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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The house is rocking Part 4

first-time slapnuts69 2018-05-24

Connie was starting to get the hang of it, and when Traci leaned down and took one of my shaved balls into her mouth I let out a slow moan which caused them to both stop. At the time I was to switch again I made sure my cock was really wet with some extra saliva and pussy juice and I lined up with Connie's ass. My cock went in for the first inch or two pretty easy, then Connie tensed up and let out a little scream. Traci rolled over and started kissing her friend and fingering her pussy while I worked my cock into her tight ass.

Aris' awakening.

first-time 2018-05-24

After some pretty deep kisses, Aris told me how he felt he could not move forward in life without knowing what it was like for us to have sex. “Oh my god, look at your clit, it's like a small cock!” gasped Ariel, “You are a dream come true!” I knelt down beside Aris and watched him reach up and guide Ariel's cock to his mouth. I began rubbing my clit again watching only a foot away from Aris as he loved every moment of sucking his first cock. I guided Ariel to my pussy and asked him to fuck me and brought Aris's huge cock to my mouth. Ariel sat on the couch and watched as Aris licked my pussy and sucked on my clit.

My Sex Journal pt4: Julie

first-time 2018-05-24

We would park up pretty much any where and as soon as the hadbrake went on Julie had her face in my lap and lips round my cock. I was standing there, my cock out my fly and fucking Julies wet mouth through the window. I was now aching to be inside her wet pussy for the first time so I pulled my dick from her mouth, now drenched in her spit and walked round to the drivers side door, my dick still out of my fly and swaying from side to side as I walked. Those big soft tits around my wet meat and her lips on my head had me at the point of no return in minutes and I soon felt my balls tighten and my cock swell in Julies mouth.

hot sticky summer night

first-time 2018-05-24

As Jess lay naked, wet and alone Jess felt a sensation of euphoria, and subconsciously spread her legs and let them hang over the edges of the lounger slipping her fingers between her legs to sooth the growing ache. As he slid inside her Jess squealed in delight, her body was quivering from the pure excitment as he pressed her body hard against the side of the pool and thrust his cock into her deeper; Jess moaned and pressed herself into him. Matt's tongue lingered there for just a moment, his lips wet and warm, caressing her thighs, kissing her all over, searching, yearning for her as much Jess yearned for him.

Phone Fun Ch. 01

first-time dramaqueen47 2018-05-24

He was the kindest, most caring person that I had met in a long time, and every time he called me on the phone, my pussy would tingle with pleasure, but I really wanted to wait. I had just let my hands wander to my panties and was running my fingers over my pussy lips when I answered Mark. "Yes Mark, I want to touch my breasts. I want to make my nipples hard and I would love to feel your mouth on them, making them hard. "Oh God Mark, last time I saw you, your dick looked so good in your pants. "Wow, you sure?" Mark seemed very surprised that I didn't want to come.

Just One Look

first-time Jumpinjetta 2018-05-24

Four weeks and five dates later each with the passionate kissing at the end of the date (followed by his customary masturbation session at home), Jake was wondering if he wasn't dating your stereotypical "tease." Each date seemed to go well, but for some reason Laura seemed reluctant to take it any further. The rest of the week Jake couldn't stop thinking about what Laura said, and how it didn't seem to cross her mind that it wasn't the most appropriate thing to say to someone she was supposedly "dating." And when the movie ended and Laura leaned back lengthwise on the couch , her head on the armrest, her knees best, legs apart, Jake couldn't help but stare at the middle of her tight shorts and the middle of her groin displayed so openly in front of him.

H0rny Gujju Mom fu.cked during Navratri

first-time soonuu11 2018-05-24

Mom closed her eyes and pressed her lips tight and moved away..He slid his hands down took his **** and rubbed my mom’s wet ***** with the tip of his ****. But he was quick and caught hold of her waist and pulled her down her face towards the floor lying on her tummy, He got on top of her from behind and bit her bare back and her neck and shoulders… Then he tried to insert from behind and found her *****..They ****ed like that for about fifteen minutes and meanwhile he kept licking her face My mom showed no resistance and kept moaning in pleasure… When was about to cum he took out his **** and sprayed his thing on the back of her neck..

Going Down for the First Time - fixed

first-time bigbob82 2018-05-24

I went back to my car, took off my suit coat and tie and threw them on top of the overnight bag with my clothes, toothbrush and deodorant... I started to suck her nipples and brush my hand across her jeans. I know that I could have fucked her right there and then but I wanted something my first fuck wouldn't give me- I wanted to taste Julia. She moaned a little as I focused on her emerging clit, taking it in my mouth as I fingered her slit. Continuing to suck on her clit like crazy, she was able to accommodate a second finger and eventually came right onto them. Her mouth was like heaven, alternately blowing me and sucking on my balls as she jacked me.

