heavy balls. I could feel my father's knees quiver as I held his legs and sucked him, making his hardon slide in and out of my mouth. It wasn't long before my knees shook, and I began to have my orgasm, with my father's tongue pressed hard on my cunt. "I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my cunt.

My first bi-guy (pt 4) – do I get to fuck him?

first-time thewhoami 2018-05-25

“Fuck, yeah”, he cries, “that feels so fucking good, it fills me right up.” I was lost for words, this beautiful boy, who I’ve always fancied & wanted to fuck, was sat on me, impaled on my rock-hard cock, with the look of pure lust on his face. “Beg for it boy”, and he did, “please daddy, please fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me deeper, fuck that fucking hole, fuck my fucking brains out.” This boy was going wild, and I speeded up, and occasionally pulled right out, before thrusting all the way back in, and each time I did that it looked like his eyes were about to pop out on sticks.

The Fucking Dirty Tart

first-time Helena-Handbasket 2018-05-25

Alex had filled his hands with HER big firm tits, and he moved in to suck those big beauties. "Oh you bl**dy, fucking TART" I thought "sucking my Alex's cock!" don't put it in that sLUT's hole before bagging it, you don't know WHERE she's been, the fucking dirty tart!" In doing so , he moved 45 degrees to the left and I saw his cock, and it was absolutely fucking MASSIVE! She wrapped her leg round his waist and pulled him in , so his big fucker was in her tight little cunt I marched in with my groceries, said a friendly HELLO to tart-features, and got my Alex to load the freezer.

Losin It

first-time suthinsoul 2018-05-24

I began running warm water in the sink to wash dishes, smiling happily while listening to Jena and her mother talk and giggle from the patio area. Just as I did I felt warm gentle hands caress my shoulders and Michael's deep manly voice soft in my ear. With my hand, wet from the dish water, I touched his hard cock through his pants. I felt his hard cock stab my crotch each time he bent to nibble and suck my breast. I bit down on Michael's shoulder to surpress the scream that wanted to escape from me and he held me tight and we rocked together until I felt the last jerk of his cock inside me.


first-time tango47uk 2018-05-24

I held her close, feeling my massive erection against the edge of the chair as I stroked her back and said, "I am so pleased you shave your lovely cunt Irene, and I would adore slipping my hard cock inside it and fucking you silly." She cried out as my tongue circled the inside of her cunt, licking and tasting her juices, until I moved my mouth to her clit and she thrust her hips towards me as I covered her clit and sucked, not too gently as I listened to her cry out "Yes, yes, yes!!!" as my tongue flicked across her hard nub and I thrust two fingers deep into her, reaching for, and finding, her g-spot which quickly caused her first delicious orgasm, soaking my hand as I finger fucked her.

prima data cu fiul meu

first-time pleyer24 2018-05-24

Daniel pompează mai repede si își da drumul in gura la mine, îl curat frumos de tot lichidul lui ma urc spre gura lui îl sărut lăsând si lui o parte din Samanta, si apoi îl iau de cap si îl bag intre țațele mele, mi le suge cu pofta... vad deja pula lui ca își vrea dreptul din nou, îngenunchez si încep sa o sug cu pofta din nou, ma trage de cap si o baga toată lovind coaiele de bărbia mea,,, apoi ma desprind ușor de pula lui ma pun capra îmi da cu scuipat la pizda si intra in mine ca un turbat fute de ma face sa ii vb urat,,, dau tare din solduri si ii spun -da Daniel hai fute-ma...


mother world

first-time savita009 2018-05-24

I waited for Edward to go to bed, turned the TV down low and started to watch, I was surprised what went on, gorgeous looking woman sucking cocks and all the sex they had was starting to turn my feelings on. At work the next day the woman asked how the DVD was, I said that my son caught me watching it and he looked so turned on by it. I thought of the DVD the other night and how I had my hand in my panties, I lay down on my sons bed, the clips still playing on the computer and slipped my fingers inside my pussy just like the mother on the screen.

Oh Monique, My Monique

first-time Venus_Lover 2018-05-24

I was just a quiet, average guy plugging along in school while trying to have a little fun along the way, so Monique was the most wonderful and interesting thing that ever happened to me. I was worried about her boobs and crotch, as her bikini was so small that I would be right there, so I stayed away from them and rubbed the lotion everywhere else until she told me, "Hey, you missed some spots. Inexperienced as I was, I loved women's breasts, and meditating on pleasuring Monique's wonderful mounds with these techniques was greatly exciting for me. The Prom was pretty good, and I got a chance to dance with Monique quite a bit, as Rodney was too busy showing off and bragging to everyone.

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 03

first-time youngwriter42 2018-05-24

Matt froze, unable to tell her to stop without alerting Sheila that something was going on. However, as he felt Stephanie's nimble fingers unbuckle his belt, unbutton and unzip his jeans, and maneuver their way inside his boxers, he realized he did not want her to stop. Matt's cock twitched in Stephanie's hand. He said it into the phone, but he was looking into Stephanie's eyes at the time. that was great," Matt sighed into the phone, winking at Stephanie. Matt maneuvered his spent cock back into his boxers, just in case the rest of the cheerleading squad decided to join them under the bleachers. "That was so fucking hot, Stephanie," Matt said as soon as the phone was clear.