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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

JUNGLE FEVER: The Poacher Wars

first-time WhiteCockWorship 2018-05-24

"See, I told you Otto!" Francesca said as she grabbed my head and placed her beautiful gleaming lips on mine giving me a huge kiss in front of this poacher that obviously felt strongly for her. Slowly rising out of the bush was an African soldier that was aiming what looked like an RPG directly at the truck. As I began to fall, I grabbed Otto's wrist for half a second; enough time to pull his inertia towards the cliff with me. We both looked up and saw Francesca with a rock at the cliff edge. "Let's get somewhere safe." Francesca said as she helped me up looking out at the red daylight that was slowly turning into night.

The Sales Pitch

first-time sexycouple500 2018-05-24

"Amazing right, its already starting to dry." Parker responded with his hand cupped to my package, "Wow it really is dry." I insisted, "Do you feel how soft and smooth it is?" Parker did not hesitate, "It feels amazing John, and I can tell you really enjoy your work." I replied, "I apologies my cock has a mind of its own, but here try some on and you will understand." Now my cock was throbbing 8 inches of meat in my super tight shorts. I sat next to Parker on the couch and stated, "Here let me show you." As I started jacking my cock through my speedo.

A Strange Kind of Party

first-time Rolemeover 2018-05-24

"Hello ladies, how are you feeling?" He is good looking with a nice body, Jane finds herself focusing on his crotch, he follows her gaze and smiles, "You should be feeling nice now, the drugs will build for another hour yet." He pats Alice on her naked thigh and she makes a strange guttural gasp, closing her eyes at his touch. Jane arches her back looking through the window as Paul enters her, his hard cock like a rod of steel penetrating her, her soaking wet pussy opening to welcome him, his face close to her neck, hands under the dress cupping her breasts.

My wife's first time cuckolding me. Scotland,

first-time Scottish-cock 2018-05-24

I could feel my cock throbbing as I read about these guys wanting to fuck her. Chris went down and proceeded to lick my wife's gorgeous pussy. Chris was bent over while licking Laura and I honestly wanted to lick his ass an play with that cock so badly in that moment. I could see her saliva glistening on his circumcised dick and all I wanted to do was share that cock with my wife. His dick looked amazing sliding in and out of my beautiful wife's pussy. Chris slowly slipped in and out, all the while Laura was midnight with pleasure and I got the occasional lick at his cock as he slid in and out.

Starting Early Part 2

first-time SFWetOne 2018-05-24

I remember being a little older but before p*****ns and exploring my ass, I knew if felt good to rub my finger over the hole and saw in porn mags that people would stick things in it. I also recall a time in elementary school, I had a friend that came over and to cure our boredom, we went digging around my parents stuff…of course we found the stash of toys. I recall watching porn early as well, no one was home and I’d hit my dad’s stash, as I’m pretty sure the majority of k**s did…at least from talking to friends. Don’t get me started about using it in the shower…whew I’d work that thing out if it was a real dick it wouldn't be able to stand lol.

Time as his play thing IV

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-05-24

His arm still pushing down on me, he said to run my tongue around the head. He rubbed it on my butt hole and pushed a finger in me. It felt funny at first but when he moved his finger in and out a few times, it began to feel good. It felt like I was going go right there in the tub,but I held my butt hole as tight as I could. Nice and clean, he said then I felt his tongue on my butt hole. He pushed my legs apart and licked my balls and back to my hole severely times. Soon it felt like my butt hole was quivering and a relaxing feeling came over me.

Gym Friends Pt. 03

first-time eroticwriter00 2018-05-24

I took Holly in my arms and kissed her. "Go to our room, strip, slip on a pair of my panties and hose and lay on the bed." My cock was hard before I reached our room and after stripping, I looked in our mirror. Her panties felt so good and the thickness of my cock was so well defined. I slipped my cock out through the side of her panties and rubbed the tip over her clit. I loved licking her pussy, but I'd always done it before and not after sex. I woke up with a start, feeling the snap of my wife's panties against my thigh. "I don't want to lose you, but I've sensed for a while that something was off.

Being Broken In By Black Guy Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-05-24

During high school there were a couple of black guys who would proudly flaunt their manhood in the gym locker room as if to make a statement to the white guys, many of whom seemed quite interested in getting a good look at big black cocks. "I tore up her pussy good last night, but then she wanted me to fuck her up her ass too but then when I stuck it up her hole she kept saying it was too big." "Look white boy you know you wanted me to plug your pretty ass for a long time. When I got there I started to worship his beautiful black cock as usual by deep-throating his tool and licking his balls and asshole as well.

boy's first black cock

first-time daddynson5787 2018-05-24

He smiled his brillant white smile and told me I wasn't just going to see it, but taste and feel it. He put on some music, pulled out a bottle of lube and extra large condom, and told me to get naked and get in his bed. "Got a long way to go, boy. With one stong thrust Scott broke my boy pussy open. To me, it just felt like Scott was breaking my body. Reaching over, Scott grabbed a towel and told me to put it in my mouth. I could still feel his seed running out of me when I got home. I love my boyfriend, but if I get another chance to take a black cock, I won't wait a second.