Sneaky Public Speedo Orgasm

first-time daveevans 2018-05-24

Of course, my main interest was to use the locker room and shower amenities, and to enjoy watching all the other guys, particularly the swim team members, diving team participants, and water polo players, in the pool. I was admiring the view of Gino's wall-like back when Gordy, a tall lanky blond guy with a thin face and blue eyes, finished his dives and walked around the outside of the partition to enter it from behind. The guy behind me was cleaning up some of the mess Gordy had made in the fall and not paying attention to me, so I boldly took my right hand, slipped it under the back lower right seam of Gino's Speedo, and pushed it over as a one-sided thong.

Near Miss (Part One)

first-time rifleman7805 2018-05-24

Tuesday’s English lesson was always first thing in the morning and yet Miss Smales had come to class in her gym skirt, something that she’d never done before. A small snigger rippled through the rest of the class, quickly silenced as Miss Smales stood up and announced the lesson work for the day. “You’re going to have to get a grip, Richard.” she said “If you can’t keep up with the work, I’m either going to have to ask Miss Markham to move you to a lower group, in which case I’ll no longer be your teacher, or, what happened the other day can’t happen again. Miss Smales removed her mouth from my cock, bent her head to look between my legs and grinned.

0047 Femboy Camp – Nick

first-time tankengine123 2018-05-24

When Nick had moved in after his parent’s deaths, he announced to Scott that his parents had already arranged a stay at a special summer camp the following month. Some of the subjects covered were: Dress, Hair, Mannerisms, Makeup, Nails, Waxing and Shaving, Tongue Exercises, Learning to Love Semen, Sucking and Gag Reflex, Chastity, Sweetness, Tucking and Taping, Voice, Fantasies, Cocks (Yours and His), Loving Girls, Breast Creams, Flirting, and Miscellaneous Girly Effects. Scott stopped and took her lovely hand, brought it to his lips, and kissed her fingers. As they loaded the car for the long drive home, Scott began explaining about his special friends. Scott looked over at her from time to time… wondering what she was dreaming about that gave her such a happy smile.

My First - and Second - Time

first-time Rck7Card 2018-05-23

My house and Mikes would be unavailable anyway (parents!!), Rick and Sue's 2 year old would be fast asleep by the time I got there, and those two never came home before the clubs closed - perfect! As my hands reached his ankles, I felt his boner hit me under the chin, so I pulled my face back slightly and opened my mouth. Richard stayed knelt there, licking and nibbling my pussy while his hands stroked and caressed my butt and sides for several minutes, as I got hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. I gasped and ground my pussy into his face, mumbling incoherently around a mouthful of cock as I went through what seemed like an endless series of orgasms.

Dancing for the Deejay

first-time MrPezman 2018-05-23

I signaled one of the four bouncers on the floor by lifting my hand up and circling it, a subtle gesture that could look like I was just enjoying the music, but in reality it was a signal for the bouncer to come over and check the drunks out to see if they needed to be escorted out the door. The next night, I set the crates of music back out, tested the equipment, found it in working order, and put out the first couple of tracks to be played when the club opened. While this was happening, the space in front of my booth was filling up with tonight's little fans, six girls, a few of them with bad breath from their drinks, trying to get my attention, and I tried to hurry them along while my eyes stayed on Maya.

Someday, I'll Be Saturday Night

first-time velvetpie 2018-05-23

I know it was a slow song but I can't tell you the name of it because I was in Michael's arms and his hard body was pressed up against mine. The paper that I'd recognized was a note that I'd written to myself five years ago, detailing my feelings for Michael and my hope that one day, he'd see me as something other than a 'little sister'. As soon as the door was shut, he grabbed me to him, kissing my face and mouth with so much passion that I couldn't breathe. He thrust his cock in and I gasped, the breath dying in my throat and he leaned down and kissed my face, gently covering my mouth.


Sweet Revenge !!

first-time oohmick69 2018-05-23

I dearly want to tongue all of his cream for her but this is not our plan --- no ---- her son sees Tasha --his mum covered in spunk at both ends --- i grab his still hard cock and pull him to her ---- he calls her a dirty cum whore --- then he just mounts her asshole -- and starts to fuck her for all he is worth ---- mick sitting on the toilet hold out his hand and pulls me onto his lap --- well actually onto his hard shaft wich slowly disappears into my own soaking cunt ---- fuck it feels so good for him to be inside me ---- tasha is being fucked so hard by her son we are amazed -- pure a****l fucking !!!!!

first masturbation to MIL

first-time lassie6 2018-05-23

The second time I was at my future wife's house I already knew I was hot for her mother,my future mother in law Mary.I was 21 and she early forties. 5-1 ,short dark hair and busty.I went up to her bedroomand opened her dressing table one draw were her panties,all either black or white,next draw were her bras again all black or white and now I knew her bra size,either 36 d or e. In the third draw was an assortment of slips, panty girdles and nighties. I took out one of her panty girdles,lowered my pants and masturbated. I came very quickly and into a polystyrene cup and then drank my cum,closed everything and went back downstairs and sat opposite her at the table.

