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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Doctors Visits Part 2

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-17

Yes, do it again Lucas, she told herself as she closed her eyes as if thinking she could feel his warm fingers up inside her thick, spongy, but wanton pussy. “Oh my lord,” she said as she whipped around and instantly put her hands around her best friends cheeks and instantly started to kiss him on his lips. As she did he said, “You know I didn’t come here to have any kind of sex with you.” She smiled as he spoke and simply played with his chest. He said yes which made her smile and she started to pet it at first before taking it in hand and stroking it so it would get hard and of course slide inside her wholesome, horny pussy again.

Amnesty Program Ch. 01

first-time ambidentrous 2018-11-17

"All right then, I think that's it," Professor Suarez stood up and handed Jason and Rebecca each a manila folder. Rebecca's fingers were flying under her skirt, her breath starting to come in gasps when she felt Jason's lips brush her own, lightly. "I mean, of course I'm going jerk you off until you squirt all over my dress," she said, mischievously, "but other things have to wait..." she leaned forward so her lips were against his ear, "...until after I get a prescription from my doctor." She thought it was amazing that his cock could get any harder in her hand, but that's what it was doing as what she whispered registered with Jason's clouded brain.

One Night with Amanda

first-time Conflicted_Feelings 2018-11-17

Amanda sat there looking at her ice cream melt into her bowl. I take out my phone and check through my texts when I reach my room and I look up to see Amanda sitting on my bed. “Sorry Amanda, I’m just so tired-” A hand landed on my hard cock. “I’m curious Michael, surprise me!” I licked my finger and stuck my finger in, Amanda grabbed the closest pillow and she moaned. You’ll get pregnant!” Amanda looked down but then turned around and started to suck me off again. I sighed as I blew out every single drop of cum outta my dick and then Amanda let it leak out onto her tits.

A Virgin Paradise: Part 2.

first-time jannos 2018-11-17

Anita gently forced her legs open and dove in like a pro giving Karen’s pussy a real going over, lapping at her pussy lips and when she stuck two fingers up that sweet pussy, Karen started thrashing about, moaning and groaning loudly nearing her orgasm quickly. Thinking it was Anita, I opened my eyes and was stunned to see that Karen on her knees between my legs and was jerking me of and also had my dick in her mouth. I parted Anita’s legs and stuck my middle digit, palm up, into her sweet pussy and hit her G-spot straight away, if I was to judge by the way that she started moaning and moving around.

Teenage Boy Has Sex With His Adult Neighbors - Part One

first-time edlangston 2018-11-17

Norm said, “Just so you know, Jimmy, I think we’re good enough friends that if you have any questions, you should feel free to ask me. Before we started assembling the dock Norm stuck his foot in the water and said, “You know, Jimmy, we should really take advantage of this warm day and go for our first swim of the year. Just think how good it will feel having your huge cock in my warm, wet mouth, sucking you and making you cum. Norm was already leaning down from my left side, to take my cock into his mouth, when he said, “I don’t want to over-think it. I enjoyed sucking Norm to some extent, but not nearly as much as he liked my cock and balls.

Without Love

first-time styxx 2018-11-17

With her knees clasped together; a finger touching her hard little nub through the fabric of her night dress while her hips gently rocked, Michelle discovered the satisfaction of masturbation, enjoyed the warmth of the glow it gave her after just a short while and the sleep it induced when she stopped. By the time she reached her seventeenth birthday, she had developed in all ways but the one; her experience with sex had remained the single, fumbling event with the gawky kid in Tenerife , or the wild flights of fancy her mind concocted during her sessions of getting herself off with her fingers.

Teacher's Pet: Part 1

first-time Tammy_Nguyen_77 2018-11-17

Jason had a crush on his math teacher since the first day of school, but he knew if he acted like a dumb teenager he’d drive her away. Since no one gave a second thought to all the things that Jason would do for the pretty young math teacher, they also paid no attention when he got warm hugs from her. Even the other horny boys in class, who openly lusted for Mary, didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when Jason got a hug. Now he’d fucked up, he didn’t want to reveal his feelings to her this way, like some horny High School boy.

Construction Worker

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-17

As the long legged beauty with hips which didn’t quit and an ass for each and everyone to look at, Terra pulled in and got out of her 14 year old pickup truck. I was screaming and moaning and I don’t know what else but it all felt soooo damn fantastic that he made me cum a couple times over or so I think he did. “He saw me as I wondered about it all, about getting him off, and as I was looking down at it I heard ask ‘Do you want to touch it and hold it?’ It shocked me but yes, yes I did.

