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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

We're more than Just Friends now

first-time thoughtsandsex 2018-12-03

But ever since sophomore year old high school, I've been finding myself attracted to him ... He used to play basketball in middle school but after a knee injury, he stopped but he's still pretty built. I'm pretty skinny but honestly I don't think of myself as attractive. "You know, Sarah, I can help you with that. He was trying to hide his lust and a smile as he moved close to me by an inch. He winked at me and kissed my lips one last time. He saw and stopped. "Are you okay?" We were both moaning and screaming so loud I didn't even care of anyone heard us. Please I promise it's okay."

Kaylie's lust

first-time Squirthero 2018-12-03

As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of satisfying stretch, breathed out slowly with a blissful murmur and ran her hands softly down her neck. Her legs tensed slightly as her knees rose outward, lifting her feet a few inches so that only her slim long arms and rounded buttocks supported her tightening arched body. Smooth muscular depressions formed in her buttocks as her pelvis arched to meet her hands, moving slowly, in rhythm with her long deep breath. She imagined him poised over her, his dark long hair stroking her delicate downy stomach, and how his powerful arms must have held his body over her, when he breathed into that place that now ached intensely for him to be.

First Doctors check up

first-time alitaimoor15 2018-12-03

“Oh my, god,” Miss Richards almost screamed, “your eating my pussy and giving me a huge fucking orgasm, you little cunt sucking slut!!!” Afton’s face was being drenched with Miss Richards’ sex juice, and she grabbed Afton’s head and held it tightly against her spasming vagina until her climax had passed! Afton looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was already half way through the seventh period, and she exclaimed, “Oh, lordy, look at the time, I’m really late for my next class!!!” Miss Richards, while still caressing Afton’s ass, replied languidly, “Don’t worry about a thing, I can give you a pass saying I was treating your “sprained ankle”!!!” Upon hearing that, Afton relaxed a little, stood up, and offered her now dripping pussy to the older woman and said, “Well, if we’ve got the time..........”

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 3

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-12-03

I mean like when you fantasize, or watch porn, and stuff, what are some of the things you think about wanting to try, other than just sex?" I asked. “I definitely want to feel up your tits more and suck on them.” It was at this point he looked at me somewhat nervously to see if he had turned me off. I leaned down licking the pre-cum off his cock and sliding my tongue over the hole making sure I got it all. Once I finished wiping his seed from my face I smiled and told him it was hella fun and I was looking forward to trying out more stuff tomorrow.

Alone with My Brother's Friend

first-time AfroDizzy 2018-12-03

When I reached my room I shut the door behind me, feeling excited and slightly turned on at the fact that Callum had finally noticed me, that he'd finally seen how much I had matured. I began to moan louder then Callum came back to my mouth and started kissing me again. He rubbed my throbbing clit through my panties, making me wet, and I moaned ever louder as he started to flick my now erect nipple with his tongue and suck and kiss it. Callum wiped away my tears and stayed in me for a minute until I got used to the feeling, then he started to slowly move in and out, and yet again like he promised each time it hurt less and became more pleasurable

Charlie's Fallen Angel

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-12-03

We drove the fifteen miles into town quietly, neither of us knowing quite what to say after our "incident." Charlie dropped me off at the dress shop, while he went to pick up some things at the hardware store. My pussy was getting wetter by the second and it felt great feeling his rock hard cock pressing against my throbbing clit. The head of his cock pressed against my hymen and he stopped, looking me in the eyes then lowering his lips to mine. He let out a growl, pulled out until the head of his cock was barely inside me, then rammed it in hard and fast, making me moan like the little slut I was being.

Brandon, If only...

first-time laylapup16 2018-12-03

I sighed as his lips went straight to my neck; he nipped slightly and began grinding against me.... I couldn't contain myself I began screaming and tears streamed down my face I smiled up at him through the pain, he looked down and I could see pleasure in his eyes. When we got to my room he looked at me as I pulled off my shirt, his cheeks, nose and ears were all a pink color I grinned and he kissed me, it was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt. We lay on my bed and I was on top, I moved my hips grinding slowly against him and my hands went straight to my tits.


first-time SueBrasil 2018-12-03

My body was beginning to respond, with waves of pleasure starting to flow in every direction, from every little vein and ridge on his hard stabbing cock that was massaging the walls of my love channel. Leaning forward, I slid my hands and arms around his back for support as I moved up and down on his cock, each time shoving his dick deep into my pussy. Then he slowly pulled out until his cock-head was all that remained within my grasping hungry pussy lips, then pushing back inside, he soon had a rhythm going that I struggled to match. He varied his routine by leaning forward and sucking hard on my super-sensitive nipples, while other times he covered my mouth and face with tender loving kisses.