Bonnie Teaches Older Women's Tricks

first-time cowboy303up 2018-05-24

Bonnie reaches out with the other hand and pulls Tim’s head to her other breast and allows him to suck and bite her nipple. Tim kicks his pants off and stands facing Bonnie as she sets on the foot of the bed pulling her robe off leaving her naked except the pink panties. Tim follows orders and reaches down and pulls her panties down her legs, paying particular attention to Bonnie’s shaved pussy. Tim lays down on her and Bonnie takes his hard cock and puts the head up to her wet pussy. Of course not many things got fixed, or the lawn barely got mowed, but the time was well spent and Bonnie started liking life a lot more.

Self-sucking and self-fucking

first-time garyw 2018-05-24

I wanted to see if trying for longer would make it possible to actually suck myself, but almost as soon as it touched my lips I came like a train straight into my open mouth. I tried it straight away, but while I could stretch my cock as far as my ass I couldn't get the head in. I was sitting looking at videos of T-girls fucking guys today and as I very often do I'd tucked my cock back between my ass cheeks so I could feel the precum in my crack. But now I'm thinking that perhaps I may manage to both self-suck and self-fuck properly if I try straight after pumping my cock to make it longer.

Barbarian Crashes a Wedding

first-time BeardedBarbarian 2018-05-24

Something like that can't stop my powerful cock and her beautiful pussy from knowing each other. On the this puff in particular she slips down on me just a little, between her tired legs, the heels she is wearing slipping on the puddle and her cock delirious state she loosens her position and slides down on my pole ever so slightly. Even though just a virgin moments earlier she knows what to do, she raises her knees, bunches her skirt up for me and directs my cock to her pussy. My mating instinct takes over I push less than a handful of times and my boiling seed erupts through my cock and hits her fertile, never plowed before womb.

Slightly, Once Ch. 08

first-time Balrog 2018-05-24

I love to feel legs wrapped around me, feel hands running up and down my back, feel hands pulling at my butt, elevate to look at the body beneath me, see my cock move in and out, feel ankles hook behind my knees, feel only genitals touching, and control that sensation, feel body melt into body from head to toe, hold on tight with arms around the back, put arms straight down to grab ass cheeks to help thrust, feel legs spread wide to take a pounding, which, in the missionary position, is easy and fun to give, feel in complete control when an orgasm approaches, and to give seed and love from above, controlling depth of penetration at the time of release.

The story of my first time - losing my virginity

first-time porn_lover12 2018-05-24

I found myself talking to a girl that I had met as part of a group in one of the bedrooms alone when in walked my mate and said "what's going on in here do you two like each other?" We both kind of giggled and didn't have much of a response to him before he came out with "Im not gonna leave until you two kiss!" For most of my life I would have turned around and said "eww no" or "nahh your okay we're just mates" but I thought to myself, I am 18 and still a virgin, I've always been the joker and messed around and I always get in the stupid friend zone of girls so in my d***ken state I glared into her eyes as we both leaned forward and we began to kiss.

my date with jennycumslut part two

first-time redhotnailpolish 2018-05-24

I told her where the hotel was and I proceeded to make my way there all while dancing on my toy listening to madonna justify my love fuck me mix getting super horny! All my lusts, my jack off sessions, all the porn I watched and cummed to, all my sexual desires and fantasies all led to this one moment of sexual exploration and adventure! I grabbed it and thought of the fantasy of sucking and fucking and getting fucked by my best friend in my hometown and the time I tried to have sex with him in my bed while we watched porn together in my room during a sl**p over when I was younger.

Trip to South Texas

first-time fengunn 2018-05-24

The older man asked where I was going, I told him Brownsville, he said he was too. He rubbed his hand up and down for a few minutes, then said to pull down my pants. I sat back down with just my socks on.He pushed my legs apart and held my balls and stroked my dick. He loosened his grip on my balls and pushed his fingers behind them, pushing a bead of pre-cum out and pool on the head of my dick. He smeared the pool of pre-cum over the head of my dick and said to open my mouth. He squeezed my balls tight again, wiped the cum from my dick and rubbed it on my asshole.