My sexual biography (Chapter 1)

first-time eroticus 2018-11-17

  Most of the boys used a bath towel to screen their privates, though the “cool” guys just got naked and changed in and out of their suits. Unfortunately, I had no idea, but later that night, in bed, when I had my usual evening erection, I pulled back the foreskin and started rubbing the head with my thumb and it felt nice. I did this for a few nights and decided to be a bit bolder and started to move the foreskin up and down, rather slowly, and each time the foreskin ribbed the glans, it felt so wonderful.   I got a little high on the smell and went for a second; third sniff, till I had dried up the liquid on top of my glans.

Laundry Room

first-time Echo 2018-11-17

He pulled me into the laundry room, I felt his hand slide up my thigh, "What are you doing?!" I cried out with mock-horror in my voice, I knew exactly what he was doing. My eyes got used to the darkness just in time for me to see him pull his pants and boxers all the way off to reveal his hard, pulsing 9" long, thick cock. When I started sucking Brandon let out a guttural moan of sheer pleasure, and it wouldn't be long before I tasted my first cum. I heard Brandon fishing around for something nearby, and a few minutes later I felt a wad of cloth (later I learned that it was a rolled up sock from the clean laundry) being stuffed into my mouth, I didn't object.

When Seth Popped My Cherry

first-time SugarTits16 2018-11-17

He typically liked me to suck his dick a little before he fucked my ass and on subsequent bangings, he would continue that tradition with my pussy. It felt like Seth had been pushing his dick into my pussy forever, but in reality, it was probably less than two minutes before his pubes were starting to tickle my labia. You're so fucking amazing, Kendall!" Sucking on my neck, Seth put his weight on me and began rocking his dick out and in slowly, moaning and grunting. But over time, I got used to having my pussy fucked and then Seth had to beg or do really amazing boyfriend things to get me to open my ass for him again.

A Well Deserved Break

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-17

Anne’s lustrous dark hair was falling down over my head tickling my neck and chest, the taste of her mouth, the playfulness of her tongue, the feel of her incredibly tight pussy walls constricting on my hardness, her young body shivering as each inch went deeper inside her filling her never before filled cavity; it was beyond exhilarating and I almost came as I was assaulted by all these intense sensations. Looking up and seeing Anne’s beautiful slim and tanned young body straddling mine, her legs spread, beads of sweat forming under her small pale breasts and along her chest, my thick cock sliding in and out of her tight young vagina; my senses were overloaded and I could feel my balls ready to constrict and shoot my load.

Undercovers Detective - chapter 4

first-time ChuckEPoo 2018-11-17

Janine demonstrated her lap-dance technique by going to Tom, leaning forward, and pushing his face between her huge tits, then shaking them like she was spanking his cheeks. Frank fantasized about the first time he saw her naked, with images of her perfect body giving him a lap dance still fresh in his mind. Frank stroked her neck and pulled her into his lips, coaxing his tongue deeper and pressing his manhood against her body as they leaned into the counter. Frank moved up her body, gently spreading her thighs and guiding his hard cock to her dripping opening while he squeezed her nipple with his free hand.

Coming of Age Part I

first-time Oscuro78 2018-11-17

Louis was getting ready to leave to go home when Ms. Chatman approached him. "Hi Louis, I was wondering if you could come help me with some stuff sweetie." She said to him with a smile. Louis was surprised at what he saw so he minimized the picture because he did not want to show that he had a stiff cock.  Ms. Whitney came downstairs into the room where her computer with an outfit tht was more revelaing. "Looks like someone wants to come out and play." She said as she licked her lips.  She then took him and sat down on the couch.

High School: Jared

first-time Karmageddon 2018-11-17

Jenny came back from the shower in her sports bra and a pair of Jared's shorts. This was totally normal for him because Jenny always walked around in a sports bra because she hated shirts and enjoyed guys shorts for how comfortable they were. "Yeah I don't care, it's something nice to look at anyway." Jenny's eyes were wandering all over his body and he was enjoying it. Jenny let out a small laugh and Jared went in for the kiss. Jenny's hands were on his head pushing him into her pussy, and he just kept flicking her clit lightly with his tongue. Jared started picking up the pace a bit and Jenny started letting out little moans.

Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

first-time Kerrie66 2018-11-17

Rishcu who had his eyes closed and head back suddenly yelled "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO STOP!" and the girl then looked at him and said " I needed some air". Suddenly Rishcu leapt up and got hold of her then opening his mouth bit into her neck and made the girl scream in pain before returning her and himself into the box and disappearing with a flash of light. Daniel asked Monique if she'd like a drink of water and with her saying yes he dashed towards the sink thinking of other things so he wouldn't make it to obvious to her, and realized that if he wanted this girl he'd have to find out who this 'Rishcu' was before diving in head first.