Stories Of My Life: Chapter One

first-time kinkyartist90 2018-12-03

He told me there was one thing: if I still wished I could help, then tomorrow after work, before I got to his Jeep, I was to change into a plain white shirt. “You know my girlfriend hates giving head..." he said, sliding a hand down to his crotch. I glanced up at his face, to see him smirking; I blushed and looked back down to his crotch as I reached into his pants; I slid my hand in, encircling his already hard cock with my fingers, and pulled it out of the hole in the front of his boxers.  While I licked the tip of his cock, sucking gently on the head, I felt his hand slide up my back into my long hair.

Love Thy Neighbor

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-03

Flipped it open to photo of a young, large breasted girl, bent at the waist, ass in the air, and a come hither look in her eye. Rick is here!” Then turning in a tight circle, his massive hands deftly maneuvering the chair, he headed for the living room. Grunting like a wild animal, I felt the life giving syrup course through my cock and watched through half closed eyes as it squirted onto her tongue and slid into the back of her throat. Rasping my tongue against the underside of her clit sent her over the edge.She clamped her thighs around my head, a fistful of my hair in her hand, bathing my face in her warm juices.

First Date

first-time tickylicky 2018-12-02

They entertained me with stories of their youth, as we turned-off the main route to smoke a little pot his friend offered in exchange for interrupting our date. Finally, he shoved his friends cock in my mouth and bent me over pulling my skirt up exposing my bare pussy. Eagerly he shoved his throbbing shaft passed my swollen lips deep into my quivering pussy, he pounded me over and over as his friends cock hit the back of my throat until I began to moan uncontrollably. The friend shoved his hard dick deep in my swollen pussy, and I started to cum again.

Sexual Awakening: First Trip to Europe

first-time Crazyd69 2018-12-02

He continued to probe the depths of her sex with his tongue while he rubbed steadily on her hard nub with his left thumb, his right hand stroked her leg with the lightness of a feather. He paused a moment, letting her enjoy the feeling, and then continued to stroke in and out, each time pulling out to the rim of his broad head then back in to the base. His cock sinking deep within her, stimulating areas she didn't know could be stimulated as he nibbled on her neck and the finger of one hand gently fondling the rim of her ass.

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-12-02

“Well, that’s where I was. That’s how it goes.” “That’s fine hon. “Sweet dreams hon.” He worked in and out of her bare pussy for several minutes as the scene switched from a top view to a bottom view giving Anne a clear look at the bottom of his cock and balls. Let’s fine one of a girl playing with herself.” She clicked play and the scene opened to the girl lying on her bed…. She released the pen and watched it slowly slide out of her pussy. She placed the mirror on the cushion and spread her pussy open with both hands. “Stoooooop iiiiit,” he slurred. “Owwwccch.” He slurred again. Her softly accented words were musical, sweet. “What the hell is a Puma?”

Guitar Lessons

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-02

I handed her my guitar, moved behind her and said, “Put your fingers here, here, and here and strum with your other hand.” She did as instructed, smiled again, and looked up at me. “Deal!” I said standing up and offering her my hand, totally forgetting the tent pole on my pants until it was too late. “Not much chance of that!” I replied, heading home for the first of many sessions with my right hand in the privacy of my bedroom, my head filled with visions of what this gorgeous woman might look like naked. But if you don’t mind, I’d just like to hear you play, tonight,” she said wistfully.

Her Neighbor's Pool

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-12-02

“Ladies, I’m going on a serious diet starting tomorrow and don’t come tempting me with anything except a guy who looks like that Robin.” “Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t told you but I even have a high dive” and he stopped and smiled right into her eyes. Now Sonya being who she was, wasn’t sure about going over to his house alone so she and asked a couple of her friends if they wanted to go with her. The two friends wanted to laugh but they also were virgins and for a guy like Robin, as sweet as he appeared to be, to ask such a question like that was too implausible.

A Helping Hand - The Date

first-time Banes1 2018-12-02

I open the driver ’s door, Trish slips into the seat and the hem of her dress slides up past mid-thigh. “Oohh, I can’t wait for dessert, Luke,” Trish says, as her hand rubs the bulge through my slacks. It is just the two of us and Trish turns, kissing me as I press her back against the wall and my hands pull Trish’s dress up to her waist. “There is more to come and I can’t wait to taste your cream, Luke,” Trish says, seductively licking her lips. When Trish has come down from her orgasm, I move my tongue from her clit and kiss my way up to her waiting mouth.