My Sweet Sexy Surena

first-time mrpresident80 2018-05-23

Once again her dripping pussy was so tight I couldn't I pushed and got the tip in she moaned and I slowly worked it in and then I plunged balls deep and felt her pussy pop, I had entered uncharted territory. My heart was beating so fast I was dizzy and I just laid on top of her panting and she had tears in her eyes she kissed me and bit my lip and sucked my tongue I pulled out of her and all that was there was the ring of the condom it had bust and the other part was deep inside her there was bl**d and cum oozing out of her so she took the blue bandanna and cleaned herself with it.

loosing my virginity to a $20 street hooker.

first-time hookerhunter 2018-05-23

i was naturally shy when it came to women so I was a virgin all through HS.Fall 2005 I move to a mid-size town for college. I ride around town looking for hookers. Two night later i ride out to that area and I see this blonde in short shorts walking back and forth. I asked if she needed a ride, she hopped in. She asked what i want, i said pussy. I start fucking her and her pussy is wet as hell. I fuck until I come and drop her back off.It's the best pussy I've had in my life. Sounds crazy and lame that the best pussy I've ever had is from a crack addicted hooker, but it's true.

Office Escapade

first-time GermanJuice 2018-05-23

I opened his office door and walked in, giving him a flirty look, biting my lower lip with a sexy smile on my face. As I sucked on him, I rubbed my hand up and down his wet dick rapidly; making him grab my head and gently shove me down ...I slid it deeper and deeper in my mouth making him moan louder... He blurted out a quick, 'Sawa.' When the coworker walked into the loo, I got onto my feet, looked into his eyes and started to kiss him nice and slow. He slipped his hand in between my legs and rubs my clit as the thrusts grew harder and harder ...and I got completely weak from pleasure.

My Darling Nicki

first-time Hyde86 2018-05-23

The passion grew, and I instinctively, without even thinking about it, slid my hands under her tight shirt, massaging her soft skin. As we looked at each other, both of us still a little amazed at what had just happened, I reached over and quickly stuck my hand into her left cargo pocket. So I was very surprised when she instead slid my hand down the front of her somewhat tight pants, inside her panties, and rested it on the soft mound of her pubic hair. My hand was frozen in place as she slowly pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her ample breasts held back only by a tight black bra.

little b*****r take care for s****r

first-time Arthur_Q007 2018-05-23

I put my lips on her and kissed her , her lips tasted just awesome , this woke her up and she tried to push myself but i was in no mood to stop and continue to do it after few mins to my surprise she stop resisting and started enjoying . After 4-5 mins my penis again got erected and i again pushed inside and this time she was enjoying it . This time i fucked her like 15-20 mins pausing in between to kiss her and suck her boobs which between had turned red due to my sucking , as i dont want the fun to end soon .

The Raid

first-time Vuruda 2018-05-23

The bandit pulled her into the next room, here the floor was covered by Tatami and more to his liking it seemed since he tossed her into the center and closed the sliding doors behind him. His warm palms on her cheeks, she almost forgot to breath before he pulled her close for another kiss, this time more demanding and rougher. One time she would try to take as much as possible of him, then she closed her lips tight around the shaft and sucked in air, causing a loud slurping sound to fill the silence as she pulled up. This time he used her so long that her head got dizzy and all her body, all her sensation seemed to be reduced to her mouth, her lips, her tongue, her throat.

School Exam

first-time kinky_n_cali 2018-05-23

“You are going to feel me add a little pressure as I go Sara, I need to make sure there are no lumps inside you.” You are going to feel me insert a finger inside your vagina. Once Dr. Redding had two fingers in her hole, he started to move them apart, spreading her open. “Now Sara, I have a special tool that I am going to use on you. “Ok, Sara, you are going to feel some pressure on the opening to your vagina. “Ok here we go Sara, I am going to push the tool all the way in you.” As the water goes in, you are going to feel fuller and fuller, and your body will want to get rid of it.

First time... kind of.

first-time Placebo_Effect 2018-05-23

She kept going and I wasn't close to I had to tell her to stop because I was freezing my ass off (literally) and I took her hand to help her up and I said "I really appreciated it babe" she replied with "I just wanted to see how it was..maybe even get a taste of cum" she licked the side of my face (she enjoyed doing that) so we started walking around the fence.