After Practice: Chapter 2

first-time jessie059 2018-11-17

I wanted to tell him off but before I could he forces his tongue in my mouth and all my reservations melt away. He takes my hands and puts it on his dick. It was so soft, yet it was so hard. I loved placing my hands on it. I rubbed my hands back and forth, back and forth. He grabs my hair and starts to thrust inside of my mouth. He pulls my bra and shirt down. He starts to put his mouth on my nipple. I clench his hair and moan. His tongue is so soft and gentle yet hes so rough. He takes his mouth of my breast and pulls my shirt up.

My First Time

first-time Etienne 2018-11-17

The blonde had a look of sheer pleasure on her face (artificially induced I am sure in hindsight). Over a period of time, I noticed the blonde and her boyfriend really weren’t acting like a couple. The group of us sat and played strip poker to the point where the guys were nude and the gals were topless and in just their panties. Although I was mentally shocked at what was going on with all these people in my room, the sensation of my virgin cock wanting to erupt quickly took charge. Right towards the end of my orgasm, my older brother by 9 years, who had stopped by unexpectedly flipped on the light switch and said, “What the hell is going on here….” Talk about a buzzkill.

The Neighbor's Daugter II: Candy's Friend, Tasha

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-17

As the two teens entered Henry’s home, Candy handed him a bottle of wine and said, "Henry, this is my best friend, Tasha. "It’s not just your tits I want, Baby." Henry said as he slid a hand down Helen’s belly to her panty clad mound. He grabbed Tasha’s ass cheeks and, before he pulled her pussy tightly to his face, told her, "Now, kiss, lick, and suck my cock, Baby." Just give me a little time." Very tentatively, Tasha took Henry’s cock into her hand and slowly stroked it. Tasha, a good cock sucker should always swallow what her lover gives her." Just as he shot his first spurt of cum, Henry pushed her head down onto his shaft.

From Second String To First String

first-time techguy66 2018-11-17

The next thing I heard was one of the treadmills start up and that is when I knew it wasn't one of my teammates, so I looked into the mirror and saw it was the girl I had seen in the weight room at the college. When I finished I moved over to the arm curl machine and was working on my second set when I heard the treadmill shutoff, and then after a minute I heard one of the steppers start up and when I looked into the mirror I got a real shock, this girl was on one of the steppers facing away from me and she had removed the shorts that she had on and she was working out in a very sexy pair of white satin bikini panties and a tight white tube top.

My First Time As A Boss

first-time Pubtales 2018-11-16

I smiled right back at her and pulled her close to me, looking deep into her eyes and could she how much she wanted me. Her lips were so soft as she returned the kiss and my hand moved down to her ass, she let out a little moan as I cupped her ass cheek and gave a little squeeze. This time, before we could start kissing again she explained to me that she found me really attractive and wanted me as her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't all that good. It didn't last forever, she gave me a lift home and, although we kissed when we got there, she explained that she didn't know what she wanted to do.

Naughty Girl Gets Punished

first-time Poppet 2018-11-16

On the way to Uncle’s house, dad tells me that the only things I’ll be doing is going to school and when I’m not doing that, I’ll be helping with his farm work. He stays the night, only to slip out in the early morning, right before Uncle Jack wakes up.  My crush, who no longer is a crush, but my boyfriend comes by every night, fucking me, sleeping with me, slipping away in the early morning hours. Uncle Jack still makes me work on the farm, if not harder now that school is out. With the reports from school, Uncle Jack and myself, they tell me I can come home. I tell them I have grown to like living here, and even claim Uncle Jack needs me.

Becoming the Neighborhood Cock Sucker - Part 1

first-time edlangston 2018-11-16

After about five minutes of sucking his soft cock that way, Bob held my head tightly with his hands and said, “Open wide cock sucker, I’m going to wash down my cum for you.” After my experiences sucking Robert, Bob and Alan’s cocks, my time in the woods with Pee Wee took on a new meaning. At one point Pee Wee said, “Holy shit Ed, if I had known that you liked to suck cock, I would have fucked your face a long time ago. Now that he knew what my tight throat felt like, he aggressively fucked my face until he finally stiffened further, pulled back a little, and flooded my mouth with his thick and plentiful cum.

My First Time Part 3

first-time sexyfun77 2018-11-16

John kisses my lips once more and then uses his hand to position his cock inside my pussy. I must have been really far gone, because I didn't hear the door open and I didn't see John open the shower curtain and climb in, for the next thing I know, a pair of strong arms wraps around my waist and pulls me back into a solid chest. John takes me into his arms and kisses my lips passionately. John slides one of his big fingers inside me and probes until I start bucking against his hand. Just as I start to thrust back, he turns be around and takes me from behind while pushing me up against the wall of the shower.