Joyce and Me at the Cape Prelude

first-time frogprince 2018-12-02

Joyce was a pretty girl not beautiful like her sister who was 7 years older. Kate had taught Nancy and Joyce all about men and having sex. Joyce and I have been getting to know each other better since we started dating outside church socials. “Would you like to join me with my sister and her friend for the weekend at the Cape?” Joyce said. Being like any red-blooded American male, I jumped at the chance and said “If you really want it.” Of course in my mind I was saying, Yeah baby let’s get it on. I like sucking your manhood and want to try having you explode in my mouth.

Rekindling An Old Flame

first-time janedoe19 2018-12-02

As you kissed me you slowly let your hands run over my body until you reached my hips. You must have realized that I was battling in my head because you stopped kissing me and looked at me with questions in your eyes. Your hand came out of my panties and you looked at me and asked if I want you to stop. As I stood there looking at you with my face flushed from passion, you slowly pulled my shirt over my head. I slowly sucked and licked your cock, pulling it in and out of my mouth while my hand was rubbing up and down the length of it. Right as I started to cum I felt your hips rock up and you were deep inside me.

Buddy's Mom Chapter 3 4

first-time Tomanon 2018-12-02

She let the hand shower play a little longer than necessary in her crotch, and turned it to pulse. "She let’s boys play with her tits on dates, and even lets them feel her up under her bra." When the girl reached down into the guy’s swimsuit and began caressing his cock, Buddy thought he would explode on the spot. The girl on the video, pulled down the guy’s swim trunks, and began to fondle his cock. Buddy’s stiff cock was now pressing against the back of her neck, and Leah turned half way around and gave it a squeeze. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, Buddy knew he didn’t have long to last.

Never Forget

first-time ian69 2018-12-02

“So you were gonna dance with me through, maybe, three numbers, buy me a drink, then ask me if I’d like to come back with you and fuck?” As soon as Jackie saw my cock starting to swell again she took it into her mouth and worked on it until I was fully hard again. Hold my hair our of the way and watch your very own whore at work.” She drew her mouth into a hard circle and moved her rigid lips up and down the full length of my cock, head fucking me. When I had stopped coming, she pulled away from my cock and lifted her face up, her mouth part open and her bottom lip stuck forward, holding in my cum.

My first

first-time musicandmuffins 2018-12-02

His long fingers cautiously made their way down into the back pocket of my jeans, and I gently pushed against his hand with encouragement. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch as he gently traced his fingers over my ass, and slowly turned his head to look into my eyes. I pushed his hand past the waistline of my jeans and into my thong, feeling his long fingers trace over my soaking wet pussy. I grabbed hold of two of his long fingers and shoved them into my cunt, moaning as they pushed past my g spot. Every motion felt incredible, and his breath became ragged against my mouth, getting turned on by my moans every time he plunged his fingers into my tight wet hole.

Somebody New

first-time autoscout 2018-12-02

"So uh, If you two don't mind," Sam said talking to the dark haired boy and Tori, "You guys can go to my guest room. Bruce took Tori's face in his hands and began to kiss her. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid his hand beside her inner thigh, going into her panties, he began to run his fingers up and down her lips. He followed her body language and began to rub harder and harder He took his index finger and slid it down to her hole. Bruce stared at her skinny body and couldn't help but to put his hands around her, moving up to her chest, and then down to her jeans.

How I Lost My Virginity!

first-time Cugarluvr 2018-12-02

The worry about what others might think began to creep in to my head, I considered not keeping our date but the need inside me was too strong, and I knew no matter what others thought or said, I was determined to lose my virginity. Putting her arm around me and gave me a hug and said something like, "That's OK, you'll get over it, and it will get better" and putting a hand on my cheek turned my head towards and kissed me. At last I could relieve myself and before I was finished I felt Norma's arms around me, she placed a cheek against my back and waited till I was finished, then kissed me and went to make us some lunch.


A Special Memory

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-02

As my hand cupped her boob, and my fingers played over her already hard nipple, she kissed me deeply, letting her tongue find mine. Amanda seemed to enjoy the feeling of my cock as she sucked on me and let her tongue slide deliciously under my shaft as she moved over me. The feeling of her lips on my excited cock was incredible and I felt orgasm begin to swell in my balls but all too soon she tasted the tangy flavor of precum and pulled away. Amanda looked scared but told me she needed it too, so with that I moved forward strongly, forcing my cock into her channel.