The First Ticks in My Diary

first-time tomtom45 2018-05-24

I went to bed looking forward to going to the beach the next day and I remember stretching as I lay under just a crisp sheet which felt good on my legs and my tummy as my nightie had ridden up when I slipped into bed. I'd still not touched my girl bits but I could feel a change, like a swelling in my lips and with my knees gradually moving apart, I could tell that I was moist down there . Bec sort of growled and began a circular motion with her hands, working out with the moisturiser until her hands reached my pubic bone where she lifted the pressure and lightly grazed her fingers, or was it her fingernails through my sparse pubic hairs.


Work Fun with Rosie!

first-time vincent6982 2018-05-24

She was about to say yell at me saying "what are you thinking?' but my large hands quickly covered her mouth and i pushed her towards the counter top. I removed my hand from her mouth and began to pull her pants off. I licked my middle finger and began to rub the outside of her pussy then slid it deep inside her. she got on her knees as i pulled my pants down and she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She Took her tiny tiny mouth and wrapped it around the head of my swollen cock and began to suck on the tip!

Straight-A Cassie

first-time yrcanos 2018-05-24

Still, he couldn't kelp imagining her innocent little mouth wrapped around his cock under the desk, and had to shift in his seat. "Who do you think you are, Miss Locke, coming to my office and sitting in my chairs with no panties on?" He fitted his palm against one milky cheek, loving the warmth of her skin. She looked up at him with those big murky eyes, the bulbous head of his cock now firmly planted in her mouth. Each time she bobbed her head, he began to realize, she was taking him deeper into her mouth, and in only a few moments, he was pressed against the back of her throat.

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 02

first-time TimSchmidt 2018-05-24

Under normal circumstances this might have driven me to the electronics shop around the corner - or simply back to the truck to doze and wait - but Jessica made it a point to display all manner of leather, from jackets to pants to armbands, in such a way that I could see her clearly from the front of the shop and she could pretend her nervous excitement was from sharing daring fashion with her friend instead of showing it off to me. Jessica stopped squeezing and went back to tracing me with one finger while she held me upward with the other hand. Whether she didn't know the ramifications of what that meant, or intended to hold her mouth in place, I contracted, convulsed, and gritted my teeth with all my power to keep from bellowing in ecstasy - a sound that might have brought the neighbors, and for sure my daughter two doors away.

My Dream Girl

first-time Angiesteve69 2018-05-24

She is Jennifer, my beautiful wife for the last 12 years and the love of my life. On those days, I'd cry in the bathroom feeling pity on myself for not having the courage to tell her about my love for her. I held her pretty face between my hands and kissed her lips briefly. Jennifer had closed her eyes and moaning softly as was enjoying the first feeling of a male touch on her intimate parts. I bent my head and kissed her each tit with so much love. Jennifer grabbed my head with her hands and held it in the place not letting me to escape. Jennifer held my cock with her right hand and I lifted my body a bit for the support.

Love is Tough Game Ch. 01

first-time RockGirl11 2018-05-24

He didn't want to go because he knew that Amanda hates parties, but he decided to go after his friends persuaded him. He loved that dress when they were alone, but he didn't want the rest of the world to see her amazing body. When they'd arrived at the party, they danced at first, but it didn't pass very long time before Jason started getting jealous. Not because he needed sex - he didn't have idea what it really feels like - but because he heard stories about girl getting attached to a guy they first fuck. Amanda knew that she had never kissed Mike or something like that, but she knew that Jason thinks so. ''Hey.'' - Jason said not taking his eyes of his beautiful Amanda.

Mystery Person On my Window Solve!(Part 2)

first-time Mr_Tony_Big_D 2018-05-24

She was about to turn around but i grabed her arm and told her "all this time it was you huh?" she replyed "I cant stop thinking about you" i said "you could off leave a note next to your undawear" (with a grin in my face) She said "sorry i was too horny that night and coudnlt stop looking at your thick c*ck as i kept getting more wet and hot i had too take my pantys off an plesure my self right there and then hopeing for you to wake up and find me pleasuring myself in front off you, it was so hard not grabing your c*ck and put it inside my tight p*ssy" I stoped her "wait your a virgin ?" (it was hard to belive, for me not to ask and what she just told me?

Turning me St8 without a condom

first-time virginblood 2018-05-24

He said she told him he would stretch her out so her new boyfriend would feel like he's swimming after Johnny had sex with her. I he must be.....then he stood up and pulled his fully erect THICK curved fat head cock out of his underwear to ask me "Do you think This is too BIG?" Johnny told me to stay quiet he was going to tell his s****r I went for a walk and I left my cell phone on the kitchen table.... I wasn't a virgin with men I had sex about 8 or 9 times with one guy..I knew I liked the way it felt but his cock was a whole nother ball a whole other park...